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Owning the best smartphone is what anyone admires to be in this current technological world. Despite the fact that any person in this world wishes to own one of the powerful smartphones in the world, the price limitation on the smartphones hinders them to fulfilling this desires. This has led to the smartphone manufacturing industries to develop powerful phones that are cost friendly. This are phones that are not only cheap, but they are of high quality. Here are the top 10 best android phones under Rupees 10000 range in India for Month of September 2016

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Android Phones Under 10000 Rupees

1. Xiaomi RedMi Note 3.
Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 tops our list of the ten best Android phones under Rupees 10000 because of its latest technological inventions that the phone was designed with. The Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 comes in 2 variants depending on the internal storage capacity of the smartphones. This is one of the top best phones that has got an improved battery capacity, and it’s equipped with a powerful processor to enhance its performance. It goes for around INR 9000.

2. Asus Zenfone Max.
Asus Zenfone Max is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC processor which makes it have a better performance. Its battery life is also fantastic making it be one of the best phones to own this year. Having a price tag of around INR 8900 makes it fall in this segment of the top best android phones under Rupees 10000.

3. CoolPad Note 3 Lite.
CoolPad Note 3 Smartphone was designed and equipped with the latest technology making it among the best phones to own under rupees 10000. Having equipped with a fingerprint sensor and a 3 GB RAM makes it among the best phones to own that are pocket-friendly. It’s being powered by a quad-core processor enabling it to launch and run powerful apps and games.

4. Meizu M3 Note.
Meizu M3 Note is a phone developed by the Chinese company that is very cheap but has got amazing features and specs. It’s being powered by an octa-core processor and has got a 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory capacity which makes it among the best smartphones to own. It’s also fitted with a 4100 mAh battery capacity that makes it have a longer battery capacity. It has got a price tag of around INR 9500.

5. Xolo Black 1X.
This is also one of the best smartphones with amazing qualities that you won’t let it pass. When it comes to the cheapest phone with an amazing display quality, then this is the phone for you to own. It has got a resolution of 1080 Pixels rendering a quality sense of touch on its display.

6. Lenovo Lemon 3S.
This is also one of the powerful in this segment from the Lenovo Company. It’s equipped with amazing specifications such as 1080 x 1920 pixels screen display and a storage capacity of 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. It’s powered by an octa –core CPU that has got a Qualcomm chipset making it powerful. It has got a price tag of around INR 9000.

7. Zopo Hero.
If you are looking a perfect and affordable smartphone, then the Zopo Hero is one of the best smartphones for you to go for. It’s powered with a Quad core processor making it very powerful. It has got a price tag of INR 9500.

LG Google Nexus goes for only INR 10000 and its one of the best smartphone in this segment. LG Google Nexus was designed using the latest technology making it one of the best phones to own in this segment. It’s equipped with a screen display that has got a resolution of 1080 Pixels thus rendering and enigmatic sense of touch when used.

9. TCL 562.
TCL 562 is a Chinese smartphone that has got a price tag of INR 9999. This phone is powered by a 1.8 GHz MediaTek processor making it one of the best and powerful phone to launch and run heavy apps. Its battery life is also amazing since it’s a 2960 mAh non-removable Lithium battery.

10. Infocus M810.
Infocus has become one of the trending smartphones in the industries because it’s affordable and has got quality specs and feature. At the moment it has got a price tag of INR 9900. It’s being powered by a 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that allows it launch and run latest and powerful apps. Its performance is also amazing since it has got a long lasting battery life.

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All the three Smartphone’s present here are originated from low budget Indian Smartphone market. These Smartphone’s have been replicated under Android One project from Google which aims at providing high quality features at cheaper price for developing nations. After joint venture between Google and Indian Smartphone brands which include Karbonn, Micromax and Spice, these three Smartphone’s are the outcome yet. It’s just the beginning of the mission to make high quality Smartphone’s affordable for every citizen of India.

Karbonn Sparkle V vs Micromax Canvas A1 vs Spice Dream UNO

Here we are to fetch that which manufacturer has produced the best quality Smartphone out of the given three Smartphone’s under Android one frame work. It’s expected that all these brands have worked energetically to make it best and cheapest but we still need to discover the big brain among the three which makes difference. Let’s get started.

1. Display Configuration:

Karbonn Sparkle V: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

Micromax Canvas A1: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

Spice Dream UNO: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

The fact arrived before us clearly defines homozygosis. Under the common initiative, all the three brands have been governed to keep the same display configuration for these Smartphone’s. This may be because of the fact that even a little higher display quality couldn’t be affordable at this price label. The concern has to be laid on processing too.

2. Performance:

Karbonn Sparkle V: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM

Micromax Canvas A1: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM

Spice Dream UNO: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM.

The same fact comes out here also, not even a single bit of distraction is seen among these Smartphone’s. They are identical in the most essential features so far. The optimistic thing we can observe is that besides a good processing speed a good amount of RAM has been coupled. This means that Google is greatly concerned about the performance of these Smartphone’s.

3. Storage:

All the three Smartphone’s possess 4GB internal storage and is expandable up to 32GB via SD Card. As Google clearly understands that internal storage is not the issue here when we talk about performance. It can be expanded further so they didn’t consider any reason for making good internal storage which will increase its cost unnecessarily. The owner’s wishing to have more internal storage can use SD cards on their own.

4. Camera:

A 5MP primary camera + LED flash and 2MP front shooter. This camera configuration has been maintained in all the three variants of Android One project Smartphone’s. 5MP primary camera being an average feature for low budget Smartphone is natural but 2MP front shooter is outstanding in this class. The possibility of providing this is very difficult task easily managed by these brands in collaboration with Google.

5. Network and Connectivity:

This section flows constantly always between the Smartphone’s of same standards so does here. The 2G and 3G network compatibility is present in all the three Smartphone’s and connectivity modes are basic Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.

6. Battery Backup:

A 1700 mAh battery is present in all the three cases. There is no diversity seen in this feature too at all. We are expecting this 1700mAh battery to run these Smartphone’s pretty nicely. This is a good battery for a budget Smartphone.


One of the most favorable factors of these phones are their price point. Cheap affordable and durable that what all of these phones are aiming at. The price of the phones are as follows

Karbonn Sparkle V 6399‏/- Rupees

Micromax Canvas A1 6499‏/- Rupees

‎Spice Dream UNO 6299/- Rupees‏

Out of all this, we come to the conclusion that all the three Smartphone’s are actually one Smartphone i.e. Android one precisely which has been replicated under three Indian well known Smartphone brands. We appreciate the collaboration and efforts laid by Google to provide us with such highly configured Smartphone’s at an ordinary price label.

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After laying the foundation stone Moto G in mid range Smartphone’s with fully maximised features, Motorola has once again developed its sibling Moto E which has got the identical design to its Moto G. It also features the best possible specifications available in this price range. In competing with this Smartphone, different developers like Micromax released the Smartphone’s like Unite 2 under same criteria of specification and same was done by Lava with the release of Lava Iris X1. The first foremost criterion which needed to be fulfilled was Kit Kat operating System which they did nicely.

Motorola Moto E Vs Lava X1

Here we are going to check the best games performer among these two. So, we will take them one on one and let their processors speak. Moto E is launched with Android v4.4.2 Kit Kat which is upgradable to v4.4.3. It operates on a dual core Snapdragon 200 processor clocked at a speed of 1.2GHz, coupled with Adreno 302 graphics processing unit and 1GB RAM. On the other hand Lava Iris X1 is also launched with Android v4.4.2 Kit Kat but no news of up gradation is known till now. It runs on Quad core Broadcom BCM23550 processor clocked at a speed of 1.2 GHz coupled with native Broadcom Video Core IV and 1GB of RAM.

On the exterior view both the Smartphone’s look identical in maximum features and the Competition has been strangled tightly from both the ways. If you will think that Quad core nature of Broadcom processor would do any magic then you are pretty wrong. Because the overall all speed of both the Smartphone’s is same which is 1.2GHz. Instead if we take it the other way, Lava X1 should have been used dual core for clocking this Smartphone at 1.2GHz speed. What is the fun of making it run on a Quad core processor, it can just heat up your Smartphone more likely and drain extra amount of battery in producing the speed which Qualcomm is producing with just two cores.

Also the GPU of both the Smartphone’s are of the same standard and will produce almost same effects. So, no one’s magical performance is expected but we can say both have good speed and 1 GB of RAM is enough to run majority of games flawlessly. However, if we took a look at their display, Lava X1 has got a few inch bigger display then Moto E. so if few inches matter to you then you should go for it. If we look at the quality of processors, Qualcomm snapdragon is given higher priority and is also used in a vast number of Smartphone’s but Broadcom hasn’t been such successful yet. It’s well saying that quality matters. If it matters to you also then Moto E should be the choice or if you want to have a taste of Broadcom then you can go for Lava X1, game performance wise both are stuck at the same spot. Overall producing best features in minimum price.

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Google is looking highly concerned towards the developing markets of the nation with the aim emerging their market in the developing nations. On the occasion of Google I/O 2014, Google unveiled a new initiative with the name of Android One with the focused motive of producing affordable Smartphone’s to the emerging nations like India. Sunder Pichai while addressing the people mentioned that currently above one billion people all over the world use Android every day. But to get the great share of marketing in developing nations we are starting this new initiative where we will produce cheapest hardware and all the essential features in a Smartphone. The Software for this Android one is going to be something different. However this hybridised software will be getting updates directly from Google.

Save Money Android


This program will be included with three famous Smartphone firms of India which includes Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. According to the Syntax of these Smartphone’s provided by Google, these Smartphone will be using cheap hardware but it won’t be affecting their quality. Firstly the $100 Smartphone’s will be started releasing from India and latter on this program will be speeded to the rest of the emerging nation. Few days back a design of Smartphone under One project was shown off and will be released by Micromax. It will be a dual SIM Smartphone along with dual SD card slots. Besides this it will be flaunting a 4.5inch screen and an FM radio. Google has also promised to the third world that this Android One project will be given the same preference as there Nexus Smartphone’s and Google Play Services. According to sources, since last year Smartphone growth in India has increased by 186 percent out of which 78% is contributed by less than $200 Smartphone’s.

Every Smartphone developer is currently targeting this low budget range of India to earn huge profits. Just like Nokia low budget Asha and X series are the main targets. Google has also targeted the same path and has started this project to lead in low budget sector also. This is going to be a great rollercoaster ride for Google because it has given it all to the third party manufacturers. They have been addressed to work with ease because the hybridised software will be provided from Google; cheap hardware will also be manufactured from Google. They have taken every responsibility in their hands. The Indian Smartphone firms have to compile and sell these Smartphone’s under their brand names. After a month or more it will be clear that whether this project will be fruitful and will produce good result or it will collapse. So far we can say that this is a nice move from Google to show commensalism with emerging nations.

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Year 2014 has been one of the most happening years for the mobile and smart phone industry. There have been many launches that happened and the coming months are also all set to witness few more launches. Moreover the recently concluded Mobile World Congress at Barcelona has opened up new avenues in this field. Here are some of the top mobile phones under rupees 5000 launched in April 2014.

Top 5 mobile phone under rupees 5000 May 2014

Intex Cloud Y3

Intex Cloud Y3

Intex cloud Y3 is an Indian brand and they have recently launched this smart phone called as Intex cloud Y3. The cost of this smart phone is only 4890 Indian Rupees and there are many elegant features that are available with this smart phone. It comes with a 4 inch screen and has got a 1GHz processor. It runs on a 4.2 Android operating system and has got a 512 MB RAM. The rear camera is a 2-megapixel camera and there is also a front VGA camera with this amazing smart phone. It has got a 1450 mAh battery.

Videocon A24

Videocon A24

The Videocon A24 is a smart phone that has a price tag of only 4100 Indian rupees. This phone from Videocon comes with a 1.2GHz processor and 3.2 megapixel rear camera. It also runs on a Android 4.2 mobile operating system.

Micromax Bolt A59

Micromax Bolt A59

Priced at only 4499 Indian Rupees Micromax has made a lucrative offer by launching this smart phone. With 1GHz processor and 1500 mAh battery power this is one of the most powerful affordable smart phones launched in the market. It has got 512 MB internal storage and 256 MB of RAM. The operating system is Android 4.1 and it has got a 2 Mega-Pixel rear camera attached to it.

Spice Smart Mettle 4X

Spice Smart Mettle 4X

Spice is also launching many smart phones in a aggressive mode and has launched many affordable smart phones. Spice Smart Mettle 4X is the latest smart phone launched by Spice and it has got variety of amazing features attached to it. One of the most amazing features of this smart phone is that it comes with a dual sim option and has got a 1450 mAh battery attached to it. Moreover it has got a 1GHz processor and Android Jelly Bean mobile operating system. It carries a price tag of 4299 Indian Rupees and has a 3.2 megapixel rear camera attached to it. The front camera is a 1.3 mega pixel camera.

Lava Iris 402+ 

Lava Iris 402 Plus

The Iris 402+ is the latest and affordable smart phone launched by Lava. Priced exactly at 5000 Indian Rupees this smart phone has an amazing 1.2GHz dual core processor. It also comes with a 512MB RAM and runs on Android Jelly Bean mobile operating system. It has a 1500 mAh battery and 3 mega pixel real cameras. The front camera is a VGA camera and is available in multiple color options. The screen is a 4 inch screen that has got a resolution of 800 into 480 pixels.