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Last weekend was quite eventful as the readers saw quite a number of news regarding the Smartphone MI 5S from Xiaomi. The worth noting fact being that the launch date was to be 27th September, Most of these news were quite spectacular. One of the leaks showed the image of the device, probably shot from the manufacturing unit of the phone, as the phone is in the hands of displayer wearing white gloves. The photo display MI 5S Phone with a round fingerprint scanner. There is a beautiful white image giving very clear front view of the device, with the feature of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the glass. Another source has also shown the black version with same design.

xiaomi mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5s more leaks

It is also mentioned that this smartphone looks like that of iPhone 7 but it has the technology like Apple Inc. The device is capable of working even when the user’s fingers are wet or greasy or dirty. The popular tipster @kjuma is yet another source who has flashed a photo of white ceramic version in black color on its website, probably an advertisement from the online shop, which clearly display the dual cameras tilted to the extreme left corner of the device instead of the middle of the screen. As per the usual trend at present with the black variants sporting the dual cameras I the middle. This only highlights a good thing about this device that the Smartphone is likely to have dual cameras and also a high storage capacity of 256 GB of internal memory.

CEO of the company has posts first camera picture of the new device last week. Tuesday 27 September being the official launch date of the new phone Xiaomi Mi 5s and plausibly Mi 5s Plus also. The new Smartphone will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 chip and under-glass fingerprint scanner, and the pricing for Xiaomi Mi 5s at 300$.

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The news that flashes on top of the breaking news section always grabs the attention of the viewers. Similar striking news about OnePlus is back again. You might have heard or noticed leaked images. But the leaksters are way ahead with the racing technology. Recently, a sketch of OnePlus 2 has been leaked on internet which is scoring good attention.

Oneplus Two Leak

The OnePlus 2 Smartphone which is about to get release on July 27, will come with dual-camera set-up. This piece of news was leaked by Business Insider. According to the sketches leaked, the set-up is placed above fingerprint sensor. OnePlus is successful Chinese Smartphone manufacturing Company.

Another sketch of Smartphone has leaked, which reveals the successor of OnePlus One. The successor will come with an 8MP front camera and rear camera’s megapixel is yet to be revealed. Apart from the camera, the Smartphone will offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset with USB Type C-port. As per the images, the body of the Smartphone will be of metal and glass. No official confirmation on the above news has been received.

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Samsung Galaxy A8 wins the race of rumours. The unannounced Smartphone is surrounded by several ridiculous news and also of live images. Still no official confirmation has been made on the piece of news. According to the rumours, the Smartphone will sport 5.7-inch of the display screen. It will be thinnest Smartphone till date with 5.9mm thickness.
The specifications of Galaxy A8 promises 16MP of front camera with Sony IMX240. It also offers Samsung ISOCELL sensor which was previously used in Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. But Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 is thick in size. The current model will be introduced with new modifications. The most awaited Galaxy A8 will be shedding few light weights and getting slim.

Samsung Galaxy A7

As per few the flying rumours, the ISOCELL sensor used in Smartphone is bit downgraded. Also the new model with model number LSI3P3 has also got reduced with 1.0 µm size. This makes the Smartphone 23% slimmer than the mentioned size. The modification will be majorly seen in camera and size, but the disclosure period will let know the real side of the Smartphone.

It’s totally unfair to judge any Smartphone before its release or just on its leaked rumours. Let’s hope for the best side!

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HTC have come with stunning piece of news. On 1st March HTC is planning to launch HTC M9 Hima with HTC’s first Smart-watch. Sounds amazing! HTC M9 which is also names as HTC Hima will have all advance feature like its previous products.HTC M9 Hima will come with improved audio and camera output. The goodness of Smartphone starts here, it comes with 20-Megapixel with main shooter. The UltraPixel sensor is prime specification from its previous One series. Similar specs was also introduced in Desire 826, which was introduced in CES.

htc logo

HTC M9 Hima rumors build up

HTC HIma or M9 will come with Snapdragon 810 chip with eight-core Qualcomm processor. According to sources, the design of HTC M9 might resemble like One M8. The super metallic design a trait followed by HTC will be seen in this Smartphone too. The Smartphone will also feature Dolby technology which will have 7th –Generation of sense interface. The sense interface will have improved location based service. The long awaited product, HTC Smart-watch too will release with HTC M9 Hima . Very less detail about Smart-watch of HTC has revealed from official. But according to the leaks, this Smart-watch will have Armour fitness service.
The officials confirmed that they were working on Android wearable Smart-watch from October 2014. As company’s marketing head said, they needed more time to develop this brilliant product. The rumours are rounding more and more, what’s your take? What do you think how HTC M9 will be?


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Nokia is bang- on dude! Seriously nothing can hit this close on creativity just as Nokia has done. Nokia with its Lumia series are all set to create total buzz with the launch of Nokia Lumia 1020. From past five –six years Nokia is advertising their product all together in a different way. Nokia Lumia 1020 ad shows you don’t need martial arts to get the perfect photo. This may sound totally funny. But true, their new add illustrate this idea. It’s been known to people that it requires years and years of practice to become a master in martial arts and photography. This humorous add in UAE of Nokia Lumia 1020 shows that you need to get yourself trained in martial arts

Nokia 1020

As with this it illustrates that, in order to grab first row to click better photos you need to know martial arts to handle other people and manage yourself through rush. Isn’t this funny? Well you can imagine yourself struggling through the crowd just to grab an image without distorting the resolution of the picture through lesser zoom capacity. But this advertisement portrays using Nokia Lumia 1020 will solve your all such issue.

Damn true! Nokia Lumia 1020 sports main camera sensor with 41 Megapixel with Pure-view. It has got Xenon type of flash with 11.43 cm of the display screen. The display screen has super sensitive touch with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. This Smartphone is truly smart by its rich features. The memory section is too good. This phone provides 2-GB of RAM with 32-GB of mass storage. It also provides 7-GB of cloud computing storage that none other phone promises to give. Nokia are all set to create buzz in the market with different tactics either it may be with classy features giving the tough competition in the market or it may be creative advertising ideas.

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Many users must be knowing the latest addition to Nokia Smartphones is Lumia 1020. This Smartphone supports RAW camera files. Google is presently working to add this camera support for better output from the camera . There are developing Android application programming interfaces(API). Google’s initial plan was to bring this new camera API with Kitkat but that did not work for them. Google must have planned of this API because of Image Quality which iPhone gives.
What happens to Nokia Lumia 1020 when you click the picture it creates one high-res uncompressed picture and other compressed file i.e they  offer output at high resolution in uncompressed formats. I think this new camera API might have Burst mode, removable camera support and face detection.These features are not native as many android phone supports it. The Camera API is Forward and Backward compatible with earlier devices. Full-capability devices provide per-frame management of capture hardware and post-processing parameters at high frame rates.

android kitkat

What is RAW..? This question might arise in your mind. So let me tell you what exactly it means RAW is an image format which many photographers must be familiar with. RAW output provides the total uncompressed image info leading to a way larger file size, however additionally a file that enables rather more headroom for post-processing. Smartphone cameras usually output JPEG files, that are compressed, principally finalized pictures. RAW is minimally compressed and unprocessed, thus shooting in RAW provides the creative person way more flexibility when the image is shot. Programs like Photoshop will do way more with a RAW file than with a JPEG. If apps were able to access RAW, they could have given Single-Shot HDR photos by performing a range of image enhancement.

Fo the time we have to sit back and watch which manufactures will come up the device that will have Android 4.4 Kitkat alongside New Camera API. Right..?