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In terms of quality and many aspects, photos captured using Samsung Galaxy S7’s 12 MP camera is already amazing on its own way. Not only the camera itself but the options that tweak and improve you photo shooting experience to a higher level. But what if we add the best camera apps for these already quality enhanced photographs, just think how they would look like.

Top 5 Camera Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7

Now here are the top 5 camera apps for Samsung Galaxy S7.

1. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX

This award winning camera application released by “androidslide” is one of the fastest in its kind being able to capture 10 shots per second. Have multiple shooting modes, adjustable timer and create different kinds of things to your photo using its powerful set of post-production tools made especially for this purpose. Had already been used by millions of people, this camera application is a must have for smartphone photographers.


2. AZ Camera – Manual Pro Cam

AZ Camera - Manual Pro Cam

This is a free professional camera app for android released by “Hecorat Camera”. Get full manual control with its well-designed camera UI like a professional DSLR camera. Its support multiple ratios with different layouts that allow you to shoot photos and videos at the maximum resolutions available on your devices. Toggle grid on and off, adjust countdown timer, pinch to zoom and out, select output formats and many fore available for you to use free of charge.


3. Proshot


This camera app by “Rise Up Games” offer a wide variety of options to enhance your photo experience. Get full control over DSLR like modes such as Auto, Program and Manual modes as well as two fully configurable modes that you can customize yourself.  Have manual, semi-manual and automatic control over exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, torch and white balance. Shoot in full resolution or customize it with Custom Ratio mode and shoot in any aspect that you want.

Also features camera roll integrated into a viewfinder and view EXIF support for video playback, media sharing and deletion. Zoom with one finger and shoot in one go. Even though it came with a price, the wide range of options is given for your convenience.


4. Z Camera

Z Camera

Z Camera is one of the best apps out there proven by being the best app of 2015 on Google Play in 75 Countries. This reputation really gives much to expect into this application. This simple but amazing app made by Zero Team could live up to its reputation. It features large range of filters that available to be view real time or to be used to pump up your already amazingly captured photo. Having a simple interface but have quality photos done in is really worth it.


5. Camera FV – 5

Camera FV – 5
FV – 5 by FGAE is a professional camera app for mobile devices that put DSLR like manual controls over to your hands. Capture photos and post process them and get amazing results. All photographic parameters are adjustable along with various modes like ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode. Have a DSLR like viewfinder display and tweak on them real time.

As for an application tailored by enthusiasts and professional photographers, this mobile application offers a very wide variety of options for you to enjoy.


These are just five of the best they may not be the best for all people but it can be guaranteed that they suit different taste and compliment the already stunning camera quality of Samsung Galaxy S7. Would they be up to your expectations? It is up to you to judge.

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Photos are an integral part of our modern lifes. We capture moments share them, edit them, live through them. Selfies have added another dimension to photos. Groupies, belfies and other evolving terms are fast becoming part of local vocabulary of any age group. With such high number of smart-phones, its obvious there are many apps that provide you with a great camera moment.The ever increasing number of smartphones coupled with exponential number of Apps make it difficult to choose which one is right for your phone. Here are some of the 5 best camera apps for your Android phone.

android 4


Retrica gives you a chance to make memorable moments through taking the best photos. Your photo experience will never be the same again when using this app. You can make the photos to look noticeable by using the different types of logos preloaded into the app database. To understand just how Retrica is important, over 100 million photos are taken each day by using Retrica. There are more features that Retrica has to offer such as real-time filters, vignette, watermarks, and Collage.

Cany Camera for Selfie

For all those selfie lovers, it is time to get this incredible app. Using the app is quite simple. All you have to do is take your photo, apply a different artistic filter from the many available and share on any social media you like directly. Since the app has over 5 million people using it daily, it means many people understand the value of the app. This app helps you to tell a different story with the picture decorations.


Stop worrying about applying different types of retouch filters to a selfie to make it perfect. With the Cymera app, things are quite easy since you have the live tiles to make the edits for your selfie. Friends will love the type of pictures you can share as it many types of decorations are supported. For those who love to make funny photos of themselves, it is possible by using funny stickers from the app. Those who have installed the app continue to enjoy its new features as soon as it is updated.


This is a standard app that you cannot miss on your Android phone. It comes with an integrated VSCO grid that can help in showcasing your exceptional images around the globe. You can easily find other users of the same app and follow their creative work too. The Sync and edit features makes it easy for a person to edit the same photos on different devices linked to your Android phone. By utilizing the technology created by this app, expect to see your images looking so stunning.

Camera 360 ultimate

It is the first choice for many people because over 400 million people worldwide use this app. The app is recognized as the No. 1 App when it comes to photography based on different surveys carried out. The App offers more than 10 camera modes, which include selfie camera, poster camera, and many more others. With the new photo editing tools, it is easy to see why many people love it. You can edit the photo to look as great as you want. Forget about seeing any types of ads. It is a free app, but no ads are included to prevent clutter.