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Having a perfect and powerful smartphone is everyone’s dream.Huawei P9 Lite phone was launched this year, and it has received a high level of competition from smart-phones such as the HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy s7 and HTC 10. Huawei P9 Lite has dominated the technological industry through the top and powerful features that the phone is designed with. If you haven’t acquired yourself this Huawei P9 Lite phone then here are the top 10 reasons why should purchase one.

Huawei P9 Lite

1.It’s equipped with the latest Processor

Huawei P9 Lite smartphone is fitted with one of the latest and a powerful processor that was built using the latest technological techniques. This is the HiSilicon Kirin 650 octa-core SoC. This processor is very powerful thus allowing you launch and run very powerful apps that are being designed. If you are a hardcore gamer, then this is the phone for you to own.

2. Strong Camera features

If you love capturing your memories, then this is the phone for you to own. This phone was designed with a powerful camera feature that allows you to capture very clear images. These features include the 8 MP front camera with Leica lenses and 13 MP rear camera.

3.The Android Marshmallow OS

Having a phone running on the Android 6.0 i.e. the Android Marshmallow OS is one of the most exciting technological innovations that one can own at the moment. It has got improved features such as new themes and security levels.


A smartphone that has got a classic design renders a tantalizing feeling and a tremendous sense of touch when it’s used. Huawei P9 Lite was developed and equipped with a 5.2-inch screen size display that renders a 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen with a multitouch. The screen is also displayed that making it a fantastic display to own.

5. It’s light

This smartphone is very light since it weighs 147 g thus making it very convenient to carry thus giving out a strong reason to own one.

6.Massive storage capacities

This phone was fitted with a massive storage capacity of 16 GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM. This allows you to store in any files and also download apps for your phone.

7. A Superb Graphics Adapter

The ARM Mali- T830 MP2 graphics adapter allows you install and play games on the phone by rendering real graphics effect of the scenes in the phone.


Having a price tag 299 Euros makes this phone affordable thus giving it a no doubt that ist the best phone for you to acquire. The price tag of the phone goes hand in hand with features and specs of the phone.

9. The Dual Sim Slots and a Nano SIM Card slot.

This phone has got a dual Sim slots thus allowing you to operate two different networks at the same time. You don’t require to have two phones for you to achieve this.

10.Perfect Connectivity

The phone was fitted with a perfect connectivity such as the WIFI Direct connections, Bluetooth connections, Miracast connection and USB OTG connection.

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Asus ZenFone Max is popular among youths in many parts of the world. With mid range specifications and various models available,punching above the price to performance ratio its a trendy phone for youths of today. That been said mobile phone, especially, a smartphone either be it an iPhone or an Android phone, it is good as it is. But isn’t it better if we got accessories that would suit our smartphones? Then why not get one. Now here’s our 5 Must Have Asus ZenFone Max Accessories.

5 Must Have Asus ZenFone Max Accessories

Asus ZenFone Max Accessories

1. Shock Proof Case

Let’s starts about protection. We all know that while we are using our smartphones, either it would be at home or outside, there are unfortunate times that it falls off our hands. It might have slipped out of your hand or fell by accident. Doesn’t it bring you sudden shock even for a few seconds? That is why we suggest something that could lessen your worries even if your phone falls off from your hand to the rough concrete floor.

Chevron Tough Hybrid Armor Back Cover Case with Kickstand for Asus ZenFone Max
Buy – Amazon | Flipkart

2. Muku Shutter Remote = Which accessories to put instead of this

Get your selfies to the next level. It might not be a must have for some but it is a must have for many. In the modern age, there is just little portion of the population don’t do selfies, and the rest seemed they don’t get tired with it. Now Muku Labs made it. Using the Muku Shutter Remote, take selfies in much further distances and make selfies not just an arm’s distance away.

Muku Shuttr Selfie Remote Camera Shutter

Buy – Amazon


3. Solar Charging Power Bank

We all use our phones and most of the time, the batteries don’t even last a whole day’s time. Sometimes you already drained your power bank but your phone would be dead soon and you don’t have time to charge anyone them. Then, why not have a power back that charges itself with solar energy? Get your power bank and phone charged as you go anywhere and anytime.

Exilient 10000 mAh Solar Power Bank
Buy – Amazon | Flipkart

4. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Everyone loves music, or maybe not everyone but most of us still do. We play music at home, while going to school or to work, walking at the park and we could say most of the time. But there is a common issue all of us experienced. That is tangled Earphones or headphone cables. Of course, there are times we need to stop listening to music, it could be while at school or work so we put our headphones back to their cases, inside our bag or lockers. But when we them out, the wires are tangled. They are even better at making knots than you. That is where Wireless Headphones comes in. No cables, no tangles, only music.

Samsung BHM1950NWECINU In The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Mic

Buy – Snapdeal

5. Attachable Lenses

What do your Zenfone and most smartphones have that most people use? That is the camera. It could be selfies, taking photos of your memorable moments, landscapes or just ticking your phone randomly. You use your phone’s camera. Given the features of the camera of your Zenfone Max, why don’t we level it up some more with lenses you can attach? Every lens have their function to specialize so you can use the best lens for best moment.

EASY 12X Unversal Clip Zoom Lens

Buy – Amazon | Flipkart

Those are our 5 must have Asus Zenfone Max Accessories. You may want it or may not but to tell that many do wanted them along with their phone along with their usability, it is not a loss isn’t it? That is for now and maybe more in the future.

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Micromax, the largest Indian mobile manufacturer, released another smartphone to watch out for.MICROMAX CANVAS EVOK that comes with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with 720 pixels by 1280 pixels resolution having a PPI of 267 pixels per inch. Powered with 1.4 GHz octa-core Quallcomm Snapdragon 415 processor and comes with a 3GB RAM. A smartphone packed with potentials for mobile gaming. Now, that is had just been released, why don’t we list some of the top games you can play with. Here are our top 5 games for Micromax Canvas Evok.

Top 5 Games for Micromax Canvas Evok

Download Games for Micromax Canvas Evok

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Genre: Simulation, Multiplayer (Bluetooth), Online

Let’s start with one of the most popular game nowadays, Minecraft. Just who does play games and not know Minecraft at this point in time?

Create, Build and Survive. Minecraft special and unique styles making many gamers enjoy its vast world. Start your own adventure, gather resources, fight the enemies of the night and survive your days. Use your imagination and build a structure only you can think of. That is what it has in store for you.

2. Plants War 2

Plants War 2

Genre: RPG, Strategy RPG

Why not try some Leafy RPG? Save Dryad Forest from animal invasion with Leafy and Plant minions. Go and command your army of plants as you equip your heroes with your best equipment and lead them to the battlefield and save their home. It have a very simplistic RTS and MOBA action gameplay but truly entertaining.

3. Nitro Nation Racing

Nitro Nation Racing

Genre: Racing

Love speed? Then why not try Nitro Nation Racing? It is one of the best racing games for smartphones out there. Nitro Nation Racing gives you action packed drag racing experience. With a large variety of cars to select, pump your favorite car up and race up to your heart’s content.

Race with players all over the world, customize your own car and with its most realistic physics engine, everything works the way it does in real life. Everything is within your grasp. Moreover, play fair as it offers no premium upgrades and give you a game where a driver skill is all that matters.

4. Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Genre: Puzzle

Now let’s head to puzzle games. Dream Machine lets you manipulate fantastical machines and solve puzzles containing many mysterious optical illusions. Unravel their mysteries as you try to survive through various levels, fight boss and escape the cold, inhumane factory and be free into the amazing fantasy world.

5. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom

Genre: Arcade, Runner

Now, how could a list be complete without one of our beloved franchises since the start of gaming history? Sonic the Hedgehog comes back with another speed runner game. Play as Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails and many more. Run as fast as you can and in new and amazing 3D worlds. Traverse brain chilling obstacle and find badniks in this fast paced game.

Now there are our top 5 games for Micromax Canvas Evok. There is nothing to lose and fun to gain to try them.

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There are too many games out there made for smartphones. Now, for Asus ZenFone Max, we a picking few of the best games we can find. What are categories for judging?  One is to take advantage of the processing speed and graphics capability of the phone but that all as we also consider the plot and game play. So here are our top 5 games for Asus ZenFone Max.

Top 5 games download for Asus Zenfone Max

1. This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Let’s start with a thrilling survival game. This War of Mine is an android game based on the same award winning game on PC. Play as a group of survivors living in a war driven country. Rebuild your base that was destroyed before as you manage your supplies and the physical and mental state of your group. Lead one survivor to scavenge at night as the others stay home to rest and guard it from looters. Gather food, water and materials and avoid getting detected by enemies and get home safely before dawn.

2. Unkilled


Now, let’s go with a zombie shooter. Also from MADFINGER Games which is the developers of the well-known Dead Trigger 1 and 2 comes the latest and best zombie shooter right now on android. Fight off hordes of zombies in over 300 missions in the game. Fight terrifying bosses as you unlock various weapons.  Also get into online PVP mode and compete with other players worldwide.

3. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

Next is console-level platforming. Play as Barbara or Rayman in the quest to save all the tweenies in various difficult levels of speed running and jumping. Find secrets with your pets and fight enemies that block your way. Jump over platforms and try not to fall to the unseen depths and lava pools. Run over walls and solve various puzzles. It is a truly fun game to play.

4. Prune


Jumping into puzzle games, Prune makes it to our list. This award-winning puzzle game described as “Love Letter to trees” in the Play Store is about tree cultivation. Grow a tree and to let it grow to its full height, you need to trim the branches out. Let the tree received as much sunlight and let flowers grow on them. After reaching a certain number of flowers, that is where you defeat the level. Various obstacles get in your way as you progress in this meditative puzzle game.

5. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits

Let’s head to racing.  Show your hunger for speed in this world wide known game franchise. Race across the city and beat your opponents while shaking the police off your tail. Forge your driving and drifting skills. Trash you opponents and emerge as the winner. Speed? There are no limits.

Now that is our list of Games for Asus ZenFone Max . They might or might not be to your liking but who knows? After all, they are all fun to play so why not try them out yourself?

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