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Nowadays all the requirements of a human are expected to be summoned up in a small mobile phone. From watch to the address book and SMS to video calls, all the features are made available in a single phone. The photography lovers will go after a phone with a high-resolution camera and the music lovers, of course, will like to have high stereo speakers on their mobile phones. But all the expectations are never fulfilled as one wants. The small speakers in the mobile phones are not that good as one wants to be and therefore the need of some external portable speakers is felt. The wireless Bluetooth speakers in India are available everywhere. Keep reading and I will let you know about the best Bluetooth speaker under rupees 500 in India.

Top 5 bluetooth speaker under rupees 500Bluetooth Speaker Under 500 INR

1. MINI X-3 Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker
This simple and decently designed cube-shaped speaker costs INR 499. It has wireless transmission distance up to 10 metres with best sound quality, which never breaks the sound even when at maximum volume level.

MINI X 3 Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker

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2. Gadget Bucket Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (S10)
A very famous portable audio player that plays audio from Laptop, Smart Phone and any Bluetooth Device. It has Bluetooth version 3.0 for connecting with other Bluetooth devices. It has a rechargeable in-built 380 mAH Lithium-Battery. The distance range is up to 10m and has the ability to work for 5 hours with 3W speaker output. It also supports mini data card and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The price is INR 440.

Gadget Bucket Bluetooth Can Speaker

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3. Generix Mini-X6U Portable Wireless Bluetooth Rugby Style Mobile/Tablet Speaker
The price of this small sized rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is INR 349. It can work in the range of about 10 metres and for about 6 hours. It has an inbuilt microphone so therefore can be used for voice calls as well. It works with almost all the Bluetooth supported devices and having its own Bluetooth version V 2.1 +EDR.

Generix Mini-X6U Portable Wireless Bluetooth Rugby Style

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4. Gadget Bucket Bluetooth Can Speaker
This speaker is made up of high-quality material with a unique stylish appearance in the form of a can. It is a USB rechargeable device and let you enjoy quality sound music everywhere. It supports Micro SD / TF Card and USB flash drive. All the MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV etc. are playable on this device remotely from mobile, laptop, notebook or any other Bluetooth device. This mini digital audio device is priced INR 248 in the market.

Gadget Bucket Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker S10

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5. ADCOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker (S10) – Silver
ADCOM mini speaker has Bluetooth version V3.0 with a distance range of 10 metres. It has a built-in microphone as well thus can be used for voice calls working about 5 hours. This speaker has a built-in smart decoder which helps in retrieving the music files like MP3, MP4 etc. stored in the TF card. The price of this Bluetooth mini speaker is INR 240.

ADCOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Now you know how much the wireless Bluetooth speaker costs. So grab your phone and order your favourite wireless Bluetooth speaker today.

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The MK809IV Plus Google TV stick is the mini PC of choice when it comes to turning a TV into an android enabled device. If power is what you want, your value for money is assured and value for money is guaranteed with this package. With a sleek design, it has a length of 8.7 cm and a width minimizing cover space at 3.0cm only weighing only 1.06 ounces. This allows comfortable mobility of the device. Buyers only have one color option which is black.

MK809IV Plus Amlogic S805

Under the hood, MK809IV Plus boasts powerful specs. The mini PC is powered by Google’s Android 4.4 Operating System software. This opens doors to Google Play movies and TV shows in high definition, news and magazines, music, games and many other applications to choose from.

It is equipped with a powerful quad core Amlogic S805 H.265 processor chip enabling fast running of applications. With a RAM of 1GB, MK809IV Plus commands flawless running of applications. The 8GB ROM gives room to a number application installation and storage of several movies and music, but not to worry, it can be extended to a maximum capacity of 32GB.

It supports XBMC (Kodi) media player software giving access to limitless number of video and music formats that can be played via the device. Video streaming is also at its best with XBMC support. MK809IV Plus has the H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) decoder format a contemporary video coding standard revolutionizing video streaming. With MK809IV, buyers are up to date. With JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP photo formats, the device will swiftly move through photos. Watching experience is geared a notch higher with the 1080P HD support.

MK809IV Plus Amlogic S805 2

It encompasses Android 4.4 Ki Kat which is rapid and stable and gives access to over 800,000 apps including Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and more. What else would you wish to get more in a product when all your favorite and most frequently used applications are available at one go.

MK809IV Plus is Wi-Fi certified with the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking standard and so internet connectivity and file sharing are covered through this. Energy efficiency and high speed data transfer of up to 24mbps is guaranteed with the device’s Bluetooth (BLE) technology. The Bluetooth technology that comes with the device will see into it that pairing with computers, mobile phones, tablets, keyboards and other post-computer devices is easy.
Connection to TV is directly through HDMI 1.4 connector via a connection cable turning your living room into a home cinematic experience like no other. The Miracrast feature will allow you to connect to your TV via MK809IV Plus from any Miracrast-enabled device and stream videos and photos seamlessly wirelessly. DLAN is also supported.

The MK809Iv Plus is boxed with one power adapter, a USB cable, OTG cable and a user manual technical references.

MK809IV Plus Amlogic S805 1

Now you need not to wait for buffering of videos as the high speed will solve all your problems and save a lot of time. It is XBMC supported which can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats. Along with it also possess Professional H.265 video decoding technology and 2.4G Wi-Fi which offers a more stable Wi-Fi signal to enjoy a higher quality video experience.

“MK809IV Plus Android 4.4 Mini PC” the new quad core Mini PC is a new product in market which avails you brilliant set of features in one TV stick. In my opinion it is an outstanding product to ease which provides bundle of facilities at one go.

All that power can be at your command with a price of just $28.79 on Value for your money? I guess it’s more than that. It’s a device worth checking out, go ahead and give it a try. If the world is pacing so fast and technology is upgrading even faster, we should walk with it and enjoy the new products meant for us at most affordable price.

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We would like to discuss, how to tether your Android phone and before we do this lets have a quick look at what is tethering ?

Tethering is an application which helps you to share your mobile’s data connection with another device which has WI-Fi enabled in it. Tethering is very useful, when you are out and need to get connected with internet and there is no Wi-Fi access to that place, so you can access your phones data connection to the device which you wish to get connected to internet for free. It is preferred that one has a unlimited plan for your device to avoid a nasty bill surprise 🙂

There are three types of tethering available for your Android phone Wi-Fi Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering, USB Tethering. So we will discuss all the three types of connectivity options for your Android phone.

Wi-Fi Tethering:

Your phone is already provided with this feature, to access this feature you need to open your phone’s settings and tap more option under Wireless & Networks and then tap Tethering and Portable Hotspot option. Now configuring your hotspot settings now click to the portable Wi-Fi hotspot option and then connect your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot from your other device

Bluetooth Tethering:

With the help of Bluetooth Tethering feature you can connect your device with the help of Bluetooth. All you need to have is Bluetooth enabled on your both device. To enable Bluetooth Tethering you must go to Settings of your screen, under More and Wireless & Network options and check out with Bluetooth tethering. Keep your both the device near by so that the device must be discoverable and if you using laptop then go to Device & Printers Control Panel and add your phone and pair with your laptop. Once the connection is set-up with the laptop then you can right-click your phone and select Access point to start tethering your device over Bluetooth.

USB Tethering:

USB Tethering means connecting your phone with the laptop or desktop to access internet on laptop or desktop. When you connect your phone you will see option of USB tethering under Settings—More – Wireless & Network and it will be available so click to the option and new network adapter in windows will appear, USB Tethering in windows is stated as “Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device” so you will use this adapter to connect the internet by your phone.

Apart from all this traditional Tethering methods you can also use Third-party Tethering apps for your phone, this will help you with same but with more convenience. You can download app named PdaNet+ to use third party tethering for your Android phone and this works same like of official tethering app provided by Android. You can also make use of Reverse Tethering, this means if you are unable to access internet on your Android phone then you can connect your phone with the help of Reverse tethering method to use your laptop’s internet on your phone, this is amazing and very useful app. So in this way you can connect your phone via tethering method.