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Technology is something that is forever changing and everyone benefits for these changes. For music lovers, what changes are the gadgets they use to play music and these are chosen by their convenience or budget. That is where the Amazon Tap or simply “Tap” comes in. The Tap is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enables speaker. It is likely a portable version of the Amazon Echo, the design must be different but it just looked like it and the large difference might be the microphone button present on the Tap. Tap the button and ask for music you wanted, hear news and weather forecasts, order pizza and many more with Alexa Voice Service.

Amazon Tap


The design is you can say, a little above simplistic. It is cylinder shaped and is covered in speaker screen on the side. The Tap has 8 buttons on its body which are placed accordingly for their functions. 5 of the buttons re on the top that are for playing music, the front button is the microphone button and the remaining two are in the back, which are the Power and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth buttons. The 5 lights present on the top that changes colors depending on Alexa’s response sure gives it a different personality.

Amazon Tap Dolby Sound

Along with the personalized Sling that has a selection of 6 colors, the colors could show the user’s personality. Also it protects your Tap just in case of little accidents.

Amazon Tap red color

Dimensions (Height and Weight)

Amazon Tap Dimension

Amazon Tap is standing at 6.2” with a diameter of 2.6”. Its charging cradle is 0.6” in height and has the same diameter of course. Its weight is 16.6 oz or 470 grams with the charging cradle having a weight of 3.8 oz or 109 grams.


First, tap the power button on and connect it to the Alex App using your mobile or browser before you can use all the features. Remember this.

Amazon Tap Features

As a portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enable speaker, you can play music from your phone or from the internet whenever you are connected. As it may vary on the settings, you can listen to music for up to 9 hour of continues playback, really good for people on the go but sad to say, the issue now would be the battery life of your phone.

Amazon Tap Wirelss Speaker

When connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, Tap the Microphone button and ask what you wanted. Play music from an artist either from your phone or from a streaming site, ask world time, hear news and weather forecasts or order pizza. As the Tap has Alexa Voice Service, you can do all these just by tapping and asking.

Amazon Tap Accessories

Two ways of charging alright, one is the cradle and two is by connecting the USB cable and adapter to a power source. Well having two charging methods is good, especially when you can’t charge your Tap on the cradle with the sling on.

Buy Amazon Tap at $129.99

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Nowadays all the requirements of a human are expected to be summoned up in a small mobile phone. From watch to the address book and SMS to video calls, all the features are made available in a single phone. The photography lovers will go after a phone with a high-resolution camera and the music lovers, of course, will like to have high stereo speakers on their mobile phones. But all the expectations are never fulfilled as one wants. The small speakers in the mobile phones are not that good as one wants to be and therefore the need of some external portable speakers is felt. The wireless Bluetooth speakers in India are available everywhere. Keep reading and I will let you know about the best Bluetooth speaker under rupees 500 in India.

Top 5 bluetooth speaker under rupees 500Bluetooth Speaker Under 500 INR

1. MINI X-3 Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker
This simple and decently designed cube-shaped speaker costs INR 499. It has wireless transmission distance up to 10 metres with best sound quality, which never breaks the sound even when at maximum volume level.

MINI X 3 Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker

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2. Gadget Bucket Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (S10)
A very famous portable audio player that plays audio from Laptop, Smart Phone and any Bluetooth Device. It has Bluetooth version 3.0 for connecting with other Bluetooth devices. It has a rechargeable in-built 380 mAH Lithium-Battery. The distance range is up to 10m and has the ability to work for 5 hours with 3W speaker output. It also supports mini data card and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The price is INR 440.

Gadget Bucket Bluetooth Can Speaker

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3. Generix Mini-X6U Portable Wireless Bluetooth Rugby Style Mobile/Tablet Speaker
The price of this small sized rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is INR 349. It can work in the range of about 10 metres and for about 6 hours. It has an inbuilt microphone so therefore can be used for voice calls as well. It works with almost all the Bluetooth supported devices and having its own Bluetooth version V 2.1 +EDR.

Generix Mini-X6U Portable Wireless Bluetooth Rugby Style

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4. Gadget Bucket Bluetooth Can Speaker
This speaker is made up of high-quality material with a unique stylish appearance in the form of a can. It is a USB rechargeable device and let you enjoy quality sound music everywhere. It supports Micro SD / TF Card and USB flash drive. All the MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV etc. are playable on this device remotely from mobile, laptop, notebook or any other Bluetooth device. This mini digital audio device is priced INR 248 in the market.

Gadget Bucket Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker S10

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5. ADCOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker (S10) – Silver
ADCOM mini speaker has Bluetooth version V3.0 with a distance range of 10 metres. It has a built-in microphone as well thus can be used for voice calls working about 5 hours. This speaker has a built-in smart decoder which helps in retrieving the music files like MP3, MP4 etc. stored in the TF card. The price of this Bluetooth mini speaker is INR 240.

ADCOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Now you know how much the wireless Bluetooth speaker costs. So grab your phone and order your favourite wireless Bluetooth speaker today.

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When u have Apple iPhone 6 and you have a plan for picnic or camping , how can you just miss on this wonderful accessories. With this wonderful accessories, we can just capture each and every moment of our outdoor and recherish all the memories. Lets have a look at all this accessories.

Apple iPhone 6

1. GoPro Hero 4 :

Go Pro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4 is one of the most advanced GoPro ever. It has a 2X more powerful processor with 2X faster video frame rates with an added feature of improved image quality. GoPro Hero 4 is first camera with features like ultra high resolution. It gives stunning clarity and liquid smooth slow – motion playback. It has an Fast powerful camera with 12MP burst photos at a blistering 30 frames per second. GoPro Hero 4 helps you to capture each single moment without missing any shot. It also helps to capture Night photos with ultra low light scenes in an new way. It has an built in Wifi and Bluetooth that helps us to connect to GoPro App Smart Remote. It is also water resistant.

2. Fugoo Tough bluetooth wireless speaker:

Fugoo Tough

Fugoo Tough is an wireless speaker specially designed and well suited for Outdoor use. It is world’s most rugged Bluetooth speaker. It is waterproof, mudproof , snowproof and shockproof and hence ideally well suited for outdoors. It has got an battery life of 40 hours. It has built in omnidirectional microphone that gives speaker high quality full duplex speakerphone functionality. Fugoo Tough is 360 degree round that not only provides sound in front direction but in all direction. Fugoo Tough comes with unique core plus jacket adding to your taste. It is one of the tough portable easy to carry with an amazing sound speaker.

3. Elivebuy 5000mah Solar Panel charger :

Elivebuy 5000 mAh Solar Panel charger

Elivebuy 5000mah Solar Panel charger is compact , portable and stylish in design. It is the most fitted accessory for hiking , picnic, road trips , flights etc. It has a high capacity , built-in 5000mAh Lithium Polymer battery which charges via 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel. It is first rain resistant and shock proof portable solar charger in the world. It is very light weight. It can be used for androids, iphones, ipads etc.

4. Philips Picopix PPX3610UV :

Philips PicoPix PPX3610 EU

Philips Picopix PPX3610UV is an pocket projector. You can view your favorite media in large screen by connecting your device. You can project HD videos and images upto 120 inches. It has an online browser which you can directly connect through using your Wifi connection. It comes with an rechargeable battery that can continuously play upto 2 hours. It uses high quality Led technology. It has multiple media inputs also modern look and style,