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Nowadays all the requirements of a human are expected to be summoned up in a small mobile phone. From watch to the address book and SMS to video calls, all the features are made available in a single phone. The photography lovers will go after a phone with a high-resolution camera and the music lovers, of course, will like to have high stereo speakers on their mobile phones. But all the expectations are never fulfilled as one wants. The small speakers in the mobile phones are not that good as one wants to be and therefore the need of some external portable speakers is felt. The wireless Bluetooth speakers in India are available everywhere. Keep reading and I will let you know about the best Bluetooth speaker under rupees 500 in India.

Top 5 bluetooth speaker under rupees 500Bluetooth Speaker Under 500 INR

1. MINI X-3 Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker
This simple and decently designed cube-shaped speaker costs INR 499. It has wireless transmission distance up to 10 metres with best sound quality, which never breaks the sound even when at maximum volume level.

MINI X 3 Wireless Bluetooth Cube Speaker

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2. Gadget Bucket Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (S10)
A very famous portable audio player that plays audio from Laptop, Smart Phone and any Bluetooth Device. It has Bluetooth version 3.0 for connecting with other Bluetooth devices. It has a rechargeable in-built 380 mAH Lithium-Battery. The distance range is up to 10m and has the ability to work for 5 hours with 3W speaker output. It also supports mini data card and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The price is INR 440.

Gadget Bucket Bluetooth Can Speaker

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3. Generix Mini-X6U Portable Wireless Bluetooth Rugby Style Mobile/Tablet Speaker
The price of this small sized rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is INR 349. It can work in the range of about 10 metres and for about 6 hours. It has an inbuilt microphone so therefore can be used for voice calls as well. It works with almost all the Bluetooth supported devices and having its own Bluetooth version V 2.1 +EDR.

Generix Mini-X6U Portable Wireless Bluetooth Rugby Style

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4. Gadget Bucket Bluetooth Can Speaker
This speaker is made up of high-quality material with a unique stylish appearance in the form of a can. It is a USB rechargeable device and let you enjoy quality sound music everywhere. It supports Micro SD / TF Card and USB flash drive. All the MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV etc. are playable on this device remotely from mobile, laptop, notebook or any other Bluetooth device. This mini digital audio device is priced INR 248 in the market.

Gadget Bucket Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker S10

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5. ADCOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker (S10) – Silver
ADCOM mini speaker has Bluetooth version V3.0 with a distance range of 10 metres. It has a built-in microphone as well thus can be used for voice calls working about 5 hours. This speaker has a built-in smart decoder which helps in retrieving the music files like MP3, MP4 etc. stored in the TF card. The price of this Bluetooth mini speaker is INR 240.

ADCOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Now you know how much the wireless Bluetooth speaker costs. So grab your phone and order your favourite wireless Bluetooth speaker today.

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Xiamo is a high quality technology firm which has specialized in designing of hardware, software and internet services. Presence of highly qualified personnel has greatly helped the firm produce high quality product. Its philosophy is also tailored towards making the company’s product very competitive in the market. During 2013 they sold over 18 million handsets in china alone. This period was also used for launching different products in different markets including, Kong Philippines, India and Indonesia. This has greatly contributed toward making the company’s product to receive the deserved appreciation. The following products include some of the high quality products being produced by the company.


Xiaomi Mini speaker

Xiaomi Mini speaker

This mini speaker has been fitted with the laest Bluetooth technology. This speaker is capable of handling all Bluetooth functions of an external speaker. This includes incoming call handling among others .It has been fitted with a rechargeable 2000Mah polymer li-ion battery. This battery has the ability to play for more than 12 hours with only one full charge capacity. The Xiamo speaker has also been fitted with a very quality built-in micro-phone to enable you handle your calls appropriately.

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Xiamo Mi Wifi router

Xiamo Mi Wifi router

This is a Wi-Fi router which performs faster than all the traditional wireless routers. It is supported by latest protocol -802.11ac protocol, this grantees it speeds of up to 1167 Mbps per second. This Wi-Fi router is featured by lots of incredible features, this includes: real 2*2 dual band AC antenna-this supports ghost mode, has been fitted with an intelligent home controller center-this will operate all your smart devices, has an adjustable antenna which can be adjusted to different angles, has creative direct and swift connection, you can connect the router to a hard disk by use of a USB and has been designed in a fine and exquisite shape.

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Xiamo MIU TV Box

Xiamo MIU TV Box

The Xiamo MIU TV Bix has been designed with a built in-power supply designed. This enables you to plug and play especially for people who don’t have sufficient space. It can easily be plugged into the wall or even the back of your TV. It has been fitted with a very powerful processor which is a Quad-core Cortex A7 which has a 1.3 GHz speed. This TV box supports latest H.265 hardware decoding. It will give you incredible displays since it supports FHD resolution of 1920 * 1080 .It has Bluetooth 4.0 which will easily pair with your devices. It has also been fitted with HDMI connector, this is quite to set your home cinema for best visuals displays.

Buy Now at $37.99

Xiamo 3 USB Charging ports Mini power strip

Xiamo 3 USB Charging ports Mini power strip

This USB charger has 3 USB ports which have a 2A quick charging ability. This power strip conserves power by about 82% and it is very safe for indoor purposes, this is because it has been fitted with safe doors which will prevent children from being electrocuted. It has been designed with phosphor bronze terminal and a copper bar connectivity system. It has power indicators light which will show if the strip is working in the right manners. This power strip has passed over a variety of plug test. It has a nice appearance which makes it fit appropriately with your home decoration.

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Portable original Xiamo wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker

Portable original Xiamo wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker

This portable speaker allows you to choose the appropriate charging mode, either by use if USB cable or via 5V AC adapter .The 5V AC adapter has a very fast charging ability. This speaker has been fitted with a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker which has a square box design. It has a 1200mah Li battery which enables the speaker to play for more than 10 hours without needing the necessity of charging. It has a durable ABS surface and an aluminum alloy side box.

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Wireless Bluetooth portable speakers for mobile phones comes with an easy ready to take feature. We can carry it anywhere and play our favorite tunes everywhere. And its affordable price adds cherry to the cake. Lets have a glance on top 5 portable Bluetooth speakers.

1. Scosche boomstream mini speaker:

Scosche boomstream mini speaker

Scosche boomstream mini speaker is compact and light weight speaker which brings music live anywhere. It has an unique suspension driver that delivers incredible sound that gives amazing listening experience. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery which provides 7 hours of continues playback track. It gives clear music playback for movies, games, songs, videos etc. It can be used anywhere and everywhere from outdoors to any corner of the room. It has an port of 3.5mm which works with iphones, ipads, android phones, tablets etc. It has an effective price of 23$.

2. iHome Bluetooth mini speaker:

iHome Bluetooth mini speaker

iHome Bluetooth mini speaker plays wirelessly music from ipad , iphones, ipod touch, blackberry, android and other Bluetooth enabled device. It provides us easy Bluetooth set-up. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. It has a 2 in 1 USB with 3.5mm audio to micro USB cable for aux audio and charging the battery from a USB power source. It is a compact speaker but don’t go on its size. It provides an powerful sound quality. It can play music continuously for approx 8 hours.

3. JAM classic Bluetooth wireless speaker:

JAM classic Bluetooth wireless speaker

The JAM classic Bluetooth wireless speaker is the first wireless Bluetooth speaker in USA. Just a palm size speaker with massive sound to create a party like environment. It pairs easily with all the Bluetooth devices upto 30 feet away . It has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides 4 hours of continues playback. It also comes with Line –in capability which allows you to connect non-bluetooth enabled device directly to the speaker. You can even answer calls even when speaker is playing music.

4. Etekcity Roverbeats T3:

Etekcity Roverbeats T3

Etekcity Roverbeats T3 is a simple, slim and one of the elegant wireless Bluetooth speaker.. It has a CSR Bluetooth chipset that brings power and reliability. It not only supports calling but also provides you with an built in mic for hands free calling from any phone with bluetooth. It has a low charging time of about 2 hours which offers a 5 hours of continnuos music playback. It has an anti-skid mat on bottom of the speaker to provide stability. This compact speaker provides with an high quality sound. It is best suited for house party , ooutdoors etc.

5. AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Micro Bluetooth speaker:

AmazonBasics Ultra Portable Micro Bluetooth speaker

AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Bluetooth speaker is a smallest , lightest weight speaker for maximum portability. It has an internal 3W speaker. It connects to any Bluetooth device in 30 feet. It can play upto 4 hours of continues music track. It comes with micro USB charging cable. It is one of the best small speaker for outdoors, picnic, house party etc. It has an high quality sound. It weights around 0.75 pounds.