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It is a high time to make your dream of owning a powerful phone to come true. At Gearbest one of the common demur you face of having no enough cash to buy a phone has come to an end. The most competitive prices have been crumbled down so as to capacity you to acquire any phone or electronics of your desire. In this month of November the Black Friday and Cyber Monday product promotion will really blow of your mind .Do not let this fascinating fortuity come to pass grab the chance and acquire yourself a very powerful phone at an incredible price. Here are the basic details on how to participate on the event.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Product Promotion at

This is one of the top promotion events of 2015 that you can’t really miss out. Participating in this event allows you to acquire the top most powerful cell phone that you have ever dreams to own such as: Oneplus two 4GB 4G Phablet, Xiaomi RedMi Note 2, Lenovo K3 Note K50 Ule phone Paris and many other more at a reduced price. You can also get prodigious drones such as: Shengkai D97 Quadcopter at $ 39.99, the Mould king Super-S 33041 at $ 28.99. This promo also includes the amazing Hot tablet deals such as: Cube iwork8 Ultimate Tablet at $ 79.89, the Telecast X2 Tablet PC at only $ 349.99 and many other more. It also has the Computer and networking accessories such as TV boxes that are very powerful. Electronics are also not excluded in this promo this include the powerful cameras, game pads ear phones and even watches.

Black Friday Sale 2015

The Black Friday Promotion starts on 27th of November 2015 while the Cyber Monday starts on 30th of November 2015. This is one of the top amazing promos that is very simple to and easy to participate all you have to do is to . This promo makes your social media account i.e. your Facebook be more useful and of more value than before. In order to participate into this all you have to do is to have a Facebook account that is active .Then login to the Gearbest website, below the product that you want to buy there is a button that allows you to share the product that you want to purchase. You will click that button so as to share the product in your Facebook account. After this the Black Friday Coupon or the Cyber Monday Coupon will be activated. This coupon reduces the original price of the commodity you wanted to buy with a certain percentage.

Black Friday Sale

Gearbest online store has really provided an amazing hot bed of hot deals on a huge variety of products to close this month of November. Also you have to keep in mind that there is a lucky draw event for the lucky winners to participate by joining in the event. As you join and participate in this event ensure that you have read the terms and conditions comply with them during the event. Here are the direct Links for the Promotion Activities


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Amazon seems to have started Black Friday Sale early this year! This week, Amazon will start the week with Kick-ass deals a start to shopping Festivities. Yes, looks like an amazing offer isn’t it? Yes, Amazon has promised with 30,000 lightning deals, but the benefits of these deals can be accessed by Prime Member 30-minutes before other users. The Amazon great deals have already started giving a glimpse of the whole festive season. The deals include Moto X- 2nd Gen for $200 Metal Gear Solid V: For Phantom Pain at $40 and 50% off on Saucony Shoes. These exciting offers last for a single day, the next day site is lighted with the other dozens of Amazing offers. In addition to the Black Friday Sale, Amazon have come with ‘Holiday Electronic Gift Guide’, which will allow people to shop for gadgets.


Amazon seems to be setting a new record for other E-commerce sites. They have come with more than 600-hottest items. New features have also introduced as Gift recipient, gift finder and gift guide which will help customers to get the right gift! The sale will be interesting from Photographers to other Gadget guru’s who keeps an eye on all the latest technology.

The Black Friday deal will introduce great gift options. Buyers can also opt for fast delivery options, this includes unlimited free shipping on the same day and free two days shipping on more than 20-million of products spread on the site. The deal is getting interesting on each minute, be fortunate to grab your needful product!

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Black Friday is the most awaited and prestigious sales day in U.S which comes on the Friday following after Thanksgiving Day. This day comes on the 4th Thursday of November 27 and 28th November for year 2014 is regarded as the black Friday celebrated with throwing a huge sale of goods online as well as offline. The productivity and importance of black Friday is further intensified by the upcoming Christmas day for which black Friday is the best occasion to shop. This day records the huge sales day ever in the year historical example being the year 2013 with 141million US consumer’s shopped and total sales of 57.4billion USD took place along with 1.2 billion USD for online shopping. So, this day is a great opportunity to grab the goods at the exceptionally low prices. Although Black Friday doesn’t take place in India, still due to a large e commerce sector emerging in India, the benefits of black Friday sales can be accessed through here via different websites which have got shipping access to India. To make it a piece of cake for you, here we have enlisted the list of websites offering black Friday sales along with shipping to India.

Black Friday sales

1. Newegg: It’s counted among the most popular website for buying PC components and has made shipping to India available recently. You can buy the most unusual as well as most high tech wares from this website some of which isn’t even available India. Since due to long distance shipping, charges might get up but the parts to be available for sale is great. At least it’s better than travelling to US and getting them. You can access the wide range of PC hardware for a discounted rate on the black Friday.

2. Thinkgeek: They are specialists of selling a diverse range of stuff but their real specialty lies in selling gadgets like the branded speakers, the different famed speaker accessories via games and movies like the star wars design Bluetooth speaker, etc is available here. You can find the rarest of the rarest gadget here at an affordable price and since its black Friday making it worth giving a try.

3. Overstock: It sells all kinds of lifestyle stuff which include furniture, perfumes, books, jewellery and even food supplies for pets. You can jump into this website on Black Friday and check out the exceptionally low priced stuff you always wanted to buy. You will definitely enjoy shopping your stuff there and the best part is stuff can be shipped to India. It’s the one time in a year to taste American black Friday.

4. Amazon: You might be already aware of this most famed US e commerce website shipping goods to India since ages. It’s best for buying a Smartphone or its other peripheral accessories from there as well as other gadgets and kitchen instruments can be explored at a very low price range. It’s the most preferred website to be definitely offering some real cheap priced stuff on black Friday.

5. Cafepress: It’s an affordable priced US website most liked for carting gift items and other things like cases for Smartphone’s, mugs, fashioned clothing, etc. You can click into this website for buying a cute pillow cover also along with wide variety of gifts to be shared.

6. One of the largest collection of items across all items. Ebay is offering some of the best craziest sales and discount this year for Black Friday sales.