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Samsung has finally rested their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production for the sake of humanity and you wont be seeing Smartphone blasts in airplanes from now onwards. It is a good yet not so good news because Samsung had to encounter a great loss and Note series lovers wont be happy by this because it is in no terms a happy ending.
If you are still carrying your Note 7 Smartphone with you and want to return or exchange it for another Smartphone, you have landed at the right place. You should know that Samsung is also demanding the return of those Note 7 Smartphone which were declared safe during the first checking princess initiated by Samsung, for your information on Note7 Smartphone is safe. So return them all as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The easiest way for the U.S residents to do it, just by calling this toll free number of Samsung 1-800-SAMSUNG and getting your refund or exchange with Gakaxy S7 initiated. The contact numbers for Australians and Britishers are 1300 362 623, and 0300 7267467 respectively.

Don’t forget to return all your Galaxy Note 7 accessories along with the Smartphone. Samsung has made it clear to pay the cost difference between Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7. U.S customers will also be given a $25 giftcard as a repay for the great deal of inconvenience caused by Samsung.
For those Galaxy Note 7 owners which are associated with the carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, they need to contact their respective carroers or visit the nearest carrier store in order to make a return. Same procedure follows for the carriers in U.K UK such as EE and Vodafone, and for the carriers in Australia such as Optus and Telstra.

However if you have purchased this Smartphone from a retailer outlet anywhere such as Best buy or Carphone, just visit there will your Smartphone, bill, box and all the accessories in order to make a successful return or refund. Don’t forget any accessory at your home because you know how these people get when they have to pay.

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When it comes to Apple, it has to be huge! Apple has always maintained high standards in terms of features, specifications and also price tag. We all are aware of the recent launch of Apple iPhone7; the Smartphone has already created a huge buzz in the town with its features and a heavy price tag, while, some folks are waiting to grab the Apple Watch Series 2. Some people who have pre-ordered Apple Watch Series are a bit disappointed with the news of Apple watch will be delayed almost 2-week due to a few reasons. Yes! The Customers who had pre-ordered the latest Apple Watch from Best Buy are notified through email.

Apple Watch

Shipment delay hit Apple Watch Series 2

According to the mail, the Apple Watch will be delayed until or around 28th September, depending on the respective locations. Yet, no reasons have been mentioned for the delay. Best buy have mentioned in the mail ‘We learned from Apple’, by which we can note that they are escaping from the blame part. In spite of who to be blamed for the delay, the retailers are giving $50 promotional code toward the purchase with Best Buy.

Few retailers have received new watch series, but with limited watches in stock. The Apple Watch Series 2 was expected to be launched on the same day with iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, but will make a public appearance by 28th September.

Let’s wait and watch how latest Apple Watch make’s its entry in the competitive tech market!

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Apple Watch

Apple is all prepared to expand its wearable sales after its announcement of Best Buy, which will start on 7th August. After this, it will be first independent wearable to stock the wearable device. In its quarterly report, Apple declined breaking sales of the latest wearable device, which was released in April. To speak more on it, according to the Analyst as per the prediction, it is estimated that Apple will ship around 4-million watches in Q2 series. Not to focus more on the figures, the popular brand is also expanding its physical retailers to gain more opportunity.

Apple Watch

The prime focus is to grow more consumer touch points as per the CEO Tim Cook. As per statistics, Apple Watch was sold in greater number as compared to the iPhone and the iPad with their comparable numbers. According to Cook, sales weren’t only the prime factor, but position of product too was main concerned. Hence, Apple has reached on a conclusion of increasing its retail reach beyond online store and to launch on nationwide. Apple has confirmed that there will be 300-best buy stores soon with Apple Sport Watch and Apple Watch, but the wearable device might land in few selected 100-stores. All are equally eager to get more info about the best Buy partnership, as Apple is emphasizing on retail experience. The First Impression will surely make a huge difference, hence, Apple might be planning to give their sales staff a special training to gain more customers.

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This is an official shopping guide brought to you by Phone Lane Inc. for the month of June 2014. In this guide we will provide you with insights for best or unique Smartphone’s under their correlation with price and specifications. Whether you are a rich fellow or a tight budget guy, you should definitely read this before going for purchasing your Smartphone because our shopping guide has got the knowledge which can turn tables inside your mind.

mobile phone buying guide july 2014

So far you might know that Samsung and Micromax are two consecutive toppers of smartphone in 2014. Samsung dominated with their Galaxy series where as Micromax kept dominating with their quantity of choices and price. Iphone is just not interested in competition but they are producing the same high quality as before. HTC, LG, Gionee and Xperia are also bringing out their straight forward qualities.

Talking about Nokia, they are still gossiping and keeping their fans in suspicion of what their next product is going to be and what its operating systems will be because they are continuously interchanging their platform since last year because of competition pressure of regaining that top position which once belonged to them. The past two years carved their history of changing platforms which followed the plan somewhat like this.

Symbian>Asha>Windows> X platform

Though we noted the most incredible moves in this month from Micromax with the release of two variants of Micromax win running windows 8.1 platform alongside with 1 GB of RAM for both the variants at an attractive price which fits your budget. Looking at the efforts of Micromax from the past few years, these two variants are the best buy Smartphone’s for the month of July 2014.

In this year Samsung emerged their high and mid range Smartphone’s by renovating different variants of Galaxy Grand and release of Samsung Galaxy s5. However their main target over low end budget Smartphone’s remained recessive.

Looking at the need of Smartphone counselling here we are going to segment the currently top Smartphone’s into 4 classes depending upon price and specifications. Take a look below.

Best buy Smartphone’s below 8000/=

In this segment our concern will be to provide you with 1GB RAM, better platform good processing speed and improved battery backup. In we are also going to provide brief specifications enclosed on the side of smartphone because in this segment tricky features can slip out from your hands easily.

1. Micromax Unite 2 (os: kitkat 4.4.2, RAM=1GB, Display=4.7 inch, speed 1.3GHz, camera=5MP).

2. Moto E (os: kitkat 4.4.2, RAM=1GB, Display=4.3 inch, speed 1.2GHz, camera=5.0MP, no front shooter).

3. Micromax Canvas Engage (os: kitkat 4.4.2, RAM=512MB, Display=4.0 inch, speed 1.2GHz, camera= 5.0MP+ 0.3MP).

4. Xolo Q1000 (os: Jellybean 4.2, RAM=1GB, Display=5 inch, speed 1.2GHz).

5. Lava Iris X1(os: kitkat 4.4, RAM=1GB, Display=4.5 inch, speed 1.2GHz, camera =8MP+ 2MP).

Best buy Smartphone’s between 8000 -15000/=

1. Samsung Galaxy Pro

2. Nokia Lumia 630.

3. Micromax Canvas Blaze.

4. Lenovo s660.

5. Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini.

Best buy Smartphone’s between 15000- 30000/=

1. LG Nexus 5

2. Samsung Galaxy s4

3. Nokia Lumia 925

4. Xperia ZR

5. Gionee E Life E7

Best buy Smartphone’s above 30000/=

1. Galaxy Note 3.

2. Lumia 1020.

3. LG G2

4. iphone 5s

5. iphone 5

This is the complete list of recommended Smartphone’s for summers. Hope you all enjoy it and take it’s advantage in navigating the best Smartphone which suits you.