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HTC has been in the smartphone market since long and it has been continuously serving the smartphone users with the latest technology. The HTC One M9 is a brilliant phone and you will enjoy having it with you. HTC One M9 been a smartphone suffers from a problem that most smartphone users are well aware off a dream of smartphone users long battery life. You need not worry there are many ways through which you can ensure that your phone always remains a true friend to you throughout day and night. Some of the users believe that the best way to extend the battery life is have another handset or buy a phone with a large mAH

HTC One M9

When consulted with the experts they have suggested various methods where in the battery life of HTC One M9 can be easily managed. The battery life of any phone always depends on the user. The talk time and usage of the phone is very important in order to maintain the batter of the phone. The power management feature available in the HTC One M9 will help the users to retain their battery for a longer period of time.

Checking the usage of the battery – you need to monitor the usage of your battery from time to time. You need to identify which is the operation that consumes more time of your battery. Nowadays most of them use the internet so using the internet for a longer period of time can consume the battery faster. Accordingly you can manage the usage of the battery and increase the battery life of the phone.

Managing your connections – you need to turn off all your wireless connections when not in use. The wireless connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data transfer all such things have to be disconnected.

Device Connections – With more and more devices been packed in smartphone it becomes very essential that you manage your device connections effectively and wisely.Newer phone are packed with various connection options. You should use the GPS facility only when essential. Once you are done with your trip or requirements make sure that such navigation applications are stopped. These applications consume a large amount of battery life of the phone.

Sleep mode – If possible keep the phone on the sleep mode option during the low usage hours so the phone will automatically turn off the data connection applications if the screen has remained off for more than 15 minutes. Turn you phone on the airplane mode when you are not using any wireless connections.

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Indeed! Who can forget the prominence of iPhone 5s as the king of millions of minds? Although iPhone 6 is out there taking the lead, still the Apple fans are showing their love for this gadget because of its design and stability of OS. IPhone 5s is the main art of creativity which laid an impressive effect on the history and future of Apple Inc. as well as star stroked the rivals taking a big lead even though iPhone 6 grew the seeds of controversies for Apple last year getting them in trouble which fortunately couldn’t affect their sales that much. If you are epic user of epic iPhone 5s and suffering from battery drainage, this is most probably the right place which will through a big beam of light on the facts which can get your Smartphone’s battery backup back to normal. It is no fairy magic running around here but a set of practical steps from the experience of users which can give a lot of help in solving this drainage issue.

Apple iPhone 5S

Enhance Battery Life of iPhone 5s

First of all let’s get to the roots of this problem and know what has caused it. As you are well known that the drainage issue wasn’t so when you bought your favorite iPhone5s It was running fast paced and making you happy with its every gesture and every curve of the body. Ever wondered what happened in the mid way that started this irritating issue? If you take a look back, you will notice that the factory version of iOS pre-installed on your iPhone 5s was iOS v7 and after that a bunch of heavily armored updates landed in your Smartphone adding new features, improving performance and overall laying more responsibility on the battery to take this Smartphone through full day of use. The upgrade to iOS v7.1 and so on to v8.1.3 brought new magic to the iPhone 5s however people started complaining about, battery life of this Smartphone.

Frequent checking of iPhone effects Battery Life

Here we are going to get started to check if your Smartphone is suffering from battery drainage problem or not by the simple workaround. If you charge you iPhone 5s and keep it unplugged, after checking in Settings > General > Usage, your standby time should always be greater than usage time. If these two values are coinciding then your iPhone 5s is facing a huge battery drainage problem. In second case, note down the usage time and standby time of your iPhone and turn it off for 5 minutes. Then after you turn it on, your standby time should definitely exceed 5 minutes and usage time should decrease 1 minute if it increase by more than 1 minute, your iPhone 5s has a drainage problem.

If you passed the test successfully then you don’t need to perform these steps. However if your Smartphone was caught draining, then you should definitely follow the steps given below to do good with your iPhone 5s.
1. Optimize your Facebook experience if you are frequent Facebook user: By using term optimization, it’s meant to reduce using of the battery draining functions of this application. You can turn off its location and frequent refreshing feature when you aren’t using it at all. You are not being said to limit the experience but use these features only when you need them to on momentarily basis. This would definitely help in solving your problem. However if you are not Facebook addict at all, then it’s suggested to disable this feature for once if you want healthy impacts.
2. Emailing service management: We know that in today’s world emails carry the most essential things for techies and business minded people. So, the only battery savvy thing that is being said to be done is disabling the push email feature of your Smartphone. Besides waiting for emails to arrive automatically, keep your own schedule for checking emails at some time gap. This will release your Smartphone from this burden as well as keep your email service running.

3. Dealing with rarely used applications: For the applications you hardly use anytime or even don’t use at all, keep their auto background refreshing as well as push notifications turned off. If that application is useless to you how come can its annoying notification give you the fruits of your labor? We often forget about the apps we don’t use but they keep backbiting your battery, so it’s better to deal with them today and improve the battery life of your Smartphone.

4. Turn off the battery %age meter: It’s common experience that most of the people look at the meter every time they open their Smartphone and this habit has because so excessive that it has turned into bad one. You must have heard that excess of everything is bad, do just set off this meter and enjoy your iPhone 5s experience with looking at the battery every time. It feels like the myth but it has worked for the people giving them inner peace of possessing a good battery backup.

5. Supervision for poor network areas: Whenever you are visiting an area where network is poor and you are hardly getting few bars, it’s better to turn-on the Airplane mode. It’s because of the fact that at low network areas your Smartphone keeps hovering hard at searching for a network thus resulting in a severe drainage with no benefit. It is definitely going to sum up in your minutes of saving.

6. No way out: Don’t worry! No way out is also one way of making things right. If these things won’t help you should visit the nearest Apple store and get your battery tested. The problem if existing due to physical damage on battery will be sort out officially. Indeed Apple loves to serves its customers with a quality product at an honest price point.
However it’s promised that after applying these steps, your battery backup of iPhone5s will definitely rise than before. Even though if you could not make your conservation to last for a full day might only be because of you being a heavy gamer or social surfer. For that reason to fulfill your needs you should better carry a charger or a power-bank with you to keep you battery lasting for all day.

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Samsung’s resent release in note series “SAMSUNG NOTE 4” one of the hot topics of the town. The device has some of the latest and ultimate hardware and features and top of that Samsung as a brand to back all this is makes it a very good selling point. The major features of this device were the 5.7” screen supported by an adreno 420 graphic processor. Note 4 has a quad-core snapdragon 850 installed in it one of the highest processor present in recent times with a 3GB Ram. Thus note 4 is fast and can handle multitasking easily. Unlike its predecessor the note 4 comes with 4G connection, the device is also compatible with 3G, and 2G network as certain countries have not installed 4G. Clicking images was always fun and with 16Mp rear camera the fun gets better. All this features and lots more in note series the device was always worried to handle load and so Samsung introduced 3220mAH battery one of the largest.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Note 4 3220mAH battery one of the largest battery size supports 4G connectivity, quad core processor, and 3GB RAM device. Inspite of such a great battery size Note 4 lacked the performance that a user can grab from its one-time charge. Recently Samsung launched its device in INDIA and the sources says after the battery performance review in UK and USA Samsung took some firm steps and introduced a new firmware XXU1ANJ4. Report says XXU1ANJ4 firmware helps Samsung note 4-battery life and further reviews are better than the previous ones. The update was launched the day before device entered Indian market and sources confirms that this firmware are yet to update on these devices but don’t worry here comes Phonelane for your rescue. For all the advance user just hook-up your device to the internet and perform you magic and your device is better than others but for rest here are few steps that you need to check after you buy SAMSUNG’s NOTE 4.

After turning, your device just connect it to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile internet (3G is must). After that go to settings and then about device. Once you click about device just hit software update and voila you will be able to download apron 36MB update file make sure you have a full battery life when you are performing this. Now once all the updates are done you will have a very good battery life that none of the earlier note device have experienced. While updating if the device shows that “The Latest updates have already been installed” then do not worry many devices have already been updated by Samsung after the issue. For any further queries leave us a mail and we will get back to you.

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In the last few years the demand for having latest smart phones has increased but the only drawback posed by smart phones is their battery. There are a few smart phones which offer an excellent battery backup and some of them are just show-offs and are not able to deliver optimum performance. However, the recently launched Moto G from Motorola comes with a great battery life and is able to provide excellent backup. Let us try to find more about Motorola Moto G battery life and backup in detail.

Moto G Battery

Some technical analysts have termed Motorola Moto G battery as a long distance runner

As you know that Motorola launched its low cost device Moto E in the month of May 2014 and the latest smart phone is Moto G. The best part about this phone is that it has got a 2070 mAh non-removable battery. If we compare its performance with other smart phones which are in the same range then we can say that it successfully delivers perfect performance.

Complete Moto G Battery Life Test

The best part about this smart phone is that it is able to pass the battery life test with flying colors. This phone is able to deliver a talk time of 14.15 hours.

When it was used for web browsing then its battery delivered 10.50 hours of backup which is considered as very good. Imagine going to a office and returning back home with few hours of battery life still left.

Moto G battery delivered 7.27h of backup when it was used for video playback. Now enjoy your favorite movie without any worries. In fact you can enjoy more than 2 movies in a single charge. Motorola’s Moto G has got an endurance rating of 64h which is also a positive factor.

If we talk about the competition of this phone then we can say that LG G2 is able to score more on battery front as it is able to deliver 25 hours of talk time in a single charge. There are many other smart phones which offer excellent talk time but Moto G has got amazing class and style as perfect performance. Moreover with snapdragon processor and 1 GB RAM this phone offers smooth multitasking without any lags.

All in all Moto G has managed to clear every test, especially on battery front. By completely recharging Moto G battery, you can use this smart phone for an entire day.
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Xiaomi Mi3 a 3G Android smartphone. It is a extremely slim and light device measuring 5 inches with a thickness of a mere 8.1mm and weighs 145g. Its slimness is the outstanding feature. It has 1080pixel display and a fantastic resolution so visual and text are extremely clear. The screen is sensitive to touch which makes it easier to play games. It comes with quad core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It has 13 mega pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera which produces pictures that are crisp, sharp and detailed and offers good result.

Xiaomi MI3

Coming to battery life: it is a roadrunner. The phone comes with 3050mAh capacity lithium built in battery. The phone has integrated power management from operating system all the way down to the CPU which means you can stretch every last drop out of 3050mAh battery. Battery works impressive when brightness of phone is reduced and on-board speaker is less. However the battery last for 20-24 hours with over 15 hours of WI-Fi usage, 1-2 hours of 3G, 1 hour of gaming, 1-2 hours of browsing and 1 hour of voice calling and texting and other usage of services under auto brightness mode. It lasts around 20- 24 hours on a single charge. The phone also charges pretty quickly. Heavy users should able to pass around 10-12 hours without need for charging. Mi 3 has the best battery life on smartphones. Mi3 is not only snappy and fast but also it is energy efficient as well.

The Xiaomi Mi3 is an outstanding smartphone. No other device offers this combination of huge battery, excellent performance, you don’t even have to pay a huge money for great quality phone. For such a given set of features and such aggressive price is simply no barrier for someone looking for a smartphone.