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A premium offering right from the start, Google upped the game with this year’s offering. Partnering for the first time with Huawei, Google launched the perfect sequel to the Nexus 6. Featuring a Snapdragon 810 v2 chipset with 3GB of RAM, 12.3 MP camera, fingerprint reader and 3450 mAh Li-Po battery, the new Nexus features the perfect balance of high-end features, premium look and a great software experience with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Huawei Nexus 6P

How a smartphone battery works

Let us start with the basics, shall we? Your Huawei Nexus 6P comes with a Lithium-Polymer battery. Lithium-Polymer batteries have an inherent deficiency in low voltages, and actually drain faster when charged over 90% and go below 20%. While these statistics are up for debate, your phone battery life will work optimally when charged between 20% and 90%, instead of fully charging and draining the battery.

  1. Using a Dark-Coloured Wallpaper and Theme

Your Huawei Nexus 6P comes with an AMOLED touchscreen, where it is best to use a dark-coloured background. AMOLED screens only illuminate coloured pixels, while black pixels stay unlit. Dark wallpapers ensure lesser number of pixels being lit, hence less battery power required to light them up. Likewise, a dark-coloured theme, such as the default Android Marshmallow theme will also ensure that lesser pixels are illuminated.

  1. Using Lock Screen Notifications

Lock screen notifications help to conserve a lot of battery life, since they let you view only a tiny part of the screen without switching the whole screen on. This is particularly useful when you receive a lot of notifications such as spam SMS. Lock screen notifications are available by default on the new Nexus 6P.

  1. Using Shorter Screen Time-Out

If you want to conserve on power, a shorter screen time-out on your Nexus 6P will go a long way. From a practical standpoint, it makes more sense, since it ensures that the screen is turned on for a short period of time. The most practical time is between 15 and 30 seconds. Anything greater will keep your screen on for extended periods of time, straining the battery.

  1. Manually Controlling Screen Brightness

The Auto Screen brightness feature is a nice functionality, but in reality, it is way brighter than necessary. Since the screen consumes most of the battery, manually controlling it to a low level, and then changing as required will ensure superior battery life.

  1. Turning Off Additional Connectivity Features

It is best to turn off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G data connectivity when not using them. Location data and services is a great battery hog, since they constantly sync your location, either over the data connection, or via the GPS.

  1. Using Doze

The latest iteration of Android comes with a unique feature called Doze. The feature activates a hibernation mode when the phone has not been used for a prolonged period of time. It severely checks the wastage of power, letting your phone lose only 5% of its battery life, instead of the normal 20-25%. All apps are not forced to use this new technology, but you can check which ones support the feature.

  1. Disable Auto Sync

Disable Auto Sync for your Google account. Auto sync turns on your app in the background to sync data at a set interval, usually 15 minutes. Unless it is important to have Auto Sync enabled to receive critical information, it is best to disable the system to preserve some more juice in your battery. Most apps let you manually refresh data when you launch them, instead of doing the same multiple times throughout the day. For apps such as Calendar, the system lets you downloads the data when you open it, and notifies you at the appropriate time.

  1. Use Battery Saving Apps

There are multiple apps like Greenify, which helps to automate the process of enhancing battery modes. It analyzes misbehaving apps and then hibernates them, preventing them from slowing down the phone, and draining the battery without losing functionality.

  1. Disable Google Voice Search

The “OK, Google” voice search feature is one of the coolest features in your Nexus 6P. However, it can play havoc with your battery life, particularly if you use it rarely. You can go to Google Settings from the app drawer and disable it.

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Nexus 5x has never been known for the quality of its battery, and it has seen its fair share of problems in the past. We’ve already brought you some great tips to extend your Nexus 5x battery life
Factory Reset your Nexus 5x
The first thing that I advise to anyone who complains about battery life (or has performance issues in general) is to reset their phone. This is especially applicable if you have a phone that has had a big software update recently. Perform a factory reset (backup your data beforehand as a factory reset will delete everything), and set your phone up once again from scratch.

lg nexus 5x

Identify power hoggers
Some apps consume an absurd amount of battery for no good reason at all. It is important that you identify which apps are eating up more battery and if that does not work out for you, uninstall them and report them to the developers. Download and install a free third party app called Greenify. It is a very good app that prevents other rogue apps from running in the background all the time consuming essential resources and battery.

Turn off “adaptive brightness”
It should come as no surprise that the display is the biggest source of battery drain on the Nexus 5x – a quick look in Settings > Battery should tell you this. You might think that a solution is to have your battery constantly adjust for optimal brightness, but the reality is that the Nexus 5x’s light sensor is nowhere near sophisticated enough to adapt effectively. Instead, it is far better to use the lowest brightness setting that is comfortable for you. This will often be lower than what the Nexus 5x adjusts to automatically.

Set “sleep” to the lowest number possible
As your phone display is often the biggest battery drainer, switching your screen off will certainly improve battery life. Ideally your phone display would turn off whenever you aren’t looking at it, but this is yet to be a properly functioning reality. Instead of leaving your screen on for 5 minutes after you stop playing with your handset, make sure it’s awake for the shortest amount of time possible. Try setting it to 15 seconds for maximum benefit – your battery will thank you for it later.

Turn on Battery Saver
The Nexus 5x Battery Saver function is a one-stop-shop for saving juice. Unlike the battery-saving features on Samsung’s TouchWiz or Sony’s Xperia UI — the stock Android one-tap solution provides an instant improvement to battery life. The cost of this, however, is that a number of functions are limited, such as the ability for the Nexus 5x to vibrate, or sync your accounts effectively. Having to open your email manually to check your email might be a small price to pay for a longer-lasting handset.

Keep your Nexus up to date
With the exception of the odd battery-nerfing bug, Android updates usually mean better battery life. By just having Android 5.0 Lollipop on your device, Google says that you extend your device’s battery life by an additional 10 percent, so it’s worth checking regularly for the big L update if you haven’t got it yet. Go to Settings, ‘About phone’, and finally to ‘System updates’; if there’s an update available, your Nexus 5x will let you know.

Turn off Bluetooth and Location
All of the above features can have an adverse effect on your overall battery life. Bluetooth especially should never be kept running when you’re not directly using it. Location is a little trickier because it is used for a number of apps and services. Turn it off, and if you are rarely/never asked to switch it back on, you will know you have made the right choice.

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Gionee has earned huge fame with its product. Last year, Gionee entered with huge buzz and quality product. They have been expanding and spreading its wind in a different direction for past few months, after the success of super-slim Smartphone Elife S7 which was launched a couple of months back. The Smartphone is stuffed with load of smart features and specifications, after Elife E7, Elife E8 is another Smartphone in the series. The company is also working with another Smartphone called Gionee M5.


Marathon M3, M2 had huge battery power with around 5,000mAh and 4,200mAh respectively.No other Smartphone has come with such battery power. The official teaser of Gionee M5 will flaunt its dual battery power. User can use one of the batteries, while charging other one. We can run our wildest imagination, M5 coming with two battery power or one battery with dual power! Well, it is impossible to think of the thickness of the Smartphone. With such powerful battery life, Gionee M5 promises a four day battery life. This marketing point will mark the Smartphone, and hopefully will gain good amount of attention on the Smartphone.

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Micromax Canavas is one of the best selling series of Micromax phones. Micromax has constantly added new phones to this series keeping it buzzing constantly. Canvas Spark Q380 has mid-range specification powered by a mediatek processor and 1 GB RAM. Canvas Spark Q380 has a decent 8 MP shooter along with 2 Mp front shooter. Canvas Spark Q380 has a 2000 mAh battery with such amazing features Micromax could have made sure that the battery was on a higher side. Below we provide some tips to improve battery performance Micromax Canvas Spark Q380.


Improve Micromax Canvas Spark Q380
  1. Increase Battery Life on Q380
    Canvas Spark has a good battery capacity of 2000 mAh. The company claims the battery can give you 335 hours of backup on standby. It is true that battery backup is a major complain in almost every smart-phone. To increase the battery life while you are on move use dark backgrounds as dark pixels are actually unlit.
  2. Darker variety of themes and launchers will help you extract more from the battery of your smart-phone. Set the brightness to a lower level if possible as it will help you save battery power. If it is possible set your Spark to ring only mode as vibrate alert takes up more energy. Sometimes you may push a button just to see the time but the screen will glow for a longer time without any reason.
  3. Therefore, backlit time-out should be set to as low as possible to save energy. Stop your notifications during the time you are at work or sleeping to save battery power. If you are sleeping there is no point in knowing that one of your friends has come online. If it is not necessary you can also turn off the internet to save the battery. Try to update the applications you use regularly as there might be updates for battery optimization.
  4. If there are applications you are not using it is best to remove them from your phone. Turning off location services will also help you save battery. Location services keep contacting your phone to know your position which takes up a lot of energy. Spark uses a Lithium Ion battery which is good because they do not have memory effect. This gives you the opportunity to charge the phone whenever possible.

Today’s Smart-phones have large screens so that it is easier for us to use the internet or watch movies but we must understand that these activities use a lot of energy. The user should be aware that often they forget to close programs they have opened and they keep on running in the background. This eats up a lot of battery so it is better to always close programs properly. Watching movies or playing games also drains your battery fast so avoid doing those while on the move.

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HTC has been in the smartphone market since long and it has been continuously serving the smartphone users with the latest technology. The HTC One M9 is a brilliant phone and you will enjoy having it with you. HTC One M9 been a smartphone suffers from a problem that most smartphone users are well aware off a dream of smartphone users long battery life. You need not worry there are many ways through which you can ensure that your phone always remains a true friend to you throughout day and night. Some of the users believe that the best way to extend the battery life is have another handset or buy a phone with a large mAH

HTC One M9

When consulted with the experts they have suggested various methods where in the battery life of HTC One M9 can be easily managed. The battery life of any phone always depends on the user. The talk time and usage of the phone is very important in order to maintain the batter of the phone. The power management feature available in the HTC One M9 will help the users to retain their battery for a longer period of time.

Checking the usage of the battery – you need to monitor the usage of your battery from time to time. You need to identify which is the operation that consumes more time of your battery. Nowadays most of them use the internet so using the internet for a longer period of time can consume the battery faster. Accordingly you can manage the usage of the battery and increase the battery life of the phone.

Managing your connections – you need to turn off all your wireless connections when not in use. The wireless connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data transfer all such things have to be disconnected.

Device Connections – With more and more devices been packed in smartphone it becomes very essential that you manage your device connections effectively and wisely.Newer phone are packed with various connection options. You should use the GPS facility only when essential. Once you are done with your trip or requirements make sure that such navigation applications are stopped. These applications consume a large amount of battery life of the phone.

Sleep mode – If possible keep the phone on the sleep mode option during the low usage hours so the phone will automatically turn off the data connection applications if the screen has remained off for more than 15 minutes. Turn you phone on the airplane mode when you are not using any wireless connections.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest inclusion in the market and is an upgraded variety of the galaxy note 3. This phablet packs many amazing features and is the dream of any avid phablet user. However, it faces the problem of battery drainage just like any other high end smart phones because of its variety of functioning. Some ideas that will help you to contain the battery drainage in case of crucial usage are as given as follows.
Keep the phone in 2G mode only
As Samsung Galaxy packs in it 3G and 4g mode, this is alone what drains the battery in order to support this dual networking. So when you are not using 3g or 4G, it is better to turn it off by going to your settings and from there to your network modes. Turn the network mode to ‘GSM only’ in order to save your battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Increase Battery Life Of Galaxy Note 4

Disable connectivity facilities

Connectivity facilities like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth as well as NFC take a huge toll on your battery life and if kept on all the time will quickly sap your battery’s power. In order to maximize your battery’s longevity, turn these features off when not in use.

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Turn off live wallpapers

Live wallpapers, though pretty, take a lot of battery power to run continuously. It is advisable not to use them if you need maximum output from your battery. However, in times of low battery it is also recommended to set the screen brightness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the lowest possible setting. Reduce the screen timeout duration to 15 seconds too, if possible.

Disable all the third part apps

The third part apps are the ones which take away much of your battery life as they are always functioning in the background. Minimize the usage of such third party apps. The ones you do not require can also be disabled by going to the downloaded section from the applications manager. If you do not require the app at all, then it is better to completely uninstall the app.

Update your software

Software updates for your Samsung Galaxy note 4 are available from time to time. Update the software when available, because the newest versions include features that help to maximize your battery life. From settings go to software update and update your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when the new updates are available.
Improve your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery life and enjoy your phone tablet hybrid to the utmost level.
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Galaxy prime is the Adam’s apple of everyone’s eye. With good amount of specs in this budget phone. It’s quite stunner in its class. The phone has all the qualities you need like QHD display (5’), Quad core processor (1.2 GHz), great built, great front and back cameras but it lacks in one thing that is in battery department. The 2600 mAh batter do not last long for a whole day, which ruins the experience of the owner. Here are the tips and tricks you can use to increase your Galaxy Grand prime’s battery life.
SWITCH OFF VIBRATION– To maximize the battery , switch off vibration of the phone for applications that you do not check upon often. Vibration causes the more draining of battery than making or receiving a call.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Increase Battery Life oF Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

KEEP THE RAM CLEAR by Avoiding Too many Background Running Apps

Make sure if you don’t want to use a function or app anymore clear it from RAM. If you don’t clear it from RAM it will continue to operate in background and will drain your phones battery faster. Don’t use the unnecessary function like smart gestures (air gesture, hand gesture), Wi-Fi until you really need them, these functions restriction will also helps to increase battery.

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Using your phone on full brightness will drain its battery in 5 hours, plus full brightness works well only in very dim light conditions. Keep your phone brightness to moderate to maximize battery life. Also turn off the auto brightness as it also drains the battery by keeping the sensors awake.


There is myth that you should recharge your phone only when its battery is almost fully drained (leaving with 10% or less) and charge it to the fullest 100%. But in reality it’s not good for your phone, charge your phone any time you want and charge it to the minimum 80%. This will maximize battery output.

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There are various apps on play store which prevents the drainage of battery to a extent. These apps tell you which apps are running in back ground, which are consuming more energy and also tells you about the increase and decrease of your battery’s temperature.


Animated wallpapers keep your screen awake which leads to more drainage of the battery. So don’t use the live wallpapers to maximize you battery. Try to use wallpaper with more black tint.
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Sony has been constantly upgrading its product and introducing new devices with new features to attract more user. With launch of Sony Xperia z almost a year ago the phone is still worth buying but after its phenomenal success the new released device under the same series SONY Xperia z3 have gained same attention as its predecessor. With superb features and ultimate battery life this giant beast needs to be tamed you can view unlimited videos for 18 hrs straight, chat with buddies 20hrs, and lots more with just basic use of the device and you can withdraw up-to 36hrs of battery from this giant beast but for some of even this sounds too less and I agree with them. Here I am to help you get the maximum out of your devices.

Sony Xperia Z3

Extend Sony Xperia Z3 battery life

With 3100mAh battery, Sony Xperia Z3 is one of the largest battery backup but many a times this drain out so easily that you can’t rely on it much longer. Keeping that into consideration and the design feature I will tell you some of the basic ways by which you can expand your device battery by some time also you can use this method for all the devices. The reason behind the battery to be drained so quickly is the use of android and the software’s at the back-end consuming battery for their existence. Many of this application are unwanted and are never required but trust me those help your device consume more battery.

Most of the time the back-end software’s are either pre-installed application or some small app which are either less required or are just used as an ad-don to some other application. To solve this issue you need to root the device so that you can get programmer access and with that you can either add custom rom’s, increase the clock cycle of the processor deactivate an application temporarily. Mind you, root can lapse your warranty. Once you root your devices with any third party root software you have to make sure, you either install link-to-sd or titanium backup two the most downloaded application. What this application will do is allow you to access all the application that are stored in your device even the once that are pre-installed. You can either freeze (preferred) or even uninstall all the application that are listed. Freezing will make sure that those applications will not work at the back-end without your permission and to use them you just have to unfreeze that application.

If this your first Android phone or if you are not sure about the rooting concept and its use then I would prefer that you enable the stamina mode on your device which will do the almost the same job but without your guidance or assistance. You can also make sure that your GPS isn’t active unnecessary your screen display is appropriate and not to high as all this can affect your battery life.

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Canvas Elanza 2 is the highly featured midrange Smartphone from Micromax which was added up into their ever longing and successful Canvas series in May 2014. Currently this Smartphone is available at an exciting price tag of around Rs. 8500. This Smartphone features following high end key assets.

Micromax A121 Canvas Elanza 2

  1. 5.0inch LCD display (294ppi)
  2. 1 GB RAM
  3. 4GB internal storage
  4. 8MP primary camera.
  5. Qualcomm 1.2GHz Quad core processor

These features are very exceptional at this price range and this is the best buy low budget phone for professionals as well as rough gamers. This high featured Smartphone definitely needs a high end battery to run it for a good period of time on single charge. It’s 2000mAh battery claims to provide talk time of 7 hours but for rough users they definitely need to optimise the battery life of their Elanza 2 if they want to use their Smartphone for a whole day of usage. Some of the users have been claiming about the average battery backup of this Smartphone .So here we are for you and we have specified some workarounds which can help you optimise the battery life of your Smartphone.

1. Internet browsing on Android Smartphone consumes a tremendous amount of your battery. Especially the applications which run in back ground take your internet connection silently and contribute in the battery drainage of Your elanza 2. So, it is recommended to kill unwanted background applications via some task killer or manually. This will decrease the drainage of your battery very effectively.

2. Optimise your connectivity options after every use. Turn off you’re your Wi-FI, Bluetooth and other connectivity options when not in use. These also consume a good share of your battery life.

3. Most of the social applications installed on Android have got sync option available which is usually set to auto. Turn off auto sync manually so that your internet data plan as well as battery is saved.

4. Keep your Elanza 2 screen brightness set to minimum. The high lighting eats up the battery of your Smartphone very fast.

5. Set your Screen time out minimum which is 15 seconds.

6. Avoid showing off live wallpaper as they keep running continuously and keep consuming battery in unproductive fashion.

6. Instead of installing different battery saving software’s, just install a simple ad free task killer and use it in application optimisation.

However if we look at the other face of this coin, it is like imprisoning your way of using Smartphone with the fear of battery loss. For the people who can bear this amount of compromising can just buy a good power bank from market and use it time to time. Or they can get an additional original battery from Micromax official store and enjoy stress free Smartphone experience.

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LG G3 is the most remarkable and highly specified Smartphone recently flagged off by LG. This Smartphone has got every specification defined to its true state of existence. The smoothness of its working and running is great. It like all other heavy Smartphone’s, it has got go through heavy work out each day so being an Android user you would be conscious about the fact that no matter how highly ranked a Smartphone is Android users have to crave for the battery drainage problem. No matter nowadays these problems are being minimized as much as possible but there’s still a missing link. For high end Smartphone’s the problem is that they are packed with a high power battery but the functionality and load of internal equipments are also increased considerably resulting in battery loss. Here we have bulleted some main effective way out’s for you to get out of this battery drainage problem.


Tips to boost battery Life LG G3

1. Live wallpapers might seem to be fascinating to you giving impressive expression on the people but they also contribute to the frequent battery drainage. So change your wallpaper to a normal one instead of using live wallpaper if you are greatly concerned towards saving some more amount of battery.
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2. Turn you screen brightness as low as possible or either use auto brightness feature. The brighter your screen, the more battery eat ups will take place.

3. You don’t need your Smartphone to keep continuously searching for new emails via push mail, this keeps your Smartphone in continuous use. This feature needs to be disabled and you should check your mails manually after the desired time interval. This will effectively help your Smartphone in saving battery.

4. WIFI and GPS might always keep bugging around your notification panel and always in search of new connections, so keep the turned off and use only when needed. This will also improve your battery life. Same should be done with Bluetooth in more strict way.

5. Always use a task killer or close unused applications manually which are not in use currently. The most predominant applications with which you can apply this is Skype, Hike, Messenger and other related fancy stuff. Also consider uninstalling an application when not found of any use. Most of the people due to good RAM and phone storage just like LG G3 keep an application installed for months even if it’s totally useless. That should be strictly checked.

All the ways shown above are the best ways to optimise your Smartphone’s battery and get most out of it. Otherwise if you got bucks in your pocket, you can get loads of varieties of power banks available in market. Instead of cutting off your phone usage comfort and personalisation which affects its usage experience, you can use it fully the way you want and keep it always awake via power banks. In general, if your Smartphone battery is removable get some extended battery.
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