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In the last few years the demand for having latest smart phones has increased but the only drawback posed by smart phones is their battery. There are a few smart phones which offer an excellent battery backup and some of them are just show-offs and are not able to deliver optimum performance. However, the recently launched Moto G from Motorola comes with a great battery life and is able to provide excellent backup. Let us try to find more about Motorola Moto G battery life and backup in detail.

Moto G Battery

Some technical analysts have termed Motorola Moto G battery as a long distance runner

As you know that Motorola launched its low cost device Moto E in the month of May 2014 and the latest smart phone is Moto G. The best part about this phone is that it has got a 2070 mAh non-removable battery. If we compare its performance with other smart phones which are in the same range then we can say that it successfully delivers perfect performance.

Complete Moto G Battery Life Test

The best part about this smart phone is that it is able to pass the battery life test with flying colors. This phone is able to deliver a talk time of 14.15 hours.

When it was used for web browsing then its battery delivered 10.50 hours of backup which is considered as very good. Imagine going to a office and returning back home with few hours of battery life still left.

Moto G battery delivered 7.27h of backup when it was used for video playback. Now enjoy your favorite movie without any worries. In fact you can enjoy more than 2 movies in a single charge. Motorola’s Moto G has got an endurance rating of 64h which is also a positive factor.

If we talk about the competition of this phone then we can say that LG G2 is able to score more on battery front as it is able to deliver 25 hours of talk time in a single charge. There are many other smart phones which offer excellent talk time but Moto G has got amazing class and style as perfect performance. Moreover with snapdragon processor and 1 GB RAM this phone offers smooth multitasking without any lags.

All in all Moto G has managed to clear every test, especially on battery front. By completely recharging Moto G battery, you can use this smart phone for an entire day.
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It is very easy to backup emails on your Android tablet. There are several backup android apps which not only let you backup emails, but also enable you to backup your whole Android tablet. Millions of users have downloaded these apps and created a backup of their emails. Apart from these apps there are several other ways which can be used to create backup of your emails. Let’s have a look at some of the ways by which you can create backup of your emails.

Xperia Tablet Z

Add Google sync to your Android tablet

The user must use Google sync in order to have access to Gmail contacts, Gmail calendar and Gmail email accounts on Android tablet. With the help of this you can send or receive emails through your tablet. You can also save the emails you sent or receive on your device by saving it on a memory card. This will let you create a backup of all important mails of your Gmail account.

With the help of Google sync you can also create backup of your Android apps, photos, messages and all personal stuff. In short you can create a full backup of your Android device with Google sync.

Download Email apps from Google play store

You can also download email apps like yahoo app on your Android tablet. After signing in, you can control all the email functions of your email account from your tablet. Moreover, you can also save them to your Android device.

Apart from creating backup of your emails these apps can be accessed anywhere. So, without PC or Laptop also you can check your mail anytime from your tablet.

Install backup apps on your device

To create a backup file of your Android device which includes your contacts, messages, photos and emails, you can download backup apps. These apps create a backup file on your memory card or device storage. Once you create a backup file, you can transfer it to your PC or laptop. You can recall this file anytime for restoring your data if your data is lost or corrupt. There are many backup apps available on Google play store, so first check its rating and read reviews of the app before installing it on your device.

You must keep a backup of not only your emails but also of your important files. In case your important data is lost or damaged and you want to recover it, then the backup of your files comes in use. This will restore all the important data and will save you from serious problems. So, keep a backup of your emails and your important stuff.

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Here are some tips to back-up your Android device without rooting your phone.

Installing the Android SDK

Downloading Android SDK is the first step .We need to use the Android Debug Bridge or adb command to carry out backup process. Android Debug Bridge command is incorporated with Android SDK and it can be downloaded free. Before hand, install Oracle’s Java Development Kit for SDK and you need to download 32-bit version JDK and then download SDK from Google. After the installation of both is completed then open SDK Manager from Start Menu or search SDK Manager. After the SDK Manager is opened, enable the Android SDK Platform-tools checkbox and click to Install button and install platforms tool package, which will contain adb in it. If you get any type of error then run the SDK manager as Administrator

Device Setup

In your phone you need to check USB Debugging mode which can be done by moving to Settings of your phone and then to Developers option. Once the USB Debugging mode is enabled then connect your phone to computer via USB cable and be ready for next step which is Testing ADB.

Testing ADB

Adb file is already installed on your computer now and the path where your installed Android SDK and open the Command Windows here and if you are unable to locate the SDK path then go to the following path and you will find it C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Android\Android-sdk\platform-tools so now you know how to move to platform-tools folder now go to this folder and Open command prompt by holding Shift and right-click and you will be able to see your device in the list, after you see the phone name in the list go to the next step which is Backing up your Device.

Backing Up Your Device

Now we can create a backup file of your device fully with the help of adb backup command. All you need to type the below command adb backup -apk -shared -all -f C:\Users\NAME\backup.ab and this will backup all your files and folders like installed apk files and storage card data to specific folder and you can see the backup of your files at this path C:\Users\NAME\backup.ab file on your computer. There can be confusion with the path so you should replace NAME in command with another username of your windows to save your backup file at another location. In this way you can backup your device and it will take some time depending upon the size of your data.

Restoring a Backup

You have created backup but you may need this backup some time so in that case you should know how to restore your data again to your phone and this can be done simply by running following command adb restore C:\Users\NAME\backup.ab and your files will be restored again. You might be asked with if you need to do full restore, if you enable yes then all your existing data of phone will be erased with backup contents. In this way you can restore and backup all Android device easily.