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The shape is curved, outside and inside. The “LG G Flex” Smartphone can bend. It can self-heal too. LG G flex, having Innovative technology the first taste of flexible Smart-phone has caught the interest of users. The flexible screen display has worked with success. As the name suggests it’s easy to flatten the mobile when a little pressure applied at its ends. The curved design – the LG G Flex is a flexible mobile that is user friendly and comfortable to hold and fit.

LG G Flex with  self healing scratch resistant back cover

LG G Flex

It offers best sound and voice clarity. It has a sublime vertical bend. The Lg G Flex has a back key to abstain from exchanging off the gadget unintentionally. It likewise characteristics Face Detection engineering , Dual Window, QTheater, a camera clock and a urgent call alert framework. It has a “self-healing” covering on the back spread, which benefits the G Flex the capability to recuperate from minor scratches.One of the most talked about point is the self healing mechanism of Lg G Flex

  • It comprises of The Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system.
  • The goblet is controlled by quad-core 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and and Reno 330 GPU.
  • The back camera is about 13-megapixel . It weighs 177 grams , has a most slender width of 7.9mm to 8.7mm at its thickest.
  • It is upheld by a 3,500mAh electric battery.
  • It accompanies Plastic OLED showcase (P-OlLED) is adaptable.
  • The self mending capacity of Lg G Flex was analyzed, it presumed that the back board of gadget gets speeder in warm surroundings.
  • The LG G Flex 4G LTE can be pre-ordered  with 12 months warranty and unlocked from MobiCity

Price of LG G Flex $1,195.00 AUD

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Apple’s new iPad Air on its launch a week ago made great appeal to people by its sleek design and modern looks. But unfortunately, probably this product is about to get diminished in coming weeks. It was difficult to believe in such piece of news of Apple’s trusted product iPad Air. The iPad Air exploded in Vodaphone’s store in Canbera, Australia. Whole Store was filled with smoke and with continuous stream of sparks flying from charging port of device. The store was evacuated by fire brigade on emergency basis.

Fire brigade extinguished flaming tablet in few minutes. No one was injured in the horrible scene. The iPad Air, could not be resuscitated. The iPad Air product was completely damaged and blackened.

Apple iPad Air

After looking its horrible damaged piece of product from image, the technological experts announced it as extremely damaged piece. The product from the image appeared after fire brigade run into help to extinguish the flaming fire. An Apple employee, reported immediately at Vodafon store to collect the damage product for official investigation on product or so called ‘autopsy’. After investigating more on this scene, the cause of fire was due to faulty overcharge protection circuit.

Lithium polymer batteries of the type installed in iPad Air tends to explode on overcharging. Thus most of similar product does come with a protection circuit. But this iPad Air was no exception; it didn’t receive the standard issue circuit. Apple officials are yet to give statement about the cause of the explosion. This was first publicly known accident involving an Apple tablet.

But now, we guess it’s safe to say that our brand-new iPad Air won’t blow up Apple will surely take step to cure this issue.