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Don’t miss out on this August offer of the lifetime with the Cubot X15. The rapid rise in the world of smartphone technology has led rapid manufacture of the various smartphone therefore don’t miss out on this by grapping this marvelous opportunity with Cubot X15 from the Cubot company. Have a wonderful experience with Cubot X15 specifically tailored for you with its unique features in this world. It has got an android operating system that gives it its unique features. This is a device that you won’t wait to hold in your hands due to its eye catching outer design and its unique features.



This smartphone is equipped with MTK68735 64 bit Quad Core processor at 1.3 GHz CPU. This enables you to launch and run apps and even reboot the phone as fast as possible. It has got an android operating system version of 5.1 that accepts any latest application in the system. Also having the 2GN RAM and 16 GB ROM allows you to install large sized applications. The phone is also fitted with Mali-T720 GPU just to increase the speed of its performance. If you have ever dreamt of owning a phone which has got a fast responding system and can be able to multi task then these are the phone to own at this amazing offer. It also has an amazing display that will give you a tantalizing sense of touch. Having fitted with a 5.5 inch screen display with a 2.5 FHD it’s absolutely amazing for you to use.

CUBOT X15 Processor


If you are a hardcore selfie-lover then you won’t let such an amazing offer by-pass you. It’s actually your turn to grasp this perfect opportunity. This phone is equipped with a 16 MP rear camera and 8.0 MP front camera not only to allow you to take high quality photos but also to take videos. This videos are of high definition of up to 1080 PX .The back camera also has a DW9714 graphic sensor and 5 P lens. Having this phones will enable you capture the best and adorable moments and events of your life.

CUBOT X15 Camera


This phone is equipped with current technology to attain a good network strength of both 2G: of GSM 850-1900 MHZ, 3G: of WCDMA of 900-2100 and 4G: of LTE 800-2600 MHZ. You can also connect to the nearest Wi-Fi to get the fastest speed possible to allow you download and upload files online. Having Bluetooth of 4.0 will absolutely serve you well and a GPS and AGPS system will absolutely serve you well.

CUBOT X15 Connectivity


The phones have been fitted with a large storage capacity with a RAM of 8 GB and a 16 GB ROM. This will enable you to store you documents, and other essential files. The phone can also support the SD micro card just for you to extend your storage capacities.

CUBOT X15 Storage

The Price On offer

This is one of the amazing offers for the August month with a 28% discount. Therefore you will acquire the phone at $146.99 at online store with coupon code EBX15. Therefore hurry up while the stock last for this month offer




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For hardcore gaming, the best phone with a better than ever display is windows phone. It has a really strong OS for the processing of game applications. This phone promises to hold your interest. It is quite a known fact that the top rated games would be in the Windows Microsoft store. Well, it is a hard headed job to find the best and newest games through Windows Microsoft store. Although it is Windows store and regular updating is no surprise, but for your benefit, this article brings out the ten on ten games. Most spectacular and engaging games in the Android devices are the ones that have made it to the list of best ten. It’s no wonder that you will see most awesome scenarios while playing these. Whatever be you niche of gaming, our list will do justice and you can choose however you desire.

windows10 logo

Top 5 Games For Windows Phone for 1st Week August 2015

1. Extreme Landings

This is a simulation game that is extremely fascinating. This is a game that basically involves testing your pilot skills. This is a simulator game that involves accomplishing 36 missions and 168 challenges. Its graphics are awesome. You will undergo a special training on how to start the engine and how to start and land a flight. It has got strong graphics that will give you a real flying experience as a pilot. This game is downloaded in the Windows Microsoft store for free.

2. Real Skee Ball
This is also another addictive game that will bow your minds off and you can’t wait to play it. This is a casual flick sport game. All you have to do is to roll the ball by swiping you fingers so that they may fall into different holes. The game is equipped with 3D graphics that makes it more amazing to play. It’s a free game in the Microsoft store.

3. Ice Age Avalanche
This one of the most addictive adventure game .If you are a fun of animation videos then this is the game to play. It all involves rescuing animals after a continental drift. You have to work hard for you to earn the acorns .It has got strong and amazing graphics that will make you to play it.

4. Real Cricket ™ 15
For the lovers of the game, this is an invention, a boon. You don’t have to go out in the scorching sun for an experience your living room sofa would do the deal. This cricket here has a real life outdoor feel to it so it gives you that annihilating pulse. This does not cost a fortune at iTunes with only $4.99.

5. One More Line
This is a timing game created by the SMG Studio game developers. It’s also an addictive game that when you play one you will yearn to play more. It has got improved graphics that enable the game to be eye catching. This game has the highest record of gluing users and it does it with its extraordinary ‘user interface graphics’.

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Windows Phones Apps are an evolving environment, with expected release of Windows 10 phones, Windows phone Apps are getting all the attention they need. Many Apps are fast been introduced into Windows Apps Environments. With a goal of billion Windows devices, windows apps are going to play an essential role in making sure that goal is reached. We bring you Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015.

windows phone logo

Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015

This app lets you access your pc when you are away using your windows 8 phone or tablet.Document editing, reaming videos and audio or just reading through documents is possible through this wonderful app from the people of Microsoft. This enables you to work from anywhere.

This is currently ‘the most popular cloud storage app for windows devices. You can store anything ranging from videos, music or just documents that can later be accessed with all your devices including your windows 8 phone or tablet. Sharing with friends is also made easy with this app. But the best thing is that you can access al your files on the go.

With this app you can say goodbye to that pesky thing called language barrier. This app can actually translate 85 languages. Next time you are struggling with that word or phrase, the solution is just an app away.

This currently is the most popular pdf viewing application around. Since pdf file formats have numerous business applications. Then this is exactly the app for you.You can also us it to covert from pdf to doc or rtf format and also view pdfs that are password protected for that extra security.

This app manages devices across a company. It can be used together with the Airwatch console to manage and monitor devices that are networked in a company. Since companies rely on corroboration of information across their devices, this device comes in handy in the business world.

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Apps are part of our daily routine, but with explosion of developers and the ease of making them, to keep track of newest or trendiest apps becomes a problem. Trying out new apps or just finding something that you will enjoy using it just exhilarates the process or keep one hooked on to finding new apps. We bring Top 5 Android Apps For 1st Week of August 2015 as a way to discover share or simply enjoy the Apps that we find across segments for our viewers. Here are the Apps that have made to list for First | 1st week of August 2015

OUKITEL U10 Android

Following the success of their online site, the people of JUST WATCH decided to make a dedicated app for android that is available in the play store.So what does this app actually do? It locates the best sites to watch TV shows and movies online. Whether you want to buy or rent a particular TV series or movie, it tells you where you can find it at the cheapest price. What’s more is that it’s integrated to subscription services such as Netflix.This is a must have for all movie lovers

This app turns your android phone into a keyboard or mouse for your pc. Not only does this app work but it works really well.The best part of this app is that it works on any pc despite the brand as long as it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


How would you like to take a selfie in a galaxy far far away? Well you actually cant but this app is the next best thing. From the makers of one of the best photo editing software on the pc platform comes adobe Photoshop mix for android devices.Adobe Photoshop mix also syncs seamlessly with Photoshop on your pc using Creative Cloud.With this app the only limit is your creativity.


Finally Microsoft creates their office suite optimized for android tablets.Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint is available in the play store and is available with Dropbox integration which means you can access your documents anywhere anytime across all your devices.


This apps makes sure you don’t get caught in public needing to go badly. It points out to you the location of public restroom around you. It also has advanced options that can guide you to the nearest restroom using its maps.So the next time you’re out having a good time know that this app has got you covered.

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IPhone 6 is one of the awesome phones with amazing display to play games. Its operating system is very powerful to launch app games.It’s one phone for sure you won’t get bored. In order for you to download the best games they are always located in the iTunes. It’s quite difficult to determine the latest games through app store in iTunes play though the games are always update now and then, but believe with this list you are going to find the perfect and best games. The top ten games this month are the one which are most impressive and enjoyable games to play in your android phones. You will actually have more thrilling and exciting opportunities to when playing this games. Have a quick view of our list to get the best game that suits you depending on your type of genre of the games. These games are:

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1. Angry Birds 2
The iPhone 6 amazing display will give you a wonderful display of this game. This game commonly known for pay or die it’s a slick new game of 2015 in august with vibrant colors an addictive slingshot and graphics .The bird and sling are the amazing and simple game play tools you have to use. It has come with new features and an amazing arenas to make you keep on fascinating the land of angry birds’ .Your mission is to defeat the boss piggies. You can also challenge other players in the world through the online platform

2.Race the Sun
This is a game where the sun is set as your death timer and you are a solar craft. It has got wonderful graphics and especially when played in the iPhone 6 display it will give an awesome experience and impressive performance

3. Real Cricket Test Match
Are you a cricket lover and you really want to have that field experience in your couch or bed then this is the game to play. This game will give you a great feeling because of its adventurous in nature. With only $4.99 you can be able to purchase the game from iTunes.

4. Domino Crop
This is one of the most addictive games ever with great intrusive user inter-phase graphics .It’s one of the easiest games to learn with Dominoes styles. With the latest technology it was designed in such a way that you can chat with your opponents and even play It in Face-book with friends and random opponents or even the computer.

5. Shibuya Grandmaster
This game commonly known for pay or die it’s a slick new game of 2015 in august with vibrant colors and graphics .It’s also one of the amazing action games. Unlock the various levels and earn yourself the Golden coin. This is an absolutely free game that allows you have the experience of a grand master. Its also an addictive game since playing and unlocking one level gives you the urge to continue playing the game.

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The technology is getting advanced day by day. As a result of it now we have mobile phones with versatile features in our hand. The feature of an android mobile phone remains incomplete if we have not access to applications which have a great impact on our daily life also. There are thousands of apps in Google play store which helps us in many ways such as editing photos, barcode scanning, document preparing, playing games, phone no. locator, online shopping, news reading etc. These apps prepare a mobile phone as a versatile gadget.

Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 2015

Some of the best apps of August 2015 which are suitable to use in Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen phone are discussed below:

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the favourite apps for downloading free music in the recent days. Though there are many music download apps available in the Play Store, they are often quickly removed because of their copyright-impinging functionality. Anybody can be provided with a totally legit, ever-changing list of free tracks from major artists for downloading by the Google Music App only. Some apps has an excellent paid subscription service (e.g. Spotify), and Some has a multitude of tracks readily available to stream (e.g. SoundCloud) , but for actually downloading tracks to phone, the performance of Google Play Music is better than any other apps.

Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids Place - Parental Control

There is a large no. of educational apps, games and books that can be downloaded Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 2015. Kids Place- Parental Control is the best parental control app that allows anyone to assign the particular apps and games which they want to give young ones access to, and restricts them to a screen showing these apps only (until the entering of the PIN Code). This app also prevents children from sending messages as well as purchasing other apps while using the device and time limit also can be set for how long access is granted.

Caustic 3

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is the latest version of the popular mobile music-making machine available at Google Play Store. Anybody can use one of 14 different synthesizers, vocoders and drum machines for the creation of the perfect sound while moving by the proper usage of this app. Though Caustic 3 is a deep and complex app, you have to spend some time to get familiar with the user interface of this app for getting the best result.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix is a simple but impressive photo-editing app by which the default photo editor can effectively be replaced by this photo editor. It has many features ranging from the usual bunch of trendy filters, to letting the user neatly cut out sections of pictures and splice the sections into any no of new images as per the user’s requirement. Photoshop Mix can sync with Photoshop on any PC using Creative Cloud software, so if some more advanced editing is needed, then this app makes all those thing easier at our fingertips.

Dash Radio

Dash Radio

Dash Radio is the latest released most attractive radio app. This app features over 60 radio stations curated by the biggest names in the world music. There’s no need to find any algorithm-created playlists here by the user, just plenty of radio channels created by labels, DJs, brands… and Snoop Dogg, among many other artists present here. The most important issue apart from the performance of this app is there is no ads present in the app. It is seemed that it will become succeed in recapturing some of that old-school ‘underground’ radio magic by its unique performance.