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Asus Zenfone C

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From the Greek mythology of a winged horse Pegasus come the words ASUS. The Greek mythology represents inspiration and learning which ASUS believes and works for it. ASUS believes in quality, innovation, creativity, strength, and lots more all this can be seen in their products and the same qualities are been shown in all of its phone including ASUS Zenfone C. The company started selling its products in INDIA in 2014 and their new release Zenfone C was launched in January 2015. The company is offering this phone at a price of 5999 on leading online sites.
Asus Zenfone C is a dual Sim phone Gsm+ Gsm with 2G and 3G Compatibility. Dual Sim is optional but as of now online stores are offering dual Sim you have search for single Sim as of now. Asus has always used Intel based processor in all their phones till date and they used the same type of processor in this Intel atom z2520, its a 1.2GHz dual core processor by Intel.

Asus zenfone C

Asus Zenfone PC Link Download

The company has also added a GPU for better image visuals. Company has compromised on screen size and camera but at this, we cannot ask for more. With Zenfone C you get a 4.5 inch IPS screen with 16M colours and decent viewing angels. With this phone, you get a 5mp rear camera with flash and a 0.3 front camera. With this phone, you get an 8GB internal ROM and a 1GB of RAM that can be used by user, which can be expanded up to 64GB using a SD Card.
Now we have seen about the device and its capabilities let us talk about how to communicate Asus Zenfone C with PC.

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There are two methods to communicate your PC with your phone the first is using USB driver.

USB driver: Normally when we connect a device to our PC, we get a USB driver that automatically is installed but if at all it does not then all you have to do is download the original Asus driver from the site.

  1. Step1: Go to Asus online store and download application according to your phone.
  2. Step2: once downloaded the file install it on your PC.
  3. Step3: once done with that we can now connect our device with the USB cable provided by the company.
  4. Step4: After connecting it, you will be able to see two drives on your computer If u have connected a SD card. Now you can transfer as much data as possible based on your requirement.

Asus PC Link: The official ASUS pc suite called pc link enables user to conveniently use this software to transfer data back and forth between PC and device. PC Link also allows you to control your device and its software via PC’s keyboard and mouse. You could easily get hold of the PC link on ASUS online support page once you download and follow the instruction you will be able to install the software on your system.

  • Step1: Once the installation is done you, Start the application.
  • Step2: Connect your device and PC via USB cable and make sure USB debugging is activated. Without which you won’t be able to work.
  • Step3: USB debugging can be activated from Developers option in setting.
  • Step4: Just click on “always allow” button when asked for using this software continuously.
  • Step5: To use various other features of this device. User needs to start PC link on both device and PC Simultaneously.
  • Step6: click on “Connect ” button and establish a connection once its allowed you can use your device using PC link. Now enjoy the benefits of ASUS PC SUITE.

Download Asus USB Driver
Download Asus PC Suite|Link

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Chinese PC, accessories and smart-phone manufacturing firm Asus debut their Zenfone smart-phone series very warm heartedly which were welcomed by the worldwide users from the starting days because of their standalone pricing with respect to the market as well as decently specified configuration. Although Asus stepped mostly into the mid range segment so far giving users the best buy for their hard earned money but this year you should be known that Asus will be giving a jerk to the premium segment by release of ZenFone 2 which is highly configured smart-phone showing an ordinary pricing. However the so far budget smart-phone’s from the Zenfone series have recently welcomed their new mate which goes by the name of Zenfone C priced around RS.6000/.

Asus zenfone C

Asus Zenfone C worth buying

This smart-phone is just the Zenfone 4 lookalike with a bit bigger display. It obvious that even the low midrange sections doesn’t go well with 4.0inch displays nowadays; everyone wants to have the bigger display for good visual experience, so Asus has produced the Zenfone 4 recombinant to debug this limitation. Asus Zenfone C thus flaunts a 4.5inches IPS LCD display with resolution of 480*854pixels and density of 218ppi. Well this display resolution is something every mid ranger shows off so it’s batter to call it good when talking about the price we are paying for this smart-phone.

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Its Android v4.4.2 Kit Kat OS operates on an Intel Atom Dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz coupled with 1GB RAM and PowerVR GPU. Asus has totally been in association with Intel when talking about the processor and they are doing great together with the Intel hyper threading technology making even dual core go bang. The possession of 1GB RAM and a good GPU is also a big benefit for performance and especially in gaming. However it hasn’t gone big for camera unlike the processing configuration featuring 5.0MP primary camera and VGA front camera. This smart-phone feature can put some thinking seeds in camera loving brains whether to go for it or not but don’t forget it’s powerful core though. It further provides 8GB internal storage along with 64GB SD card compatibility which is just awesome for the smart-phone at this price point. There are smart-phone’s even priced higher but only possessing 4GB internal storage which Asus has slapped by going bigger on storage.

Talking about its networking and connectivity, it is GSM and HSDPA compatible smart-phone possessing Blue-tooth, WI-Fi and GPS connectivity modes which is quite common thing for the entire mid ranger smart-phone’s. The slot where Asus has hit further bigger is the providence of 2100mAh Li-ion battery which is going to definitely give big blasts of battery backup in this compact beast. The battery power of this standard is seen in Grand’s priced above 10,000 and Asus has done it in this range which is magnificent.

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If you are confused whether you should go for this or not, only thing you need to do is check your inner self whether you are satisfied with this camera configuration or not. The rest of the configuration is great at this price, display is good, processor is awesome and the much needy thing battery is too good at this standard. If you can compromise for camera, we recommend to buy this smart-phone at this budget. However if you can’t live without an excellent camera, then going for any other high priced budget smart-phone is only left fr you and you should know that this smart-phone is a direct assault on famed mid ranger’s like Moto E.
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