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Gaming on budget Android phones has always been some kind of a compromise as the heavy graphic intensive games are not quite supported on the low specifications of the phone. So it can be a bit disappointing that you are unable to enjoy the top-notch gaming experience that you could on a flagship device, but your pocket is not quite supportive of it. So for that reason, “mini” versions of flagship phones are launched to fit the budget pocket for some compromise on the specs as well. So let us see the best 5 games for the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

This phone features a 1.7 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon 400 processor with Adreno 305 GPU and 1.5 GB RAM. This is less compared to the actual specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but still not bad for the price point it is available at. So let’s now check out the games for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190

1. GTA 3:


Any person who has played GTA on his PC or any gaming console knows how awesome this game actually is. So if he has an option of playing this game on his phone maybe, just imagine his excitement and happiness. GTA 3 is a very awesome game with superb graphics and awesome gameplay. The missions, shooting, driving, it all looks very realistic. But other than that, this is a lovely game. You go around completing missions, making money and taking over the city’s underworld.

2. Fifa 12:


The football marvel from the studio of EA, the Fifa 12 is one heck of a wonderful game. It has the same feel to it as if you are playing it on your PC or a gaming console. The gaming controls are all on the touchscreen and are easily reachable and controllable which means playing this game is a breeze. Add to that the amazing graphics and realistic looks and grounds, you will surely spend hours scoring goals and winning once you get your hands on playing this game.

3. Asphalt 8:

Asphalt 8

A racing marvel that started off low and made a name for itself by making some wonderful games, Asphalt today has moved with time and technology to bring about the most realistic and amazing street racing game. You almost feel like Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious while playing this game as it has all the aspects of it like the police chasing behind, the street drivers you try to take down and the nitrous oxide boost provided to the cars. Whrr Whrr!!! Let the engines go.

4. Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3

This is another racing marvel which kind of is a short term success; this game came out of nowhere to surprise us all by its amazing gameplay and graphics that it left all of us in the awe of those amazing cars. The racing is very competitive and fun and the option to upgrade further and expand your fleet of cars to beat all the other drivers is an amazing concept and makes the gameplay very interesting as then you just don’t keep racing but there is a purpose for racing.

5. Nova 3:

Nova 3

This is an amazing Science fiction title brought by Gameloft in its third instalment. This game was a huge hit on PC and the gaming consoles and was later released for Android and iOS. There are plans to even launch this game for Blackberry and Windows Phone as well. What makes this game special is the futuristic setting and the amazing visual effects provided in the game. This game has won many hearts and is sure to win more every passing day. The gameplay and storyline of the game is amazing and the suspense factor of the game which goes on increasing with the moving story makes this game an awesome one. Also the fact that even though being a graphic intensive game, it still works seamlessly on the S4 mini, makes this game that more amazing.

There are many other games that are available for the phone in the Google Play Store, but the games mentioned above have been chosen based on the popularity and nature of the games and most importantly the games mentioned above are all very much graphic intensive which play quite well on the Galaxy S4 mini as well. This is because most of the mid-range devices are not quite capable of handling heavy games, but this phone is very much capable.

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Snapdragon 800 is winning hearts with its powerful processing power making it a favourite among enthusiast and gamer for on the move thrills. It is the top phone processor in todays competitive market with off the roof numbers on benchmarks making it a must for every high end phones. The big players of the mobile world know what the masses require, there a few phones that are available which are powered by this beast.The one that comes immediately to mind is the new LG G2 snappy fast,ideal for work and play.We detail some games that would be fun to play because of Snapdragon 800 beating in their hearts.

Fifa 14

Most played and most downloaded game is Fifa series,this game undergoes regular enhancement in each iteration. Each and every FIFA installment was really awesome and was most liked by people. In Fifa 14 the level of detailing is amazing, making it very immersive, leaving a feeling to score more and play more.


Feature of this game are as follow:

Now you have got 33 league matches over 600 licensed team and more than 16,000 players and you can have commentaries too on your phone. Play like real match and feel the player’s suspension, injury and change in team which means you yourself will play this game. Game allows you to buy and sell team players to create your dream team. As there are wide choices of players so you have endless options. Touch controls have been improved a lot in this installment of Fifa. Now hold your player and make them do moves easily on your phone and with super rocking sound track game becomes more energetic and will definitely increase the heat within. Even you can purchase a team manager, tournament and Kick off features in this game. You will have different language support so choose your favorable language and just start playing.

Download this game from the Play Store of your phone and start playing or you can just visit to the link below and get this game on your phone easily.


Asphalt 8

Best car game for Android was Asphalt series and with the increasing crave and popularity of this game among the people, game developers have launched one more installment in Asphalt series which has high end graphics making this game more live. Now along with the real-time race there are more to do with this game, you can perform aerial stunts on your dream cars. Cars included in this game are high performance, power and brand-new physics. If you ever dreamed about luxury cars then you can just choose among Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R with real sound of engine makes the ride of each car different and unique.

Now make a move with your car and drive up the ramp and fly for sometime and show your unique move with your dream car. Now race in exotic regions like Venice, French Guiana, Iceland and Nevada Desert ride this place in your dream car.

Downloading this game is very simple just you need to visit to the Google Play store and search for this game and then install it from there on your phone. To avoid this long route you can just click to the link below and get this game easily on your Android phone.


Modern combat 4

If you are a keen player of shooting game then this game is best game as this provides you more than shooting. Modern Combat series is number one action FPS game of smartphone and this time it is even more deadly. Modern Combat 4 is packed with superb story line and live conditions with extreme graphics makes you feel that you are playing the game live and feeling the heat of battle.

In Modern Combat 4 you need to dominate battlefield, new tactics to play this game and to play this game you will have improved console like graphics, live animations and dynamic objects with improved sound and voice from well-known studio. Multiplayer gaming skills are also improved in this game so create your profile online and just start the war and win the battle.

To get this game on your phone just click to the link below and it will direct you to official download page of this game and you can download it from there easily.


Virtua Tennis Challange

If you are tennis fan then you can get renowned game on your Android phone which is Virtua Tennis Challenge and this is one of the top downloaded games.Game is just perfect as you will feel as if you are playing the game and you are provided with 50 players and 18 different stadiums of world.

While playing the game you can make use of each moves of the stroke like defense, chop, smash and top spin and if you make right decision while playing this game you can win the tournaments easily. Most important factor while playing this game is concentration so just put your effort and beat the game. As you will progress the game you will unlock the new court and players and you can create your own character and play the tournament and win the game step by step. You can also play multiplayer game with your friends by connecting via Bluetooth, so now you can start battle with your friends and beat them in your favorite tennis game.

To download this game you can just directly click to the link below and get your favorite game at click.


Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for speed is one of the most played game in PC, Xbox and PS3 and now after grand success of this game on every other platform now you can enjoy this game on your Android phone too. Now you can outrun cops, outsmart your opponents in style. Enjoy the game with new improved graphics, super vehicles and different locations which is very challenging and very perfect for driving super cars.

Now you can drive Viper, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha and more to explore so now choose your drive and start your journey and become king of all the race events and finally become the most wanted in the list of cops.

Now you can upgrade your vehicles in various styles and make your ride look different from others. You will start your game from a naïve driver and earn ratings in black list and you will have to beat the guy of black list 1 and become the most wanted of the game. Enjoy the graphics and the live experience of driving and enjoy the game at fullest. Size of this game is 500mb + and you need to have 2GB free space and this phone needs super processor and RAM to play this game joyfully.

To download this game you can just go through the link and install it from there. You are directed toward the official download page and from there you can get it on your phone easily.