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A recent research claims that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have crossed the sales figure of 73-million units. Isn’t this Amazing? Yes, the report claims that 73-millions of units were sold in last quarter of December end. Another exciting piece of news is, China have more iPhone Shipment as compared to USA, when there was a fall in sales of Samsung Smartphones. The KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that, around 42 million units of iPhone 6 were sold-off, while iPhone 6 sibling iPhone 6 Plus saw 16-million units of sale. The analyst also predicts that, iPhone 6 will experience slow-down in sales by 2015.

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73 million iPhones more popular than Samsung

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The Apple officials are also getting ready to race with Apple watch which is preparing to make public appearance in March 2015. The Apple officials are mum on the specifications of exact detail about the device. An equal amount of expectations are tied up with Apple’s wearable.
According to the report, China is only country which has accounted with 36% of iPhone shipment recently and 26% in the USA. While the pre-order of China with iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 had touched 20-million units. Asian Countries are prime reason to push iPhone 6 sales high and high. At same time, Samsung experienced drop in sales from 34% to 25% in 2014. Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has shown impressive graph records, hope to continue with its upcoming products!
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A surprising piece of news revealed in Asian market. According to the study conducted by Counterpoint Apple Smartphone sales reached a surprising level. Since, the time Apple stepped into Phablet market last September, the sales touched positive figures in South Korea, China and Japan.
Asian market are showing high interest in iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone. The sales of high-end Smartphone are rising as compared to other laptops or PC’s. As per the reports of Counterpoint, the most affected issues come from Samsung market. The Korean Giant is holding tightly on the sales, followed by LG who is struggling to stay on second position.

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After iPhone 6 release, Apple have noted a rise in their market share from 15% before the launch of so called awaited product, and gathered around 33% of whopping amount. After such rise, Apple comes at second position and the Korean giant experiences straight drop of 60%.
This 33% of accomplishment from Apple side is definitely a good news for its team! Apple has earned good amount of profit from major Asian countries. Japan is becoming strong market with good gaining percent which raised 51% of Apple share. While in China, where other Smartphone manufacturer are struggling Apple procured around 12% of share.
China has become a battle ground for Smartphone where Xiaomi, Lenovo are racing to grab the top position. But Apple with this product have earned quality of share income.