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iOS Apps

After long awaited releases, the 4th week of April comes with something exclusive. The month of April is coming to an end with some interesting apps in the App Store. Our Phonelane Editors have brought you the latest apps of this week, from Periscope to Layout app the App Store is full with some interesting apps. Phonelane editors have put their best efforts in sorting the apps that come handy in use.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Download Top 5 Apps for ios


Everyone must be thinking why there is no such video app from Twitter, but here it is. Periscope has hit the App Store and has created a great first impression. The other alternate Vine app is capable of sharing 6 second looping video clips, whereas Periscope is lets you broadcast videos live from your smart phone to whichever Twitter followers who have interest to tune in. It comes for free in the App Store.


If you have ever wished to get out during night and stare at the beautiful sky, Star Walk 2 is a fantastic app to have with you. This stargazing app helps you identify planets, constellations and satellites by simply pointing your tablet or smart phone at them. It is a wonderful app to gaze at the night sky and break the boredom. It is priced at £1.96 in the App Store.


Many of you who tune into dance music might know of BeatPort music downloads store already as an alternate for iTunes. Now it’s upgraded to a new level and ventures into fast streaming which is a very good plus point. BeatPort offers you a exclusive introduction- or an opportunity to explore deep into all kinds of electronic music from its wide class collections. It comes for free in the App Store for Android devices.

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Nuzzel is one such app that is going to take a turn to help you combine or bring together all your social network feeds. Bringing in updates from Facebook and Twitter friends or followers hence you can browse it all together in a single app. Hopefully this app is going to make few changes soon and is expected to take over the other alternatives in a matter of time just like the Whatsapp revolution. Nuzzel can be put into your phone for free from the App Store.


Instagram, Facebook’s video and photo sharing service alongside has a standalone app. Layout lets you create beautiful collages from multiple selfies and other photos and allows you to share it on both its parents. Layout has an innovative design and is very easy to use. All you got to do is choose your snapshots and then select on a layout from different choices. You can make changes to the images accordingly with special effects. It’s surely a simple but creative app that comes at use for an instant use.Layout is at the store for free.

Well, make sure that you have a look at these listed apps from Phonelane before your try out an app from the App Store.

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After a fantastic week of iPhone6 and iPhone6+ news, now we engage your attention to the Windows Phone 8 and few apps that may grab your attention. Our Phonelane Editors have given their best to pour the pot full of apps into this list. These apps would surely come handy and will keep you engaged for the while.So, before you download apps for your lovely Windows Phone make sure that you have a look at this list.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

Download Top 5 Apps for Windows phone

1.Network Speed Test

It’s a simple and very useful app. The name says it all Network Speed Test app lets you a quick look at your connection status of your network.Get the current download and upload speeds in chart form, along with a chronological list, based on previous speed tests. It also shows your type of connection, internet service provider and internet connectivity status.

2. Outcoldplayer ($5.99)

Listen to your music collection, search for music recommended by Google, and moreover make use of the live Radio. It has a sleek and modern design. Outcoldplayer allows you to manage playlists, surf from Last fm, and live Xbox streaming. You can even cache music from your virtual online library or Access Subscription to tune it on your PC in offline mode. If you use Google play Music then make sure that you have a look at Outcoldplayer.

3. PhotoWeaver (Free, $1.49 to remove ads)

This app lets you to transport images to your PC, social networks, online storage into a single interface and also lets you connect with your Picasa(Google+),Flickr, OneDrive and Facebook accounts to see them in one place all together. You can edit the photos in PhotoWeaver and share them with the Windows 8 Share function. The photos can be uploaded from devices, uploaded in groups and shifted to any social networks from another. It is a marvellous technique to manage your snaps anytime.

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4. InstaPic (Free)

While talking about photos the next fascinating app is InstaPic, a client from Instagram For Windows 8.It gives you feel closer to Instagram viewing videos and photos, commenting and liking on other user’s posts and staying updated with the latest activity. The app allows you to download videos and photos directly to your hard drive. Even though an official Instagram app is missing on Windows 8, InstaPic is a solid substitute

5. Calendar Live Tile (Free)

This fantastic creation lets you create calendar tiles and pin it to your start screen month wise so that you can have a quick look and see what falls on which days. This app offers you a set of creative options, and also the facility to select which information you would like to display on the calendar bar. The calendar tile can be of any colour and various sizes. You can even personalise it giving a good background from your collections.You may have to schedule it elsewhere, but Calendar Tile offers you a gorgeous view of the month.

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The apps that you own now takes you to a new level of full sized high definition display, making you consider yourself as David in front of a Goliath iPhone. Lose no hope, because app developers are doing their best to utilise the new and enhanced screen size and the power of the new devices, in combination with the awesomeness of iOS 8. The additional benefit is that these apps are specially designed for iPhone5, iPhone6 and iPhone6+. Our Phonelane Editors have put their best to sort the best apps that are available in the App Store. So before pushing your thumb to download any app have a look at this wonderful list. It’s simply awesome.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Download Top 5 iphone Apps for 3rd week April

1. TRANSMIT IOS (£7.99)
Earlier the management of files on iOS was troublesome, and users relied on Drop-box most of the time, up to some extent many of the apps were integrated with it. The renovated share sheets on iOS 8 are truly remarkable. Transmit pushes in the Panic’s OS X application to the iPhone, and also merging it with a pretty and reduced interface and utilises the wide display screen offering you a dual pane vision. Various formats are also supported and let you use compatible apps and help to create your own virtual cloud storage in a matter of seconds.

2. SKY GUIDE (£1.99)
When it comes to dreaming at the sky with an iPhone,Sky Guide is conclusively the most handy and gorgeous app of its type. It comes with a stylish interface, packed with unlimited fun and facts, giving you a chance to mine deep into the secrets of the sky. The notification panel also comes in handy to view when the rise and set times for the sun, moon and planets occur. It is indeed a fantastic creation.

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Stylish is the niche for Twitterrific 5. Even though Tweetbot is truly powerful, Twitterrific 5 has an unique design, with marvellous themes and font and a smooth touch sensation that works great with the Apple’s super-sized latest iPhones. It offers you live streaming, gestural controls, filtering, list management, time-line synchronisation, muting and lots more. It is a very useful app.

4. DAY ONE (£3.99)
This is an elegant, gorgeously designed app that has many usable features and assures that your content tops the row. Day One ‘The Journaling App’ works great with the latest iPhones.
It combines with Share Sheets, Touch ID and a well ordered and up to date Notification Center.

Apple has updated most of its apps to make maximum usage of the latest iPhone displays, and iMovie is definitely one among the most interesting ones. With the wide screen displays allows you to edit videos in more space freely and preview the content in good quality. Not forget one fact that the iPhone6 and iPhone6+ comes with the best quality cameras in the market. This wonderful combination of software and hardware comes in handy any moment. So what are you waiting for? Shoot, Edit, Produce, Share and have lots of fun.

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Many numbers of notable names have hit the virtual shelves for the April release. It seems like April is going to be a busy month on Google Play Store.Our Phonelane Editors have brought you the pre-eminent, fresh and updated apps from the Google Play Store and have made it simple for you, so here you are with the Top 5 apps for Android phone for 1st week of April 2015.

Android Logo

Download Top 5 Apps for Android

Now get your food any place any time in just a single click. Square’s food has setup a new delivery app especially for the people living in particular US cities has made it to the virtual market, but it’s been only a month since it jumped to the Android world.As all of you have expected, Caviar allows you to directly order from registered restaurants and even offers you a full-color photo to kindle your hunger.The interesting part is that this app allows you to track your order by GPS. When the hunger beeps you can check the app and find where it reached.

More or less inspired by the movie Hangover this app allows you to take snaps on your day out or during any time but won’t allow you view the pictures unless its midday of the very next day.Maybe you can think of it similar to White Album and Eversnap. While the software was launched in early December, April was its official promotion – and strikes the beginning of the foremost Android builds too.

Now you can call your dear ones from WhatsApp, with the latest feature unveiled in March the sales have once again gained more.To utilise the facility you will have to upgrade to 2.12.5 from Google Play Store, or use the freely available APK file or even side load it.After you are all done, all you have to do is simply tap the Calls tab, and then choose a contact from the new call icon. It’s not made available for iOS users, but it’s expected to hit the stores by the month of April.

It is surely not a new app, but got a makeover on iPad,Iphone, Android and Mac this month.It comes with a complete redesign for Lollipop; there are much of coloured accents that can help you distinguish the difference between smart lists, folders, lists and other components.Both Android and iOS up gradation also has the latest feature that allows you group things by category wise.

Do you want to share large files from Android devices or even share the whole folder where you’ve stocked up the images? Well, Infinit is the best choice for you.The best part about Infinit is that it allows you share the real copies of files, with no requirement to shrink the file size – comes in handy when your phone captures a 5K video. Most importantly the app lets you download content from any other users of Infinit

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Have you got a Windows phone? Then let’s give it a boost with fun thrilling games.The best part of free games is that they come for free. And the terrible part is about free games are that they are most the time terrible. Just Joking! But the fun part is that you can get your hands swish over the screen and enjoy your free time on different types of games.Our Phonelane Editors have searched in depth and played on these games and treasured the best of all in the list. We recommend you the stuffs that give you the best entertainment and fun. So here they are.

Windows Phone 10

Download Top 5 Windows Phone Games for April

The standard Microsoft practical strategy permit is born again on Windows Phone as city construction matter with battle elements- it’s much more like a Clash of Clans. Despite the strong influence (and the dodge away from object tactics), it holds a solid historical story plot which makes the game interesting and gives a lot more things to fill spare moments during your day as you step into the future every day and spend no more money.

Crush your opponents’ vehicles into bits of scrap and execute the impossible mid-air stunts with magnificently rendered cars and other vehicles. It’s what all of you might always dream of – handling luxurious cars and wrecking them without splashing out your pocket. You don’t even have to spend any cent on this game too.

Similar to most of the released Gameloft games, Blitz Brigade is much more virtualistic in design: it designs and story plot is somewhat similar in action and story similar to Team Fortess 2. But with the Windows Phone, it’s effortlessly the finest free option more or less for multiplayer shootouts. The main characters’ action is quite smooth and engaging, and at the same time balancing issues come with the fermium territory and you will wait enough to respawn exclusive of cashing, Blitz Brigade is very much interesting and fun to spend during free time.

While you are in space, everyone gets dumb as no one can even hear you even if you scream. But you can sure clash with the aliens and other creepy eerie things around in a compact mode with your thumbs. Or the fingers, doesn’t matter what makes it float your boat in space. This game shoot’em up needs dexterous fingers to steer your ship roughly through enemy’s firing. A swift discharge of the thumb will activate an armoury which includes sharp edged missiles and grenades and ammo, destroying the whole lot in its conduit.

Scythe and Slash and gain XP experience points. Soak them and go over. The game play begins with you awakening with super powers and having a kingdom of your own. It’s fun and adventurous throughout the game. Well it’s not for real fans of Dungeon Crawlers. It’s all about looting and moving around the Dungeon. Well it can make your free time.

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Android Games for 3rd week April 2015

A whole new set of cool mobile games have arrived at the Google Play store for April 2015. A few nice mobile games come from the strategy genre top the lists Our Phonelane Editors have taken time to play a bunch of games and exploited its strategies and tricks in the best way possible. So here we present you the Top 5 games for Android phone for the 3rd week of April 2015.

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge

Download Top 5 games for Android phones

1. Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles
Arcanox: Cards vs Castles is an awesome mixed strategy game that displays two of its components to squash together- a battling over card and high tower defence. Players are given the task of collecting over 300 cards that put minions and magic spells on your side. These cards can come in handy during war as you try to reign over other player’s castles. Throughout the game you need to build a magical castle and upgrade the defence and make it powerful and protect and survive from the enemies surprise attacks. The game play has quite a good addictive strategy.

2. Space Bounties Inc.
Space Bounties Inc is another futuristic game. There a lot of dangerous things in the universe, and you have to depend upon your hired space band of soldiers with arms to handle all of it. It’s a great mobile strategy game in combination with 8-bit graphics in retro style with solid game play. Team work and power is a necessity to win each tasks. The adventure fun thrilled game makes it all interesting and hard to ignore.

3. Westbound: Gold Rush
Well its glitters of gold everywhere! You need to burn a lot of calories to get the gold; all you got to do is run and treasure the gold. Making your community of gold hunters cheerful and making some earnings and making your town as profitable as possible is one type of a brainstorming challenge.It’s quite interesting to be the leader of the town and lead them all the way and make profit from the nuggets of glittering gold.

4. King of Thieves
King of thieves is a good plat former. It’s also a tough build strategy game with good graphics. Your tiny black block has to pop and hop around the hazardous and dangerous dungeons, and avoid the enemies and the wicked traps set throughout the path and grab the treasures placed with it. The game is a total fun in its own special way.

5. Pharaoh’s War
The mysterious ancient Egypt makes the story plot for the game. Venturing this magnificent land of mysteries and stepping foot into this splendid era yourself is one thing you can enjoy the most. Pharaohs War gives you the opportunity to build your own empire and order your forces to battle the other kingdoms. Expanding and conserving resources and armed forces while constructing your empire similar to the saying from the book of history is reborn once again. This surely is an addictive multi-player strategy game.

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Games for iPhone

Maybe you had more than enough Candy Crush and searching for some fun filled latest games to play on your iPhone devices.Our phonelane editors have chosen the best games that give you more fun and thrill. Here are the Top 5 games for iPhone 5|6|6+ for the third week of April 2015. These games vary from brain puzzles to no holds bar fighting. Have a looks at these games and let us know if we missed any exciting games this week

Apple iPhone 6

Download 5 Games for Iphone 3rd week of April 2015

Snow Roll
It’s somewhat like the much popular ski game for old personal computers. Snow Roll casts you as a cute Penguin at the top of a ball of snow that is rolling down hill, moving zigzag and bending the curves and dodging the obstacles while collecting coins.
It’s a standard run ‘o’ run game like the temple run in which the quest never ends until you beat your highest score, but graphics of 8-bit and the interesting story plot makes it a cool way to pass the time. It comes for free in the App Store.

Mr Jump
The Jump King does it right all the time. It takes the vital ideas to get from 1 to 100 of the game and adds smart obstacles and strange, almost eerie things to mix up the components.
Mr Jump is a block headed guy with no real face, moving a pretty basics landscape and jumping past the ravines from one land to another. Collecting tokens, upgrading the wardrobe, and breaking through new levels and navigation maps as you get well again and the game gets tougher. Mr Jump comes for free in the App Store.

Stan Lee’s Hero Command
Many people are eager to engage themselves in anything related to Stan Lee. In Hero Command, you take on missions passed down by the commanding creator himself while you run along a crew of real comic superstars, fight treacherous battles with super dynamite graphics and special effects-giving a cartoon touch.
All in all it’s a fun filled adventurous game. Stan Lee’s Hero Command comes for free in the App Store.

TouchTone is one among the most cool fantasy games for the iPhone series at present. It’s more about decoding and seeking new patterns with a watch for red coloured flags. TouchTones comes with puzzles to break through in order to find the vital messages related to nations security. It’s fun thrilled challenge a more like propaganda, but if you can overcome those part then it’s fun unlimited. Touchtone could be downloaded for $2.99 from the App Store.

It’s a game that makes you feel more like the summary of the Gogol story. Heartbeats is a small puzzling challenge which would take some time for you to crack it out. The games developers have surely put their best in the design- a series of eerie freaking doodles. The game has a story plot too, puzzles to solve. Each level leads to new task that will make you think differently. It is an eccentric game with an interesting concept. It surely can top the charts in no time. Heartbeats come for free in the App Store.

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Those who are living in Australia, here’s a great deal to grab. People living in Australia can get Lumia 530 at a price tag of AUD29 from local retailer ‘Big W’. The Local retailer will be offering this benefit from 2nd April. You must be astonished with such deals! The original price of Lumia 530 is AUD79, where customers can take advantage of this Easter promotion. The deal not just offers discount but also one coloured cover free.

Microsoft Lumia 532

Lumia 530 becomes cheaper from 2nd April

Lumia 530 is successor of very popular Lumia 520. The Lumia 520 grabbed the market and earned the name of bestselling Window Phone. But with Lumia 530, Microsoft is sticking to winning formula. Lumia 530 is loaded with great features and specifications.Lumia 530 comes with a 4-inch of screen with 480 X 800 pixel resolution, this might be small as compared to rest Smartphone, but definitely much affordable then iPhone 5S! Moving on to processor, it comes with quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor with 1.2GHz of clock speed. The Smartphone is powered by Windows 8.1 Operating system. The live tile screen of Windows 8.1 is recommendable.The volume rocker at right-side and centralized power key gives ease at handling. But back to the sale of 2nd April, people in Australia can save straight $50 on Lumia 530. Sounds great!

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Android Smart-phones are a lot of news these days, while the battle of Android is catching high fame. This MWC 2015 had entry of several number Android Smartphones which created a huge buzz, which also involved Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. A not so huge response was received by HTC One M9, while LG also hopes to gather huge response with its new entry.
This MCW 2015, LG officials are all set to come with their new device. With a hard passion and positive goals, the company is aiming to sell 10-million units to sell in the year 2015. LG officials claim that they have sold around 7-6 million of LG G3 devices. They have also received a title of best Smartphone in the year 2014. The LG Smartphone which made an entry in May 2014 received huge positive response from users.

lg g4

LG G4 April countdown

According to the sources, LG G4 will be making debut in April 2015. The Smart-phone will have a slight change in specifications and features. To gain higher sales and create a total buzz will be the main aim of LG, with producing a tough product which will give hard competition to contenders. LG has set a long-term strategy after receiving good response from LG G3.
It seems like LG is following the path of Samsung to switch back to metal-chassis for their device. There are also rumours that LG will implement a fingerprint scanner in their LG G4, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. LG also stated that they have no issues with Qualcomm chip. The time will reveal more about the device!


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Games are the biggest entertainment for any smartphones. And today most of the smartphone developers company have Android as their operating system. Whenever you buy a cell phone you would definitely check for the entire features but you even check out the games it can support that you can play and enjoy it. Games are one of the biggest in entertainment industry. Smartphones today are capable to allow you to play high end graphic games. Every day new games are being developed for android supporting systems and are being launched on android market. This article is especially for all the racing lovers. If you into racing games and you own a android supporting smartphone then I suggest you definitely complete read this article. I would like to you to tell about the latest top 5 android racing game that being launched or updated in April 2014:

Top 5 racing games for android

1. CSR Classics: CSR Classics is one of the best racing game by Natural Motion Games Ltd -April 9, 2014.This is one of the high end graphic game. This game is must download for all racing lover; it’s a fantastic game with very great audio sounds that make you feel the real pleasure with throating sound highly tuned machines. The visuals are stunning with high graphics. THE players grind their way through various drag races to win and earn more money and upgrade. The game is very addictive and you can win new cars to by defeating the boss as the game story goes on.

CSR Classics

CSR Classics racing game for android download

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne: Asphalt 8 is the game developed by Gameloft -April 1, 2014. This game is the successor of impressive well known game racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat. This game is fantastic and has some new twist compared to asphalt 7. It has 47 high performance fast cars, high-fidelity car motor sounds with amazing graphics with a long racing campaign with plenty of airtime to enjoy its new features.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 racing game for android download

3. Road Smash: Crazy Racing: Road Smash Crazy Racing! It is created by Creative Mobile- April 9, 2014. This is really a great fast paced with 3d graphics racing game for all racing lovers. IT contains the actual car models of formidable cars from various cars manufactured worldwide. Here you need to drive on highways with heavy traffic without hitting and do various crazy stunts as possible with unlimited nitro available this is the added advantage.

Road Smash Crazy Racing

Road Smash: Crazy Racing game for android download

4. Mad Skills Motocross 2: This is the much awaited game for love the race lovers developed by Turborilla -April 11, 2014. This is one of the best motorcycles racing game with any side scrolling racing game. This game has dozens of insane tracks added every week. Each motorcycle has different speeds and features so you can choose the one suit you and go and race in win. You can even race online and challenge your friends.

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2 racing game for android download  

5. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp: This game is developed by Gameloft with latest updates on April 9; 2014. This is the best car simulation game on market with its true-to-life automotive car driving experience featuring world’s most reputed cars. For real experience there are many tracks which have different times of day and even various weather conditions.IT also has feature of team racing online with your friends.IT has great graphics and is very addictive.

GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 game for android download


This is the list of top 5 android racing games Of April month 2014. For all the racing lovers I suggest download and experience each of these games. I promise you won’t regret it at all. In fact you would enjoy great racing gaming experience. Enjoy!