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March is the month where you hear lot about the new launches of smartphones and apps for the different OS. This is the first week of April and there are many games released for all the OS. Here we are talking about Windows OS and developers working for this OS have also released some good games which were previously available for Android and iOS. So let’s make out which games have been released for Windows OS and which are the best rated games for your Windows OS smartphone.

Top 5 new Windows Phone Games of the First week - April 2014

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Best rated games for Windows OS phone, this game was most downloaded for Android and iOS operating Smartphones now can turn for Windows OS. Asphalt 8: Airborne is car racing games which will drive you crazy as there are many cars to choose from which you had just dreamt about. 47 high performance luxury cars and super audio quality of the games leads this game to be the most downloaded games. You can race with opponents in different modes like sprint, drag and drift types of racing with your favorite cars, as the level upgrades you unlock different cars and their customization too. You can perform stunts while driving car which will add points and money on your bank in game. So download it now and get this game on your Windows OS smartphone.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Download

Dredd vs. Zombies

Dredd vs Zombies

If you are more in to assassination games then this will serve you the best. Dredd vs. Zombies are basically a game in which you have to rescue your city named Mega-City One from the invasion of Zombies who are destroying properties and killing humans. You need to protect them from zombies and for that you are provided with pistol and other upgraded weapons to deal with Zombies. There are 30 levels to play in this game and each level is very challenging and is good to play. Get this game from the Windows market store and start playing.

Dredd vs. Zombies Download

Demon Defence

Demon Defence

A character named Alice is lost and is hindered by the Demons, so our job is to protect her by making strategy.  Game is very simple and attractive with cartoon style, epic scenes, demons and enthralling defense tower. There are many levels to be completed and 300 medals waiting for you, with the upgrade of defense tower you gain more attraction for this game.

Demon Defence Downlaod

Star Conquers

Star Conquers


This game will be a real challenge for you, as this game will bind you with challenging situations and you need to survive in that situation. It is a superb RTS online game for Windows OS phones, you need to create your base and train them for battle and conquer your enemy to win the battle as well as to progress in this game. Game generates enthusiasm at every level so get this game now for your Windows smartphone.

Star Conquers Download

Toy Story: Smash It!

Toy Story Smash It

It is a top rated puzzle game based on 3D physics. You can experience brick breaking puzzle game and you can play as Buzz Lightyear on 6 different imaginative episodes and encounter 90 challenging levels. So create high scores on each level and compete with your friends. Game is most downloaded game and new to Windows OS so get this fresh arrival soon on your Windows OS.

Toy Story: Smash It! Download

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iOS is the best operating system for Smartphones and to cope up with the current market trend development of this OS always come up with some innovative games and apps for iPhone and iPad. Let’s explore that which is the hot pick games for iOS this week.

Top 5 new iPhone Games of the First week - April 2014

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

It is a sixth installment in this game series which was debuted in 1994. Game is very brilliant to play because the characters provided on this game can be customized and create according to your wish. It is a combat game and to combat you are provided with good ultima weapons and swords to choose and outclass the opponent and win the level. Story theme is very epic and interlace each of their fates are still the most popular storyline. You can download this game from the App store on your phone and start playing today.

Final Fantasy VI Download

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade

Game is about Ninja character Kuro, who has become the Shadow Blade and he needs to keep the flow of last Ninja masters teaching. Game is very challenging and you have to guide Kuro to overcome all the hurdles placed in the games, you need to apply his ability of fast moving, hiding and using weapons to clear the level and gain points. So now you can experience yourself as a Ninja and play according to your style and experience the Ninja within.

Shadow Blade Download

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

It is an RTS game for your iOS platform. If you are more prone to play RTS games then this will be the best options for you. You will have to look after the whole empire of China and make a strategy to protect your empire from forging alliances and other enemy threatening your place. Engage with number of online players and start experiencing real time strategy game.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords Download

Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad

You might have experienced many games where you are the hero and rescuing your country or damsel in a mess. This game is different from every game because you will be a Villain in this game and you can put plenty of traps for the minions who roam on your hall of defense tower. Place a proper trap for your enemy and trap them there. Game is very good and game play is very simple and effective.

Castle Doombad Download

Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire

Now become a detective and solve the mystery given to you. If you have proper planning then it will be very good to play this game, but if you miss any evidence then you will be stalled at the case and the mission will fail. So solve the puzzle with your calm mind and enjoy this cartoon game at fullest. Download this game today and show your detective skill to all your friends.

Detective Grimoire Download

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It’s the first week of April 2014 and this week has good surprising games for Android users. With the growing craze of Android games all over the world, developers are facing a real challenge to make good games for their users. Android is well known for the open source code platform so developing games for this OS is quite challenging. Android operating phones have reached to a level equivalent to personal computers at home. Latest Smartphones have good processing skills as well as powerful GPU installed, which takes care of gaming well. So let’s check out which are the hot pick games for the first week of April.

Top 5 new Android Games of the First week April 2014

Sniper Hero: Shooting Game

Sniper Hero Shooting Game

This game is developed by BITGAMESFACTORY and name suggests it is a shooting game. You will be the master of the game if you are pretty good with a sniper rifle. It is an FPS game and you will have to stop monsters to invade your territory and stop destroying properties and killing you. So start killing your enemy and just challenge yourself that how much time you will survive in this game. Game is challenging and very good to play so try it out today itself.

Sniper Hero: Shooting Game Download



Steve Jackson has once bang the market with its new game named Sorcery for Android smartphones. It is most rated and highly acclaimed game from analysts like Kotaku, IGN UK, Pocket Gamer and Touch arcade. You will experience unique combat styles in this game and name suggests that this game will be the world of magic. If you want to experience this game on your Android smartphones then download it now from the play store of your phone.

Sorcery Download

Death Shooter 2: Zombie Killer

Death Shooter 2 Zombie Killer

It is the best rated game on Play store. Due to the most download, it is being placed in Top shelf of play store. Game is free to download from Play store of your Android phone. Basically, it is a shooting game and you have to get rid of Zombies, every level you face will give you keep you grounded with the game and with every level you will brush up your skills to play this game and as well as your weapons and your enemy increases. Choose the best weapons for yourself and start saving your humanity destroyed by Zombie.

Death Shooter 2: Zombie Killer Download

Kochadaiiyaan the Legend: Reign of Arrows

Kochadaiiyaan the Legend Reign of Arrows

It is based on the movie which is most awaiting film of 2014. Legendary hero Rajnikanth and Deepika Padukone will cast this movie. This game is based on main character named Kochadaiiyaan who was a royal guard of King Pandyan. It is a third person archery game and the player will get a chance to become Rajnikanth and stand as a wall in front of the enemy who wants to invade your city Kottaipattinam. This game is out now for your Android phone, so download now and start enjoying archery.

Kochadaiiyaan the Legend: Reign of Arrows Download

Ice Moto: Racing Moto

Ice Moto Racing Moto

This is a simple yet very impressive and is able to eat your couple of hours in a day. Game is developed by Medical Game studio and developer of this game has made the task from simple to hard level. You have a dirt bike and you will perform stunts while progressing stages. Choose your ride and do what you dreamed to perform with your ride. So download this simple but fabulous racing game on your phone.

Ice Moto: Racing Moto Download