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iphone productive apps

5 productive apps for iPhone 7

Apple's latest sensation iPhone 7 can do a lot to make your life more productive and easier if you are well aware of the...
Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 2015

5 best apps for Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen August 2015

The technology is getting advanced day by day. As a result of it now we have mobile phones with versatile features in our hand....
Android Logo

Top 5 apps for Android phone for 3rd week of April...

Many numbers of notable names have hit the virtual shelves for the April release. It seems like April is going to be a busy...

Top 5 Apps for Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket has been one of the best games ever with its history dating back to 16th century. Many games arrived but only few could...
Windows Phone 8

Windows 10 to close gap between apps and PC

After Smartphone, tablet stepped to give new touch of technology. Then Tablet stepped to give new dimension to the technology era. Now, Microsoft...
Android music app beats headphone

5 best online music streaming apps for Android in India

Music is part of everyone's life. Hardly there will be someone who doesn't like music or have never heard it. Now a days people...

Spotify alternative apps for Android, IOS, Windows Downloads

Spotify as well as know is a great commercial music streaming app that is available across many platforms and Android is one such platform....

Download Vine for iphone

We can say that vine is like Twitter for video. With the vine app, you will be able to record your own video on...
android chrome browser

Top 5 Video calling apps for Nexus 5

Nexus 5, the fifth generation Google’s Smartphone which is faster and better as compared to its previous version. This product promises to offer more...
Any.Do app

Top 10 To-do List Apps Download for Android

Smartphones help us in everyday life doing everyday work along with us and that includes assisting us with our daily routine doing the remembering...