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Freshly in the third week of May 2014 windows market place has seen launch of some spanking new applications arriving at the windows platform. The robust nature of applications has gone beyond expectations only after the release of windows 8.1 platform by Microsoft. Windows Marketplace isn’t still the number one but soon its shape is going to change for all windows lovers. Here we have composed a set of five best and latest exotic applications for the 3rd week of May 2014 which are surely going to be your companion for life. Check out these cool soft-o-mates for you below:

Top 5 New Windows Phone Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Tune Wiki: It’s one of the best applications for music lovers. It lets you listen to your music with smooth scrolling lyrics. It has got many innovative features. You can post your images with lyrics instantly on face book and twitter. It provides instant access to 40+ languages for your lyrics. It gives you complete editing freedom to arts, and other properties of music tracks and albums, lets you stay updated with the latest music coming out from all over the world. There are many more exciting features waiting for you to get started.

2. Mosaic Me: It’s a simple photo editing application loved by every user. It only lets you transform your photo into mosaic appearance. There are a lot of people all over the world who love mosaics and this application is purely dedicated to them. Recently this application has been updated with some minor bug fixes and gives overall best performance.

3. MapMyIndia Maps: It is the most enhanced and comprehensive map of India available all over internet. Its details are very accurate and can detect the address with house number and street wise. It gives accurate driving navigation between any two places in India. Also lets you search important places you want to go like ATM’s, restaurants, hotels, etc. Besides these it has also got a cool feature of in-depth satellite view. You will always feel at home with this application in your Smartphone.

4. Sound hound: It’s a different music application with much more interesting features besides listening to music. It’s the lone music application which is capable of recognizing a song through mere singing and humming. It awesome feature lets you listen and read lyrics with perfectly synchronized timing. You can discover more music and news related to music through sound hound headlines. It has got smooth user interactive interface with much more features like geo tagging, etc.

5. Endomondo Sports: It’s the most useful and innovative application for sports people and people who love fitness. It lets you keep track of your running, cycling and other workouts. If you are going for a long distance running it will give you audio feedback mile after mile. You can chat with other users and it will read out their messages loudly. It lets you control your time duration, calories and distance on just few clicks. Its work trying for your workout.

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The world’s largest app store Google play store is always been busy with some brand new applications arriving from developers all over the world. Even Google itself is developing applications at a fast rate now as they have developed Drop box gallery into an enhanced Carousel gallery which is a must have application for this month. In this third week of May 2014 loads of other great fresh applications have been developed out of which finest five are specified below.

Top 5 New Android Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. This application is extremely indispensable for polyglots and worldwide travelers. It provides you complete language learning experience. Besides this you can discover many new words of your own language and the language you love. It supports almost all extensively used languages like English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, German, Greek, etc. You can also check meaning of stranger words on the app’s smart dictionary. It’s simply the best language learning app out there.

2. Carousel: Drop box’s new gallery application carousel has almost hit out the markets with its neat and clean features. It simply lets you save and share your photos from a single cloud organised through Carousel app so that you won’t have to get tangled with your photos all over the place. Carousel application has been developed to feel like an offline gallery in a single window so that you won’t feel this process too hectic and they have succeeded in it. You just need to replace your phone gallery with brand new Carousel gallery but it isn’t too easy for users so Google has got to try their luck in this.

3. Zee-box: This application is dedicated to TV movie lovers all over the world. It gives you complete information about TV shows, concerts and performances alongside you can chat with Face book and twitter also so that you don’t have to look at your Phone and listen to your TV. Besides this you can check out some extra stuff about you selected program by catching it from eBooks and links from special Wikipedia feature. It basically lets you see what you will surely miss on TV.

4. Yahoo Screen: It is also a full on entertainment application from Yahoo. You can stream your favorite SNL archives; you can watch The Colbert Report, comedy central’s ‘The daily show with John Stewart exclusively. You can also enjoy all the latest video clips from New York Times, The onion, etc.

5. Good-reads: Here’s good news for book lovers out there waiting for a decent reading applications. Finally their wait is over Good reads is a comprehensive book rewarding app with more than 300,000,000 book available and more than 8,500,000 users taking advantage. You can get your friends reviews about a book all over the world, meet new readers just like you getting energized with the power of books. You can use your shelves to quickly search a book you want to read, give status updates about page number of book you are currently reading. You will obviously love this best reading experience.

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when on earth an application is released, it always arrives on iOS platform first and then latter on Android and windows. It’s the perfection of iOS which gives developers a craze to give first preference to iOS for building applications. Last year has seen some great advancement in application development of iOS and all other platforms like up gradation to iOS 7, WP 8.1, etc. This rocking entry of 2014 also provided us with some brilliant stuff and as usual we have got some latest applications unleashed on this third week of May 2014. The top 5 best applications of 3rd week of May 2014 are glimpsed below:

Top 5 New Apple iPhone Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Notability: It’s the most fully featured and unique note taking app ever discovered on any platform. Instead of just taking text notes you can take audio recordings and images also. It has also got sketch pad by which you can drew new images, and other web clips, etc that you take from other sites. It houses loads of new fonts and line marking stuff like bullets, numberings, etc. It’s the most useful application highly recommended for students.

2. Snapchat: It’s a next generation, highly advanced chatting application which lets you take snapshots and videos, add a caption and send it to any friend you want. After they will react to your stuff those sent messages of yours will automatically disappear. It also enables you to do face to face video chatting if both of you are available simultaneously on snap chat. Snap chat servers rapidly delete your items after expiration but they cant prevent usage of image capturing features which might save your snapshots, etc.

3. Beats Music: It’s a new innovative music streaming application. Beats Music lets you always listen to the quality music with their best music experts hunting down every hit tracks and albums. It has got directory of over 20 million songs from all genres which you can listen by simply clicking on play or save it in your device for listening offline. If you are wandering what’s right music to listen our experts provide you with their tested music to make you feel good. It has also got face book, twitter integration and many more features.

4. Google sheets: After successful launch of Google docs its now turn for Google sheets to roll the iTunes. This application simply lets you create, open and edit spread sheets much more effectively than ever before. It has got an amazing feature which lets you work with your other mates on the same spreadsheet at the same time. It doesn’t need internet connection to get started and you can use it offline with ease. Its saves frequently every word you type.

5. Yik Yak: It is your local community application which lets know what your neighbour users are posting. It lets you connect with anyone in your area without any confirmation or sign up process. You can share news articles, jokes and any stuff you like with your community. The best content published in your community can be given up votes and updates by the other members. It’s a acts like a knot interwoven between community members.