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Are you in need of a better and wider display when watching your favourite movies? Then here is the perfect solution to your problems. Apple Tv which is designed and developed by the Apple company is the latest technological innovation so as to improve your home entertainment and make it more live. This is an electronic gadget that has got access to the iTunes store thus allowing you to have access to the latest TV shows, movies and music in the iTunes. In order for you to watch this TV shows in your Apple TV you need the best TV apps .Here are the best Apps for Apple TV to look forward to in 2nd week of November

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Apps for Apple TV

1. Young Hollywood
On top of our list is the latest up released in October last month .This app basically designed to provide the latest and current news and reports about your favourite stars and celebrities from Hollywood. It does not only give you information on the Hollywood stars only but also current stats on the your best sportsmen and other celebrities .This is one of the top apps in the iTunes downloaded for free using iTunes in your Apple Tv.

2. The Nat Geo TV.
Are you a nature fanatic? then this is the app for you to own in your Apple TV this month of November .This app gives you an amazing opportunity to catch on your National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild such as Life below zero, the wicked tuna ,big cat week etc. All you have to do is sign in in your TV account, then go to the iTunes and download this App for Apple TV.

3. Yahoo for Apple TV.
This is an exclusive Tv app that allows you to watch the current and latest new all over the world at any time .It also allows you to watch your favorite game sport, sports highlights and live concerts with an instant streaming of the online videos .This amazing app is downloaded in the iTunes of your Apple Tv for free .All you have to do is just to sign in and download it .There is no after purchases.

4. The Scene.
This is an amazing app that allows you to watch the ultimate video clips trending in the every social site worldwide. The videos varies from the top funnies videos to the ultimate and worth watch videos such as best travelling destination, best wedding preparation, top hotels to spend a night during travelling .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes in the Apple TV.

This is an amazing app that allows you to catch up the latest movies of various genre such as comedies, drama, action and even horror movies .All you need is just a monthly subscription after downloading it in the iTunes .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your Apple TV.
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Amazon is planning to end their sale towards Google chromecast. This might sound astonishing for Amazon user. But yes, reportedly Amazon is planning to end sales of streaming videos. The reason behind stop sales of these products is, as they don’t support Amazon’s Own Prime Instant Video Service. The two popular products are Apple TV set top box and Google Chromecast HDMI dongle.
According to a source, no new listing of product will be added, also the existing these products will be removed by 29th October.


Last three years, Prime video has earned a good amount of name and Amazon doesn’t like to add their rivals to the list.Amazon has recently launched Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as their video streaming product, which will obviously support Prime Video. Other biggies like Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft Xbox One will remain in the list, as they support Prime Instant Video.

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There are plenty of people who are waiting for the announcement of the new service to be launched by Apple. Apple is likely to reveal their plans of the launch of its streaming TV service at WWDC, which is likely to be held next week i.e. the second week of June. The Wall Street Journal has quoted that the announcement of service will be done by Apple. They further quoted that the company is getting ready to be in favour of its streaming service instead of the downloading service. Whereas the other source claims that Apple will not be in a position to announce the new service at WWDC due to technical problems. They quote that the company is still not through with negotiations for the licensing deals with channels.

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The issues of the Rights and the other financial aspects are taking longer than time planned by company’s anticipation. The market analysts are of the opinion that the services are not likely to be launched till the late half of 2015 or the early part of 2016. But the company will certainly share some news related to entertainment to share next week at the event. WWDC shall be held from 8th June to 12th of June in San Francisco at its Moscone Centre. Apple is likely to unveil the long awaited revamp of its Beat Music, so also as quoted earlier the company is getting prepared for an update of Apple TV featuring a redesigned remote control including touchpad.