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Apple watches have got a strong processor that and IOS that is compatible with the latest apps. The app developers has designed and developed latest apps that increases the value of your Apple watch thus rendering your phone useless. The latest apps are being designed using the latest technology making them have a perfect interface. Apple watches have become one of the most trending technological innovation sparking the emergence of many apps. Not all of this apps are the best that is why we have selected the top apps that should not miss out on your Apple watch. Here are the top 5 apps that you are supposed to own in your Apple watch.

Apple Watch

Top 5 Apps for Apple Watch in 1st week December 2015

1. Traffic Signs Kit.
This is one of the top apps that is supposed to be in your phone especially if you are travelling by road. This app give a wider information on the traffic rules and signs so as to take care on the road. It is equips with very clear images that provides information on the signs and rules. This app has got a price tag of $ 3.99 you are therefore required to purchase it before you download it.

2. Sale Price + Tax Calculator.
If you are potential business person or investor than this is one of the most vital app that should not miss in your Apple watch device. It has got a voice control command hence no need on struggling to launch it and operate it. It allows you to make accurate and simple calculations on the sales discounts, losses, profits etc. in the fastest way possible. This is one of the highly rated apps that has got a price tag of $ 0.99.

3. Pimp your watch.
This is one of the interesting app that allows you to customize your watch with the latest and new faces or wallpapers making it look amazing. It is equipped with the latest HD wall papers some of which are rear and modern making it have a fantastic view.

4. Cancer Disease –Health Alarm
This is one of the top health apps that keeps track of your body health. This app tracks your body symptoms and ensures keeps you informed if you have got any symptoms for a cancerous disease. Cancer kills therefore this is one of the apps that you should have in your Apple watch .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your Apple watch.

5. Radio Classical.
This is one of the latest apps that allow you to listen to any online radio station in your Apple watch. This app has got a very simple navigation making it very simple to use. It is equipped with over 100+ top online radio station enabling you to catch up with the latest news and trending topics all over the world for you to hear. This is one of the highly rates apps with a price tag of $ 2.99.

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It’s possible to play games in your small sized display Apple watch. The games developers have designed the game in such a way that the controls of the game are very simple to manipulate in the small sized screen. On the other side the operating system and processor of the Apple watch are also designed in way that makes it render quality graphics of the games during playing. This has made the game developers come up with more enticing games with high quality graphics for you to play. There are latest games in the iTunes store for you to update your phone with. Here are the top 5 games really hitting the iTunes store just waiting for you to download.

apple watch

Games for Apple Watch

1. Eggphoria.
This is an amazing enticing game meant to improve your concentration levels and reflex reactions .In this all you have to is to collect the eggs by moving the egg basket using the digital crown to control. The more eggs you collect the scores you earn and unlock various rewards .This game has got amazing graphics and with more than 50 challenging levels makes it the most addictive game in your Apple watch. This app is purchased for only $ 0.99 in the Apple store.
2. Watch Pet Home.
If you really love pets then here is a fun pet game for your Apple watch .In this game all you have to do is to find and feed your sweeties every day and play with them in your watch. Your pet therefore grows form childhood to adulthood it even lays eggs to produce more pets for you. This is one of the top free apps for your Apple watch in this month of November. All you that you are required to do is to download it in the iTunes store for free.
3. Military Helicopter Info.
This is a puzzle game with amazing graphics, search database and collection of amazing photos. This game doesn’t require any internet for you to play. The puzzles are very challenging and fun to play. This is one of the highly rated paid games in the iTunes .You can purchase this game for only $ 3.99 in the iTunes store.
4. Watchcolor.
This is one of the amazing games synchronized together with your iPhone. You therefore need your iPhone for you to play this game. In this game you have to watch the question seen your iPhone and provide answered to your question on your iPhone. This game has got amazing graphics making it very addictive to play. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.
5. Protect the Earth-Super Game For Heroes PRO.
This is an amazing action game where you as an astronaut you are required to protect the earth as your main duty from the falling meteorites .This is one of the intrusive games where it’s very easy to learn but hard to conquer and win. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

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The online wallet system is the current latest technological advancement that is really trending in the technological market .Android pay is an online system that allows you to upload your cash into the mobile phone on the Android device. Android pay Is compatible with Android devices while on the other hand Apple pay is compatible with Apple devices. Despite the fact that all of this are mobile payments options they have got a great difference in terms of the features .Here are the top difference between Apple pay and Android pay.

Android Pay logo

Difference between Android Pay and Apple Pay

Android pay requires you to have a pattern password or even PIN so as to carry out transactions with it this ensures maximum security to your cash .On the other hand the other Apple pay uses the fingerprint which is a biometric security system to safe guard your cash. This is one of the top security system to secure your cash online .This is one of the major difference between this 2 mobile payment form.

Android pay supports numerous cards from various banks in the world making it used universally .It also supports the gifts and loyalty cards that allows you to earn the loyalty gifts and rewards whenever you are using your Android as a means of payment. On the other hand Apple pay does not support loyalty and gift cards hence you cannot earn any rewards whenever you are using it.
You have to note that not all devices from this companies are compatible with the online wallet system. Apple pay is only compatible with this devices: IPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6, IPhone 6 plus, Apple watch, iPad pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3.On the other side the Android pay is compatible with all Android devices with Android 4.4 version and above .This makes it not compatible with all the devices for Android.

apple pay

Android pay allows you to keep track of your purchases thus ensuring maximum security of your cash .Apple pay is one of the safety ways but does not have a feature that allows you to keep track of your purchases. It also has got its other secure ways of keeping track of your purchases especially from the online stores.

Apple pay has got a limited use where it’s conveniently meant to pay for online apps in the stores .It has got a limited number of stores in the world to pay from. Android pay is highly accessible to various stores universally .This makes it very convenient to be used in any part of the world.

Apple pay allows you to set up your business and connecting with it so as to allow your customers to pay for their bought commodities with it .You will earn loyalty points when you do this. On the other side Apple pay also allows you to set up your business by connecting to it but there is no loyalty points you will earn from it.

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Whatsapp messenger is an amazing SMS replacement application. It is a cross-platform instant messaging application service for Smartphones. The term “online” is now referred as the users presence or availability on whatsapp for Smartphone users. It is one of the most downloaded application. It allows to exchange SMS without having to pay for it. It is available for iPhone, Android , Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia and those mobiles that can message each other. WhatsApp Messenger uses 2G or 3G or WiFi (when available) to exchange million messages with family and friends. So switching from SMS to whatsapp to send and receive text message, audio notes, picture and video message is a smart choice for Smartphone users and also it is free subscription for first one year! Later it is available for a few bucks on different operating system. It allows group conversation with contacts store in the phone book. Whatsapp is always on and connected so there is no need to log in/out .

WhatsApp Messenger

The updates are important changes made to any application. It can be bug fixing or adding new language or introducing any new change. As the software is updated its version changes. Whatsapp messenger has got its iOS 7 makeover. As it’s a iOS 7 makeover it has got a new look. It took a long time to join the party but major update was necessary for iPhone users. The new version syncs with new operating system. It has a flat design. The developers for app have been working for a long time to give a new OS feel. This new version adds broadcast contact list. For bulk messaging users can create their own lists. The new version improves location sharing , supports for 3D maps and OS 7 ringtones, text size . It’s now easier to manage block contacts and able to crop images before sending and can also see larger thumbnails.

So now chatty iPhone users can update their whatsapp for free from the App Store and can go online crazy with their buddies with sporty new is look.

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Snapchat is one of the best media sharing application for iOS and Android. This application allows users to send messages and also photos and videos. This will be only visible for a few seconds (maximum 10 seconds) and after that it disappear. This is the fastest method to share your moments with your loved ones. In order to see the images, you will have to hold the message and this will start the timer. If you removed your hand from the screen then also it will continue with the countdown. Now, they have also added the video message support in Snapchat.


They have made the application in such a way that images can be kept secure but in case that the images archived somewhere else, it cannot be detected. Other than this, there is also risk that the inappropriate images can be shared. When you start the application then the app uses your phone number in place of ID. There is no way that you can connect with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. This app is available for free on store. You can download and install it in your device from the link given at the end. There are some pros and cons with this app that we are listing below.


  • Fun idea
  • Easy to use


  • No parental options
  • Scans phone, Facebook, Twitter for contacts

Download for IOS
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