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iOS 10 is finally performing on stage and what people are liking the most about it now is its increased Smartness, letting you know where you’ve parked your car via the Maps app present in it. When you are parking your car anywhere except your home, your iPhone will automatically remember the location and you will be notified that Maps app has dropped a pin where you parked your car.


Tapping on that notification will give you a bit more access to this feature by letting you see the live make of your parked car location and gives you the ability to even take a photograph of that place fir the sake of memorizing that location. If you are still not sure you can remember it, adding a text note is also an option. If you think your Maps app took you to the wrong place you can use Edit Location feature too.

Turning parked car notification feature on or off is not a big deal. For that you just have to go to the “Settings app” and then “Maps” section.
Whole Maps app in iOS 10 has been redesigned and introduced with such moves that takes less taps to do things. Now this app is the real deal when we talk about its user friendly nature and the button placements gives you real ease of use. The residents of this globe especially of U. S are advised to switch towards Maps app which can benefit you more than Google Maps.

Although Google Maps is the one with more diverse map information if we talk about the whole world but Maps app for iOS has the features enough to make citizens of U.S and other countries where Maps has enough info databases go for it. Neither was Google Maps a one hit wonder and nor is Maps app going to be so. With more time and advancement in technology working together side by side Maps is not too far behind from being the best.

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The release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hasn’t went too far behind the history but due to the 10th anniversary of iPhone in 2017, iPhone 8 is already making its name in headlines even though it will be released about a year from now. Apple is all set to introduce some magnificent features in this upcoming installment and make their 10th anniversary a huge success, as per the rumors.

iphone 8 rumouriPhone 8 Specification Rumours


IPhone 8 according to rumors is expected be radically redesigned, introduction of edge to edge display and elimination of top and bottom bezels where we see a home button, front camera and fingerprint ID is supposed to take place. All these controls and features that Apple is reported to be eliminating will not actually be eliminated instead these will be incorporated within the display of iPhone 8. Jony Ive has a dream to put forth an iPhone that looks like a glass sheet and 2017 is the year in which this dream is highly expected to come true.
The rumor mill also suggests that iPhone 8 will most likely be housing a 5.5inch or bigger flexible OLED display replacing LCD, which will allow apple to introduce a much thinner iPhone with better contrast ratio and true colors. However the rumors about the curved edges on both sides of iPhone 8 aren’t confirmed yet. Apple is also rumored to be switching back to glass body which we saw in iPhone 4 and then came the era of Aluminum bodies for 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and SE but hey, now the glass is back and it will be wrapped around in an aluminum or stainless steel frame.

iphone 8 concept
Inside iPhone 8 will be a 10 nanometer A11 chip which is supposed to be much efficient as well as faster. We could also be seeing some exciting features like long range wireless charging, biometric additions like iris or facial scanning .and what not. Apple will reportedly be introducing a dual curve OLED iPhone 8 as a premium Smartphone and will be sold alongside with the 4.7inch and 5.5inch regular ones which wont be housing any curves.
iPhone 8 is more than a dozen months away from us yet so we will definitely be learning more about it in due course of time, lets wait a little longer for “cut the cake” part.
“Is the name of iPhone 8 really iPhone 8? Who knows it yet! No we don’t. But till the official announcement let its name be iPhone 8 which is the mist likely name and rumored as well”.

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Two factor authentication in iOS 10 proves the ultimate security concern of Apple towards its users. This is indeed the most secure way to keep your Apple ID secure because a person even if is aware of your password still can’t open your ID because in order to do so, two factor authentication is necessary in which you have to enter your one time code that anyone of your trusted devices generates. One time code is needed to be entered when you try to make a purchase or sign in to your Apple ID, iCloud,, iMessage, FaceTime or Game Center account on any new Apple device.


Two factor authentication Apple iOS 10

Two Factor Authentication is also required for Auto Unlock feature by which a person can unlock Mac book by wearing an Apple Watch.
Before the introduction of two factor authentication, we had to deal with two-step verification process which was less secure than two factor authentication. So after replacing the former one with the latter, you will need to follow the two factor authentication every time you:
1. Sign in to your Apple ID account over the internet
2. Sign in to your iCloud on a new Apple / Mac device
3. Sing in at in any web browser
4. Sign in to iMessage, Game Center or FaceTime on a new device
5. Make an iTunes, iBooks or App Store purchase from a new device
6. Get Apple ID related support from Apple.

Only those Apple users can opt for two factor authentication method who owns either one of these Apple devices.
1. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later
2. Mac with OS X El Capitan or later and iTunes 12.3 or newer
3. Apple Watch with watchOS 2 and up
4. Windows PC with iCloud for Windows v5.0 or later and iTunes 12.3.3 and up

If you will try to run the two factor authentication on any device which does not meet this requirement, you might be prompted that Two-Factor Authentication is not available on any of your gadgets because they need to be upgraded to the latest software version. Also if you have two factor verification enabled on your ID, you will need to disable it so that two factor authentication can be enabled. To do so, go to your desktop web browser and:
1) Sign in to your Apple ID account. .
2) Click Edit under the Security option.
3) Click Turn Off Two-Step Verification, then set three new security questions and verify your date of birth and phone number when asked to do so.

After making these changes, an email from Apple will arrive in your inbox confirming that your two step verification has been turned off.

Follow these steps to turn on two factor authentication now:
1. System Preferences → iCloud → Account Details → Security on your Mac. Or open Settings → iCloud → your Apple ID → Password & Security on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
2. Click Set Up Two-Factor Authentication and follow the instructions provided onscreen.

If you want to enable Two-Factor Authentication on the web:
1. log into the Apple ID account page,
2. click Edit under the Security heading,
3. Click on the link “Get Started” below the Two-Step Verification option and follow the instructions provided on screen.

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Now that we all know Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus are devoid of 3.5mm headphone jack, its just the right time to look for some affordable as well as worth the money lightning headphones before they fade away. Apples native lightning port makes it possible to deliver hi-fi audio. Unlike the ordinary headphones, lightning compatible headphones possess their own DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and amplifier for rich sound quality. Here is the exclusive compilation of some affordable lightning headphones available in the market.

lighthning headphone

Lightning Headphones Under 200$


  1. Philips Fidelio M2L/27: These headphones are often regarded as the first commercially available lightning headphones. It houses a leather stitched headband which makes it comfortable to be worn by people of all head sizes. With this headphone over the ear, you can pause/play tracks, skips songs, and answer calls but the only unpleasant thing about is the lack of inline microphone which means you cannot take calls. However from the music point of view these headphones are awesome.
    Price: $199.99
  2. Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Headphones: This is a recommended option for on the go music listeners as well as for the people who want their ears to be hit by a good sound at the cheapest ever rate. It cant be said that these headphones have a premium build quality but we are positive enough to say that these headphones produce rich sound with highs, mids, and lows all solid and in balance with one another.
    Price: $39.99
  3. JBL Reflect Aware: JBL isn’t in need of any special shout outs so heading straight towards its big list of features. These headphones are first of its kind specially designed for sports and gym workout practices because of its sweat-proof coating. The inbuilt controls include controls for volume and play/pause, plus an inline microphone for taking phone calls besides that you can also see a button which is meant for adaptive noise control feature to be toggled on or off.
    Price: $199.95
  4. Sharkk Lightning Headphones: These abstract pair of headphones might feel similar to Brightech Lightning earbuds because they are basically the same but this version contributes a newly formulated color schema. Both these products are OEM which means they are made inside same factory but for sale to different companies thus being able to provide us good quality sound at an exceptionally cheaper price tag.
    Price: $42.99
  5. Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear: These powerful headphones from Libratone wont be available in market for iPhone 7 users until October this year. But you better keep track of these noise cancellation beasts because they are famed for CityMix active noise cancellation feature present in them. It is one of the best noise cancellation and these headphones boast good deal of build quality and digital signal processing.
    Price: $180

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Apple’s latest sensation iPhone 7 can do a lot to make your life more productive and easier if you are well aware of the latest trending apps for iPhone 7 which are highly productive. These newly released apps can ease your burdens by making it easy for you to do your daily life activities as well as help you with different projects whether you are a student or a professional. In fact an iPhone is incomplete without a bunch of freshly costumed apps installed in it. Let us give you an insight of the top 5 productive apps which can do wonders in iPhone 7.

iphone productive appsIphone 7 productive Apps Must Have

1. Any.Do : With just an installment of 2.99$ per month for its premium version, this apps lets you manage tasks efficiently and lets you handle tasks with its amazing geo location reminders, leading you to a hassle free daily life.

2. Awesome Note (+To Do): This app is a combo of note taking app alongside with inbuilt task manager. You can purchase this app for just 3.99$ from iTunes store, It is not just an ordinary note taking app but instead it lets users choose custom fonts, backgrounds, icons, colors and houses a highly productive graphical calendar.

3. DO Note by IFTTT: Unlike other apps DO Note is available in iTunes store for free and you can download it on your iPhone7 anytime you wish to.. This simple app simplifies your daily tasks and instead of going through each app to do different functions, it provides you a unified platform to do it for free.

4. EasilyDo: This free of cost app acts as your personal assistant and you will definitely not regret installing this app on your iPhone 7. You will no longer need to save an unknown individuals contact details manually, remember someone’s birthday and other daily life tasks like that. All you got to do is sign in with your different social networks through this app and you are all set.

5. Evernote Scannable: We have already heard so much of Evernote so far that this app doesn’t require any new preaching when it comes to productivity. Its even better than the classic Evernote app when it comes to scanning whether it is about business cards or notes from a meeting or lecture.

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IOS 10 has finally landed its official spacecraft in your iPhone’s notification bar making you aware that you are ready to switch your iPhone into the new breeze. Some of us, the curious ones have already upgraded to IOS 10 while as the patient ones like us are still waiting to see if its safe to install /upgrade IOS 10 on our iPhones.

ios 10Iphone 6/6s/5s can be upgraded to iOS 10

The formerly released IOS 10 by Apple was having a pretty serious issue of bricking an iPhone, making it inoperable. However the newly released version is free of this problem and Apple has quickly firmed its grip over the air.

Apple has tweaked its classy lock screen bringing in some new features like upcoming calendar events, frequent contacts, weather, news stories, app suggestions, etc. that will be seen on your lock screen. Also you will no longer be swiping your screen in order to unlock it.

Apple Music app has underwent through a minor renovation allowing it to show us some helpful suggestions instead of a mess. But don’t be expecting some voodoo in this update to make it more helpful.

You will be noticing a big improvement in maps. Apple has made this app more useful by trimming its new search bar, adding few more features making it a lot less messier and user friendly. Most of all you need to know Apple is doing pretty good as compared to Google Maps.

Some might call it a bog turn off while it might not matter for some of us but it has been observed that IOS 10 is making iPhone’s battery drain too fast as compared to precious version. It is obviously due to a huge load of background tasks that Apple has started in IOS. IOS 10 has a lot to do on internet that too in background.

One of the best things about IOS 10 is the security patches that you will be getting regularly. It will make your iPhone more secure and risk free. This is the lone worth the upgrade feature while as you can still live without the rest of them.

You’ll have noticed now that IOS 10 has got something new to serve to the world which is more concerned towards productivity and security instead of self promoting useless features. You can freely switch to this newly released IOS version and explore the new world but the users who are already suffering from battery draining should definitely give a second thought to it because IOS 10 is a hungry battery sucking beast.

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Although it is a transparent fact but a beam of light is needed to be thrown on the Apple’s latest concept of building latest featured Smartphones. Every iPhone buyer has to buy atleast one or a few accessories every time a new iPhone is launched whether it is a tempered glass protector, portable charger and what not. Now the introduction of iPhone 7 without 3.5mm headphone jack has made it strictly an accessory makers delight. We are sure that there no tech giant in the world who possesses all the accessories compatible with iPhone 7, some purchase is necessarily needed.

iPhone 6S 3D touch

New iphones are Accessory makers delight

No matter Apple is shipping iPhone 7 with a 3.5mm dongle and a lightning ear pod but still a lot is missing. It is a big feast for third party accessory makers to saturate the market with multitude of new accessories for iPhone7. Every wired ear bud user is facing problems with the Apple’s transition. Phil Schiller is the marketing chief of Apple Inc. who addressed the problems faced by the people and stated “We do understand that this might be a difficult transition for some people who love their wired headphones, “But the transition is inevitable. You’ve got to do it at some point.”. Although its true to some extent but it is not enough to neglect the fact that Apple is lately becoming a major business runner of accessory makers.

Another noticeable fact that justifies our statement is that Apple although made iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus of the same size as former installments but the camera changes in both the devices have been placed there and now all the buyers will have to buy new covers and cases in order to protect their iPhone’s. Third party manufacturers have already started the capitalization and a new Belkin accessory has been launched which allows you to play music using your wired headsets as well as lets you charge iPhone7 in your own way. It will cost $40 and will be available in market from October.

Likewise Anker is also working on designing an iPhone 7 / 7 Plus compatible lightning earphones which will be up to sale on shelf along with their range of Bluetooth wireless headphones. This company sells most of its products on Amazon and is more renowned in designing of charging related accessories. Example being latest five port wall plug which supports almost every Apple device.

Apple has always been Accessory makers delight but it wasn’t much visible to the fan base till now until it was unveiled publically. Atleast now we all know why Apple keeps playing with the designing of iPhones more frequently by bringing changes to charging ports, camera positions and now it was turn for headset jack to be replaced. Anker, Belkin, and Mophie are some renowned accessory brand names which will be gaining more customer base now with the launch of iPhone 7. In fact its all about the smart business nowadays so iPhone 7 buyers better keep their pockets deep.

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3d Touch for iPhone 4-inch missing

Floating rumours are about to come live! Some reports claim that Apple’s recent 4-inch Next-Gen Smartphone will offer 12-MP of rear camera and 8MP of front camera. The new 4-inch Smartphone will offer hardware specifications similar to iPhone 6S. While, its form factor will be like iPhone 5S, which will have 2.5D glass as a display screen. The latest 4-inch Apple Smartphone will come in two variant, one with 16GB of storage capacity and other with 64GB. It will also include A9-chip with NFC Apple Pay. It will be powered by 1642mAh battery with great connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, Photo Support Live. It wont come with 3D Touch features which is exclusive to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The price of the Smartphone will range between $400 -$500 and will be available initially in the US. According to KGI securities, low-price of the iPhone might help Apple to establish market in China and India.

iPhone 5s front

iPhone 4-inch wont have 3d Touch

As per KGI Securities analyst, the 4-inch Smartphone will raise its sale to 131% to approximate 37-million in the year 2016. As the 4-inch Smartphone will be available half the price. Apple will be selling iPhone 5S for a price of $450 and with a discount of $225. The shipment of this 4-inch iPhone units will be lowered to 12-millions of units which was initially believed to 18-20 million units.Kuo claimed that the upcoming 4-inch Apple Smartphone will be similar to iPhone 5S and will be called as iPhone 5SE. The officials have given several names internally like iPhone 5S Mark II, iPhone 5E and so. The Apple officials will be soon announcing this 4-inch iPhone with 9.7-inch of iPad Pro & Apple Watch. The launching date is not confirmed, but rumoured to be on March 15th.

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4 inch Iphone will match iPhone 6 in looks

Apple’s newest iPhone will flaunt impressive look, identical to company’s existing top-end iPhone, with a design which was launched in the year 2014 with the model iPhone 6. The leak is supposedly received from drawing from one of the Apple source. On looking closely over the drawing, the image discloses an amalgamation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 hallmarks it also includes separate sections for loudspeaker and microphone at the bottom of the handset.

Apple Logo

iPhone 4 inch model to resemble iPhone 6

On comparing the old model with new one, one might trace the difference, the old handset had round True Tone flash module which mirrors the solid component in iPhone 6, while in the new handset is of old pill-shaped. In new prototype, the two loudspeaker portholes are eliminated to attain symmetry design structure on both sides.

No information in depth, is received about the 4-inch of Apple Smartphone, though the rumours are revolving around from past year. However, few reports claim that the new 4-inch model will come with A9 SoC with Touch ID and Apple Pay.According to a few sources, Apple will come with 4-inch along with the third generation iPad Air on March 15, and will go on sale after three days!

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The statistics point that the global sale of Apple’s iPhone in the last quarter of 2015 is 71.5 million handsets, which means that the sale of the devices in the world have declined by 4.4 % in the year. This is the first time that the sale of the prestigious iPhones has shown a decline. The company Ms Apple Inc has expressed fears of the possibility of the global sale Of Apple devices having reached peak in January. The company also expresses fear that the sale were likely to be further lower in the first quarter of 2016. The new figures from Gartner also elaborate on the slowdown.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Apple iPhone sales drop for the first time

The entire smartphone market in the world has seen the lowest growth rate in the last eight years, which amounts to 9.7 % rise only. Samsung and Huawei are the only two brands that have shown growth in the last quarter. Apple has plans of launching smaller iPhone soon, and this is estimated to fetch 5.5 billion from the sale proceeds with the prediction of 10 million unit sale. Though this is expected to make a small impact of just 2 percent in overall revenue. The lower end model 5c launched in 2013 has not been improved as Apple focused on the iPhone 6 range, which are larger and set in the premium range. Apple is expected to upgrade this model while bringing 5se model.

The market share of the company Apple has dropped from 20.4 % to 17.7 % in the end of last year, while the yearly figure shows drop of share from 15.9 % to 15.4 %.