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The report from Business Insider mentions that the Apple has worked for years on the project where the team has reportedly developed many different versions of stylus for their iPad device. Though the market has not seen Apple branded tablet stylus the company has tried on three to four types of stylus in the last four years of the project. The anonymous source is expectedly very close to the people working on this project, it is also mentioned that the team was not sure why the project has not succeeded yet.

Apple iPad Mini 3

The latest rumour in line was that Apple is making a stylus to make their iPad device handier. Analyst from KG Securities who has a good track record of predicting the moves of the company, has mentioned that Apple would deliver stylus for the larger screen iPad.

There are many projects going on in the company Apple, and many of them may not see positive results also, but the release of the stylus would express a different face for the company. Steve Jobs, Late CEO of Apple, was of the opinion that stylus were clunky and could be easily lost. He therefore disliked the concept of stylus.

But people have shown immense interest in using the iPad device with stylus shows that there is a good market for stylus for the iPad. Some of the leading competitors already are using stylus foe their device. Microsoft has a pen for its tablet computers meant for drawing and annotating documents. While Samsung has stylus in their Galaxy Note series of smartphones for this function.

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Apple’s world famous iPad series got recently added with new Apple Ipad Air 2 introduced in the market with some serious upgrades like better processing performance and better camera clarity. Besides enhanced hardware configuration, Ipad Air 2 has been completely redesigned for better grip and adorable looks. The new Ipad Air 2 is just 6.1mm thick giving a better hold in hands and a slight reduction has also been seen in its weight. However the durability of this iPad Air 2 is the main area of concern, it’s highly recommended to use the best quality covers for the added protection of your charming iPad Air 2. No matter Apple has worked out in enhancing its durability but the main fight lies in the everyday common life full of accidental falls and strokes, so you need to keep your iPad Air 2 ready for facing them. For that purpose we have enlisted the 5 world class covers best suited for Apple iPad Air 2.

Apple iPad Air 2

1. Apple Smart Case: This is the most suggested choice because of its direct origin from Apple Inc manufactured for iPad Air 2. It is designed from a premium leathery material provided with precisely crafted slots for plug-ins and buttons. A small microfiber lining on its back side allows you to view stuff in landscape mode. It’s magnetic property makes it able to wake up and sleep on putting it in and out respectively. This high class leather case for iPad Air 2 is available in variety of colours which include blue, pink, red, etc.

2. Griffin Survivor slim case: It is the ultimate hard case for your iPad Air 2 when it comes to durability. Its polycarbonate and silicone protection combination formula has been working since ages now and is still the best at protection to keep your iPad Air 2 safe even if dropped from 6.6 feet. A kick stand is also present at its back.

3. Incipio Tuxen Folio Case: This polycarbonate shelling is specially designed to provide both stylish looks and protection. It’s leathery looks make it look like a real leather case. Just like official case from Apple, it also features magnetic auto wake up and sleep on placing in and out of the cover.

4. X-Doria Smart Style Case: It’s all about its stylish outer designed patterns giving it an attractive looks. It has got precisely positioned cut outs for buttons and slots and landscape viewing is also available. It is also present with auto wake up and sleep function due to presence of magnetic closure.

5. Targus 3D protection Case: This is a grey and red colour pattern designed 3D cover claiming to protect your iPad Air 2 from accidental drops up to 4 feet. Its speciality includes the water and dust repellent surface technology and a rubber band for firm holding of your iPad Air 2.

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This is the most brutal battle of devices ever done by us. The top two leading products of Apple Inc. will clash with one another in this battlefield and a winner will be judged by us. This war is going to be very interesting because both the devices are natives of same company and same origin. Ever minute detail will be highlighted here and ultimately the Ipad possessing best specifications will be decided as the winner.

Apple iPad Air vs iPad 4

1. Screen exploration:

Ipad Air and ipad 4 both encompass a huge 9.7inch IPS LCD display with resolution of 1536*2048pixels at pixel density of 264ppi protected by scratch resistant glass and oleo phobic coating. Same display has been provided by Apple Inc. to these ipad twins. Let’s move on to scrutinize the main difference.

2. OS:

Ipad Air runs on ios 7 out of box upgradable to ios 7.1.1 and has been claimed to be upgraded to ios 8 in future.

Ipad 4 runs on ios 6 out of box but also upgradable to ios 7.1.1 and likewise to ios 8.

The battle is still going on in an equilibrium state.

This is the beauty of Apple Inc i.e. ios. Such a great similarity can be expected in Apple products only.

3. Swiftness of the Brain:

This is the most essential part of war which can make a great difference. Let’s see what happens.

Ipad Air operates on Dual core Cyclone apple A7 processor clocked at a speed of 1.3GHz along with Quad core PowerVR G6430 graphics processing unit.

Ipad 4 on the other hand operates on dual core Apple A6 processor clocked at a speed of 1.4GHz along with Quad core PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics.

Both the ipads possess 1GB of RAM so the multitasking efficiency will be the same for both. However, there’s just a slight difference of 0.1 GHz in processing speed between the two ipad’s. This won’t make a big difference but we are counting minute details also so it has credited a point in favour of ipad 4.

4. Data Accumulation Capacity:

Ipad Air as well as Ipad 4 has got the same data storage capacity in same number of their variants respectively which include 16, 32, 64 and 128GB. It’s your choice and it depends upon your data needs. You can choose any of these variants leaving no room for a war.

5. Snapping Power:

It has left no space for clashes in this condition also. Both siblings have got 5MP camera with same features which include geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection. 1.2MP front shooters have also been fixed in both ipads so you can take any one of the two depending upon the design you love.

6. Run Time:

Hope, we get our winner here!

Ipad Air is entrenched with 8,820mAh Li-Po battery while as ipad 4 contain 11.560mAh Li-Po battery. There looks like great difference to examine. But still different battery life tests confirm that both have got the same battery life of 10-13 hours. So the winner is still so hard to be decided.

7. Network and Connectivity:

There’s not any difference seen in this class also because both are 4G enabled and both support Bluetooth 4.0 along with WLAN.

So, there’s not a complete win of anyone because both the ipads are winners of global technology. Just a 0.1GHz difference can’t make a winner. These still remain the mystery clones.

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Apple held an event recently on October 22, 2013 to unveil some new products in the market. The product namely was the next generation iPad and the iPad mini as well. We had expected this to be the usual iPad 4, but Apple for the first time in so many years surprised us by using a new name this time around and the new iPad is named the iPad Air. What is more interesting about this event is that Apple held this event at the very same day when Nokia held their World Event where they also launched a tablet in the market to compete with the like of Samsung and the other including the iPad. Well, the rivalry has heated up but that is for some other day. We are here to review the iPad Air from Apple.

When we look at the iPad Air for the first time, you really don’t see much difference in that and the other earlier versions. But when you hold it in your hand you will realize that it is lighter and thinner than before. It still has the same 9.7” Retina Display screen which was a bit of a disappointment because we were expecting a bigger screen, maybe a 10”+ one and about 4k resolution considering that Retina display was already there on the previous iPad. But still it is not at all bad. Also the current iPad Air does stand true to its name as it is pretty light and thin as well. If sources at Apple are to be believed, the current iPad is even thinner than your average pencil. Now that is something isn’t it?

On the hardware front also we were expecting Apple to come up with something more than the usual iPhone specs. It has the same A7 processor coupled with the M7 coprocessor to handle the graphics which makes it equivalent to holding a larger version of the iPhone 5S. But even that can be accepted considering that the iOS 7 which runs on the iPad does not need much heavy horsepower to handle the tasks. On the memory front too Apple disappoints with the absence of expandable memory. It does come with big internal memory options, but still and expandable slot is much preferred.

Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air does come in 16/32/64/128 GB versions, but I guess the reason they are not providing the expandable memory is because it does not have the option for simple plug and play to any device. To move or transfer files you always require their iTunes software which frankly speaking is a huge hassle and a lot frustrating. Apple makes great products and then also makes sure they annoy you with small things like this. But I think if you need loads of memory you can always opt for the 128 GB option.

Coming to the camera, the tablet sports a 5MP iSight camera which uses the feature of larger pixels. This technology works in a way that since the pixels are large, so a single pixel captures more details and light than the default or original pixel would capture. This allows for a small MP count camera to capture great images which are equivalent to say a 12 MP camera. It is capable of capturing some amazing stills and also record Full HD 1080p videos at 30 fps. It also has a 1.3 MP FaceTime camera on the front that is capable of 720p HD videos for video chatting. Now that is cool.

Now coming to the features, we were actually expecting a lot from the new iPad it seems. Why can’t Apple listen for a change? Anyways, Apple did not put in the fingerprint scanner in the iPad like in the iPhone 5S. iOS 7 is not going to win the race for them all the time. But still, the iOS 7 is a pretty good, light and zippy operating system and it works on the 64 bit architecture that Apple has moved on to with the A7 processor. This means the efficiency and processing power has increased, but that is still useless unless more apps arrive with the 64 bit base; Apple we tell you!

Apple also has reduced the bezel of the tablet, which means gone are the thick borders from the screen, thus reducing the overall size of the iPad as well. Actually that is great, but we really could not have minded at all if Apple would have used the extra space for a better battery in the device. The current 32.4 Watt-hour battery lasts for about 10 hours of continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi and 9 hours over Cellular network. This is not at all bad by any standards, but we would have loved some more juice in there as it no one really likes to stay hooked to the power outlets.

Lastly the iOS 7 running on the iPad Air provides some amazing features on the tablet. For starters it lets you access you iCloud with much more ease now. Also now there are new features like AirDrop, AirPlay, AirPrint, Facebook and Twitter integration and also our very own ‘Siri’. There are Apple maps as well, but we all know how great they had turned out to be, so I guess users are going to end up using Google maps since even that is available on this device.

The iPad Air comes in 2 variants, the Wi-Fi only and cellular. The cellular version supports all bands of LTE which is really great. So all in all the iPad Air with its minor stuff here and there still is an impressive tablet. So if you are looking for a good tablet then this could be it. But with the non-expandable memory, you might want to think hard as to which version you want to get depending on your usage. The full detailed specs are given below.


  • Display: 9.7” Retina Display
  • Resolution: 2048×1536
  • Processor: Apple A7 Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone
  • GPU: Quad core PowerVR G6430
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 16/32/64/128 GB
  • Battery: 32.4 Watt-hour
  • Camera: 5 MP rear, 1.3 MP front
  • OS: iOS 7

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If you are in the place where you have no network coverage for fourth generation and your battery is just being used up by the bad network coverage then all you need to do is switch your network from 4G to 3G and conserve the battery of your iPad.

We will discuss about conserving the battery by switching network and how to switch networks on your iPad.

How to Disable 4G on the iPad

All you need to do is go to the settings of your device and move ahead to ‘Cellular Data’ and switch Enable LTE to OFF and after you switch off the network it will turn on to 3G network. If you are using the 3G network and you need to switch to lower network than of 3G then you need to do is turn 3G network to off and you will find your device is now running on lower network coverage. If you are using Wi-Fi network then you need switch off your phone data connection so that you can try out with Wi-Fi connection to access internet.

In this way you can conserve your battery by switching it in lower data connection if you do not properly get the internet speed because of network issues.