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4 inch Iphone will match iPhone 6 in looks

Apple’s newest iPhone will flaunt impressive look, identical to company’s existing top-end iPhone, with a design which was launched in the year 2014 with the model iPhone 6. The leak is supposedly received from drawing from one of the Apple source. On looking closely over the drawing, the image discloses an amalgamation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 hallmarks it also includes separate sections for loudspeaker and microphone at the bottom of the handset.

Apple Logo

iPhone 4 inch model to resemble iPhone 6

On comparing the old model with new one, one might trace the difference, the old handset had round True Tone flash module which mirrors the solid component in iPhone 6, while in the new handset is of old pill-shaped. In new prototype, the two loudspeaker portholes are eliminated to attain symmetry design structure on both sides.

No information in depth, is received about the 4-inch of Apple Smartphone, though the rumours are revolving around from past year. However, few reports claim that the new 4-inch model will come with A9 SoC with Touch ID and Apple Pay.According to a few sources, Apple will come with 4-inch along with the third generation iPad Air on March 15, and will go on sale after three days!

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Gaming on smartphones and tablets has come a long way since the introduction of first games. Now with the advent of technology, better graphics, faster processors, etc. have all contributed to the gaming experience and development of some amazing games. Also the games from consoles and PC titles have come to mobiles and tablets right now. Now apart from that even tablet and mobiles have come to the foray and the iPad Air is also one of them along with its small brother, the iPad Mini. So among so many there have to some select few which are the best of the lot and that is what we are going check out over here.

Free games download for Apple iPad and iPad Mini 2

NBA 2K 14:

NBA 2K 14

This is an amazing game for all the sport lovers. The main reason why this game has been so highly rated is because of the amazing graphics and the gameplay that this game has to offer. Controlling the players via a touchscreen is a complete breeze and also there is just so much detailing in the game. The background is always buzzing in the audiences and there is a lot happening there. Also the in game controls are awesome and the faces of the players also seem a lot more realistic now. So you will surely enjoy the experience a lot.

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

Asphalt 8 Airborne

This is maybe the most popular racing title on mobiles. Now this is also available on mobiles and tablets. One issue with this game is that since it is just too graphics intensive hence it does not run quite smoothly on devices with low specs, but that is not at all an issue now on the iPad Air. The gameplay and graphics in the game along with the storyline is amazingly interesting and you can easily spend hours on this game without even batting an eye.

Modern Combat Zero Hour:

Modern Combat 4

This is a very popular console gaming title which has been introduced on mobiles and tablets. So all you fans of first player gaming can now get this game and enjoy shooting bad guys down and saving the world virtually at least. The graphics of the game are pretty cool and we all know how amazing the modern combat series is. Also the controls too are pretty good on the touchscreen. So overall it is like the best first player game ever.

Galaxy on Fire 2:

Galaxy on Fire 2

This is an interesting game where you control a fighter airplane and shoot down targets and enemies. Games like these are pretty hard to come by which some great graphics and amazing gameplay. The maneuverability of the plane is also simple and you can easily fly around anywhere you need and roam around the galaxy at your own will, but you also have to kill the enemy to move ahead in the game. This is an improvement over the previous Galaxy on Fire with many graphical improvement and also the mission and gameplay. Along with that now you can also fly the plane in the universe freely when not in a mission. This game is based 35 years after the previous version during the void threat.

Fifa 14:


This is the best and the most popular console and PC title ever and has come a long way now to even been introduced for mobiles and tablets. One important thing about this is that the latest 2014 version which has improved gameplay and graphics improving the overall feel of the game and also now has been optimised for the Full HD and greater display devices. So playing this game on the iPad Air has become a much better experience.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 games for the iPad Air. There are many other titles that you can play and enjoy on the device but these mentioned five are the best. So make sure you get these when you are planning to do some gaming on your new iPad Air. As usual you can comment down below for any suggestions of queries or voicing your opinion.

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Apple held an event recently on October 22, 2013 to unveil some new products in the market. The product namely was the next generation iPad and the iPad mini as well. We had expected this to be the usual iPad 4, but Apple for the first time in so many years surprised us by using a new name this time around and the new iPad is named the iPad Air. What is more interesting about this event is that Apple held this event at the very same day when Nokia held their World Event where they also launched a tablet in the market to compete with the like of Samsung and the other including the iPad. Well, the rivalry has heated up but that is for some other day. We are here to review the iPad Air from Apple.

When we look at the iPad Air for the first time, you really don’t see much difference in that and the other earlier versions. But when you hold it in your hand you will realize that it is lighter and thinner than before. It still has the same 9.7” Retina Display screen which was a bit of a disappointment because we were expecting a bigger screen, maybe a 10”+ one and about 4k resolution considering that Retina display was already there on the previous iPad. But still it is not at all bad. Also the current iPad Air does stand true to its name as it is pretty light and thin as well. If sources at Apple are to be believed, the current iPad is even thinner than your average pencil. Now that is something isn’t it?

On the hardware front also we were expecting Apple to come up with something more than the usual iPhone specs. It has the same A7 processor coupled with the M7 coprocessor to handle the graphics which makes it equivalent to holding a larger version of the iPhone 5S. But even that can be accepted considering that the iOS 7 which runs on the iPad does not need much heavy horsepower to handle the tasks. On the memory front too Apple disappoints with the absence of expandable memory. It does come with big internal memory options, but still and expandable slot is much preferred.

Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air does come in 16/32/64/128 GB versions, but I guess the reason they are not providing the expandable memory is because it does not have the option for simple plug and play to any device. To move or transfer files you always require their iTunes software which frankly speaking is a huge hassle and a lot frustrating. Apple makes great products and then also makes sure they annoy you with small things like this. But I think if you need loads of memory you can always opt for the 128 GB option.

Coming to the camera, the tablet sports a 5MP iSight camera which uses the feature of larger pixels. This technology works in a way that since the pixels are large, so a single pixel captures more details and light than the default or original pixel would capture. This allows for a small MP count camera to capture great images which are equivalent to say a 12 MP camera. It is capable of capturing some amazing stills and also record Full HD 1080p videos at 30 fps. It also has a 1.3 MP FaceTime camera on the front that is capable of 720p HD videos for video chatting. Now that is cool.

Now coming to the features, we were actually expecting a lot from the new iPad it seems. Why can’t Apple listen for a change? Anyways, Apple did not put in the fingerprint scanner in the iPad like in the iPhone 5S. iOS 7 is not going to win the race for them all the time. But still, the iOS 7 is a pretty good, light and zippy operating system and it works on the 64 bit architecture that Apple has moved on to with the A7 processor. This means the efficiency and processing power has increased, but that is still useless unless more apps arrive with the 64 bit base; Apple we tell you!

Apple also has reduced the bezel of the tablet, which means gone are the thick borders from the screen, thus reducing the overall size of the iPad as well. Actually that is great, but we really could not have minded at all if Apple would have used the extra space for a better battery in the device. The current 32.4 Watt-hour battery lasts for about 10 hours of continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi and 9 hours over Cellular network. This is not at all bad by any standards, but we would have loved some more juice in there as it no one really likes to stay hooked to the power outlets.

Lastly the iOS 7 running on the iPad Air provides some amazing features on the tablet. For starters it lets you access you iCloud with much more ease now. Also now there are new features like AirDrop, AirPlay, AirPrint, Facebook and Twitter integration and also our very own ‘Siri’. There are Apple maps as well, but we all know how great they had turned out to be, so I guess users are going to end up using Google maps since even that is available on this device.

The iPad Air comes in 2 variants, the Wi-Fi only and cellular. The cellular version supports all bands of LTE which is really great. So all in all the iPad Air with its minor stuff here and there still is an impressive tablet. So if you are looking for a good tablet then this could be it. But with the non-expandable memory, you might want to think hard as to which version you want to get depending on your usage. The full detailed specs are given below.


  • Display: 9.7” Retina Display
  • Resolution: 2048×1536
  • Processor: Apple A7 Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone
  • GPU: Quad core PowerVR G6430
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 16/32/64/128 GB
  • Battery: 32.4 Watt-hour
  • Camera: 5 MP rear, 1.3 MP front
  • OS: iOS 7

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With the merger of Nokia and Microsoft on the cards soon, it really comes as a surprise if this is to help Microsoft’s surface or is Nokia trying to pull a fast one on them? But why should we care about that when we are getting an amazing tablet from Nokia. This is the first ever tablet introduced by Nokia in the market, though we do see their partnership with Microsoft having a huge influence on the tablet design. Maybe it must be a try from Microsoft to push their surface tablets under the branding of Nokia for the last time hoping that it works. Apple on the other hand on the very same day of the launch of Nokia’s tablets, also launched their 4th generation iPads. This time though the tablet is not called the iPad 4 which was expected, but it is called the iPad Air. Now considering that they have been launched on the same day, so they are the tablets of today, it seems only fair to pitch them against one another.

Design and Looks:

The design of the Lumia 2520 tablet is a pretty simple yet elegant one. It is pretty clean and does not have absolutely any cluster whatsoever. This is just the one capacitive home button at the centre to open the home screen, but other than that there is absolutely nothing. On the right side top of the tablet there is the only power button and the volume rocker while the rest of the sides of the tablets are filled with ports and connectors for accessories and SIM and memory cards.
The iPad Air in the other hand has become a lot thinner and lighter and if the Apple’s sources are to be believed, it has become even thinner than a pencil. Now that is a first. But overall, Apple has been in the tablet business for quite a long now and they have mastered it pretty well, so considering the aesthetics of the device, it is a pretty close call since Apple has only the white, black and grey options while Nokia offers, well, myriad of bright colourful options.

Nokia Lumia 2520


This is where Apple has a clear advantage over Nokia. The iPad Air still has the same 9.7” Retina display from the previous iPad which is a 2048×1536 pixels resolution at 264 ppi. Apple has perfectly this technology quite some time ago now and are putting it in good use. Nokia on the other hand does have a bigger 10.1” IPS LCD display with 1920×1080 Full HD display at 224 ppi. But again the display has a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection. Add to it Nokia’s Clear Black technology and this display does become an awesome one; but again not quite as good as Apple.


In terms of performance, iPad Air uses the same A7 processor coupled with the M7 coprocessor with a 64 bit architecture which is used in the iPhone 5S. The advantage of using this is that it has faster processing and also this iPad Apple claims is 8 times faster than the previous versions. But this 64 bit advantage is not really going to come to use much until many 64 bit apps are made.
On the other hand the Lumia 2520 tablet comes loaded with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz. This is coupled with the Adreno 320 GPU making it a true powerhouse that can blow the iPad’s specs away.

Operating System:

This is the most important point when comparing these two tablets. Apple iPad Air runs on iOS 7 which is a very light and zippy OS. It is great with amazing features, colourful and has got loads of amazing apps which run on it. On the other hand the Lumia 2520 runs on Windows 8.1 RT which is kind of like a stripped down version of the original Windows 8.1. Microsoft claims that this OS is made especially for the devices that run on ARM based systems and it is lighter than the original Windows 8.1. But the main problem that lies here is that the availability of apps for RT is not that many as that of iOS. I mean Windows have got Instagram just now after so many years of gruelling wait.

Storage capacity and Main memory:

Apple iPad Air has just 1 GB RAM and comes in 16/32/64/128 GB variants but does not have a memory expansion option. This is a bit of a let-down because the previous versions of the iPads also did not have an expandable memory option and we were hopeful that this time around Apple might have some sense knocked into them. The Nokia Lumia 2520 on the other hand comes with only a 32 GB variant and has 2 GB RAM. It does have a memory expansion slot using Micro SD slot cards upto 64 GB.

Apple iPad Air


This is where Nokia always gets the A game on and it is just impossible to beat them on this front. Though cameras on tablets are not quite widely used, but then it does not hurt to have a good camera on right? The Lumia 2520 has a 6.7 MP camera capable of 1080p Full HD videos and some amazing low light photography. This is a pretty good camera compared to the 5 MP camera available on the iPad Air. Though the camera does use Apple’s iSight camera technology, it still does not stand any competition to the Nokia. Well, no one actually does yet, so that is not that big a deal. Anyways cameras on tablets are not quite widely used, so this really won’t matter much as a deciding factor.


Features wise the Lumia 2520 is quite well set with supporting LTE, all bands of Wi-Fi and the works. Add to that the expandable memory option and the entire Office Suite available from Microsoft free of cost makes this is amazing device. Also the option of adding accessories to the tablet like the power saving keyboard which is available externally can be hooked to the device which promises to increase the run time of the tablet by 5 more hours which is amazing.

In case of iPad Air, it is a bit disappointing that the fingerprint scanner has not been provided on the iPad as on the iPhone 5S. It was one of the most expected feature on the iPad but Apple managed to let us down in this case. Secondly Apple is also providing an alternate Office suite which is their own known as iWork. So this takes the edge off which the Lumia 2520 had. Also the iPad is loaded with all the Apple features like iTunes, App Store and all the latest new updates to the apps. We all know how well developed the App Store for iOS is. Also the iPad cellular version supports all the LTE bands which make it the perfect companion for the future as well.


The iPad Air has a 32.4 Watt-hour battery which lasts for 10 hours of web surfing on Wi-Fi networks and 9 hours on cellular network. On the other hand the Lumia 2520 has an 8000 mAh battery which powers the device for upto 12 hours of web surfing on both Cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The added advantage of the Lumia 2520 is the power saving external keyboard which guarantees to increase the backup upto 5 hours.


So to sum it all up, the iPad Air is a veteran in the market whereas the Nokia Lumia 2520 is the newest. So it would be unfair to say that Nokia had not done a good job. In fact for a first timer, Nokia has created a miracle coming out with such an amazing tablet in the market. But still here we will have to go with the iPad Air only because it is a lot more seasoned and much better tablet compared to the Nokia Lumia 2520.

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The tablets are back to battle with the newcomers locking horns. And we are not talking about any tablet; they are the cleanest, meanest and most amazing tablets to hit the market. Yes, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 Edition and the most recently revealed, about to be released Apple iPad Air. Apple did use some creativity here though to give them credit. The 4th generation iPad are not called the iPad 4 anymore, it is now the iPad Air. Let’s get on with the comparison then.

Apple iPad Air

Design and Looks:

The body of the iPad Air is pretty compact and sleek. The bezel on the front size is also less than ever and the overall shape and design is pretty usual compared to the previous iPad. What is interesting is that the current one is much thinner, about 0.6” thinner than its predecessor and weighs in much lighter. The overall weight of the iPad Air is 478 grams for the cellular version and 469 grams for the Wi-Fi version. On the other hand the Note 10.1 is bigger in size than the iPad Air and is bulkier as well. Considering that it has a bigger screen, more hardware inside and all, it is pretty fair for it, but is still quite heavy to hold comfortably. It weighs in at 547 grams for the cellular version and 540 grams for the Wi-Fi version.


As for the screen, the iPad Air has a 9.7” Multi-touch IPS LED screen with Apple’s own Retina Display. It has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels at 264 ppi. It is a great display with crystal clear visibility and good visibility even in bright sunlight. On the other hand the Note 10.1 has an Ultra HD display of 2560×1600 pixels at 298 ppi which is way more than iPad Air’s display considering that iPad has a smaller screen. The Note 10.1 has a 10.1” TFT display which is amazing with very high pixel density. I guess the rest is to be understood.

Performance & Connectivity:

Coming to the hardware, the iPad Air runs on the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor. The architecture is one of a kind on tablets which is famous in PCs. With this overall efficiency is much better and the M7 coprocessor does a more than good job with handling the graphics. The Note 10.1 runs on a Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa-core chipset with 1.9 GHz Quad & 1.3 GHz Quad processor and Adreno 330 GPU to handle the graphical needs. Being an Octa-core processor, it has much greater ease with handling multitasking and the heavy applications and games on Android. Both the tablets come in both Cellular and Wi-Fi versions where the Cellular versions are capable of 2G, 3G as well as almost all LTE (4G) bands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Camera and Photos:

The camera on the iPad Air is a 5MP iSight Camera from Apple which uses the big pixel technology. This way it can capture more details and greater clarity of videos and images than a normal 5MP camera. This camera is capable of 1080p Full HD videos at 30 fps. It also had a 1.3MP FaceTime camera capable of 720p HD videos. The Note 10.1 has an 8MP camera with LED flash capable of Full HD videos as well. But the difference here is that the 8MP camera has a bigger sensor, hence greater detail capturing. There is no surprise that even with everything the camera on the Note 10.1 is better than the iSight from Apple. Note 10.1 also has a 2 MP front facing camera also capable of 1080p Full HD video recording. Now match that Apple!

Main Memory, Storage & Battery:

On the memory front Apple will always lack behind. Not because it is bad, but because it does not provide the expandable memory option. It sure does come in 16/32/64/128 GB versions, but still the absence of expandable memory is still a let-down considering that now this is a 4th generation iPad. It has 1 GB RAM. On the other hand Note 10.1 also comes in 16/32/64 GB versions, but the added advantage of this is the expandable memory slot which allows expansion of memory using SD cards upto 64 GB. That is a huge amount of memory which provides a huge advantage to the Note 10.1 over the iPad Air. Also the Note 10.1 has 3 GB of RAM which is 3 times more than the iPad Air. On the battery front, iPad Air has a new and improved battery of 32.4 watt-hour which gives upto 10 hours of surfing on Wi-Fi and 9 hours of surfing on cellular network which is pretty sufficient. The Note 10.1 has an 8220 mAh battery which is really huge compared to other tablets and is good enough for upto 12 hours of usage on a full charge.


Coming to the features, the iPad Air runs on iOS 7 which is nice, zippy and colourful. With its improved and added features, this tablet is amazing. Apple has introduced loads of inbuilt apps and features in this tablet, though a fingerprint scanner which was expected is absent. But still it is no less a bad tablet. It also features a full integration of the App Store, iTunes and many other apps along with its personal voice assistant “Siri”. Also it is equipped with Apple maps with an option to use Google Maps as well which is a much better mapping service compared to Apple Maps.
On the other hand Note 10.1 runs on Android 10.1 JellyBean out of the box with the Samsung UI overlay on top of it. And when it comes to Android, there is no more need to say. Android just has it all, and if you want anything extra, you can just simply download it from the Google Play store and get it on your Android device. Also there is the presence of Google Now which is Google’s own personal voice assistant.


Our comparison of the Apple iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition yielded some pretty surprising and amazing results. For starters the iPad Air is an amazing device with great specs and design and the extra added features, but still it does not quite feel that great compared to the Note 10.1 which has amazing features, has got Android 4.3 running and got a much better screen, camera, expandable memory and the works. So if asked us, the Note 10.1 seems to be the better among the two. Now the question is how the iPad Air features against the recently released Lumia 2520? Well! That we will have to wait and see.