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iOS 10 is finally performing on stage and what people are liking the most about it now is its increased Smartness, letting you know where you’ve parked your car via the Maps app present in it. When you are parking your car anywhere except your home, your iPhone will automatically remember the location and you will be notified that Maps app has dropped a pin where you parked your car.


Tapping on that notification will give you a bit more access to this feature by letting you see the live make of your parked car location and gives you the ability to even take a photograph of that place fir the sake of memorizing that location. If you are still not sure you can remember it, adding a text note is also an option. If you think your Maps app took you to the wrong place you can use Edit Location feature too.

Turning parked car notification feature on or off is not a big deal. For that you just have to go to the “Settings app” and then “Maps” section.
Whole Maps app in iOS 10 has been redesigned and introduced with such moves that takes less taps to do things. Now this app is the real deal when we talk about its user friendly nature and the button placements gives you real ease of use. The residents of this globe especially of U. S are advised to switch towards Maps app which can benefit you more than Google Maps.

Although Google Maps is the one with more diverse map information if we talk about the whole world but Maps app for iOS has the features enough to make citizens of U.S and other countries where Maps has enough info databases go for it. Neither was Google Maps a one hit wonder and nor is Maps app going to be so. With more time and advancement in technology working together side by side Maps is not too far behind from being the best.

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Two factor authentication in iOS 10 proves the ultimate security concern of Apple towards its users. This is indeed the most secure way to keep your Apple ID secure because a person even if is aware of your password still can’t open your ID because in order to do so, two factor authentication is necessary in which you have to enter your one time code that anyone of your trusted devices generates. One time code is needed to be entered when you try to make a purchase or sign in to your Apple ID, iCloud,, iMessage, FaceTime or Game Center account on any new Apple device.


Two factor authentication Apple iOS 10

Two Factor Authentication is also required for Auto Unlock feature by which a person can unlock Mac book by wearing an Apple Watch.
Before the introduction of two factor authentication, we had to deal with two-step verification process which was less secure than two factor authentication. So after replacing the former one with the latter, you will need to follow the two factor authentication every time you:
1. Sign in to your Apple ID account over the internet
2. Sign in to your iCloud on a new Apple / Mac device
3. Sing in at in any web browser
4. Sign in to iMessage, Game Center or FaceTime on a new device
5. Make an iTunes, iBooks or App Store purchase from a new device
6. Get Apple ID related support from Apple.

Only those Apple users can opt for two factor authentication method who owns either one of these Apple devices.
1. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later
2. Mac with OS X El Capitan or later and iTunes 12.3 or newer
3. Apple Watch with watchOS 2 and up
4. Windows PC with iCloud for Windows v5.0 or later and iTunes 12.3.3 and up

If you will try to run the two factor authentication on any device which does not meet this requirement, you might be prompted that Two-Factor Authentication is not available on any of your gadgets because they need to be upgraded to the latest software version. Also if you have two factor verification enabled on your ID, you will need to disable it so that two factor authentication can be enabled. To do so, go to your desktop web browser and:
1) Sign in to your Apple ID account. .
2) Click Edit under the Security option.
3) Click Turn Off Two-Step Verification, then set three new security questions and verify your date of birth and phone number when asked to do so.

After making these changes, an email from Apple will arrive in your inbox confirming that your two step verification has been turned off.

Follow these steps to turn on two factor authentication now:
1. System Preferences → iCloud → Account Details → Security on your Mac. Or open Settings → iCloud → your Apple ID → Password & Security on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
2. Click Set Up Two-Factor Authentication and follow the instructions provided onscreen.

If you want to enable Two-Factor Authentication on the web:
1. log into the Apple ID account page,
2. click Edit under the Security heading,
3. Click on the link “Get Started” below the Two-Step Verification option and follow the instructions provided on screen.