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Today’s games are not just activities, but it helps you to increase with mind tricks and logical reasoning. The games have advanced a lot with this generation. Geometry Dash too is fantabulous game. This games gets exciting by flying and jumping going through different dangers with action packed slots. The Geometry Dash a game with great fun, musical platform. This games gives you several interesting challenges to tackle, from impossible game to possible. The games keeps on getting interesting with more and more super slots to try for!

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Apk Download

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The Geometry Dash is not a typical game where you have to play blindly and just focus on scores. But this game is fast-paced where challenges test your different skill to tackle different challenges. A good and proper timing is essential for playing this game. Android Gamers can find this interesting game on Play Store. A super game with interactive level that keeps you enthralled and of course entertain for hours and hours. The game is loaded with several interesting levels. The soundtrack too is good. With this game you can share and build your level through a function called ‘Level Editor’. Playing Geometry Dash is so much fun, that you can earn many rewards and achievements with this interesting game! A game to challenge yourself, to make impossible things to very much possible!

Geometry Dash apk file download for android devices

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Pack your bag with courage and roll on game floor for fighting with action packed series of game called ‘Gangstar Vegas’. The Gangstar Vegas takes you to thrilling city of Sin with super charged and loaded action episodes. This game is also known for its amazing action stunts and game challenge around the globe. If you are action lover, this is a game you should go for! Install Gangstar Vegas for more action fun with wild guns and battles.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas apk file

The game introduces a blockbuster story with super action that thrills you. The mission makes your adrenaline rush to beat and survive through the battle on different Missions. All you need to do is build your own gang and try to take over and win the Mafia wars. The 80-different mission keeps introducing more and more suspense. The fun is countless, exploring bigger city is truly greatest challenge. Using Havok Physic, visual effects, Ragdoll effects all are challenging stunts that will help make you addict to this fun-thrill filled game. Become ace shooter through this game. A wild insane ride with loaded weapons, crazy vehicles will excite you to top level. The soundtrack too is amazing. The upgraded gears and characters are crazy thing you must try. If you are one searching for a brilliant shooting game, then check on this ‘Gangstar Vegas’, a truly ultimate action game, mafia game, racing game and may more!

Gangstar Vegas apk file download for android devices

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The ace game developer ‘The Blast Furnace’ is back with the next version of their popular action game series, ‘Call of Duty’. The action-packed new version  of ‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ features some excellent add-ons than its ancestors & comes up with fresh ideas as well as an interesting game play. Switching anytime from first-person view to the third-person view is the most startling feature of this pacy game. The player can switch from the first-person view to the aerial-drone perspective in a jiffy & can direct the entire squad to move ahead with a planned strategy. This mode is far more appealing than any other combat game as it provides an opportunity to employ the brainy tactics & the skillful use of maps as well as available resources to prevail in the battle. Since you are in-charge of your squad, you can order your men to strike your enemies with intense firing, bomb enemy sites, set up covering fire, protect the objectives & much more!  On top of that, the small arrow provided on the bottom of the screen assists in the quick aim & also helps in switching the target.

Call of duty strike team

The game plot revolves around the year 2020 when the tension between the world superpowers surges to the apex. US falls prey to the surprise ambush from an unknown enemy. Now it is the mission of yours to smack down this ferocious enemy by leading a ‘Joint special Operations Team’. The campaign consists of straightforward objective-based missions wherein, players can control teams deployed for accomplishing specific missions including gathering the intel, protecting a stronghold or even launching attacks to battle-out the enemies!

The game is quiet pacy & leveling up occurs frequently. Upgrading weapons & gears in between the mission is possible through in-game currency earned by accomplishing missions or by in-app purchase. Constant progress through the game keeps the player interested in the proceedings. The ‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ is exclusively available for all the touchscreen devices based on Android platforms. This fun yet challenging game can be best enjoyed when played with the third-person overhead drone’s perspective.

Call Of Duty Strike Team apk  download

Licence : Free
Category : Action
Size : 29.1 MB apk download and 971 MB Data download
Required: Android 2.1 or Up (2)

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Have you ever imagined how will you survive if one day you turn into an Alien? Well! This game is more or less with this concept. The concept of Another world revolves around a young scientist named Lester, something goes wrong with his experiment in his laboratory. Before he is able to finish his experiment, a lightning bolt strike makes his experiment go wrong, which causes the particle to explode and opens a hole in space and time. A time portal opens up and transports Lester to an Another world a alien planet. After teleporting to such barren land, his condition gets worsen. Lester has to fight against all difficulties and fight for his life to survive.

Another World

Another World : Have fun playing it

The High definition graphics introduced in this game is amazing, also you can just slide your finger on screen to play this amazing game. The game can be played in three different modes Normal, Hard and more difficult Hardcore. The sound effects are perfect, it makes you believe that you are truly ported to an alien barren land. The game is available in five different language English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. The game was initially designed by Eric Chahi in year 1991. The game was first released on Atari ST and Amiga platforms. This ‘Another World’ game is developed with high cinematic effects. The game has earned good amount of success and critics from its user. Another World is also available on Google Play Store.

Licence : Free
Category : Adventure
Size :14.31 MB apk download and 45 MB Data download
Required: Android 2.1 or Up