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Many users must be knowing the latest addition to Nokia Smartphones is Lumia 1020. This Smartphone supports RAW camera files. Google is presently working to add this camera support for better output from the camera . There are developing Android application programming interfaces(API). Google’s initial plan was to bring this new camera API with Kitkat but that did not work for them. Google must have planned of this API because of Image Quality which iPhone gives.
What happens to Nokia Lumia 1020 when you click the picture it creates one high-res uncompressed picture and other compressed file i.e they  offer output at high resolution in uncompressed formats. I think this new camera API might have Burst mode, removable camera support and face detection.These features are not native as many android phone supports it. The Camera API is Forward and Backward compatible with earlier devices. Full-capability devices provide per-frame management of capture hardware and post-processing parameters at high frame rates.

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What is RAW..? This question might arise in your mind. So let me tell you what exactly it means RAW is an image format which many photographers must be familiar with. RAW output provides the total uncompressed image info leading to a way larger file size, however additionally a file that enables rather more headroom for post-processing. Smartphone cameras usually output JPEG files, that are compressed, principally finalized pictures. RAW is minimally compressed and unprocessed, thus shooting in RAW provides the creative person way more flexibility when the image is shot. Programs like Photoshop will do way more with a RAW file than with a JPEG. If apps were able to access RAW, they could have given Single-Shot HDR photos by performing a range of image enhancement.

Fo the time we have to sit back and watch which manufactures will come up the device that will have Android 4.4 Kitkat alongside New Camera API. Right..?