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Android wear watches are designed with the latest technology. This is done so that to enable them be compatible with the latest games being developed by the game developers. The game developers have a gone a notch higher to design amazing games that have a got simple and easy controls so as to suite your game play. This games have got unique graphics that render a high quality imaging during the game play. Here are the Top 5 Games for Android Wear watch.

LG Urbane Watch 2nd Edition

Top 5 Games for Android Wear in 3rd of December 2015

1. TetroCrate 3D for Android wear.
This is a fantastic block puzzle game for you to play in this festive week. This is a brain teasing game hence you must use a lot of wit whenever you are playing it. It has got a very simple game play and controls where you just have to touch and drag the blocks into a certain position. It has got over 60 levels for you to play making it even more addictive and engaging to play. This is one of the highly rated games for you to play that is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

2. Dragon Laser.
This is an amazing Android wear game that is very simple to play. It has got basic and simple controls where you have just to tap and swipe to control the blocks. The controls are simple and easy to master. This game allows you to check your current without interfering with the game. This is one of the most addictive games to play in your Android wear. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

3. RoboClock Maze.
This is a fantastic puzzle game where you are required to fix the RoboClocks by repairing the small robots. This game has got fantastic graphics thus making it the most addictive game to play in the Android wear watch. It is one of the highly rated games and has got many number of reviews so far. This game has got no price tag hence downloaded for free in the Google play store.

4. Solitaire Wear.
This is one of the oldest computer game from the Microsoft developers .This time round you do not need a PC or your phone to play this game all you need is just your Android wear. This is the most addictive game for all the century that you can play it in your Android wear. It has got high quality graphics thus rendering high quality imaging during the game play.

5. Rubik’s Cube for Android Wear.
This is an amazing puzzle game with a simple control system of just swiping up. It all determines the fastest way you can solve a cube in your watch for you to score maximum points. It also has got fine graphics making it the most addictive game to play in this festive week of December. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

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It’s actually a moment when you need to stay updated with the latest apps for your Android watches in this festive week of December. Smartwatches have been really the most trending gadgets in the universe this century and the app developers have even gone ahead to design amazing apps for you to use. The latest apps designed for this week are amazing and might render your phone useless at any moment. The smartwatches are being designed with the latest technology making them be compatible with most of the apps being released. Here are the top 5 apps for your Android wear in this festive week of December.

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Top 5 Apps for Android Wear 3rd week of December 2015

1. Next Battery.
This is an amazing apps that shows the percentage level of your battery and the way your battery has been consumed. It has got a unique design that is so appealing for you to use in your Android wear. It’s also designed to help you save your battery consumption while it shows the source of your power during charging. This is one of the highly rated apps in the Google play store that is downloaded free of charge.

2. Polaris Office PDF PPT XLS DOC.
This one of the essential apps that should not miss out in your Android wear in this festive week. This amazing apps allows you to access and edit your documents at anytime and anywhere by just using your Android watch. This apps supports all types of documents including the MS documents and files. It’s very simple and convenient for you to use them. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store.

3. B&H Photo Video pro Audio.
This app allows you to carry out your online shopping in the most secured way using your Android wear. It’s very convenient using this app since you do not require to have a PC or your mobile phone to carry out any purchases especially in this festive week of December. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store.

4. Christmas Countdown Watch Face.
This is one of the optimal weeks that you really need to customize your watch with amazing Christmas apps. This is a Christmas theme app that allows you to customize the face of your watch with fantastic Christmas face. This is one of the top most trending app for your Android wear in this festive week. This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

5. Google Santa Tracker.
It’s time to celebrate this Christmas Eve by customizing your Android wear watch with amazing Christmas apps. This is a timer tracker app that is customized with Santa Claus themes so as to ensure that you celebrate your Christmas Eve in style. This app is very simple and easy to use since it has got a simple navigation. This is one of the top rated apps that is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

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Android smart watches are equipped with a powerful processor that can launch and run games excellently .This has made the game developers to come up with unique design of the latest and most powerful game for you to play .Despite the tiny size of the display screen of the Android smart watches the games being developed have got easier controls for you to play. This games ranges form puzzles to other more sophisticated action games. Here are the top 5 games that should not miss out in your Android smart watch in this 1st week of December.

android smartwatch

Top 5 Apps for Android Wear in 1st of December 2015

1. Invaders(Android Wear)
On top of our list is this adventure action game where you have to fight against the invaders in the space. Using q space ship equipped with powerful you have to put down the aliens .This is your main mission. As you continue putting down the aliens you are able to earn point and unlock rewards which you will use to customize your space ship to make it perfect on the difficult levels. This game has got amazing levels and excellent graphics making it be one of the most addictive and engaging game to play in this 1st week of December.

2. BiDot.
This is one of the top puzzle game for you to play in your Android wear in this 1st week of December. In this game all you have to do is to separate the blue and red dots from going towards the door. As you accomplish one level the more the game becomes harder. This is one of the highly rated games that you can download it for free in the Google Play Store.

3. 2048- Android wear.
Here is another puzzle game that should not miss out in your Android smart wear. This is one of the simplest games to play in this 1st week of December. In this game all you have to do is to move and merge then tiles that are common and similar so as to score. It has got very simple controls where you just have to swipe left, right, up and bottom of the screen so as to control in the game. This game is one of the highly rated free game in the Google Play Store.

4. Tic Tac Toe.
This is one of the top hitting adventure game in the Google Play Store that is downloaded free. It has got very simple and easy to master controls for you to play. In this puzzle game all you have to do is to be the first to place 3 marks in the line so as to win.

5. Wear Rider.
This is one of the best racing and riding game for your Android smart watch. In this game you have to ride you motorbike in a highway that is full of traffic without crashing. It has got excellent graphics that are really alluring making it the most addictive game to play in this week. It has got easier controls equipped with voice commands making it even more interesting.

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It’s quite unbelievable and really sounds funny that you can play games in your android smart wear. The display size of an android wear is very small and also its processor has low specifications making it very low to support any game. Despite all this limitations the game developers have gone ahead and developed games that are very enticing for your android smart wear. This games range from action, adventure and even arcade games .That’s is why if you are owning a smart watch then here are the best games for you to play in this week of November.

android smartwatch

1. Rubik’s Cube.
This is one of the brain teasing games for you. It is a mathematical puzzle game where you are required to use the Rubik’s cube to solve various mathematical puzzles .This amazing game has got excellent graphics and an amazing background sound track for your smartwatch. Having a high average rating with over 500 reviews makes it top our list of the best apps for the 1st week of November. This game is downloaded and played for free in the Google Play Store.

2. Repulsion
This is the latest action android wear game meant to test your sense of timing and reflexes .This is one of the superb games for your android wear .It is equipped with amazing tricky challenges with perfect graphics .This makes it more addictive .It has got very easy touch controls to master .This app is downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

3. Zigzag.
This is one of the most addictive games for your watch in this month of November. It is equipped with superb graphics and tough challenges .In this game you are required to control the ball along a zigzag path and avoid hitting the wall. This game tests your ability to tap on something with a high speed .This is on one of the top game in the Google Play Store that is downloaded and played for free.

4. Dragons vs Bats.
Here is another action game for your smart wear in this month of November. This game has got an enticing story line where you are required to release your dragon in the space and control it to avoid the bats .If the bats touch the dragon you actually lose the game since their main aim is killing the dragon. This is one of the addictive games for you to play in this month of November. This game is also downloaded and played for free in the Google Play Store.

5. Math Shooter.
This is a bubble shooter game that is very addictive for your smart wear. This is one of the easiest games to play but a little bit cumbersome to play. In this game you have to shoot at the bubbles and the more bubbles you shoot the more score you earn .This game has got high rating and reviews. This game is also downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

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Android smartwatch technology has been the current technological advancement in the universe of late .Its not all about the watch but actually more of just checking time.The android smartwatch can carry out very many functions as long as it has got the right app to carry out that task.The smartwatch can perform amazing tasks for you that you cannot image.It actually makes your life and work more simpler.Its quite cumbersome to determine the right app for yourself that is why we come in handy with a well versed list of the top apps for you this October.This are app that are well researched rendering them malware free.Here are the top 5 apps that you ought to add in your smart watch:

LG Urbane Android Smartwatch Watch 2nd Edition

Top 5 Apps for Android Smartwatch

1.Wear Internet Browser
This is one of the latest apps for you allows you to view you webpage at a quick glance.It is actually more about time because with the smartwatch you can do various webpages.This is one of the amazing apps for you this month of October.This is done by linking the smartwatch to your smartphones and therefore if you had earlier on bookmarked your pages in the phone you can view them in your smartwatch.This app will enable you to access your pages even if your phone is off.This app has got a voice command support and therefore you can command it to type various URLS and even go to the pages.This is one of the top free apps in the apps store ready to download.

2.Run Keeper
If you are an amazing runner and you like taking morning jogging for physical fitness then this is the app to have.This app monitors you running activities like calculating the distance and speed you have covered when running.If you are an athlete then you must have this app during training in you smartwatch.This app supports voice commands hence you don’t have to pull out your watch during running .This therefore makes it amazing and easy for you during your training exercises.This is one of the top free apps or you downloaded in the apps store

This is an app that functions the same way as the wikipedia .This app was developed so to cater for the difficulties involved when using the the wikipedia in a smartwatch.The words in the wikipedia were so tiny and unreadable but with this app they are now readable.This app has got amazing navigation making it awesome and easy to use .This app has got high ratings and large reviews making i appear i the top 5 list.This app is acquired for free in the app store.

4.Wear Mini Launcher.
Here comes another amazing app for you this October.Te wear mini Launcher is a app that enables you to open apps using the voice control.This app is amazing because of its incredible features and functions such as controlling the volume of your phone with the smartwatch and turning off and on of your WIFI settings.This functions and roles is what makes it appear among the top in our list.This a free app in the apps store which has got a high rating and large reviews.

5.Evernote For Android Wear.
This is one of the fantastic apps for you this month of October.This app has got important and vital functions such as searching for your phone when it is lost using the voice commands.This app also allows you to create new notes using the voice commands this is quicker than typing.This makes your work more easier and simpler.This is one of the top free apps downloaded from the Google store.Having a higher rating and large reviews makes it be in our top 5 list

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Google keeps on introducing new apps or update on previous app. This time Google has announced new updates on the Android wear platform. Emoji drawing, which is a quiet easier app to access, but an update on this is still awaited, a confirmed news of release is yet to receive. The new version of Android wear dubbed as companion app will soon land for user benefits. The new interface introduced this time has drastically improved with good material design and new features.

Google Watch

The settings have also improved. A click on setting will give a list of other general settings, then on tapping on ‘Device Setting’, you get directed to new screen. The new screen offer list of other options like ambient screen, tilt to wake and other options settings. More aesthetic settings have also added on list.The biggest beneficial change to note is cloud sync addition, which allows you to watch through Wi-Fi, this might not need strong range of phone’s network as long as the Wi-Fi strength is strong enough. Last point to note but not least one, updates allow easy pairing with multiple Android Wear and quick switching between them without going back to repairing process.

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As device market is growing narrow also there is nothing much to offer companies are now switching to something more competitive and creative the “Accessory Market”. Device tech support list have been updated by including android wear, smart wear, smart watch, magnetic charger, Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth speaker etc. with more and more of accessories users also hope to have compatibility with their favorite applications. We have seen until now call, message, email popups on your smart gear but next thing that users want is music. People like to listen to music tag them share them with their friends families and one such application that allows us to do that is Shazam. This is the vision Shazam Developers had foresighted.

Shazam for Android

Shazam Developers are looking forward to introduce their shazam application on all your smart watches and wears. Shazam developers are working closely with the android Wearable OS and trying to prepare the application for it. They have received prior success in getting their application installed on Android Wear and Google Glass. People have used and commented on this application. Unlike Ecowear shazam’s application is awesome and has lot to offer. UK was the first to get its hand on shazam application on their Google Glass.

With such progress in the tech world, it’s time for the companies to introducing more memory into their smart devices so that more and more application are downloaded on their gears. All the developers have to try to pipeline their products to work on these smart wears/ gears.

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LG G watch as already unveiled by LG in Google I/O 2014 is going to be the 1st Smart watch for LG based on Android wear technology. LG G watch is the first step of LG towards the infinite ladder of wearable technology which is luckily smarmy supported by Google. This Smart watch will be compatible with any Android device from LG and any other manufacturer Smartphone running Android v4.3 above OS. It will be flaunting a 1.65 inch display with display resolution of 280×8280 pixels at pixel density of 240 ppi which is a nice density for such a miniature display. As you already know it will be running on Android Wear OS and will be provided with 512 MB RAM to fully explore the processor without lags.

LG  G Watch

There are currently a huge number of Smartphone’s running on 512 MB RAM flawlessly so by that you can imagine the swiftness of applications in this Smart watch. This Smart watch will be able to store 4 GB data which is also nice for such a mini creature and has been created so because many more applications are yet to arrive for Android Wear platform. It will be packed with 400 mAh battery which is being alleging to give backup of 3 days. Samsung Gear 2 and LG G watch shares this feature in common. It is an IP67 certified water and dust resistant Smart watch made to be utilized in every harsh condition. Talking about is application support, Google is currently working hard on making maximum applications compatible for this platform and currently contains bunch of productive application like restaurant finder, news , heath and others.

True caller has also been recently made compatible for this platform and Google recommended it to be a great achievement. It will also be available with awesome Google Now compatibility which lets you do anything through your OK Google voice commands. E.g. Ok Google set the timer at 1o’clock and it will be done automatically and you can entirely browse through your wearable through these commands. Every high end feature present in Smart watches out there is already flaunted by LG G Watch. According to latest reports Moto 360 is being called as to be the toughest competitor for both Samsung and LD. That classic watch mimicking circular screen is capable of turning tables with its looks and features. Moto 360 is the main threat because out of all the three wearable’s present in Google I/O 2014, still Google distributed Moto 360 to its guests instead of rest of the two.

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Android wear is entirely newly developed Android platform for Smart watches. It was recently flaunted by Google in Google I/O 2014 and marked it clear that this platform is about to bring every Smartphone functionality on your fingertips. LG G watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live are first precursors to receive this platform. It is aimed at producing high level Smart watch usage besides than just watching and as well as modernizing the symmetry of wearable’s.

Google Watch

However rest of the developers like HTC and Asus might have also working on it. Recently Sundar Pichai on his statement about Android wear admired the features which will get unlocked with Android Wear which include voice commands and notifications. The most noble and essential motive of Google behind developing this platform is to minimize the Smartphone Addiction all over the world. This can be done by OK GOOGLE commands in which you can command you Smart watch for multiple things just like you want to find a nearby restaurant, just say Ok Google find me a nearby restaurant.

Besides remaining updated, it can also keep track of your fitness through its third party fitness applications. It has got best rocking entertainment features for you. Just like chrome cast and music. Along with QR code scanner. The benefit of a unique comprehensive Android wear for Smart watches is that just like Android Smartphone applications, this operating system will also get the maximum number of applications installed from developers. One of the fascinating news that hit the shelves recently is that True caller integration has been made compatible for Android wear so that you can get caller ID right from your watch and you will not need to take out your Smartphone for every time receiving a call. Much more applications like this are expected to arrive in future.

This application compatibility can prove to be a great asset for this technology and a threat for Apple’s iWatch. The worth noticing recently developed Smart watch running on Android wear is Moto 360 which was also the main eye gazer along with Android L in Google I/O 2014. This wearable will not be having any USB slot or any kind of charging slot but it will feature inductive wireless charging flaunting the technology which was used is nexus. It will also be compatible with maximum Android phones running 4.3 or above OS. However, it still remains ambiguous that whether ios 8 compatibility will be added to any of these devices or not. All these Smart watches will be released soon to standardize the technology of communication. Let’s wait for the official release of these beasts and grab the best one for ourselves.

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Google’s recently unveiled operating System Android Wear for wearable’s has been recently provided with True caller application considering the need of knowing the callers ID before taking the call. True caller has become one of the 24 developers who develop applications for Android wear. With this application installed, users can get the information about the caller directly on their screen and will be able to take the call or dismiss it just through a swipe. This will be the great asset for the users because True caller is world’s largest online phone directory loaded with around65 million numbers and you will not need to lean for your Smartphone while taking a call to know the number, you will get it rightly on your gadget. On this excitement of being added in the ever growing world of Google, True caller stated that Google has treated our very positively and we are very excited to be a part of Android Wear.

Truecaller Android App

They also added that the space needed by True caller application has been also reduced to half and will run more smoothly than ever before with this major update. This integration of True caller on Android wear has surely given wings to fly much more higher and this feeling can be experienced on Google Wear page of True Caller recently uploaded by them. This will provide a sigh of relief for other wearable developer’s like Samsung whose Android Gear live based on Android Wear will be arriving soon. There was a strict need of a different operating system for Smart watches as Android Smartphone software’s could never have been doing miracles which Android Wear is doing now. It is ruthlessly killing every bug of Smart watch technology and fitting every comfort which a Smart watch can give to the world.

Google I/0 2014 has proved highly productive and the unveiled a whole new range of Smartphone and Smart watch software’s which is going to have a great impact on the Smartphone and wearable technology within no time. They are expected to run on a new generation specifications and internal design and all of this is possible because of Google’s Android. Google has also showed its interest in producing a step towards creating technology in automobiles and rest of the gadgets. This will be worth watching that which automobile manufactures will be working with Google or will the Google create own vehicles. This true caller integration update will soon be made available on Google Play without any cost. Let’s enjoy the world of technology in new pace from Google with Android in their hands.