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Apps are very essential for the Android wear to function .They actually increase the usefulness of your smartwatches .These smartwatches are equipped with a powerful processor and operating system making it be compatible with the latest apps in it .The app developers have come up with the most unique apps for your apple watch that may even render your phone useless. The latest apps developed increases the value of your watch making it never wishing to move away from it. Here are the top 5 apps for your Android wear in the 2nd week of November.

Google Watch

1. Mister Gabriel Wearable Safety.
This is one of the essential apps to own .This app allows you to send alert texts to your specified contacts during panic occasions which may be caused by accidents, fire etc. It’s one of the simple apps to use and it is equipped with a voice recognition making it even simpler to use. It can also detect shocks and heat making it be on an alert mode for faster communication. This is one of the highly rated apps for your smartwatch that is downloaded and installed for free.

2. The Hundreds Watch Face.
This is also one of the amazing apps that you won’t miss to own .This app allows you to customize the face of your watch with unique customized faces .It has got 100+ graphic themes and patterns to customize your smart watch with .This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store for your watch .

3. Endomondo-Running and Walking.
This is the best training app for your smartwatch .You can track the distance you have run, timed covered and your stats during your physical fitness at the end of the exercise. If you are a sports man then this is one of the apps that should not miss in your smartwatch since it acts as your training assistant. This is also one of the highly rated app in the Google play store that is downloaded and installed for free.

4. Drawable watch face.
This is also another amazing app for your watch in this 2nd week of November. This app allows you to send your drawings to your watch and use them to customize the face of your watch .It’s one of the easiest apps to use .Customize your phone to look even more beautiful with this amazing app .This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

5. Zooper wear Gear S.
This is also another unique app that is best for your smart watch .This app allows you to get notifications from SMS, Gmail and even calls from your phone .It can also provide information on the battery level of your phone and the upcoming calendar events .Actually the main purpose of this app is actually to update you on the current status of your phone without necessarily looking at your phone but your smartwatch. This is also one of the highly rated apps for your smartwatch

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The use of Smart watches has intensified over the decade with people preferring to have them than using various devices which can be subsisted with just only one device. Smart watches generally have the ability to play a variety of music ,voice record ,connect by the use of Bluetooth  and act as a cell phone. You will be in a position to use your smart phone using digital functionality; just touching you screen to carry out any relevant function. Most of the people have useful information about smart watches but for those who are curious and also for additional information. This article will educate you on the various features of iradish y6 2.5D Radian Smart watch; this is among the best smart watches in the market.

Iradish Y6

Basic Information

This is a Iradish brand type smart watch .This watch will act as a watch and also as a phone among a variety of related functionality. It can support external memory which is a TF card which can be extended up to 32 GB.

iradish Y6 color

Phone functionality

The iradish y6 2.5D Radian Smart watch can act as a cell phone and supports network type of GSM. Its wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth and NFC. It has a variety of frequencies which includes GSM850, 1800, 900, 1900MHZ.It will support Bluetooth functionality, enabling you to share files and document.

iradish Y6 features


This phone has a sim card slot which has been fitted on it .This is a single slim slot which supports a micro size sim card. It also has a TF card slot which can be used to add any additional memory which might be necessary. It has been fitted with quality speakers to make your music listening enjoyable.

iradish Y6 connectivity


This watch has one camera fitted on it. This is a back camera with a 1.3 mega pixel. Using your phone as a camera is something quite fascinating and not thought of as possible by lots of people.

iradish Y6 camera

Media formats supported

Some of the media format supported by this phone includes: WAV, AAC and MP3 .The video format which is supported is the 3GP video format. Basically with a phone which supports this formats you will definitely not get bored when you have this phone close.

iradish Y6 music

Package content

The whole package will contain: watch cell, a battery of 1 * 350maH, a USB cable and a manual of how to use this watch cell.

iradish Y6 content packed


This watch supports a variety of languages, this includes: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, polish, Russian and Portuguese and Turkish. Most of the people definitely understand one of these languages.


This watch has been designed in a relatively suitable size; its weight is 0.060 KG. You will enjoy the mobility which is associated with this watch. The screen size is a massive 1.54 inch, this is the same concept being used by smart phones; having a large screen size in relation to the size of the phone.

iradish Y6 dimensions

Basically there are lots of great smart watches in the market but this definitely has its mark on the market.

Price and Availability

Iradish Y6 2.5D Radian available in just 33.99 USD, Hurry buy Now.

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Android Watchface might be a bit old with Android Wear platform, but it got into the spotlight after the official Android Wear Watchface was launched. AW Watchface too stepped in the market with its part of exciting options, FORM too is coming from this list as a new Watchface. The FORM Watchface is created by none other than Roman Nurik, who is known for its best creation of Muzei Live wallpaper. Muzei support Android Wear, which provides a new FORM WatchFace. At the beginning, the interface might be simple with Meizu integration, which can mash together with five different APK creating customizable watchface experience.

romannurik android watch

With all information about FORM rolling above, you might be wondering what FORM is about? Let’s decode the code behind FORM. FORM show whatever wallpaper is currently rolling on the phone, while custom watch face will be placed on top of the wallpaper. Here are a few points one must know about the FORM Watch face app:

  • The FORM watch face app will offer latest Muzei artwork, which need to be installed on Watch.
  • It does not have an icon in app launcher, but once you press setting cog, inside Android Wear on phone you can make changes in theme or phone.
  • It is available on Google Play store, it also offers HD Landscape art source.

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Android wear is entirely newly developed Android platform for Smart watches. It was recently flaunted by Google in Google I/O 2014 and marked it clear that this platform is about to bring every Smartphone functionality on your fingertips. LG G watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live are first precursors to receive this platform. It is aimed at producing high level Smart watch usage besides than just watching and as well as modernizing the symmetry of wearable’s.

Google Watch

However rest of the developers like HTC and Asus might have also working on it. Recently Sundar Pichai on his statement about Android wear admired the features which will get unlocked with Android Wear which include voice commands and notifications. The most noble and essential motive of Google behind developing this platform is to minimize the Smartphone Addiction all over the world. This can be done by OK GOOGLE commands in which you can command you Smart watch for multiple things just like you want to find a nearby restaurant, just say Ok Google find me a nearby restaurant.

Besides remaining updated, it can also keep track of your fitness through its third party fitness applications. It has got best rocking entertainment features for you. Just like chrome cast and music. Along with QR code scanner. The benefit of a unique comprehensive Android wear for Smart watches is that just like Android Smartphone applications, this operating system will also get the maximum number of applications installed from developers. One of the fascinating news that hit the shelves recently is that True caller integration has been made compatible for Android wear so that you can get caller ID right from your watch and you will not need to take out your Smartphone for every time receiving a call. Much more applications like this are expected to arrive in future.

This application compatibility can prove to be a great asset for this technology and a threat for Apple’s iWatch. The worth noticing recently developed Smart watch running on Android wear is Moto 360 which was also the main eye gazer along with Android L in Google I/O 2014. This wearable will not be having any USB slot or any kind of charging slot but it will feature inductive wireless charging flaunting the technology which was used is nexus. It will also be compatible with maximum Android phones running 4.3 or above OS. However, it still remains ambiguous that whether ios 8 compatibility will be added to any of these devices or not. All these Smart watches will be released soon to standardize the technology of communication. Let’s wait for the official release of these beasts and grab the best one for ourselves.

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In the latest Google I/O 2014 conference held last month, along with Android L Google also showed off their launch of new Android wear operating System. This is actually the upgraded version of Android forked to make it perfect for wearables. The Android wear based Moto 360 was distributed among the lucky attendants of the conference. This is also the first step of Motorola towards wearable technology. In the mean time, LG also flagged of their 1st Android wear running Smart watch portrayed as LG G watch. LG G watch is available for order on Google Play in most of the countries but these are no details about the release of Moto 360. Both the wearables were introduced to the world by Google so it’s expected that there will be a hard competition of specifications as well as sale between these two. Let’s check out which one has got the best design and specifications to be announced as the better among the two.

Motorola Moto 360 vs LG G Watch

Moto 360: This first Smart watch from Motorola is designed in a unique circular style. According to its designers, they couldn’t find much more comfortable style for Smart watch. The Motorola chief while admiring their produced called it a truly modern time piece. It actually camouflages the design of a common watch when looked at a glance. However its features are great. Its screen dimensions due to its circular design are unknown yet. Most exciting feature which we came to know about this wearable is that it will be supporting Qi-wireless charging just like in Nexus 5. Besides this you can receive notifications from various social networking platforms, listen to music and answer phone calls. Moreover it features voice functioning technology by which you can set reminders about anything you want. Its battery backup roughly will be a few days on single charge and the home screen will feature stacks of Google Now cards as in Android L. These are the all reports about the specifications of Moto G.

LG G Watch: This Android wear concept Smart watch will feature a 1.6inch IPS display with screen resolution of 280*280pixels with IP67 rating of water and dust resistance. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at a speed of 1.2GHz will be present and will be coupled with a 512 MB RAM. For connectivity, Bluetooth v4.0 will be present. A 400mAh battery will be also present in this 63 gram Smart watch. It will be available in two colour options which include Black Titan and White Gold. However any 22mm strap can be incorporated in this wearable and enjoy it in your own style. The overall processing features along with Android Wear are looking delightful but the battery will get checked soon.

Both the wearable’s are looking uniquely vibrant in their specifications but little less information is available about Moto 360. The LG G watch processing is mind blowing, now we have to watch the performance of Moto 360. It they could manage specification in this standard, their wireless charging will prove to be a great asset for them. So far both the Android wear running Smartphone’s are ready to face the tough world.

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Google’s recently unveiled operating System Android Wear for wearable’s has been recently provided with True caller application considering the need of knowing the callers ID before taking the call. True caller has become one of the 24 developers who develop applications for Android wear. With this application installed, users can get the information about the caller directly on their screen and will be able to take the call or dismiss it just through a swipe. This will be the great asset for the users because True caller is world’s largest online phone directory loaded with around65 million numbers and you will not need to lean for your Smartphone while taking a call to know the number, you will get it rightly on your gadget. On this excitement of being added in the ever growing world of Google, True caller stated that Google has treated our very positively and we are very excited to be a part of Android Wear.

Truecaller Android App

They also added that the space needed by True caller application has been also reduced to half and will run more smoothly than ever before with this major update. This integration of True caller on Android wear has surely given wings to fly much more higher and this feeling can be experienced on Google Wear page of True Caller recently uploaded by them. This will provide a sigh of relief for other wearable developer’s like Samsung whose Android Gear live based on Android Wear will be arriving soon. There was a strict need of a different operating system for Smart watches as Android Smartphone software’s could never have been doing miracles which Android Wear is doing now. It is ruthlessly killing every bug of Smart watch technology and fitting every comfort which a Smart watch can give to the world.

Google I/0 2014 has proved highly productive and the unveiled a whole new range of Smartphone and Smart watch software’s which is going to have a great impact on the Smartphone and wearable technology within no time. They are expected to run on a new generation specifications and internal design and all of this is possible because of Google’s Android. Google has also showed its interest in producing a step towards creating technology in automobiles and rest of the gadgets. This will be worth watching that which automobile manufactures will be working with Google or will the Google create own vehicles. This true caller integration update will soon be made available on Google Play without any cost. Let’s enjoy the world of technology in new pace from Google with Android in their hands.

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This is good news for Samsung Gear lovers, Samsung Gear fit price tag have been reduced by Rs 3800 from its original rate which is Rs 12,100. Now Samsung Gear fit will be available to you at a price of just around Rs 8300. The main aim of Samsung behind this surprise is to win as much of Indian hearts as much as they can. This will consequently lead them to win Indian market also. This Gear Fit was surprisingly launched by Samsung in Barcelona and claimed it to be the ultimate fitness Solution.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Live is also going to get launched in India at much reduced price. From project one which aims at producing most affordable Smartphone’s targeting India first to price reduction, it clearly looks that Samsung has fell in love with Indian market and want to contribute to it as much as they can. It’s also worth noticing that Samsung Gear fit is flaunting world’s first curved AMOLED display and compatible with Smartphone. The Samsung Gear fit 1.84inch display has a resolution 423*128pixels with 244ppi.

The AMOLED display gives it a vibrant and crystal clear range of colours. This is the same epic AMOLED technology which was once mastered by Nokia when they had that crown. The main threat of Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is only in sunlight. The sunlight makes it completely impossible to read anything from this watch which gets worse with black screen and white text combination. You will have to suffer from this problem if you are an outdoor gamer or something like that.

However you can use from a variety of background colours which Samsung has provided and see if it makes a difference. The Samsung Gear fit lets you stay updated with notifications of incoming calls, emails and 3rd party applications. That’s why you can never miss a conversation when you have Gear Fit with you. Besides being a useful gear it is also a productive fitness tool which lets you stay updated with your heart rate through its optical heart rate sensor. It also gives you information about the next workout you should go for according to your body compatibility which it realises through Training Effect feature. The essential feature of this gear is that it can be your companion in rough activities like tracking with its IP67 water and dust resistance. It is compatible with 17 models of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone’s providing you a fee will to switch between Smartphone you like. With the lowered price, this is the season to buy a Gear Fit for yourself; you should hurry at buying a Gear Fit now if you are a diehard fan of it because its price won’t be as low as this again. Therefore it’s a golden chance to avail this offer before Samsung hikes its prices to the normal rate.