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Have you ever come across the situation when you have to write lot of notes and you are so actively involve in communication that it is hard for you to grasp each and every piece of conversation and later you missed out something or other, it happened to me many a times when I did not have phone with audio recording features. Voice recording Apps is in many way helping lot of people everywhere, like in meetings, classrooms, concerts, interviews and many more. To improve on traditional recording methods to obtain high quality recordings we have now even better smartphone apps in app stores which makes your smartphone better than any other handheld recording device. Let’s check out the top 5 voice recording apps which will come handy as per your recording requirements.

voice recorder

Rated 4.0 Sound & Voice Recorder ASR by NLL
If you like to share your recordings with multiple people and want to have wider variety of file saving option in different formats, you should go for this one, you have options to save files in .wav, .OGG, .FLAC, .MP4 and .3GP. Quality control option are very easy to use, added with automatic echo cancellation, auto start recording. It has recording widget and that supports background recording. It has very sensitive vu meter and file management with this app is very user friendly.

Rated 4.2 Audio Recorder – by Sony Mobil Communication
This is official Sony app, exceptionally easy graphic user interface, if you are recording a concert or close up interview this is the best app, and if your phone support 5 pole audio connector then this app is definitely meant for you as this app is capable of capturing 3D surround sound effect for which it needs phone which supports 5 pole audio connector, one such mobile with 5 pole connector is Sony Xperia.

Rated 4.2 Easy Voice Recorder – By Digipom
Easy voice recorder is just like its name easy to use. Very user friendly and useful for meetings, personal notes, classes with no time limit. It support only three formats that is PCM, AAC and ASR. This app also support background recording which can be handled by on screen widgets. It has a PRO version also which is not free, but that is bundled with added feature like stereo recording, Bluetooth microphone recording and best feature that is automatic skip silence.

Rated 4.4 Voice Recorder – by lovekara
This one is the app which allows you to save file in MP3 format which really helps save lot of space in your phone. So with this format you can save recordings of hundreds of hours duration. It has maximum quality options as per users requirements. File management is real easy and it also supports background recording.

Rated 4.4 Smart Voice Recorder – Smartmob
This is the awesome software with all smart features enabled in it. It is high quality recorder with “Skip Silence” feature that saves lot of space within the recordings. You can use it for continuous recording without need to worry about the dead air eating space, it is best for concert, classroom, personal notes, interviews recordings. It has user friendly interface with background recording enable, option to save file in location of your choice and to share online via email, whatsapp, Google drive etc.. With so many features amazing part is that the app size is just 744KB.

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There are many who do market research on the popularity of various smartphone devices. The market research and the analysts constantly jot down estimates about the popularity of the different devices and the devices and brands liked by the people. China has a great potential for the fake and imitative devices and there is a sprawling industry to accomplish this.
There is an ideal developer in China, namely the AnTuTu which has great coverage in the market, regularly thousands of smartphone devices log in to the server to submit the data. There are plenty of devices which log in and there are genuine as well as the phones that are imitated version of the famous brands.

Android Virus Antivirus

The most popular brands are often victims of the imitation. Xiaomi and Samsung are the most popular brands all over and China is not an exception. AnTuTu has found in their survey that Xiaomi and Samsung are the two brands which are most widely copied and most faked smartphones in the market. Xiaomi which enjoys a market share of 37.3 % whereas the market share of Samsung phones are whopping 30.96 %. Together a market share above 68%, obviously they are the most faked brands.
Samsung had assumed the number one position in the smartphone devices market in the world and was dominating the market share for a considerable time, however now Xiaomi has proved to be a strong competitor and is mainly responsible for the declining market share. Even in the field of imitation Xiomi seems to have overtaken Samsung.
In China therefore Xiaomi and Samsung are the two most popular brands that are faked in the Android phones market.

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After the release of Office for iOS devices and tablets, now Microsoft announced the preview of Office for the Android smartphones. Microsoft has provided a single app with Office Android experience. As expected, the new software of Android Office will be working with any cloud providers.Now the users can access their documents faster, one can create, open or edit and save files from the Android smartphones anytime and from anywhere. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint all shall be available to the user now. Many users are still not very much accustomed to this new style of cross-platform working pattern of Microsoft.

android office

This is only yet another step of Microsoft in its task of taking Office to every platform popularly used by the customers. The company’s Office 365 is performing very appreciably tagging with millions of customers both from business and private sector consumers. There is new PowerPoint and Excel apps for the Android phones. Microsoft has many more new places to add. The company had already covered OS Windows’s desktops, iPhones, iPad’s, and now it is applicable on the Android Phones as well. The software company has already checked every box.

Worth noting fact is that Microsoft’s iOS and Android apps are very popular and the proof of this lies in the fact that they have crossed the 100 million download mark recently.
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Reckless Getaway is a super racing game with a twist and turns. You are a getaway race driver, trying to evade the law and control having performed a bank robbery. The controls are very simple; the vehicle speed is auto controlled, and just you have to do is steer right and left, avoiding traffic and obstacles until you are par on the safe zone. There are power-ups that can be treated to assist you, including a jump, speed boost and EMP.It’s not only about getting to the end of the level however you get rewarded for collecting coins and loot on the highway, as well as hitting and pulling off stunning stunts. Just do this and you get rewarded with stars which unlock new levels to play ahead.
Be at risk, however, the more your car gets thrashed, the less stars you can collect. Getting all four stars on a level is difficult to do, but not impossible. It’s a damn rewarding!!!

Download Reckless Getaway Free for Android


  • The intuitive controls make the game easily and immediately accessible.
  • The graphics are awesome, inspired by brand games, for smoother game-play.
  • The focus to detail really makes the game-play stand out unique, including a plane flying above the head in one level, or trams and trains blocking your way.
  • The level design is superb. There is seventeen road tracks to race on, each with their own specification.
  • The two different ways to play the game adds novelty. You can try to collect coins and perform dramatized stunts, or make and destroy as much as you can. The next mode has you driving a large lorry, and is a great addition.
  • The physics are impressive, and veering in and out of road traffic is great fun.
  • The game depends on trial-and-error a bit too much. You need to play through the levels many times to discover all the new routes, and plan out which is the best one to take.
  • Understandably given the hint of the graphics, the game is a bit of a battery consumer.

The game requires a large download after first install (about 26mb). It doesn’t hint you to download this (it just starts on initial load, but can be cancelled and stopped). Something to bear in mind WiFi is not available.
There’s currently no “lite” game version, so can’t be tried before you buy, save for the 15-minute extra period.
To speed things up, WiFi is recommended or get on 3G data connection.
Download Reckless Getaway for Android

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Buckle up, you’re in for the ride of your life. Hit the gas and hold on tight, outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and out-drive your buddies – in the most dangerous and thrilling Need for Speed yet. Are u ready to be dare to be the Most Wanted ? Need for Speed Most Wanted is a high quality immersive game .The game has absolutely awesome graphics .It level up mobile gaming platform to its utmost last limits succeeding effortlessly.

MAKE TROUBLE GET WANTED: Clash with street racers and evade a relentless police force . Chase and race with hot cars like the, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha and SRT Viper GTS and also many others. Feel the high level intensity of no brakes to stop high street racing with realistic or practical full-car damage for the first time on smartphone.
LEAVE YOUR MARK: Log into point source to tab the Wanted List and check out who is the Most Wanted across every platforms and among your buddies. Then challenge or beat your friends and prove racing skills and techniques in nonstop invincible competition.


  • Drive and specifically customize over 40 of the world’s most hot and exciting cars.
  • Race the way you want! Pace up! By appealing demand, one can now tilt or touch to steer.
  • Use Mods to intensify your car and get ahead in style.
  • Experience the drama with mind-boggling graphics and intensified full-car damage.
  • Earn Pace Points to unlock new superlative cars.
  • Rig out your phone with an exclusive and live Most Wanted wallpaper.
  • Your rivals will do many things to stop you from getting to the ace – but in this speedy world, there can be one and only Most Wanted

Installing NFS Most Wanted on Smartphone

1. Copy Data to ‘SD card/data’
2. Install APK
3. Launch or run Game

To speed things up, WiFi is recommended or get on 3G data connection. So speedsters feel the speed like never before with Need For Speed Most Wanted. Vroom Vroom!!!