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The mobile industry is forever changing and new phone models are being released to the market almost every month. With too many companies making their own adjustments and research and new phone models are born. But of course, every single one of those models is different from each other. Now, it is June at the year of 2016. Still, old or new, there are older models which outcast’s new ones in many ways. Just which new models are there to contend for the higher positions? Is it the New models or the Old models? Which phones are high in terms of quality but still into the budget? Here are our 5 best Android phones under 10000 in India this June 2016.

Best Android Phone under 10000 in India June 2016

Android Phone under 10000 in India June 2016

5. Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus was announced on February released last April 2016. It runs on Android 5.1 and having a Snapdragon 616 chipset, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 processor and Adreno 405 as GPU. It is quite of an all-purpose phone right at our budget. It is currently priced at Rs.9,499.


4. LeTV (LeEco) Le 1S

LETV Leeco 1s 4G Phablet

Next would be LeTV’s Le 1s which was released last October 2015.  Even you can say that it would be one of the older ones in the list but don’t get fooled by its age. Its specs might be better than many of the new phones released today. With its 2.2 GHz Octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage you can say that age are only numbers, well everything is about numbers after all. It is currently priced at the range of Rs. 9,308 – Rs. 10,999.


3. Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

Another old model alright. It was released On June 2015 last year; still, it goes in to our list. It runs on Android 5.1 having a 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 processor and Adreno 306 as GPU. It is a good phone especially for Samsung Galaxy Lovers.

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2. Samsung Galaxy On7 

Samsung Galaxy On7

Another from Samsung and a younger model compared to J5. Samsung Galaxy On7 was released last November 2015. It runs on Android 5.1 as OS while it has a 1.2 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon Processor. It has 8GB Internal memory and 1.5 GB RAM.  It is powered by a 3000 mAh battery.


1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


And here comes a flagship. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 was released last November 2015. It has Android 5.1 as OS and has a 1.4 GHz Hexa-core Snapdragon 650 Processor. Its RAM is 2 GB and having a 16 GB Internal memory while supporting external storage which can be expanded up to 128 GB. A 16 MP rear camera also adds to its power. All of this at the price of Rs. 9,999.

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Many phones could contend but they are the ones currently on our list. As said, smartphone industry is almost changing, we won’t know but they might come a time that a phone with higher specs comes at half the price, that would be awesome. These are ones of the best out there that is around or under Rs.10,000.

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The word malware is a short form of malicious software, it’s a kind of software that gets installed on your Android phone or tablet and is used to interrupt and affect its operation, take sensitive information, access to private data, steal passwords, check browser history, get access to other device connected to a network and record calls. All these information is then sent to untrusted or third parties.

Android Virus Malware

How the malware and viruses enter in your Android phones or tablets?

Nowadays different companies and developers offer free of cost applications for your android phones that are available in Google play store and others websites. These companies generate the revenue for their application by displaying different types of ads on their apps. The application that is free is not 100% trustworthy. They sometimes contain different virus’s code that enters and harm your device.

From 2012, there are some well-known applications like wallpaper dragon ball, different wallpaper apps and games like finger hockey and subway surfer free tips. These apps enter and steal confidential information and send it to third parties.

Steps to protect yourself from malware that enters your android device or tablets:

Step 1:

All the malware and viruses enter in the device through different software, so, to protect yourself do not install applications on your device other than Google play store.

Step 2:

For more security always allow installations from trusted and verified sources only. Because of this, your device will never install the application which is harmful.

Step 3:

If u are installing application other than Google play store then before downloading it check its review and rating and comments of people because it will help you protect from malware software.

Steps to remove virus or malware from android phone or tablets:

If u face some problem and you come to know that your phone is infected by a malware or virus then ask few questions from yourself:

  1. Has the problem started after downloading some apps?
  2. Have you recently installed an application other than Google play store?
  3. Do you click or open some ads?
  4. Does the problem occur in by running some installed applications?

If u have done any of the above problems experienced, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Stop all the recently used applications in your device. To stop all the applications double tab or press the home button and cancel all the running apps.

Step 2:

Close all the running application from application manager.

Go to Apps > Settings > Application Manager > Force stop.

Step 3:

Uninstall that application which you have recently installed in your device by following:

Apps > Settings > Application Manager > Uninstall.

Step 4:

After this, run your antimalware or antivirus application. Different types of antivirus or antimalware are Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, Avast, Pandora etc.

Step 5:

If all the above steps are not working and failed to remove a malware from your device then use the final step that is “factory restore or factory data reset”. This option will delete all the files and data in the device.

To protect your precious data, take a backup of all of the data and then follow these steps:

Apps > Settings > Backup and Reset > Restore Factory Settings/ Factory Reset.

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LG announced the launch of its much awaited smartphone in the specially organized events in London and New York at the same time. The new smartphone to arrive will be LG G4. The company has laid stress on three aspects primarily, the design, display and camera. The unique leather back is special from the vegetable tanning which is premium and used by very few in the market. However all the models of G4 will not sport the leather back, but may be with removable plastic cover in ceramic white or metallic grey.

lg g4 cover

Lg G4 specifications, Design, Camera Features

LG G4 will come with 5.5 inch with LCD panel with best and accurate colour projection. This new smartphone will be having Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 having the 64-bit chipset. The hexa-core processor in a dual-core Cortex A 57 and also quad-core Cortex A 53, that has better performance than the Exynos 7420. The smartphone contains 3 GB RAM, the internal memory storage will be 32 GB and will have the capacity of expansion with microSD card. The LG G4 comes with wireless charging. There is 3000 mAh battery and the 1.8A battery charger and the battery is user replacable.

The most important aspect in the announcement was the camera in G4. The camera app offers a number of modern features like high ISO setting, live histogram and manual shutter speed. The camera can record RAW images. The capacity of shooting panoramas is also very high at 104 MP, higher than even the Galaxy S6 which is 60 MP. While the rear camera is of 16 MP the supporting front camera is of 8 MP calibre, and both can shoot videos at 2160 p. LG G4 will be presently available for sale only in the home turf, which means now only in the Korean markets and the rest of the markets may have to wait a bit.

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In this era of technology it is now possible to connect a pen drive to your Smartphone. Earlier people use to only connect their smart phones to PC or Laptop for transferring files. But now with the help of some connectors available, the user is able to connect his phone to pen drive and transfer files.
With the help of the USB on the go cable adapter also known as USB OTG cable, you can connect your smart phone to pen drive. With the help of this cable you can also connect your smart phone to a gaming console and enjoy a better experience of gaming. USB OTG is available on all the retail stores and online stores and is not expensive. The price of this cable is between 10$ – 35$.

Jolla Phones

This USB OTG supports only selected Smart phones for connection to a pen drive. So, first check the list of smart phone which is compatible with this cable before buying. Different connectors are used for different phones for this purpose.

But in order to connect your smart phone with this cable you need to follow some important instructions. To connect a USB OTG cable, it’s necessary that your Android Device is ROOTED first. Let’s have a look at some of the steps which user needs to follow in order to connect his Smartphone.

Install Stick Mount app from Google play store

First of all you must install the Stick Mount app on your phone. This app will help you to access all the files on the pen drive.

Plug in the USB OTG safely

After downloading the app, connect the USB OTG safely to your Smartphone. After connecting the connector, plug in the pen drive to it.

Open the app and seek permission

Now open Stick Mount app and grant permission for having access on pen drive files. In future the app will never ask you for granting permission if you set this permanently by selecting “use by default for this USB device” in the app settings.

Transfer files from your device or pen drive

Once you grant permission, you will have access to all the files on your device and pen drive. This will help you in copying and moving files from one destination to another.

In order to use this cable, ROOT your Android device, but make sure that it is done by an expert because you may lose the warranty of your smart phone if it is not done properly. You can also connect USB OTG cable to your smart phone if it is not rooted, on selected phones. You can use this cable on Nexus 5 even if it is not rooted by installing Nexus Media Importer application.

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It looks like the occasion has come to welcome a newbie of Samsung Mega family. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be hitting the market soon according to sources. The great share of Android users has gone addicted of using bigger screens from the past few years. With the motive of creating their bigger than every Smartphone Screen, Samsung has implanted a massive 5.9inch screen in Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. Along with this massive size, this display will be an HD display with screen resolution of 720*1280pixels. This Smartphone is going to be the new innovation of Samsung possessing a 64bit processor along with Quad core Snapdragon 410 clocked at 1.2GHz.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2


Well, no matter the processor has been improved but there should have been a good quantity of improvement in its speed. A large number, this 1.2GHz processor is just an average thing for a Smartphone under these criteria. The best part of the surprise is that the rumours have been saying that this Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be installed with Android L platform. But some of the reports suggest that it will be launched with Android 4.4.3 Kit Kat. Whether this operating system or the Android L, it’s going to be something fresh and unseen. Besides these spectacular features, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be having 8GB of inbuilt storage and 2GB of RAM. In this high specification Smartphone, 8GB memory looks fishy. At least 16GB could have done a far better job. Android always chokes when it comes to internal memory that’s its main problem while as rest of the Operating systems have left this issue far behind.

However 2GB of RAM feels good in coupling with a 64bit Quad core processor. The camera has been rightly housed in this massive giant. It is alleged to have 12MP primary camera and 4.7MP front shooter. The 12MP camera is a right choice for this Smartphone but its an extremely appreciable move from Samsung to use 4.7MP front camera. Otherwise majority of Smartphone’s possess either 2MP or 0.3MP front shooter. This 2MP is average but doest tastes good at times. Also with increasing technology and features, specifications also need to be maximised. There’s no fun in getting stuck at a particular specifications and it’s essential to change the trend with time.

The vast range of sensors is also present which include accelerometer, barometer, gyro meter, compass, proximity sensor, light sensor, etc. It still remained mystery, whether this Smartphone will be made compatible with 4G or not. However rest of the connectivity options are made available on this Smartphone just like the other models. These include Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and NFC. This Smartphone’s future looks directly trapped in the hands of Google. If they would made Android L available for Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 then it will be a great hit in the market otherwise it’s just going to act like a normal Smartphone with a bigger display. Just like the Sources said, it is going it be a low end variant of Galaxy Note.

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As per the latest reports, Indian Smartphone developer Xolo is about to burst out their solo performance in Smartphone world. After coupling with Microsoft for their first ever Android Smartphone which as been unveiled recently Xolo is currently working on their new Android Smartphone which will be featuring Hive UI. This Smartphone has been planned to be put forth in the second week of July. Sources have claimed some of the specifications of this unknown beast from Xolo.

Xolo - The next level


It will be flaunting a 5inch HD display countered with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It’s going to operate on an octa core processor coupled with a 2GB of RAM. This is such an amazing coupling done by Xolo here. The octa core processor will really take this Smartphone experience farther beyond than we can imagine. It has also been claimed that there will be highly innovated modifications in over the Android. The Hive UI has been claimed to be based upon Kit Kat. The icons, themes and animations will be redesigned in this model of Xolo. The main screen of Xolo will be showing up with applications like Xolo Connect, Xolo edge, Xolo secure, etc. The latest hints from the Xolo official page gives us an idea the Hive UI will be extremely customisable. They had earlier cited that “there will be everything the way you want, muic will be yours, contacts will be yours”, etc. But the fact still remains veiled because this project hasn’t been finished yet but Xolo is still working on developing icons and themes. It will also update the play store of Xolo through which applications can be downloaded extensively.

There was no word made about the price of this beast but the specifications are too high end and price will obviously be little raised up. Surprising Xolo also released their first windows Smartphone Q900s. It briefly features a 4.7inch HD display, Snapdragon 200 quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 8MP and 2MP cameras. The battery is 1800mAh. The specifications suggest that this is a very basic Smartphone with a single good thing in it as 8MP camera rest of the features are basic. However the Hive UI if successfully implanted will take Xolo to the real new next level. This is because after extensive use of Android basic interfaces, everyone wants to feel and see something new now. No matter Android is still the best but a smart touch up can do a great job for Xolo and the price hiking for this Smartphone should be the rollercoaster ride for Xolo. The price needs to suit the Indian market at the first priority. Let’s see their next level in the next week.

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The Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer Asus has released their new Smartphone Asus Zenfone5 in April 2014 and will be made available soon for Indian market. Looking at its specifications, it is expected to be available between 15000-20000 Rs. Let’s take a look at its specifications and discover whether this Smartphone is worth the price or not.

Asus Zenfone 5

Asus ZenFone5 is implanted with a 5inch HD IPS display with screen resolution of 720*1280pixels and sheltered with corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The display quality is vivacious and comprehensible giving high definition stroke smoothness.

The weight of ZenFone5 is 154g and 10.3mm thick. This isn’t certainly the slim phone but holds quite good in hands and gives a sturdy look. The highly refined plastic gives a rich feel in hands and the looks are pretty cool.

The most enchanting feature of ZenFone5 is its new user interface. Asus has completely refurbished the whole UI of their ZenFone5. The most essential updating has taken place in its notification bar where we have got many more options to go for. The basic icons of different applications have also been redesigned giving it this Smartphone a fresh look. The lock screen of ZenFone5 has also been upgraded which includes a feature of just going for some basic applications like camera, music, etc through your lock screen directly.

The biggest part of the surprise is the incorporation of dual core Intel Atom processor clocked at a good speed of 1.6GHz. To get the maximum benefit from the processor and to run the interface and applications smoothly it has been coupled with 2GB of RAM. ZenFone5 also provides 8GB of internal storage for storing your stuff. This internal storage is also expandable up to 64GB. In the connectivity and networking section, ZenFone5 is compatible with 2G and 3G networks and includes connectivity options of Bluetooth v4.0, WIFI, GPS, etc. The ZenFone5 will be launched with Android Jelly bean 4.3 out of box and latter on will be upgraded to Kit Kat.

ZenFone5 will be flaunting 8MP primary camera with resolution of 3264*2448pixels and additional camera features include auto focus, LED flash and geo-tagging. A 2MP front shooter will be available for video calling.

It looks like ZenFone5 is also following the trend of rest of the developers in the sense that 2MP shooter is being used extensively in mid range Smartphone’s and in some high end’s too. Asus has done the same thing. The too things where Asus ZenFone5 can compete with the global market is its Intel processor and newly redesigned interface. Otherwise the rest of the features are ordinarily same for all Smartphone’s in this range. So far the description of this Smartphone led us to the idea that there’s nothing special but it’s also a good Smartphone with overall good features in this line up. Moreover, if you are an Asus fan, then there can be hundred reasons for buying this Smartphone. In the other hand, at this handful of money you can roam at some different models from different developers excessively.

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The ever mounting Play store has got something new and something productive for you this week of July 2014. Developers are focused hard on bringing out innovative social platforms and their applications have become highly advanced. Keeping that in mind we have provided you with the best productive applications presently developed by them. You don’t need to roam around here and there because Phone Lane is here to help you. Just give us your feedback and the stuff you need. We are always willing to help our readers in any situation. Whether it’s Smartphone buying counseling, rooting problem or something more serious, frequent drainage, insufficient RAM, we are listening.


Addappt: It’s a perfect business application to keep your contacts synced from all networks at one platform and stay up to date with them. It’s just the best substitute for your default contacts bar since it takes care of your privacy and shows your friends only that much of info which you want to show off. When you update your contact info in your Smartphone addapt contact bar, it will also update the same info in your friends contact menu.

WeatherBug: This is the best suited application for these summers where unexpected rains and thundering can occur at any time. Stays connected with world’s largest weather networking service through this application and be aware of weather conditions prevailing around you. The immense features of this service include Spark lightning proximity alerts, 10 days extended forecast, Spark alerts, live weather cams and many more exploding features are available.

Everypost: It is a social multimedia content posting application very beneficial for content creators and bloggers worldwide. It allows you to post content on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Your content can have as many characters as you want to post I.e. there is no 140 character restriction. You can post almost everything like images, text and videos. Other main features are Twitter text, trending topics, etc.

SeedMail: This colorful email client is the most robust email client developed recently. It provides access to every popular email servers like Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo, Apple mail, etc. It also supports Microsoft exchange via IMAP and EWS. A wide range of file extensions is supported like JPG, PDF, XLS, DOC, etc. Moreover this email client is available to you in different languages namely Chinese, English, Dutch and Spanish.

Jamie’s 20 minute meals: It is an interesting cookery application grown trendy within no time and had also touched peaks when launched on ios by the name of Jamie’s 20 minute meals. It has now finally arrived for android. It includes recipe of 65 delicious meals and each meal is explained step by step along with embedded photos. It teaches you everything from cooking to eating. Its shopping list feature makes it easier to remind the ingredients you need to cook.

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Following the release of low budget kit Kat running Smartphone’s from Motorola and Micromax in the past week, Celkon has also laid its foundation in this category and has unpredictably bring out the cheapest Kit Kat running Smartphone in the market so far named as Campus A35K. This Smartphone is priced around Rs 3000 only which is very exceptional in the world of Smartphone technology and has given a great blow to the rest of low budget Smartphone developers. With such low prices the budget friendly Indian mindset, it is easy to see that Celkon want a piece of the pie for the Indian market. We will have to wait and watch how this develops over the period of time as the New Campus phone is ideal for students and techies who want a phone with latest OS but still very low of the spend factor.

Celkon Campus A35K

This Smartphone comprises of 3.5 inch display with screen resolution of 320*480 pixels which would look like a blurred image at thorough look because of such a low screen resolution but we are bind with the price tag it shows off. Its single core processor speed is clocked at 1 GHz with just 256 MB RAM which isn’t effective for running Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 but its mysterious that how celkon made it possible.

Internal storage capacity is 512 MB. But it won’t affect your Smartphone because its memory is expandable up to 32GB. Moreover it contains a 3.2MP primary camera along with LED flash and 0.3 MP front camera for video calling. This camera isn’t good enough to take nice pictures but still matches with the price. However 2G and 3G networks are available in this Smartphone which is nice for this range and at least one thing where we don’t need to compromise. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A proximity and ambient light sensor is present where as it’s devoid of rest of the sensors.

It is backed with a typical 1200mAh battery which looks very low but it can make a day on soft usage because of its limited specifications but hard usage will result in its complete drainage with few hours. Battery capacity should have been little better but it looks like an indigestible fact under this range of price so we would have to live with it. Among all the specifications of this Smartphone the most essential feature it has got is Kit Kat 4.4.2 which made us to think about buying this Smartphone while as the rest of features are very compromising. Kit Kat is going to act as the chief reason for people to buy this Smartphone and it’s still better than buying a candy bar keypad phones priced above Rs 3000.

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When it comes to possessing a high quality smart phone there is no match to Sony Xperia Z2. It is considered as one of the best smart phone and is loaded with latest and highly advanced features. Its previous version was a hit with masses and now this latest Z2 version is also latest to rule everybody’s heart in a big way. Here are some top reasons on why to buy Sony Xperia Z2.

Smart phone comes with excellent screen and display

Sony Xperia Z2

The first and foremost good reason to buy this smart phone is that it comes with excellent screen and display. Sony Xperia Z2 has got a 5.2 inches screen that has got a display of 2560 into 1440 resolution. You can see ultra-clear and super-smooth images and movies on this smart phone. This heavy density smart phone is all set to steal everybody’s heart and will definably rule the smart phone market.

Sony Xperia Z2 has got high class camera

Another good reason for buying this smart phone is that it comes with a 20.7 mega pixel rear camera. The advanced optical image stabilization module is perfect for highly sophisticated photography experience. Another best part is that the optics is based on Carl Zeiss optics which is considered as pioneer in photography and camera lens technology. You can click amazingly clear photographs with this smart phone and act like a professional photographer.

Expect powerful battery with complete power saving techniques

One of the best reasons for buying Sony Xperia Z2 is that it comes with a powerful 3700 mAh battery and the special IGZO display helps in reducing the battery consumption of the screen. The quad-core processor is also aimed at utilizing the maximum battery power and reduces the leakages. You can also make full use of the stamina mode which has been upgraded with Android Jelly Bean.

Smart phone is dust proof and water proof

Another major reason why Sony smart phones are being so much liked is that these smart phones are dust proof and water proof. The best part is that all these features are based on advanced technology and the screen is completely protected from scratches as well as dangerous falls. This smart phone can stay into one meter deep water for 30 minutes. The advanced shatter proof technology also helps in saving the smart phone from occasional hazards.

Sony Xperia Z2 has got IGZO display

IGZO is considered as one of the latest technology and it is being used by Apple and Sony in an aggressive manner. This AMOLED display also reduces the overall power consumption by 90 percent which is considered as excellent as you are able to use your smart phone for a longer period of time.

All of these above mentioned reasons are good enough for buying this smart phone. Though there are many more excellent reasons that are available but the above mentioned reasons are considered as best and one must give Sony Xperia Z2 a sincere try.