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Sony Xperia M5 a Smartphone with latest features and specification, is the latest handset by Sony Mobile. The Xperia range started with Windows Operating system and have finally turned and landed on Android OS. It was the first company to come with dust-proof and waterproof certification. Today, Sony has taken the market with its quality of features.

Sony Xperia M5

Sony Xperia M5 and PC Suite

In August 2015, Sony announced Xperia M5. The Smartphone offers 5.00-inch of touchscreen with 1080 X 1920 pixel resolution. It is powered by 2GHz of Octa-Core MediaTek Helio X10 processor. Turning toward its memory section, it offers 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be further expanded to 200GB through MicroSD card. While, speaking of camera section, the Sony Xperia M5 offers 13MP of front camera with ace quality for selfies and 21.5-MP as rear camera. It runs on Android 5.0, with non-removable battery power 2600mAh. To sate the dimension of a Smartphone, it measures 145.00 X 72.00 X 7.60 and weighing around 142.50-gram.

A phone with such great features and specifications, runs into a need of having PC Suite. PC Suite is an application which forms a bridge between PC and device. One can smoothly transfer all content from PC to the device or vice versa. Taking backup, restoring content, updating firmware can all be done on one click. A glimpse of the Sony Xperia M5 might tempt you to get your hand on this device, surely this device worth a take! With off-course, downloading and installing PC Suite.
Download Sony Xperia M5 PC Suite

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Google has recently claimed that their Android phones don’t need any kind of antivirus or protection. Our way of crafting the applications for Android is far different than rest of the operating systems. The Android Security head mentioned that Android OS is designed in such a manner that the antivirus and protection applications can’t give you any protection, no matter how sophisticated the Antivirus is, it will be useless n majority of Android devices. He warned that instead of wasting your money on buying anti viruses, you should spend it on something else because here it’s getting wasted. He carried on his statement and added that Android applications are highly purified and refined before being posting on Google Play Store. Also the misbehaviour of Android application during installation is considerably low.

Android Virus Antivirus


There’s a lot of difference between Android operating Systems and desktop operating system, and he assured that you will never see a malicious application from Android. He also highlighted the upcoming projects of Google while he was having a conversation with journalists at Mountain View Headquarters a day before the commencement of Android I/O 2014. He laid focus on advancing Android operating system from Smartphone’s to TVs, cars and other gadgets. He also slammed Tim Cook by saying that the other operating Systems produce the number of malicious programs ever present in store but they never say how many persons were affected by those applications. The users of Android have themselves chosen to use different Anti viruses otherwise Google doesn’t need them. Our focus is always paid towards promoting bug free and safe application in our Store. It’s just a confusion created in the minds of people that Android is a very malicious operating system otherwise there’s nothing like this.

The 99 percent of Antivirus users on Android phones will get zero benefit from them he assured. People should understand that they don’t need anything to protect, Android super vision is always safeguarding their Store. The only benefits you can get from those anti viruses is the warnings they give you sometimes on showing threat, this will maintain a consciousness in people. He also said that Android is staying this thing since a long period of time. After the launch of “charlants and Scammers” by an Android engineer in 2011 he criticised Android for being the most malicious operating system. This was not any virus but a bug which was filtered then and these developers are just tricking people for buying their Anti viruses. They are causing threat to the people and people start giving them loads of money and start using those anti viruses. This is what they want, otherwise there’s no need of Antivirus in our platform. People should get out of this night mare of virus when it comes to Android. He also make it clear that latest version of Android is the safest version of Android so it’s better to stay updated to the latest version of Android.

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Both the mobile platforms iOS and Android are at the peak of their advancement but still there are a lot of reasons for which Android platform is still far behind than iOS. We are saying this not because of iPhone fandom but we have seen lot of pit falls in Android which however are eradicated in iOS. We are going to share some of those drawbacks of Android here with you who make iOS better, safer and secure than Android.

IOS vs Android

1. Security:

It’s obvious to you that in today’s age, our Smartphone’s need much more security than our wallets do. We have got personal data like photos and videos stored in our Smartphone which can be highly confidential. Both ios and Android can be secured by using password feature. But my friend let me tell you this feature is no longer helpful to you when it comes to storage of data in memory card. Android Smartphone’s always start lagging when we store data in their internal memory which simply implies that their operating system cannot handle too much data so most of the Android users store their data in their SD cards exposing their data to unwilling threat. However iOS has no lagging problem for how much data you store in internal memory. It has overcome the problem because of data and even if your iPhone is stolen, they will need to reinstall it’s software which will wipe out all your personal data automatically keeping you always at safer side.

2. Custom hardware:

When it comes to Android platform, there are lot of hardware specifications available. Like single core, dual core, Adreno 330 GPU and Mali- 400 GPU. The various Android manufacturers often choose the hardware which is price and performance friendly and when it comes to latest software updates, the developers aren’t aware to the fact that will the Smartphone get upgraded to the new version or not. Even in some cases a cheap quality custom hardware can be used which will result in breakdown of Smartphone within some time. You might be known to the fact that Android is an open source program so every developer forks it the way it’s beneficial for them without caring for the Smartphone work out and Software up gradations in future. On the other hand iOS lies in hands of some selected brains who manufacture models once for all compatible with versions of iOS. The hardware and software combination of iPhone goes linearly which makes it a preferred choice.

3. Interface:

IOS operating system is still much more flawless and smoother than Android even after release of huge number of updates. This feature doesn’t need too much explanation because we experience it in our life normally. This is because there’s a common processing unit in Android which manage both core processing of applications as well as user interface. This makes Android user interface rough sometimes when it comes to heavy application usage. This technique is not present in iOS. They have got a separate unit for user interface processing which always keeps flowing smooth no matter how heavy a running application is.

4. Application Compatibility and Mimics:

Whenever an application is launched by any agency or organization, it is first made available for ios and then latter on for Android and Windows platform. This is only because iOS is the best safer and secure operating system than rest f the Smartphone’s. No matter how huge specifications they use in developing Android Smartphone, still all the heavy applications and games are first workable on iOS. When Android fails to get the same application for them then only option left for them is mimicking the iOS application. For example a huge time before an iPhone game Run like Hell was developed that couldn’t be mimicked so Android introduced the same concept in their Temple Run which clearly shows the superiority of iOS over Android.

5. Looping results into pitfall:

When Android first came into existence, they started developing complicated controls and applications which needed users to have enough time on learning of how to use it. After mimicking iOS they are also trying to make interface as simple as possible in every upgrading version because complications lead to threats and lags. However iOS from the very beginning tried to be simple and is still getting more users friendly with each new upgrade. Therefore much less loop holes and pitfalls will be present in iOS as compared to Android.

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Soon after cell phone giant Blackberry made its USP- BBM (blackberry messenger) available to install on Android platform, a newbie OS in mobile industry- Sailfish seems like another player shaking hand with current market leader for making its mark on android users. The parent company of Sailfish OS -Jolla, is showing its keen interest in making their Linux based mobile OS available to all android based smart phones and tablets.
In recent conversation Jolla’s CEO Tomi Pienimäki had unveiled the upcoming planning of his company to provide the joy of using their multi tasking user interface enabled OS to all the Android users. This Meego inspired Sailfish OS has already attracted the minds of several smart phone users due to its simplistic and customizable hardware and its ability to run Android apps with ease.

Now as per company’s CEO, to distribute its Sailfish OS as widely as possible, the best way is to make Sailfish OS available on websites that are used by millions of smart phone users for upgrading their older versions of Android. According to company, “android users know what they are doing when it comes to installing any customized software, so we need not to teach these users how to install and use this Sailfish OS on their devices. All we need to do is to see whether Sailfish is sailing smoothly on all the different android platforms”.

Although it seems like strategy is still in its early days, but doing promotion of this newest and probably the most comprehensive mobile operating system by using existing market leader OS as its launch pad is definitely an exciting idea. Even though Pienimäki did not disclose all his cards regarding possible plan and distribution schedule, he suggested that the company will generate it revenue not by selling their OS but by the means of providing apps, services and advertisement.
So all in all one can say that Jolla has made a smart move by giving all current android users a chance to try their hands on this newly rising, sweet-sounding mobile OS which may be in future would give a taut competition to the Android’s empire.So, what do you think, is it worthwhile installing Sailfish on your android device?

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How many know that Android is an open source and free operating system? If you don’t, then now you do. Then why is it that every time there is any mention of Android, even Google is there right alongside it? Google calls itself an international company, then why does it not launch apps for other OS like Blackberry,IOS and Windows as enthusiastically like Android? Some questions like these we actually need to ask and not just stay quite.

android kitkat

Google with its apps and services integrated with Android OS has literally owned Android. They have taken over this entire OS and subsequently the market almost the very same way Alexander took over the world. Start from a small territory and go on to add to it until the entire thing is taken and no one will ever come to know about it.

We are not complaining about anything, Google has for sure made Android experience a very rich one, but still that does not mean Google “owns” Android. Agreed that Google did financially back the development of Android, but it is still open source software which Google is only permitted to release it under the Apache License. Now consider this, an open source software means anyone can make their own version and release it or use for themselves. But has anyone ever come across any version of Android being released which is custom made and does not come under the banner of Google?

Now lets talk about the apps. There are over 6 third party app stores, but always Google Play, which is a Google owned app store comes pre-loaded into the device. And if we check the custom overlays that are laid on top of Android by various manufacturers, even they still include the pre-loaded App Store. So the question, why not any other App Store is installed in Android. There are geeks out there who do, but then that ends up in the voiding of warranty at times if some issue is caused.

This brings us to a question, do you really think Android is open source anymore? Or has Google smartly taken over the entire reigns of the operating system. Let us know what you think by commenting below. Your thoughts are always welcome. And as far as we go, yes Google has taken over the Android OS completely and that is very evident from the fact as to how they release a new version with every Nexus phone or tablet that they introduce in the market.

We are not saying Android is bad with Google, but the point here is that Android which is supposed to be an open source, is now one only for namesake, but has not remained that anymore. But we are not going to stop using it anyways now isn’t it?