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The Android One initiative is spreading its reach in all direction, they are coming with more affordable Smartphones which has reached second generation. These Smartphones will take the handset to new level. Recently, LAVA Pixel V1 was officially revealed. According to some news, the LAVA Pixel V1 will come with 5.5-inch of display screen with IPS 720p of resolution. The handset will sport Asahi Dragontrail Glass protection. They have not openly stated about the chipset, but it’s been stated that the handset will come with Mediatek MT6582 coupled with Quad-core processor with 1.3GHz of clock speed. It runs on Mali-400MP2 GPU. To speak about memory section, it comes with 2GB -RAM and 32GB-internal memory which can be further expanded through MicroSD card.

lava pixel v1

To speak about camera section, it comes with 13-MP of rear camera and 8MP of front facing camera. It is built with f/2.0 lens and with single-LED flash. The handset measures 152.1 X 76.3 X 8.5mm which weighs 135gram. LAVA Pixel V1 Smart-phone is powered by 2,650mAh Li-Po battery. The battery power will support for long time 20-hours for 2G and 12-hours for 3G. It will run on 5.1.1 OS Android Lollipop version. The Smart-phone comes with a price tag of 11,349 INR which makes $177 approx.
As the Smart-phone is released today, critics have not yet passed their reviews yet! Hope the Smart-phone earns good feedback.

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Past week there were plenty of rumours revolving around, about the Google will soon be launching Android One smartphone under LAVA flagship. The Android One Smartphone will only be released in India. According to few insiders the Smartphone named ‘Iris X5’ with 4G LTE will soon appear in the market to give a fight competition to other Smartphone manufacturers in India.To get in depth of the features and specifications, the handset is powered by Quad-core processor coupled with a clock speed of 1.3GHZ and MediaTek MT6735 Soc Chipset. It sports Mali-T720GPU promising to offer a smooth gaming experience.

Save Money Android

It runs on latest 5.1-Android lollipop version. It sports 4.6-inch of display screen with 1280 X 720 pixel resolution. And about the camera, it offers 12-MP of rear camera and 7-MP of front facing camera to capture quality of selfies. The Smartphone offers 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.The above mentioned details are yet to be confirmed by the officials. But it looks like the upcoming second-Generation Iris X5-4G with Android One Smartphone is very much awaited Smartphone under LAVA’s basket. Let’s hope for good and users get good benefits from the Smartphone.

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Undoubtedly Google is a very focused to start the initiative to reach a billion of people with its Android One program. But other players in the race too are giving tough competition by expanding their wings in Indian Market. The Korean Company LG is all set to double its current 4 to 5% of market share in the country this year. LG is all set to roll with its new device called LG G4, which is recently launched. There are huge expectations tied to the release of the Smartphone. LG has set its expectations to sell over 100,000 units of flagship in India by the end of this current year. LG G4 comes with a slight high price tag of INR 51,000 which is approximately $800. The Smartphone comes under category of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge S6.

lg g4 cover

LG is also popular with other Smartphone under range of 15000INR which is again pretty close to Android One Phones. The competition between LG G4 and Android One will surely be creating a huge buzz in Indian Market. But LG G4 is focused to target on budget segments and developing huge market. LG has already established two manufacturing plants and have earned valuable clients with its brilliant products.

What is your take on the battle between Android One and LG G4? Will the competition will become pretty ambitious and bold?

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When Android One stepped in tech world, a decent buzz was created by the operating system. Android One debuted with great promises also with quick and timely update. The prime factor that gain more popularity with Android One was timely update, which are hardly overcome by biggies. Despite of this plus-point, the Android One was sailing with KitKat version for quite few months now!
But it seems like, the wait has come to end. Finally, users can get Android 5.1 update version as sweet treat on your Smartphones. The OTA update soon will be landing on Android One device to step forward with Lollipop version. Android One users can check with OTA LMY470 build update

Spice Dream UNO Android One

Android 5.1 comes to Android One

  • Spice Dream Uno
  • Karbonn Sparkle V
  • Symphony Roar A50
  • Micromax Canvas A1

The update is quite easy, process is not that difficult. But updates must be followed at your own risk. All you need to start with is, you must place the zip file on your Android One device, and get ready to boot. But note before proceeding further it is better to get a backup of data of your Smart-phone. Then just with simple click, you can update and install on phone and reboot.

Are you curious to get new update?

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Android One users here’s a good news for you! If you have recently grabbed Micromax Canvas A1, Spice Dream UNO or Karbonn Sparkle V and praying hard to get Lollipop version on your device. Seems like your prayers are getting answered. Very soon Lollipop version will be landing on your Android One with all sparkling features and benefits.
Recently, few new Smartphone which got released in Philippines and Indonesia are not only loaded with Lollipop, but have 5.1 Android running out of the box. On following close with Google India’s promise, Lollipop is few weeks far to get on with this update. Product Management Director, Caesar Sengupta announced that Android One phones in India have already started with Lollipop treat on their handset. The roll-out will be gradual but will soon be released on all stated Smartphone versions.

Android 5 Lollipop

Lollipop comes to Android One phone

The roll-out of Lollipop will be gradually rolling on weekly basis. The OTA notification update will be releasing on selected device. Update might be bit heavy with size, connecting on Wi-Fi will improve your updating speed. Still a final release date is yet to land! An official release of update is not confirmed whether Android One will be updated to Android 5.1 or just 5.0. But it is better to think of connecting to WiFi or faster mode to get all these update quick on our side!


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Few months past, XOLO was newbie in Smartphone world. The sub-brand launched by LAVA. The sub brand of LAVA, XOLO are soon set to come with latest Android Lollipop version. The device will be called as XOLO One, the device is set to release by January 16th 2015. The company has wide plan for this Smartphone, the device will be available through the country. Past few months back, XOLO came with XOLO One with affordable price of 6599INR. The Smartphone was positioned as Android One by Google. Micromax, Spice and Karbon too are Indian vendor who are planning to come with Android One, but in the run of technology, XOLO is first manufacturer, which have rolled their device with latest Lollipop version.
Xolo One

Xolo One comes with Lollipop Update

The business Head Sunil Raina quoted that coming with XOLO One was all possible with help of software team. The prime factor to get Lollipop Android version on XOLO One, was to stay up and ahead in race then competitor.

Around 2,00,000 units of XOLO One was sold last year in October. The company is aiming to double the figure of sales with its more products. According to the business head Sunil Raina, the update will also be seen on other XOLO devices. Very few devices have come with Lollipop Android version.

Another cool news to catch is, XOLO a sub brand of LAVA is also partner with Google with Android One project which will be about to make public appearance in second phase of this year. XOLO One a complete budget phone for 5,500INR with 4.5-inch of display. The Smartphone will be powered by MediaTek 1.3GHzGHZ with Mali 400 GPU. Turning to memory section, it has 8GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM.


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Before you should start the procedure to root and unroot the Karbonn Sparkle V, you must understand why it is done. Well, there are numerous benefits that are involved, such as your smart phone will become faster and smooth in functioning. Though it may void the warranty of the phone, but there are many people who consider opting for this procedure as there are many benefits that are involved. Moreover, Karbonn Sparkle V is a nice smart phone launched by the Karbonn Company and it comes with loads of amazing procedure. Let us try to find the correct way to root and unroot Karbonn Sparkle V.

Karbonn Sparkle V Android One

There are many administrative rights that you can get

  • One of the main benefits of rooting your device is that you get full access to the administrative rights of your smart phones. You can also upgrade the mobile operating system as per your requirement. For example, if you have a jelly bean mobile operating system, then you can easily upgrade it to Android Kitkat
  • One of the main requirements for completing this procedure in a successful manner is to make sure that your smart phone has at least 75% battery power and you must allow your smart phone to install applications from unknown resources.

Procedure to root and unroot the device

  • The first and the foremost step is to install the framaroot and make sure that it is properly installed on your device.
  • Next important step is to click on the application that you have installed and select the superSU from the main menu and then select the “BOROMIR”.
  • A confirmation popup will appear and you need to click on ok and the device will reboot. After this step, you will see that you have successfully rooted your Karbonn Sparkle V.

Unroot procedure for the device

  • If in case, you wish to unroot the device then all you need to do is to make sure that the same SuperSU app is opened and then tap on the settings folder.
  • Next important step is to tap on the option called as “Full Unroot”. The device will unroot and you can do whatever you wish to do with your smart phone.

From all of these above mentioned points, you can pretty well judge that the root and unroot procedure for a Karbonn Sparkle V smart phone is quite simple as well as easy.

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If you have just bought a new Micromax Canvas A1 and wish to root and unroot this lovely device, then all you need to do is to follow some basic steps. Before you start this procedure, make sure that the device has minimum 75% battery power and is done carefully. You should also create a backup of your data and other files, so that if any error happens, you can retrieve your important data. Though this rarely happens, but still you need to be on the safer side.

Micromax Canvas A1 Android One

Micromax Canvas A1 is a very nice smart phone and has got loads of amazing new features attached to it. Here is a step by step approach to root and unroot your Micromax Canvas A1.

Let us start with the rooting procedure

  • The first important step is to make sure that the device is connected with the PC with the help of a data cable. As soon as you are going to connect the smart phone, the drivers will get automatically installed.
  • You will get an option to unzip the special binary root tool and if you are not getting this option then make sure that the binary root tool is downloaded. It is very simple to download as there are many online sources which offer this tool free of cost.
  • The next step is to change the device mode from USB storage to media device. Now you should run the runbe.bat file from the main folder and you will see a command prompt like screen in front of your screen.
  • There will be loads of instructions that you need to follow and make sure that all of them are followed in a systematic and dedicated manner . One of the main instructions is to make sure that device type is selected as ’1”. Finally you need to reboot your smart phone and after the restart procedure, few files will be automatically copied on your device. The root procedure is complete and you can enjoy using your smart phone.

The unroot procedure is also very simple

  • In order to unroot your Micromax Canvas A1 device, you need to follow the same process and reach till command prompt step. Here you need to type “X” instead of “1” and hit on the enter button. The device will unroot and you can restart the smart phone.

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When it comes to rooting and unrooting your device, most of us feel that it is a complicated procedure. But the real fact is that it is very easy and there are few basic steps that are required to be followed. The best part is that Spice Dream UNO is a very nice smart phone and comes with latest features such as latest Android One, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage and 5 mega pixel rear cameras. Let us try to learn about the root and unroot procedure of Spice Dream UNO smart phone.

Spice Dream UNO Android One

Basic Requirements

  • One of the most basic requirements is to make sure that the smart phone has got a minimum 60% battery power and you should keep this important thing into your mind that your smart phone’s warranty will void after this procedure.
  • You should also make sure that all the important data such as files, images and videos are backed up at a secure location. Though data lost rarely happens, but you need to make sure that backup is there in the case of any emergency situation.

Root the device by following these simple steps

  • The first and the foremost step is to download and install the APK file. You can easily do that as there are numerous online resources that are available. As soon as the APK file is downloaded on your smart phone, you need to install this file. Click on OK when you see a prompt that “ Google does not recommend you to do this”.
  • As soon as the file is installed, you will see a user interface popping in front of your screen. You need to tap on this option “Make it rain”. This will lead to the start of rooting process and all you need to do is to wait till the process gets completed.

Unroot the device through the same user interface with easy way

  • You can easily unroot the device through the same user interface. All you need to do is to tap on the unroot option and the unrooting process will start. You need to make sure that this API is also uninstalled and the device must be restarted so that the process gets completed. Though there is no need to unroot the device as you will see your smart phone working in a smooth way after the root procedure but still of you want to proceed ahead you can unroot your smart phone as per your requirement.

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Karbonn Sparkle V is a powerful smart phone with 4.5 inch 480 X 580 screen display. This phone has become the choice of many people because of its advance features and its affordable price. This phone runs on Android 4.4.4 operating system and has 4 GB internal storage. Its powerful features like a 1.3 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM and 5 mega pixel cameras make it the best smart phone in mid series phone segment.

Karbonn Sparkle V Android One

Karbon Sparke V pc suite

Karbonn Sparkle V users can download PC suite to make the phone smarter as some high tech features like safety, syncing and many more are unlocked. Let’s have a look at some of the new features which helps its users to make best use of the phone.

User can sync his data
By installing PC suite on your phone, you can easily sync your data like text, images, videos, games, etc. with Google or Ms Outlook. With the help of this function you can receive emails and other important notifications on your phone.

Make your phone safer
User can make his phone more secured as all the applications are automatically updated and there is very less chance of a virus to enter your phone. PC suite directly connects to Google servers for updation of the applications.
See AlsoHow to root and unroot Karbonn Sparkle V Android One

Create a backup of your data
The main feature which is unlocked by installing PC suite on the phone is that the user can create a backup of his data on PC. This helps to recover data easily in case the data becomes corrupt or is lost.

To create a backup, first install PC suite on your phone and then connect the phone to PC through USB cable. A new window will prompt on screen, in which user can select the backup option for creating backups.

How to download and install PC Suite?
To download PC suite on your phone visit Karbonn’s official website and download the PC suite from the given link. Once the download is complete, tap on the downloaded file and start the installation. Once the installation is complete, restart your phone to use PC suite and other new features.

These are some of the major features which users enjoy after installing PC suite on their Karbonn Sparkle V smart phone. There are other exciting features which user can enjoy. Users who has not downloaded PC suite on their phone, download it as soon as possible to enjoy new features to improve the performance of their smart phone.

Android One PC Suite 1
Android One PC Suite 2
Android One PC Suite 3