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ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML unlike conventional phones has a crystallized back which makes it easy to hold and offer natural grips unlike its competitors available in the market. Following the Zen philosophy of design the phone is tuned to provide maximum ergonomic comfort. With an intuitive Ui and amazing craftsmanship ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML  looks a stand-out among its peers. Keeping the theme going ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML is powered by an Intel 64-bit Quad-core Atom processor, along with worlds first dual channel DDR3 4 Gb Ram, along with a 6430 PowerVr Gpu. It runs on Android L, packs a LTE category 4+ and has 60ms touch response time with a 5.5 inch FHD. All packed in amazing crystallized body for an amazing experience.

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ZenFone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML does not looks beautiful it houses amazing dual cameras, a 13 mega-pixel rear camera with 5p Largan Lenses with 2.0 Aperture. Front camera house a 5 mega-pixel camera along with 85 degree wide angel view. With fast charging and a simpler Zen UI its the phone to have.

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As promised we are offering the coupons free for our viewers and the given coupon code is applicable in flash sale from 1st September to 6th September 2015. The coupon code is GBASUSZ4 and its priced at $279.99. Click here to buy directly from

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Ever since the introduction of Android L to the market at some point in Google I/O 2014, Google has always been slipping out little doses of its upgraded features to the world, even after finishing the work on Android L, Why there’s nothing out yet but just a preview and praises. Firstly Google announced that Android L will get 5000 new API’s and the current Dalvik will be replaced by ART but after strong rumours it came into being that to save extra battery life Project Volta will be introduced in Android L. In the form of doses Google is performing their own publicity stunt for making the imagination of world lusty for having Android L.

Android L

The evidence in this support is the self praises of Google stating that Android L I going to be the major update for Android operating system after ice-cream sandwich. Recent news has arrived that Google will no longer be giving updates on their Android L developer previews. The developers will have to build and test their application on the presently available preview. On the other hand Apple releases multiple Ios developer builds to get the most stable applications for their devices. It’s surprising to know why Google has chosen the other size which may have higher risk factor to get bugs.

The Smartphone’s on which Android L will be made are being publicized nowadays which include majority of Nexus devices, HTC one series, Moto X, Moto G and Moto E, LG G2 and LG G3, Sony xperia Z1 and Xperia Z2, Samsung devices getting Android L are still sealed tight by Samsung. The poetic words were also used during Google I/O 2010 in which it was stated that Android L will be released for the world “this fall”. When stressed on it the result came that this fall actually denotes this autumn. Actually we can’t even blame Google for over hyping Android L, this is how the game goes. They are the leaders of Smartphone technology and grandly big Smartphone firms are dancing on Google’s fingertips. So, it’s their time to show off which once belonged to Symbian OS.

Time comes and goes, likewise leaders gradually change. The hyping of Android L has got many benefits for Google. It will give an ignition to the anticipation of people wanting Android L for their devices which in turn will build stress on other manufactures to agree as many as deals possible with Google giving Google a mind-blowing profit. The deals will have to be obligatory to accept for developers because it’s Google who owns the most anticipated Android L what can we do. The same kind of interaction is being glimpsed in Google one project for emerging nations especially India in which Micromax and Karbonn are the obligatory hosts bound willingly or unwillingly to cook stuff which Google wants to serve under this project.

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After the thorough studies of Android L on the developer preview which was made available to Nexus owners during Google I/O 2014 has revealed some incredible camera changes coming home with Android L. Google has really working hard in developing the camera features for this new OS. A lot of changes have been made in its interface and way of functioning. This is being called as camera 2 API and will deliver the sensation of authentic photography. The Camera 2 API is said to increase the functioning of Android camera drastically.

Android L

One of its most essential features is that it can take the photo at full resolution in the same period of time according to the capability of hardware. Only hardware limitations can stop this performance from being the best every so developers will fork the application according to their way. Its latest features include Burst mode, negative format of photo just like in digital photography, HDR+ will also be unleashed in this. A bunch of more features has been alleged in this update which includes Exposure time, tone map curve, metering regions, crop region, AE / AF / AW mode, video stabilization, capture intent, flash trigger, colour correction matrix, ISO sensitivity, target FPS range and a lot more. These are the most genuinely alleged features believed to come with Android L.

Recently camera application of Kit Kat operating system was also updated. As you know horizontal and vertical panorama modes are already present in your camera stock app, besides these two more panorama modes were also updated which are fisheye mode and wide angle mode. Along with these two, another update has also been made which lets you to take pictures in 16:9 ratios and a timer with options of 10 seconds and 3 seconds. Just like It’s being said that the most major update of Android is going to be Android L, we believe that the camera features are going to get mostly updated. On the other hand this vast amount of featuring is an asset but it may cause some problems to low end’s and it’s a known fact that experiments start with bugs. So we need to precursor every possible effort to make landing of Android L with its huge store of features safely.

Yes surely Android L camera update motive is to provide you with the digital photography at your fingertips. A good example of digital photography Smartphone can be seen as Gionee E Life E7 which had a diverse range of features for photography. However, Google doesn’t need any example because they are the best Smartphone and Software develops at present. Let’s hope for the best in future.

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After the announcement of brand new UI for Android L on Google I/O 2014 which is being called as the most major update of Android in history, Android L is announced to have a brand new highly updated Google Docs and Google Sheets. Just like Android L itself, Google Docs have also seen a biggest update in history. The drawback of running and editing Word documents on Android is over because Google Docs and Google Sheets together form a complete mini Office with almost every functionality added. There’s no more choking when it comes to running word documents even those uploaded on Google Drive. Besides reading, they are easily editable.

Android L


This update has got a lot more interesting and innovative tactics for you which includes few persistent icons in action panel, highly evolved floating document button, spellings And corrections can be checked much more accurately with its dictionary feature, drop down menu account selection, a clear distinction between word and doc files, create and edit word documents, can save document as PDF or word, etc. Actually Android has camouflaged the Material Design of Android L with Material Design of Google Docs, because if the operating system is getting a whole new design, then its applications obviously must be crafted with the same way.

Prior to this updating of Google Docs, In Google I/O 2014 Google had already announced the shutdown of Quick office which was giving them access to work on Microsoft Office files, since now they have got their own Docs boasted up, they have decided to demolish Quick Office. The Quick Office was purchased by Google in 2012 and is expectedly going to be removed soon from Play Store. Using Google Docs updated version gives the feel of robustness of Android L and the importance of material design. The extent of upgrading Google Docs has touched skies. The Google has focused in giving onscreen buttons a lively movement and altered their shadow depth, colour and sizes. A blue title bar is present for Google Docs while as green for Sheets. These two are clearly looking like siblings of Google L. The Android L developer preview wasn’t earlier able to install these two new updates due to a bug which has hopefully solved now and those lucky Nexus users are enjoying these evolutionary applications for Android world.

For the rest of the people, these applications aren’t available so far but on checking them out on Developer preview, it’s quite clear that Google team has completed their work on them and will be available to us shortly. An advice to you is that instead of wandering for getting these applications from any unknown place, you should wait for official release on them on Play Store. The third party websites are full of risks so avoid risks and install everything in official for this is the giant step towards revolution for Android and its proud users.

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As device market is growing narrow also there is nothing much to offer companies are now switching to something more competitive and creative the “Accessory Market”. Device tech support list have been updated by including android wear, smart wear, smart watch, magnetic charger, Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth speaker etc. with more and more of accessories users also hope to have compatibility with their favourite applications. We have seen until now call, message, email popups on your smart gear but next thing that users want is music.People like to listen to music tag them share them with their friends families one such application that allows us to do that is Shazam. This is the vision Shazam Developers had foresighted.

Android L

Shazam Developers are looking forward to introduce their shazam application on all your smart watches. Shazam developers are working closely with the android Wearable OS and trying to prepare the application for it. They have received prior success in getting their application installed on Android Wear and Google Glass. People have used and commented on this application. Unlike Ecowear shazam’s application is awesome and has lot to offer. UK was the first to get its hand on shazam application on their Google Glass.

With such progress in the tech world, it’s time for the companies to introducing more memory into their smart devices so that more application are downloaded on their gears. All the developers have to try to pipeline their products to work on these smart wears/ gears.

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Time has come for Android to move on to the next level. The Kitkat version of Android has not been yet launched on even 15% of Android Smartphone’s but still android has decided to make the next move in this ever expanding space of technology. This might not be because Kit Kat was lacking that charm which Android needed but Kit Kat was just a little bug fix as already told by Google. Kit Kat has fixed its bug now it’s the time for real update.

Android L

Android L is believed to be the new of android believed to hit the market soon. According to the android chief Sundar Pichai, this update is going to be the most dominant update for Android after Ice cream Sandwich; however it has not been made clear that what version of Android this would be called. It can be 4.5 or 5.0 or something unknown. Android has developed roughly 5000 new API’s for the developers for the better application development. Android has also given a highlights about the user interface of new Android L and mentioned that everything will be much better, edges will be smoother and the 3D effects will be added in titles in the way it has been never before.

We know that everyone is too clumsy to grab the new update you will have to wait for sometime more, currently from 26 June onwards, it will be made available for developers only. The rest of the world will get to see it after the project is completed with perfection.The intact home, back and multi task button have also been upgraded; the animations have been made to come alive by interacting with one another. A massive update will be seen on its lock screen and notification bar, there no two words for lock screen and notification bar they are going to be hybridized in a single window where only the most essential information will appear and just a simple glide up on your screen will take you into your phone.

An awesome concept of application interdependence has been introduced in this new update where different applications will work together like a tissue organized of cells. Android L will work on ART instead of Dalvik which is believed to be twice as faster as Dalvik which simply means it is much more efficient and one more essential thing about it is that it is RAM friendly. Other than this, battery efficiency is also to be increased by introducing new concept being called as Project Volta.

However it has not been disclosed so far but it is going to increase battery life by about 90 minutes which inst much but still better. One more feature for entertainment is being added. The users will be able to watch TV through Android TV. You can watch movies, shows, trailers and every other stuff right through your Smartphone. This may also be the simple indication of Android setting food towards the world of TV and entertainment. So far it is kept confidential.