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Motorola announced a flashy news this Friday. The officials announced, Moto G Smartphone to get Android Lollipop 5.0 update in India soon. The Motorola Company is in process to roll the Lollipop update on both Moto G (Gen 1 and Gen 2). User must check notification section of their device to get the update.
If you haven’t got the update, don’t get disappoint you will receive shortly. The update notification should arrive under Settings >> About Phone >> System Update. Motorola G (Gen 1 and Gen 2) receives positive response from user’s world-wide on its release. The Smartphone was released with KitKat version.

Motorola Moto G

Moto G to receive Lollipop Updates in India

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If you are confused what should be done to get update or after receiving notification? Then chill, no major task or process to run. You will receive OTA update with a build number ‘220.21.28.en.03’. This will come with Lollipop signature. The Lollipop update comes with change in Material Design of User Interface and also with novel notification controls. The security features are improvised as compared to the previous version of Android.

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Last month also a piece of news about ‘the update will roll soon’ was out. But this time, the update will be available in India. Last time, the Motorola officials rolled the update on selected devices as soak test. The awaited users might receive Lollipop update on their device soon this time! Since the update is in phases, not everyone will receive at same time.


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All the three Smartphone’s present here are originated from low budget Indian Smartphone market. These Smartphone’s have been replicated under Android One project from Google which aims at providing high quality features at cheaper price for developing nations. After joint venture between Google and Indian Smartphone brands which include Karbonn, Micromax and Spice, these three Smartphone’s are the outcome yet. It’s just the beginning of the mission to make high quality Smartphone’s affordable for every citizen of India.

Karbonn Sparkle V vs Micromax Canvas A1 vs Spice Dream UNO

Here we are to fetch that which manufacturer has produced the best quality Smartphone out of the given three Smartphone’s under Android one frame work. It’s expected that all these brands have worked energetically to make it best and cheapest but we still need to discover the big brain among the three which makes difference. Let’s get started.

1. Display Configuration:

Karbonn Sparkle V: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

Micromax Canvas A1: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

Spice Dream UNO: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

The fact arrived before us clearly defines homozygosis. Under the common initiative, all the three brands have been governed to keep the same display configuration for these Smartphone’s. This may be because of the fact that even a little higher display quality couldn’t be affordable at this price label. The concern has to be laid on processing too.

2. Performance:

Karbonn Sparkle V: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM

Micromax Canvas A1: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM

Spice Dream UNO: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM.

The same fact comes out here also, not even a single bit of distraction is seen among these Smartphone’s. They are identical in the most essential features so far. The optimistic thing we can observe is that besides a good processing speed a good amount of RAM has been coupled. This means that Google is greatly concerned about the performance of these Smartphone’s.

3. Storage:

All the three Smartphone’s possess 4GB internal storage and is expandable up to 32GB via SD Card. As Google clearly understands that internal storage is not the issue here when we talk about performance. It can be expanded further so they didn’t consider any reason for making good internal storage which will increase its cost unnecessarily. The owner’s wishing to have more internal storage can use SD cards on their own.

4. Camera:

A 5MP primary camera + LED flash and 2MP front shooter. This camera configuration has been maintained in all the three variants of Android One project Smartphone’s. 5MP primary camera being an average feature for low budget Smartphone is natural but 2MP front shooter is outstanding in this class. The possibility of providing this is very difficult task easily managed by these brands in collaboration with Google.

5. Network and Connectivity:

This section flows constantly always between the Smartphone’s of same standards so does here. The 2G and 3G network compatibility is present in all the three Smartphone’s and connectivity modes are basic Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.

6. Battery Backup:

A 1700 mAh battery is present in all the three cases. There is no diversity seen in this feature too at all. We are expecting this 1700mAh battery to run these Smartphone’s pretty nicely. This is a good battery for a budget Smartphone.


One of the most favorable factors of these phones are their price point. Cheap affordable and durable that what all of these phones are aiming at. The price of the phones are as follows

Karbonn Sparkle V 6399‏/- Rupees

Micromax Canvas A1 6499‏/- Rupees

‎Spice Dream UNO 6299/- Rupees‏

Out of all this, we come to the conclusion that all the three Smartphone’s are actually one Smartphone i.e. Android one precisely which has been replicated under three Indian well known Smartphone brands. We appreciate the collaboration and efforts laid by Google to provide us with such highly configured Smartphone’s at an ordinary price label.

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The defining characteristic of Gionee Elife S5.5 is that it is thin. Really thin. At 5.5mm the worlds thinnest smartphone.Gionee has updated is Android operating system from 4.2 to kitkat 4.4. The update weighs 865MB. It has brought some minor UI changes. It has a flatter look with animation. The notification has been redesigned completely. There is couple of pre-installed app including BBM. The desktop layout has been changed along with a DU speed booster tool to speed up operations. The updates includes android upgrade to kitkat, new desktop layout, removed the world cricket championship, added DU for faster operation, updated with brand new UI interface, updated game zone with new UI design. The update is available OTA over the air.

Gionee S5.5


The shiny gloss black has a glossy finish and has a small raised strip at the left that has a camera lens and an LED flash. The left edge has the volume rocker and power keys. The opposite edge has a SIM card slot. The 3.5mm headset jack is at the bottom edge and USB port at the top. It has three touch sensitive buttons for menu, home and back. The phone comes with 16GB storage, it does not support micro SD card slot. This means you will have to live with the limited storage capacity of the phone. The front and back consists of Corning Gorilla glass 3 edged with aluminum. There are two different color available black and white. The looks are very attractive and stylish. The thin design is impressive.

Hardware and Display

It comes with Octa core processor and 1.7GHz clocked with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. It has 5 inch display. The display is very sharp, text looks great.

Software `

It is powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the user interface felt pretty smooth and responsive.


Gione Elife comes with 13 mega pixel rear camera and is supported by flash. The 5 mega pixel front facing camera good for selfie.


The phone comes with 2300mAh battery which can take you through one day of mixed usage.


Connectivity on device include 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0.


The device is comfortable in hand easy to slide in and fits the pocket. The user interface is simple and easy to use. It has a premium built quality and brilliant display.

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Here is great news for Xperia L users, no longer have to rely on using old school Jellybean OS while the whole world tastes Kit Kat, you can manually upgrade your Smartphone operating system from jellybean to Kit Kat by following our simple tutorial. This custom ROM for Sony Xperia L is unofficial because officially this Smartphone is upgradable up to Jelly bean 4.4.2 only. Let’s first know your Smartphone before starting our operation on it. This Smartphone is a greatly featured Smartphone housing a 4.3inch screen, 8MP primary camera, Jelly bean OS, 8 GB internal storage + 1GB RAM. This Smartphone is backed with 1750mAh battery giving almost 9hours of talk time. All these features clearly signify that this Smartphone has got every feature fixed rightly without any shortcoming and most importantly rightly priced. For installing custom ROM the most important thing is that your Smartphone should be rooted and rooting is nowadays an easy process. Just install z4root application on your Smartphone and root it. But installing custom ROM needs good amount of exposure and attention. Now let’s begin the process.

Sony Xperia L

Warnings/ Precautions:

1. We are not responsible for any potential damage caused to your Smartphone via this process. Your little negligence can result in complete bricked condition of your Smartphone.

2. Keep all your essential data backed up because during this process your personal data is likely to get wiped out.

Downloads Needed:

1. Download and set up Android SDK and install ADB and Fast boot drivers.

2. Omni Custom ROM for Xperia L.

For Omni custom ROM you will have to download three files which are system.img, boot.img and userdata.img. After downloading these 3 files keep them in Fast boot folder created already in your C Drive.


1. Send off your device into boot loader mode by firstly switching off your Smartphone and then simultaneously pressing power button and volume down button.

2. Now plug in your Smartphone to your PC via original USB cable where you have already prepared SDK setup as advised.

3. Now jump into the fast boot folder and start up command prompt from there by pressing and holding Shift key and mouse right button and select open command window from the sub menu prompted up.

4. In command prompt which we opened now, write down these set of commands.

Fastboot flash system system.img

Fastboot flash boot boot.img

Fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

Fastboot reboot

5. After successful entry off these commands, your Xperia L will get rebooted and all your data will be wiped out. Now wait for your device to load up with the all new Android Kit Kat 4.4. It might take a little extra time to do so. Now you’re done.

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Following the release of low budget kit Kat running Smartphone’s from Motorola and Micromax in the past week, Celkon has also laid its foundation in this category and has unpredictably bring out the cheapest Kit Kat running Smartphone in the market so far named as Campus A35K. This Smartphone is priced around Rs 3000 only which is very exceptional in the world of Smartphone technology and has given a great blow to the rest of low budget Smartphone developers. With such low prices the budget friendly Indian mindset, it is easy to see that Celkon want a piece of the pie for the Indian market. We will have to wait and watch how this develops over the period of time as the New Campus phone is ideal for students and techies who want a phone with latest OS but still very low of the spend factor.

Celkon Campus A35K

This Smartphone comprises of 3.5 inch display with screen resolution of 320*480 pixels which would look like a blurred image at thorough look because of such a low screen resolution but we are bind with the price tag it shows off. Its single core processor speed is clocked at 1 GHz with just 256 MB RAM which isn’t effective for running Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 but its mysterious that how celkon made it possible.

Internal storage capacity is 512 MB. But it won’t affect your Smartphone because its memory is expandable up to 32GB. Moreover it contains a 3.2MP primary camera along with LED flash and 0.3 MP front camera for video calling. This camera isn’t good enough to take nice pictures but still matches with the price. However 2G and 3G networks are available in this Smartphone which is nice for this range and at least one thing where we don’t need to compromise. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A proximity and ambient light sensor is present where as it’s devoid of rest of the sensors.

It is backed with a typical 1200mAh battery which looks very low but it can make a day on soft usage because of its limited specifications but hard usage will result in its complete drainage with few hours. Battery capacity should have been little better but it looks like an indigestible fact under this range of price so we would have to live with it. Among all the specifications of this Smartphone the most essential feature it has got is Kit Kat 4.4.2 which made us to think about buying this Smartphone while as the rest of features are very compromising. Kit Kat is going to act as the chief reason for people to buy this Smartphone and it’s still better than buying a candy bar keypad phones priced above Rs 3000.

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When it comes to installation of custom ROM for Android 4.4 Sony Xperia E1 there are few important points that required to be followed. Though there are many online portals and tutorials on the internet that can be followed but the real deal is to opt for the best custom ROM. Here are some important and useful points on how to install custom ROM Android 4.4 Sony Xperia E1.

Sony Xperia E1

Basic requirements for the ROM installation

There are few basic things that are required for Custom ROM installation and those are Sony Xperia E1 smart phone or any of the Sony smart phones on which you wish to install the custom ROM.

You also need to root the device and make sure that the boot-loader is unlocked. You can easily follow any of the available online tutorials for rooting the device from the internet. There are even tutorials available for boot-loader unlocking.

Another important step is to enable the USB debugging on your device and get the ClockWorkMod recovery installed. If you are not able to install this recovery by yourself, then you can easily search for tutorials over the internet.

There are many online technical forums which are inhibited by professional and technical experts. You can seek guidance from them on all these steps.

One more important point that you need to keep into your mind is that installation of custom ROM on your smart phone voids your device warranty and moreover you need to backup all of the data. If accidently the data gets erased you can retrieve it from the back up you have created.

Always make sure that after proper knowledge and information the ROM installation procedure should start. In-complete information can lead to loss of data and sometimes it poses a serious threat to the mobile operating system. In that case you might need to contact your mobile dealer or Sony Xperia expert.

ROM Installation procedure

The custom ROM installation procedure involves placing of the downloaded ROM and Google Apps package into the SD Card’s root. You can easily get the ROM manager from the Google playstore and then install the clockwork.

After this first step you need to boot into the recovery mode and create back up.

Once all this is done you can wipe the data as well as cache and dalvik cache. In order to wipe the dalvik cache you need to go to the advanced option and then tap on to wipe dalvik cache. Click on yes option.

After performing these functions you need to install the Zip from the SD card and then select the ROM file. You need to select yes so that you can flash it.

The same procedure needs to be followed for Google Apps and then reboot the device.

After following all these steps you will be able to successfully install the custom ROM on your Sony Xperia E1 in an easy and simple manner. The updated ROM will allow you to enjoy the latest version of Kitkat Android mobile operating system.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is presently the hottest product of Samsung running in markets right now. It has occupied top most spot in Samsung’s most selling Smartphone’s. It’s an indigestible fact for Samsung that other tough competitors of Samsung are providing Android 4.4.2 KitKat running Smartphones under the same price range. People have got an easy option to kart Kit Kat running Smartphone’s instead of choosing old school Jelly Beans phones. It is obvious that Samsung needs to concentrate on it. But thanks to the efforts of elegant developers who have developed a custom ROM so called slimKat ROM. This ROM updates your Samsung Grand 2 into Android Kit Kat 4.4.2. After various experimentation on this ROM it has been found 100% compatible with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Let’s Get Started:

Read the steps given below carefully and follow each step strictly. If failed to do so, your phone might encounter some problems and we are not responsible for that:

We need to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 before installing KitKat 4.4.2 on it:


  1. Install USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Download software ODIN and unzip it.
  3. Turn on Developer Option in the Settings of your phone.
  4. Keep your phone charged above 80%.
  5. While rooting your phone all your personal data will be erased so it’s recommended to backup your phone before rooting.
  6. Now download ADB driver and install it.
  7. Also download Clock Work Mod Recovery
  8. Now turn off your phone and press power off button/screen lock button, Volume up and home button and this will make you enter into boot loader menu.
  9. A warning will flash on your phone screen and you just need to press volume up button to confirm.
  10. Now plug in your phone with original USB cable into your PC and start Odin Software already downloaded.
  11. As you connect your phone your port number will appear” COM-XX” where XX is your port number .Choose it now.
  12. Run ODIN and choose PDA and search for .Select it and start installation process. Just be patient it’s going to take your little bit of time.
  13. Download and transfer Super SU into root folder of your sd card.
  14. Again perform Step 8 once again to enter boot mode.
  15. Once you enter in boot mode, with the help of your power button search and install zip from your sd card.
  16. At the last, choose Super SU 1.2 from your card and press power off b/lock screen button .Now let the process begin.
  17. Now restart your phone by selecting Reboot System option.

Your Phone Is Rooted Successfully

After rooting your phone now you will be able to install KitKat on your phone.

Let’s get started:

  1. Install necessary USB drivers of Samsung.
  2. Before moving on make sure that your battery is charged above 80%
  3. Don’t risk your personal data; create a back up of you contacts and other essential stuff. It might wipe out during the process so it’s better to take precautions.
  4. Go to settings>Developer option>USB debugging and enable it.
  5. Download these 2 ROM files: G apps and 4.4.2 Rom.
  6. After downloading these two files transfer them from your PC into the root folder of your sd card.
  7.  Now pull out the USB cable from your phone and switch off.
  8. To enter in boot menu as already shown while rooting, simultaneously press volume down button, home button and screen lock/power off button.
  9. Your screen will flash a warning message, just press volume up button and carry on.
  10. Choose Recovery options and you will land into CWM recovery mode. There will be Data Wipe out/Factory Reset option available for clearing data.
  11.  Go to advanced Option>Wipe out cache>Dalvik cache and clear it.
  12. Jump back to CMW recovery mode home and click on option install zip from sd card and you navigate the 4.4.2 ROM zip and install.
  13. Repeat the same steps for G apps and launch it also.
  14. Click on Go back and choose reboot system now.

Congrats! Your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is now powered with Android 4.4.2 kitkat instead of jellybean.

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Android 4.4.3 KitKat is next upcoming update version from Google. Developer LlabTooFeR has confirmed this from a post on twitter. It says that Android 4.4.3 update is under development. Google has not given any information for release date, we cannot comment anything on its release date. Other than this, if you check log file then you will also find Nexus 5 running the update.

Android kitkat Logo

Currently Nexus 5 is facing problem with its camera and battery and so it is expected that Android 4.4.3 kitkat update will fix this issue. Other than this, we cannot say what else we will get to see. There are many background applications running in device like Skype and that interrupt camera app service by accessing it from its background service. Such access to camera app leads to overall system lag and reduced battery-life. Primary solution for it was to uninstall third party applications and reboot the phone. Earlier, Google released Android 4.4.1 update to solve this problem but it failed to do so. Till now, we just have Nexus 5 in update list. There is no information that if update will be available for other devices as well. If we check the last KitKat software version KOT49H (Android 4.4.2) then it was released only for a few devices that includes Nexus tablets and smartphones.

Apart from this, there is also rumored news that Android 4.5 will be unveiled by this summer with a few new nexus devices. HTC is also planning to release their next Nexus tablet by the end of third quarter of 2014. These all are rumored news and so we cannot be 100% sure for these.


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Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC Butterfly S are two famous devices in smartphone world and now these two are getting Android 4.4 KitKat update. Android 4.4 KitKat is latest OS version from Andoroid. Sony has recently rolled out the official KitKat update for their Xperia Z Ultra phablet. This update is available Over-The-Air (OTA) and C6833 LTE model in Hong Kong is first device to get Android 4.4 KitKat update in Hong Kong. Currently update is available with OTA but it is expected that they will make it available through PC Companion as soon as possible.

Android kitkat Logo

They have released firmware update in Hong Kong but we wish that it will be available in other markets soon. Other than Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC has also started rolling Android 4.4 KitKat update for their Butterfly S. HTC Butterfly S has already got Android 4.3 KitKat firmware update along with Sense UT 5.5. This update was made in January but HTC is continuously working on KitKat firmware and they have released latest Android OS update.

Latest Android update will bring many enhancements which include Cloud Print Service, Security enhancements, new Bluetooth profiles but Adobe Flash player support for default web browser will be removed. Removing Flash player support from its default browser is very obvious as Android no longer supports Flash Player. Total size for firmware update is 740 MB. It will be better for you to do update with strong WiFi connection to avoid any interrupt in update.


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Recently, HTC One KitKat OTA update started rolling in UK but soon there were many users who started reporting some undesirable behavior after Android 4.4 KitKat update for HTC One. Company concluded that there is some fault with update and so they have suspended their OTA update temporarily. HTC One KitKat update was out on 24th February and soon after that they started getting issues. It is quite strange that problem comes into highlight now or company takes a long time to react on this issue.

Android kitkat Logo

Here is the statement by HTC. “We are aware that a limited number of HTC users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update. As a result, all FOTA updates have been temporarily suspended. HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience and we are working hard to resolve the issue quickly.”

This issue seems to be limited in US region as they have not cancelled OTS updates on other areas. HTC is now aware of the issue and they have responded on same. So we can consider that they are working on it and will release some solution for it soon. By that time, please post your experience after the update and what problems do you faced with it.