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Nowadays everything from kitchen recipe’s to high dynamics gaming is available online but it isn’t always pleasant to be necessarily connected with internet in order to play a good game. A mindset has started to overcome our views related to gaming that every good came demands us to stay online. Therefore we have collected a bunch of cool offline games which you can play offline on your Android Smartphone.

offline-android-gamesAndroid Offline Games: Free Download

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

This awesome game title doesn’t need any special advertisement because it is the biggest selling video game franchises so far and its pocket edition for Android Smartphone has been slimmed and trimmed by proper ways in order to keep it as enjoyable as the PC edition and they have been very successful until now. A huge load of weapons, potions and other item are inside for you to explore and defend yourself against enemy mobs. You can also craft some interesting structures and mechanisms making yourself as strong as possible.

2. Alto’s Adventure:
Although this game was released only a month or two back, it has been able to successfully top the charts as far as offline Android games are concerned. You, the tricky snowboarder Alto have to run down a treacherous snowy mountain, it will be running down automatically but you have to control the balance and make Alto achieve the goals. You will find some interesting and seriously crafted graphically awesome scenes in this game like Grinding along a rope, with a windmill in the background, etc.

3. Townsmen:

Most of the RTS games which were once very popular on PC failed to show their magic on Android platform but Townsmen is the exceptional one making it possible to maintain its slot on the Android platform as well. Here you will have to maintain some serious economy and make the Townsmen flourish. The only downside to this game we feel is the annoying ads that it makes you watch however spend some capital and you are good to go ad free.

4. Shadow Fight 2:

It is personally our favorite one in the list, you are a shadow fighter and you will have to fight your way through the divine to achieve your goal. You will get to fight one on one with the legends in tournaments, challenges and with the ultimate bosses in each act. The online underworld of this game is also addictive like the rest of this game.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars 2:

Its true that there are quite a few Angry Birds games available in the play store but Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the finest one. The designs, abilities and gameplay scenarios are awesome indeed. If you are looking for an easy to play, fun and friendly mood cheering game, you should go for it.

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You remember the Snake game of 90’s? Oh! Yes, how can one forget the trend of 90’s? If you have got nostalgic with the game running in your mind, then this post will make you glad on reading further! The Snake Rewind is back! Yes, amazed to hear? The Snake Rewind game is under development by Taneli Armanto. Taneli Armanto the creator behind the original game with game studio ‘Rumilus Design’.If you are curious about the graphics, look and feel of the game, the game will revolve on an original concept, but a step-up from the 1991 classic. The game will have good light and shadow effect, which will make the game more enthralling.


Despite the changes and revamped look, the game will still hold original feel and charm. But the curiosity revolves more on how touch-screen control will be?. The game gets created an interesting plot, where fruit is currency which can be either collected by purchasing or by collecting through your snake in the game. The currency can also be used to open new level. You can also opt for rewind option, if your snake tries to eat itself. Not to worry if you run out of fruits, you can opt for options of purchasing fruits also with extra-power ups.After getting a dig on ‘Snake Rewind’, we are sure you too are curious to get the game on your Smart-phone! If you are keen, you can grab the game soon from Play Store.

Download Snake Rewind

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This is the last instalment of bouncy and incredible games for the month of February 2015 from Phone Lane, after the thorough surfing all over the web; we have summed up these best newbie games you would love to play on your Smartphone and tablets. These games are combination of power, skill and brain, so you better fasten your seat belts before riding these nitro boosted fast paced games as well as strategic ones. This is definitely the most heated installment of games for this month. So, better try them out instead of missing the mysterious and joyful ride.

Android 5 Lollipop

Top 5 Android Games 1st week of February

1. The Great Fusion: Discover yourself living in the world where laws have no value. The rich people are getting wealthier and poor people are getting more torn off. In this game you have to lives a poor guy namely Max, grown up poor but an intelligent programmer so you have to strive and struggle for your existence. You will fall into many surprising awkward situations and you have to face them. The graphics is neat and the game also features nice sound track.

2. Warhammer 40,000 – Carnage: Get yourself engaged in some full on run and gun action, kill your screaming and growling enemies in this fast paced game. You will love to go crazy on your enemy and destroy the stuff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where you can play 5 different chapters which include ultra marine, dark angel, blood angel, space wolf and salamander. The graphics of this game is most likely going to give your Smartphone hiccups so play it on v4.1 and above Android OS.

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3. Toy Defence 3: Fantasy-TD: Take charge as a commander of the fast and furious archers, elves and goblins, battle with your friends and the other 15million players all over the world. Fight against the mysterious dragons and crafty goblins in the all new magical world. Build your own strategic tower defence against the 9 different types of evil enemies, complete achievements and be the best. Be the boss of medieval world with the realistic graphics of this game.

4. WWE immortals: If you are a diehard fan of WWE, then this game will definitely bring a lot of joy and energy into your gaming life. Bring your favourite contenders into the magical immortal world and unleash the mysterious powers. Choose your favourite ones and upgrade their powers. Play online against different players worldwide and perfect your moves and combos. The graphics of this game is excellent with great animations, you are definitely going to love this.
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5. Dragon Knights: The whole Midros Continent is under the devils hunt and you are the only hope to save it from the devil. Fight against the monsters, power up the equipment of your Hero, use more than 400 weapons and assault on the devils. You can also take part in the World Boss Battle along with the players worldwide. Sharpen and use your skills in the tower of heroes and take part in different events to get rewarded.

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Today’s games are not just activities, but it helps you to increase with mind tricks and logical reasoning. The games have advanced a lot with this generation. Geometry Dash too is fantabulous game. This games gets exciting by flying and jumping going through different dangers with action packed slots. The Geometry Dash a game with great fun, musical platform. This games gives you several interesting challenges to tackle, from impossible game to possible. The games keeps on getting interesting with more and more super slots to try for!

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Apk Download

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The Geometry Dash is not a typical game where you have to play blindly and just focus on scores. But this game is fast-paced where challenges test your different skill to tackle different challenges. A good and proper timing is essential for playing this game. Android Gamers can find this interesting game on Play Store. A super game with interactive level that keeps you enthralled and of course entertain for hours and hours. The game is loaded with several interesting levels. The soundtrack too is good. With this game you can share and build your level through a function called ‘Level Editor’. Playing Geometry Dash is so much fun, that you can earn many rewards and achievements with this interesting game! A game to challenge yourself, to make impossible things to very much possible!

Geometry Dash apk file download for android devices

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Pack your bag with courage and roll on game floor for fighting with action packed series of game called ‘Gangstar Vegas’. The Gangstar Vegas takes you to thrilling city of Sin with super charged and loaded action episodes. This game is also known for its amazing action stunts and game challenge around the globe. If you are action lover, this is a game you should go for! Install Gangstar Vegas for more action fun with wild guns and battles.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas apk file

The game introduces a blockbuster story with super action that thrills you. The mission makes your adrenaline rush to beat and survive through the battle on different Missions. All you need to do is build your own gang and try to take over and win the Mafia wars. The 80-different mission keeps introducing more and more suspense. The fun is countless, exploring bigger city is truly greatest challenge. Using Havok Physic, visual effects, Ragdoll effects all are challenging stunts that will help make you addict to this fun-thrill filled game. Become ace shooter through this game. A wild insane ride with loaded weapons, crazy vehicles will excite you to top level. The soundtrack too is amazing. The upgraded gears and characters are crazy thing you must try. If you are one searching for a brilliant shooting game, then check on this ‘Gangstar Vegas’, a truly ultimate action game, mafia game, racing game and may more!

Gangstar Vegas apk file download for android devices

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Entertain is the key objective of all the device manufactures and so is the need of smartphones and its respective market have aroused. Among all the smartphones android is one of the most popular and widely used mobile OS that has over 4 million application under their preview out of which approx. half application are games. Games are consider one the imp part of any device and since Nokia 3315 introducing games is a culture the most popular in those days was Snakes and now more advance games with better colours etc. are available under different types. Below are the top 5 games for this month for all our android customers.

Android Game L

Top 5 Android Game for our User: Play,De-stress, Play more


If you are, a fan of BMX bikes or ever dream of riding one then Bike racing is the game you would love. Bike racing 3D is a simulation where you can ride the BMX bike on different terrain and variety of treacherous tracks that is not all to earn points you need to perform various stunts and complete levels defeat the masters to become the master of bike racing 3D. The game is well designed and every object is artistically created. While riding you will feel the game to be alive. The company has provided over 50 levels in career mode with five BMX bikes that makes almost 300 levels in total to play which means you will have a hell of a game and will last long.

Cricket world cup

India games one of the largest game developers who have designed many games for PC as well as mobiles have brought cricket wold cup for us. With full HD graphics, you can enjoy cricket on your device. The game has a 3D layout with high definition graphics, which means all the characters, stadium, and crowd umpire, will be in 3D view. The game allows various settings for user to select mode of play, overs, difficulty level, batting order, bowling order, players, and stadium. You can change your strategy while playing games, which is more important. Game allows you cinematic experience and do not forget to watch ball-to-ball analysis and replay mode. With 14 teams 6 stadiums and 3-difficulty layer, this cricket world cup has lot to offer.

Plants vs zombies 2

This is the game that you should not miss grow the plants in your lawn to keep away from zombies. The game is awarded and most liked by all the leading TV shows and newspapers. With return of zombies, the action needs to be re-invented and this game does the same. Join crazy Dave in his journey and help him dawn to until end to stop this blood sucker ZOMIBES from affecting more people. Dave has an army of newly added super charged plants that will help him in his mission and help him to create a new defence line against zombies. You as Dave have to just help the plant to neuter and provide all the efficient content to grow them more powerful a help crazy Dave save himself. Here Dave is the heroes and plant being its partner in crime. Game has multiple challenges, each challenge will unlock doors to the next one, and you will win coins that will help you build your arsenal. With many super powers and the game is fun to play with. Overall graphics are quite good but it will not matter as you will be busy deciding the strategy.

RC Car Hill Racing 3D:

RC car hill 3d is a 3D simulation application with various options to work with. The game acts as a racing competition and one that reaches first will win is the objective. The car is a mixture of ATV and F1 that means with a single soft press it will accelerate at its top speed. The most imp part of the games is controlling the vehicle with jump acceleration and various controls the game is a fun to play with. The game has many driving modes and various control options to play with. At the end of each level, you earn points that are required to repair and upgrade your car. The game graphics are ok but may enhances on high hand devices.

Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D

First police chasing game has been launched on android where all the new police recruits will be taught to drive the police cars. The recruits will monitor there scanner and will catch the bad guys and earn reward points the user gets an opportunity to drive different police vehicle as per different countries. The game shows day and night time driving experience and where user/driver helps you improve the skills and show new ones to receive the appreciation. The concept of the game is awesome and so is the gameplay while chasing the scums with siren played in the background you can imagine the game and the fun involved in it. So just start your engine and show us some skills of your own to beat the highest score.

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Have you ever imagined how will you survive if one day you turn into an Alien? Well! This game is more or less with this concept. The concept of Another world revolves around a young scientist named Lester, something goes wrong with his experiment in his laboratory. Before he is able to finish his experiment, a lightning bolt strike makes his experiment go wrong, which causes the particle to explode and opens a hole in space and time. A time portal opens up and transports Lester to an Another world a alien planet. After teleporting to such barren land, his condition gets worsen. Lester has to fight against all difficulties and fight for his life to survive.

Another World

Another World : Have fun playing it

The High definition graphics introduced in this game is amazing, also you can just slide your finger on screen to play this amazing game. The game can be played in three different modes Normal, Hard and more difficult Hardcore. The sound effects are perfect, it makes you believe that you are truly ported to an alien barren land. The game is available in five different language English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. The game was initially designed by Eric Chahi in year 1991. The game was first released on Atari ST and Amiga platforms. This ‘Another World’ game is developed with high cinematic effects. The game has earned good amount of success and critics from its user. Another World is also available on Google Play Store.

Licence : Free
Category : Adventure
Size :14.31 MB apk download and 45 MB Data download
Required: Android 2.1 or Up

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Super Stickman Golf 2 is the sequel to the award winning and critically acclaimed, Super Stickman Golf by Noodle-cake Studio Inc. It is a fantastic, polished to near perfection game and hugely entertaining with over more than 20 dynamic courses, new power-ups, various different characters, over about 53 achievements, it would definitely keep you on the fairway for a long time. IS is worth play in every way.

The game requires practice and patience. A single mistake during the game and cause you a stoke and possibly the game. Every player must measure the power and angle precisely while taking a shot in order to hit the ball to the he hole. Super Stickman Golf 2 is much better than its previous version. The ultimate goal is to hit the ball into the hole.

Super Stickman Golf 2

This game is available for Android as well as IOS users.


1. Provides you 3 game modes:

A. Standard single player mode

B. Online Multiplayer game mode

The online multiplayer mode is one of the best features you can play with any of millions of users across the world anytime anywhere.

C. Another multiplayer mode referred to race mode. The goal here is to hit the hole before your opponents do. All of these are performed in real time. In this mode it doesn’t matter how you do with how many stroke you just have to get it into the hole before your opponent’s can do.

In race mode, you have to race or compete against three other users. Local users or any users across the globe.

2. It gives you with 180 Challenging Holes keeping you very engaged

3. It comes with 53 Achievements

4. 10 different customizable golfers’ characters are available.

5. Better and improved NEW Power ups gaining access to power-ups  gives you a greater chance of finishing and unlocking the next course

6. Dynamic Courses

There are new and improved courses which are dynamic with challenging farewell and obstacles making it very interesting. It’s based on the strategy and the type of a puzzle game based on physics as  you determine the shot direction with accurate timing over  tiny walls, sticky walls rotating angles and moving landscapes.

E.g. sticky course the ball gets stuck, sticky course where ball get pushed away from the magnetized area

7. Different types of 28 hats, equip the different golfers with different hats. For e.g. pirate hat would turn the water to red. If I wear the bag head, I would have longer aiming arrow.

8. Simple and easy control.


The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPod and requires IOS- 3.1 or higher versions and android 2.3 or higher.


With many different courses, achievements, power ups, game modes, Super Stickman Golf 2 is a great fun with new challenges will definitely keep you engaged. This is a must have game for all the android and IOS users. This is one if the best golf based games available on Google play and the app store with great graphics and user friendly control. I suggest you to go download and enjoy the game.

Super Stickman Golf 2 Android game download
Super Stickman Golf 2 iOS game download

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ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 is the third and the latest version of the most acclaimed action game with THREE PLAYABLE Heroes, three times Dungeons, and three times more Loot than the previous versions of game developed by the GLU Games. IT is free to play android game and isn’t just the best game in Glu Mobile’s action series.

Now we know that In a previous game the last Demon Tower fell, the humans of Northern Udar praised their new hero but their praise, however, were short lived. However the last of the great dragons unleashed a horrifying evil upon the entire planet by unsealing the Eternity weapon with the help of the demon magic.

Mawzok’Kahl, Lord of Hell, self-proclaimed Heir to the planet, sets his sights on the kingdoms of Udar. And as suddenly because it came, it appears like peace in Northern Udar has all over again been snuffed out. Northern Udar is in want of a hero all over again, a lot of currently than ever before. Each man, girl and kid depends on that, they need to save by the player.

Eternity Warriors 3

And it is you i.e. player who has to save every human from the demon. As this sounds interesting, the game is in very interesting and highly addictive action packed game.

This game is available for Android as well as IOS users


1. Three types of players can be chosen by the player to play a game:

A. Monk
B. Mage
C. Warrior

Every Players have to start out with the choice of selecting control of a warrior or monk, while the image is unlocked later on as you keep playing the game unleashing higher damage to the demons

2. Powerful skills per hero

You can always update and add better power and skills to build your hero and to get better performances in combat action.

3. Best Graphics

Amazing and quite enjoyable graphics makes it more interesting to play

4. Gives you the option for guilds and real-time chat

One can join forces in guild and easily if they want to communicate with other users they can easily chat with one another that to in real time and inspect their gear.

5. Combat System

The game is has very fast paced action sequences with fluid controls and showing you perfect animations of life kill.

6. Items To Loot

In this third series you would have thousands and thousands of new legendary loots; you can even give them to anyone if you like.

7. IN all 3 kingdoms

You have to kill the entire demon in all the three kingdoms in Udar

8. Tournaments

Many tournaments are available and there are like a completion to complete various tournaments against other users.


IF you have played the previous game if u has enjoyed it, then this third is worth checking it as it’s after all free to play on Google play store. The levels are fairly varied. Although being a dungeon crawler based game, if that’s a sort of game that you are into you should definitely try it out. It’s an easy going entertaining game with lot to really enjoy, especially if your into the Diablo style action game.

Eternity Warriors 3 for Android download
Eternity Warriors 3 for Android download


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We have some good news for GTA admirers, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has just arrived in the App Store and in the ANDROID market. GTA San Andreas released in 2004 by Rockstar Games for PC and other devices & the story rest on the three imaginary cities Los Satos, San Fierro and Las Ventureas in their early 90’s. The game’s mobile version features better graphics, shadows, a better colour pigments, and elevate the look of characters and a car. The game is also touch controls optimized and includes support for the newly introduced.  The Rockstar Games release San Andreas the game with better graphics, better background actions such as leaping over low walls, a various other control strategy, an update checkpoint setup and  online cloud support via Game’s Social Club. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mark brand new touch controls, including costume control options to display buttons only when you need them and different control schemes for driving and guide, as well as a reworked checkpoint system for easier progression. The author’s Rockstar Games has made a one heck of a game by adding  better graphics, plot, looks, etc. to the game, but have lacked somewhere for support as a large number of bugs are being detected  on both IOS & ANDROID.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


Carl Johnson escaped five years ago, from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, and a city with gang troubles, drugs and corruption. Where, movie stars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

The game plot starts in the early 90’s where Carl has to go home as his mother is murdered, his family has fallen apart and all his childhood friends are heading towards disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. The following event forced CJ is on a journey that takes him across the state of San Andreas, to save his loved ones and to take control of the streets.


  • The authors have worked hard on high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including better color pigmentsbetter graphic enhancements, and improved character looks.
  • The game best played on iPhone 5 series and iPad 4th Gen and above with shadows and real-time reflections.
  • For, iOS devices, Physical controller support is needed.
  • For all your iOS devices Rockstar gives cloud save support for playing across all devices.
  • For complete camera (360 degree) rotation and movement control, two analog stick controls are given.
  • Different color schemes, customizable controls and customizable buttons add as an advantage.


The game is available on both IOS & ANDROID market. GTA: San Andreas supports all the leading apple devices (iPhone 4s/5/ 5s/ 5c, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad 2nd/3rd and 4th generation, and other devices. This 1.63 GB game requires iOS 6.0 or later version and to experience this game RS.350/- is charged on iTunes. On ANDROID market, this 2.4 GB game requires Android 3.0 and higher version. On ANDROID market, the game is charged for RS.390/-.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iOS Download
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Android Download