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Points you should know before buying a new mobile phone.

Today with the fast evolving mobile phone technology, it is pretty hard to stay loyal to one handset as there is always something new and better coming into the market every new day. As much as it is a boon for the consumers, it also creates a mass havoc among them with a huge confusion in their mind as to which one to choose. So just for a guideline to choose a phone that suits you the best, here are some tips on how to choose perfect mobile phone for you.

Phone Lane

Decide on your requirements:
Make sure to jot down what exactly do you need from your phone. Do you need a smartphone or a simple phone, what are you be going to use the phone for and then decide which phone suits your requirements the best.

Manage your Budget:
With inflation being on an all-time high, it is necessary to keep your expenses in check. So you need to look out as to how much is too much. Make sure you have a proper figure as to how much you can splurge and then decide on your piece.

Be firm on what you require:
Once you have decided that this is what you require, then be firm on it and do not fall for the marketing tactics and features of other phones, else you might find yourself with a phone and 10,000/- lighter than expected.

Decide on the ecosystem:
With various OS coming up like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, research well and decide which one do you want or suits your requirements the best. And then buy a phone accordingly.

Fix a range of screen sizes you desire:
Many phones now are coming with big screens, so if you do not quite require a huge screen, then there is no point paying those extra bucks for a screen. Hence decide how big a screen you desire.

How much gaming needs you got?
Are you a big gamer, a moderate gamer or non-gamer? Its upto you to decide because then you will have to buy a phone according to it. Gaming needs means a phone with higher specs which means extra cost. So choose a phone properly accordingly.

Photo buff?
Are you snap-happy? You love photography and clicking pictures everywhere you go? In that case you might want to invest in a phone with great camera and video recording capabilities. So check out the camera performance of phones and decide which the best that suits you is.

Memory needs:
If you love to carry your music around in your phones but are not able to due to memory issues, then you need to find a phone that provides you sufficient memory on board or else maybe allows you to expand the memory using a SD card.

Charging issues:
If you are a huge traveller and you do not quite get to charge your battery, then you might go dark and that is not something we desire. Hence it is necessary to pick a phone with a good battery backup so that you do not have to go hunting for a charging point every single time.

Showing off:
Everyone loves to show off their mean pocket machine to everyone. So if you are one of them, then make sure you pick a phone which has a good aesthetic look to it and which makes sure it has eyes turning back to it.

Here are some guidelines on whose basis you can choose which phone suits you the best. End of the day it all comes down to personal preference, but following these guidelines can make sure you do not leave any base uncovered and always end up with the best piece for you. If you have any queries about cell phones feel free to comment down below and we will guide you as to which device will suit your requirements and budget the best.

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We have been reviewing some budget phones expect a few more in the coming weeks, but this time we decided to go on the other end of the spectrum believe me when we mean the end we really mean the end of the spectrum . We review the Vertu Ti, oh yes we do.

The Vertu brand was part of the Nokia phone but the recent streamlining meant that Vertu was no longer part of the brand. Now we don’t have the specifics of who owns them we are not in the business to know it too we are phone website. I have always loved British engineering (yes I am a Rolls Royce Fan who isn’t). The Brits make good stuff some may not like it but it is my opinion (free world right to choose that kind of stuff).

Vertu TI

The phone is made out of Grade 5 titanium not the kind of building material that one would often see in a phone making it already a class apart from the normal phones out in the market. The phone is powered by a 1.7 GHZ dual core snapdragon processor The display is a capacitive touchscreen made out of sapphire crystal glass another unique part that makes the phone stand out a 3.7 inch screen with 252 ppi is something that would be a downer but it was a conscious decision on the part of the manufactures. The sapphire crystal glass is also scratch resistant it supports multi-touch. With a titanium body and sapphire glass as it components it already makes the phone way expensive than others (if you think the iPhone is expensive, think again). The buttons on the phone are ruby embedded making the response faster the volume rockers and power on off buttons on the side also have similar arrangements to get a quick response. The phone comes with Android version 4.0 one would expect a higher version of the Android Operating system to be installed sadly not the case here.

Vertu TI

The phone comes with a 64 GB internal memory to serve all your space requirements and has 1 GB Ram. The real killers are the Bang and Olufsen speakers they make everything that you listen too fantastic. The camera is a 8 MP autofocus dual LED Flash capable of video recording at 1080p @ 30 fps a front facing camera at 1.2 MP ensure all video conferencing is a breeze. The handset comes with a version 4 Bluetooth and micro USB version 2.0 along. The unique point is the concierge service provide by Vertu the service lets one to book reserve or order things via the service so all your emergency needs are just touch away this service come preinstalled and is free for one year.

Overall the phone is something that very rich people would prefer to buy for status as it symbolizes status. We were awestruck with the build quality and overall attention to detail. An amazing experience would like to revisit it again sometime just for the kicks.