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Android phones are very unique and powerful phones filled with unique and amazing features. One of the amazing feature that we are going to look at is the feature that allows you to hide your private files, photos and documents. If you have had unfavourable encounters with annoying snoopers then it’s a high time this has come to an end. There are some of your photos that are so intimate and private so there is a high need for you to hide them so as to save yourself from embarrassment. In our tutorial today we are going to give you the simple ways you can hide your private photos. Here are the top ways you can hide your private photos.

Android marshmallow

how to hide your photos on Android phones

Password Protect Your Photos.
Using password protection is one of the common ways you can protect your photos .All you have to is to download the vault app in the Google store and install it .After the installation process is done run the app where you will be required to set your Pin. After this open the location of your files in the phone and tap on the ones that you need to hide. Any snooper trying to access the protected files will be prompted to provide a password and this will keep him/her off.

Using the Folder to hide your Photos.
This is one of the simple ways to hide your photos with no app required. All you have to do is open the file manager and create a new folder. Rename the folder as .nomedia then press OK and save it. This will hide all your files including the photos in any of your phone interface. Your files can only be accessible when you delete the folder. Though this is not the better option to hide your files because any tech geek can still access your photos by deleting the nomedia folder in the file manager section.

Creating a Hidden Folder.
This is another perfect way of hiding your photos all you need to use is a file explorer. Open the file explore and create a new folder which you will name it hidden folder. In here you will transfer your private photos. After you have done this your photos will be automatically hidden and the android system will not be able to read them.

Use of Gallery Lock Lite App.
This is an amazing app that provides maximum protection to your private photos. All you have to do is to download this app in the goggle store for only $ 4.99. After which you will install it and transfer your photos in the app. This app uses password protection as its main feature of protection. It will also capture the image of the snooper who attempts to enter the password 3 times with vain.

When you put the above methods into use your photos will be totally safe and you don’t need to get worried when someone comes close to your photos .They are simple and easy to use.

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This being one of the last weeks of the months your phone needs to be customized with the most recent apps. App developers create apps day and night but according to the thorough research here we give you the best awesome apps for this week. There is a vast array of apps in the Google store and this makes it quite difficult for you to determine the best due to over excitement. Here is the perfect solution to your problems on the best apps to download.

android 4

Top 5 Android Apps for 4th week October 2015

1. Fire Screen Prank
This is one of the top funniest apps for you in this 4th week of October. This is an animation app that simulates a realistic flame just for fun. This app is more realistic since any place you touch on the screen there is a fire effect showing up. This app is equipped with amazing graphics and a perfect background of transparent and black ones .This simulated app allows you to set background of your wall paper in the screen. This amazing app is downloaded for free in the Google play store. This is actually one of the top prank apps for joking to your friends.
2. Garden photo frames
Are you a nature photo fanatic? Then here the top app for you to use in your phone. This app allows you to customize your pictures by surrounding them with beautiful natural frames of forest or lawns .This app allows you to capture the images using your camera directly before inserting them in a frame .You can also add cations and crop your images .After this you can also share your beautifully framed images in the social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
3. AppLock Theme-Super Car
If you really love automobiles then here is a chance to transfer your passion to your smartphone with this excellent app. This is a personalization app that allows you to protect your phone from annoying snoopers .Having equipped with stunning graphics of the most top luxurious auto motives its actually the best app for you in this last week of October. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store.
4. Ghost Photo Maker
This is also another photography app to make you pictures look amazing and fantastic .This app allows you to create imaginative shadow images for your photos beside you in the same photo. The created image actually looks like a spirit of yourself. This app is also amazing to be used as a prank again your friends .This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.
5. Sex Power Scanner Prank.
The sex power scanner prank is a sex prank app for you this last week of October. This will actually make your friends laugh all day due to its amazing features and roles .This app detects people’s sex ability by use of a fingerprint scanner. It rates them very bad, bad, good and excellent. This is just a joke app to make your day be filled with a lot of fun. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store

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Modern era is the witness of vigorous change in technology and applications. Applications are the interfaces that are raising the transparency level both in physical as well as virtual world. One platform that is consistently getting famous among the folks is android application or android apps. Apps have huge varieties and all the services are launching their applications. Similarly, in the year of 2015 we give information about the five best android apps. If you are a fan of applications too then this article is really a dessert for you. Let’s have a look on top 5 apps for Android operating system of 2015.

Android 5 Lollipop

If you are a fan of late, night parties and love to booze then this app is a piece of cake for you. Many people are often worried about the transportation because in night it is hard to find a cab nearby. To expel this problem the Kabbee app is launched for the users. You can search all the local cab agencies located in the area. Moreover, there is an option to compare the cab rates that enables the user to choose the cheapest cab for the night.

Movie making used to be a difficult task couple of days before but now the wait is over. We have Vine on the Android platform that allows everyone to capture live videos right away through their phone. Vine is an easy to use app that enables the user to play, pause, shoot and animate the videos. You can also share the apps via social networking icons present on the main screen. All these features make Vine as the best video making application of the year.

Quality Time
Are you a mobile freak and spend too much time with your phone then quality time is a must have app for you. This simple android app provides real time statistics on the time spent on the smartphone. It also provides the list of apps and their usage time. The user can set limits that can help in reducing the usage with the help of this app.

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Pushbullet team has released a new app that can make it possible to transfer various files between different mobile devices, this app is called as Portal append now developers have made this app capable of transferring the different files of all sizes from the computer to the Android mobile device. The Pushbullet app enables the users to transfer files between PC and Android phone. The users need to download this free app from the Google Play Store and then proceed to on the computer.This app can transfer even files bigger in size than 1 GB. The app needs to be launched on the phone as well, then it is easy for the user to transfer the files using the Wi-Fi network, the user has to only drag and drop any file into the web-page


Portal app is able to file the sent pics to the phone’s gallery app and the music files in the music folder of the phone, making it easier to find the files when needed. This has been construed as the most beneficial feature of the app by the users.For the users with the Android phones running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or even later operating system, this Portal app can save files to the SD card directly.

The users will have to turn to the app’s setting menu to install this feature. Portal app is a good option for all those who are interested to transfer files quickly to their mobile phone. This app is now available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded free.
Download Pushbullet

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Installing the best Picture Gallery app for your Android phone after update is crucial. Crystal clear quality of the stylish pictures included in the gallery will cast a mesmerizing impact upon you in an exact manner that you anticipate. Choosing the best gallery too plays a huge role as there are several ones available of which some are pathetic. Perhaps, it is only after installation that you are able to know how the device has been working. The inclusion of creative features in an ultimate manner will let you organize your preferences in an exact manner that you anticipate the most. Also, it is necessary that you focus upon multiple apps available in the same category so that you prefer the best.

Android kitkat Logo

Camera JB+ is one of the most sought after Picture Gallery apps considered for any Android phone model laced with Jellybean OS or higher. Choosing the right application will ensure that the performance levels are enhanced to a further extent offering optimum benefits to you in an ideal manner that you expect. Several application features such as 3 models of camera functioning such as Camera, Video Recorder and Panorama are included for your exclusive needs offering you the best results. Picture perfect features included accordingly on an additional basis will let you explore numerous other features in an advanced manner offering the best results as per the given situation.

Paper Camera is another innovative app available exclusively for Android phone users that functions in an innovative manner offering the desired benefits with ease. The app has been developed by JFDP Labs focuses upon minute aspects with the inclusion of numerous options without foregoing upon the actual quality standards in any manner. Captivating lens included with the consideration of stylish aspects will let you organize your preferences in an ideal fashion that you anticipate the most. Perhaps, you need to get along with the inclusion of several features allowing you to explore several preferences without any compromise made in this context.

Several other innovative Android Picture Gallery apps are offered for the benefit of users so that they could along with the situations in an ideal manner as desired. Pro HDR Camera is another useful application meant to manage your camera related tasks without going through any complex issues. Perhaps, it is necessary that you establish the much needed compatibility with the application so that you could make optimum use as per your situational needs. Apart from the above apps, there are several others included as well such as Gallery KK and Camera ICS+ that you need to prefer according to your sophistication.

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In today’s era of technology with increasing sophistication our concern for privacy is degrading mostly in case of Smartphone’s which are being dumped and exchanged like cash money. In this universe of gadgets, Smartphone’s are floating like raw notes and more appropriately just like a unit of money like dollar accordingly with the price of Smartphone. Also Smartphone’s are becoming the easiest prey for hunters due to their high price and easy to handle specifications for a thief, the Smartphone robberies are expanding drastically.

Android Privacy Lock

So there is obligatory to have something which is highly private and can guard our Smartphone secrets just like a piece of cake. In case of Smartphone stealing issue Google has came out with some killer switch for Smartphone’s now but what about the majority of users left behind with jelly bean and other versions of Android. It’s obvious they can’t get so much security as being added in higher versions, her is a need of highly personalized and the application which can store stuff like photos, videos and rest of other things we want to keep private. So for this we have recommended an application known as Privacy Manager. It just the application you are in need and got every thinkable privacy feature built in it. It give you freedom to keep your photos, videos, applications, contacts and many other things private.

Besides this it has also got call block feature, and can even block messages. So that you don’t have to receive unwanted calls and read messages which are of no use. Most interestingly it can give you a fake call at the time you want means when you are in worse situations and want to get out of it. For keeping all your passwords secured too, it has got a Password Manager also. The application user interface is very nice and smooth mostly easy to use. Using this application will surely not run you into mess of searching desired documents because it’s directorial way of keeping your documents gives it highly special and simple way of navigating files.

The free i.e. LITE version of this application lets you keep only 10 images and 1 contact private. In case you want its features full fledged, then you would have to buy it for $4.99 only. This money isn’t too much for the A class security provided by this application. This application is one of the best currently out in the market so if privacy is your main concern we suggest you to go for buying it rather than using minimalistic LITE version with just a few basic features.

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Pebble had already pointed in December 2013 that they are going to open Marketplace in 2014. Now, Pebble has announced that smart-watch’s app-store has launched on iOS. Pebble shipped their new smart-watch earlier this week and now they declared app store update for iOS companion software will be available from Monday. So wait for Pebble’s smart-watch app store finally comes to end and you can get it from 3rd Feb.

pebble smartphone

The app store will be having support for iOS and Android both but Pebble will launch it for iOS first. Android version in beta will follow soon after. If we check the report released in December then it was mentioned that store will have seven categories and they are watch-faces, daily, remotes, games, notifications, tools and utilities and sports and fitness. You can access store with your original plastic version of watch and also with their recently introduced Pebble Steel. Earlier, users have to search on third party sites in order to download application. Now you just need to have a pebble account and you can get new software from your tablet or phone.

We all know that there is limit for number of apps that watch can have in it. We cannot have more than eight apps loaded at the same time and it is to avoid crowded screen. To overcome this limitation, Pebble is coming with a new system where user can keep app in separate file without installing and then they can swap the app with existing app whenever required. There are many apps that store will bring to us like Foursquare, ESPN, Pandora and classic Mario watch-face.

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If you happen to go to the Google Play Store, you will find many apps which help you with your regular tasks and to do lists, but if you search properly, you will find over 30 apps which are verified and do the same job with very less or no difference. Then the question arises, which among them is the best app of them all? And that is the exact same question that haunted us for a long-long time until we dwelled in the list and spent a lot of time with them until we came to a conclusion and a finalist which we think is the best to do list app among them all. The app is To-do list app & Task list app. This list app is really wonderful and so that you all should come to know what is so great about this app, we decided to take you on a full tour with the complete review of the To-do list app.

Any do To-do List


Installation of this app is very easy, you can get this one from their website easily, or else you can also find this app on the Google Play Store as well as many other third party app stores. You just need to download the To-do List app and Android will do the rest. To-do List app is also available on iOS, you can get it even on the Apple App Store.


Signing up is a very simple process. You can directly use Facebook and login via facebook. Other alternative is to create a list app account and use the app. It is always advantageous to use Facebook login, that way all your events and birthdays from Facebook will automatically be integrated and synced with your To-do List app. That way you can keep track of all your Facebook events as well as the birthdays via the ‘Cal’ app, which we will be coming to later.

Any do To-do List

Getting Started:

After signing in you will be guided by a tutorial which is pretty cool that shows you how to add tasks and also manage them as well as remove them when you are done with it. It is very basic, but it needs some tinkering with the app to actually be able to use it properly which is provided in the next section.

List are an essential Part of Modern day Life To-do List makes it easy

Making Notes:

The actual functioning of the To-do List app is right here. After all the pre-requisites are done, you land over to the main app where you can manage your tasks. The UI is very simple. There is a list of folders in which you can divide your tasks. There are two pre-made folders, ‘Personal’ and ’Work’ so accordingly you can sort out your tasks.If need be you can always go in the drop down menu to add or remove folders or rename them whatever you want,customizing them as per your say. Customizing is really a great thing about To-do List app, everything is very simple, efficient and properly arrangable.

As for the simple method of adding tasks, you just have to type in the tasks you want, change the priority of you want, and also add in an alarm if you wish to have that and you are done. It is really all that simple. And then all your tasks will be arranged on a timeline in ascending order. It even has an option of showing the tasks on your notification center so that you can check out the next tasks to be completed or to attend. It is really an amazing feature which is missing from many of the list apps. After you are done with your tasks, all you have to do is swipe it towards the right to scratch it out to indicate that it has been done. It is almost like cancelling it out with a pen. Cool right?

One amazing feature of To-do List app which not many other apps feature is that it has voice control as well. The Google Speech recognition as well as the iOS version’s speech recognition works perfectly well and you can dictate your tasks to the app if you have your hands full for some reason. Now who would not want that in your app.

Any do To-do List


The app features a proper synchronization feature which is actually pretty amazing. It is specially helpful if you have your app linked to your Facebook account. With it you can have any events or tasks added on your Facebook account or have a glance if been invited to one which you might have accepted, all that will be synced with your To-do List app so that you can check even that and manage it all on the move. It will sync your tasks from this app with the Cal calendar app which is also another great companion and feature that you should have.


It is other cool feature where if you happen to have your app full of many tasks (i.e. if you are a really busy person) and you are confused as to which tasks needs to be taken care of first or just need a starting point, then in that case you just need to sort out all the tasks according to ascending, alphabetical or by priority among many others. This way you can properly decide which tasks you need to manage first.

Any do To-do List

Additional Features: To-do List houses many other cool features apart from the productivity to make the experience much more fun and enjoying. You can change the theme from dark or light. You also have the option to show the tasks on the notification panel or hide it. You can change the first day of the week according to your preference, also get missed call alerts, post meeting details, keep backup of the whole thing and the most exciting of all, Google Glass support. Now who does not want that, right? Also one amazing feature in this is the ‘Shake’ feature. In this feature, all the completed marked tasks are simply removed when you shake the phone, easy peasy.


Overall the tasks and to do list a really cool app to have for everyone, students and working people alike as well as home caretakers. To-do List app can be used by everyone from you to your personal assistant, your kids, wife, even your maid, butler, gardener, everyone to manage their tasks and also it is for sure to increase their and your productivity and efficiency as well. To-do List & Task List Android app download To-do List & Task List iOS app download

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We all like to live in an own childhood in that magical time. This application does the same it helps in reviving our past digitally on our IOS and ANDROID phones, tablets and on the web and helps us to live in our past. The author’s goal was to collect everyone’s childhood memories and keeping them, well, forever. Keepy is an intergenerational platform that redefines the way families share and save memories by allowing them to create a private playlist filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork, and mementos enhanced with audio and video commentary. Keepy has created a platform for uploading and tagging those items, putting it all in what Keepy calls a Memory Playlist. This application helps us to upload our childhood in the form of pictures, artworks, videos, schoolwork, mementos, kids games, games for kids and more. This app provides opportunities to tag images, add personalize message and mails these to all the relatives and loved ones via email for their likes and comments. Keepy solves the problem that most of our family faces by storing their comment images, tags on cloud for future access. The thought of this app itself makes it a must download application. The product launched a little more than a month ago, but Keepy has already attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform. Those users are not just uploading and sharing photos, videos, and other mementos — they are also responding to the items that are added. It is an interactive scrapbook of our child’s past.

Keepy Kids Art Photos Love

About the application:

The application looks are kept simple for use. The interface is good attracts everyone to it. The application provides different tools used for enhancing the images, also comments and video interface is good. To store the personalize memory playlist it uses a drop box, thus making accesses simple and fast. The application helps to add recorded voice of parents or kids to tell the story behind that memory and records the reaction, which adds the emotional element to it making this application a fun to use. This app is connected to Facebook so that you can share it as your post.


This application is available on both iOS and Android stores. In iOS it requires 7.0 or later versions of OS and works smoothly on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and has a very good customer rating. The size of this application is 17Mb. On Android stores it requires 2.2 and above software versions and rating on Android is good as well. The size of this application is 11Mb.The software is free on both iOS and Android stores for 31 data’ per month on the timeline then there are nominal charges. The product launched a little more than a month ago, but Keepy has already attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform and count is still growing.

Download Keepy: Kids’ Art, Photos, Love for Android
Download Keepy: Kids’ Art, Photos, Love for iOS

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An application name VOXY is available on both IOS and ANDROID market, a new way to learn English. There are large numbers of application that teach English, but not in a fashion, VOXY does, they use the scientific method to improve English. VOXY is an innovative method to learn English (this is what VOXY believes). Everything learnt with Voxy relates to our day-to-day tasks, so you can put your knowledge to use immediately. Using VOXY you will “learning English” to a new level. This application is useful to those who lack the good and perfect ways to learn English. VOXY itself is self-contained application that guides you to improve your English in an effective way. VOXY is personalizing English course that helps you achieve your goal. VOXY is the only language-learning program or application that is based on dynamic real life examples and activities. The application creates gaming fun like activities. VOXY brings language out of the classroom and into real life for a contextual and personalize experience. VOXY focuses on improving your language in a logical layer method in which language learning is divided into different stages and every stage difficulty level differs with different examples. VOXY has an added cutting-edge technique to teach English using image, speech recognition, music library also for advance assistance from certified teachers are recruited.

Learn English Voxy

How is VOXY different?

VOXY course changes as per your goals (i.e. For TOFEL, to advance your career, or to understand English media, etc.), as per that it lines-up the course with the favorite topic that you have decided and your present English level. VOXY lines-up all the required data and helps you understand the language, then it accesses your performance that can see in your profile. The application is an integrated platform, i.e. course can be accessed on mobile, tablets and on the web which helps you pick the lessons from wherever you have left. The course is synched and up to date across these devices. It uses real-life activities like world news, reading celebrity gossip, listening to popular music. Native tutors are available to speak with you 1:1 whenever you want, to help you learn faster and improve key areas like pronunciation

Application performance:

VOXY has a good response and the application supports tablets in a good way. The graphic provided for assistance is very good and must use application for graphics. The application does not hang at all and works well on both mobile and on the web. The profile is maintained well and perfect record of accomplishment is being recorded. The chat with tutor’ is a fun and hangs up sometimes (it depends on the connection.)


The application is developed for both IOS and ANDROID in IOS it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. The app requires 5.0 or later Operating System. The size of this app is 16Mb on iTunes is completely free, but its further services are chargeable. This application has received good ratings on iTunes. The app requires 2.2 or later System for Android devices. The size of this app is 8.2MB on the market is completely free, but its further services are chargeable, the rating given to it is quite good.

Download for Android
Download for iOS