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Technology is a great power, and as such it is a great responsibility for users. Sadly, all power occasionally comes to misuse, and the cyber attacks that have plagued personal computers for years found its way to the smartphones that we use today. Our Android phones are vulnerable to such cybercrime as theft of personal data, invasion of privacy, or device malfunction, and this is especially true for phones running on an older version of the Android OS. If you want to keep your handheld safe and secured from catching a malicious file, check out one of the top 5 Antivirus apps for Android 2015:

Top 5 Antivirus apps for android 2015

CM Security Antivirus Applock

Currently reigning at the top of the list is CM Security Antivirus Applock which boasts of being the top ranked mobile Antivirus by a credited organization from Germany, which speaks volumes about just how easy it is for users to secure their devices with this one app. You only need to tap one button to scan your whole device, and resolving all found issues are automatically handled by CM Security. What’s more is that it can also enhance your privacy with features like Applock, where you can set a patter for certain apps and snap a photo of someone who gets the pattern wrong twice, and Vault for storing photos.

360 Security – Antivirus Free

360 Security is the close runner up app for your choice of phone virus protection. You may get the idea that this is a speed booster first, a cache cleaner second and then an antivirus, but sure enough, it does what it needs to do with efficiency and in a short amount of time. Aside from barring entry for phone viruses, you can also filter which calls and texts go through your phone, monitor your mobile data consumption, protect your apps with a pattern lock, and more! Battery draining too quickly and phone not running too smooth? This one got you covered.

AVG Antivirus Security Free

AVG Antivirus Security Free

AVG Antivirus Security Free is an app from one of the best-known names in the field. Choosing this one will ensure a strong safeguard against viruses although you have to buy the Pro version to add other benefits such as a camera trap and app lock, even the I-wish-this-was-included-in-the-free-version function device lock which bars the phone from use when the sim card is replaced with a different one; very good for such scenarios as theft. Nonetheless, it is one of the viable choices with which you can protect your android phone. The first scan is noticeably slow but the succeeding ones will be much faster.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast is another famous player in the market, and Mobile Security & Antivirus is their solution for phone-corrupting apps, spyware, and websites with a history of unwanted content. It also features remote transfering of SMS and other important files, taking a picture or a sound recording once the lock has been tried to force open, or a siren-like alarm once it has exited a user-specified area using GPS which is a feature called Geo-fencing; although you will have to purchase the Premier version for these latter functionality. A rooted phone allows for a reliable firewall from the app as well.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Coming from yet another renowned developer is Kaspersky Internet Security, which brings a focus on threats that come from the web (which by the way is the most possible origin of a virus). This app scans every link you visit and censors or automatically blocks those that contain malware, spyware, trojans, and other types of harmful viruses for your phone, and even performs this function on the SMS that you receive! The app itself may use up a larger storage space than its peers but with it comes a lot of security features for your phone.

You may think that your phone is safe since you only visit trusted sites or do not usually surf the web that much, but don’t be caught off-guard since there are plenty of other ways to plant malicious software on your phone such as through an installed app or an offline file transfer.

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Google has recently claimed that their Android phones don’t need any kind of antivirus or protection. Our way of crafting the applications for Android is far different than rest of the operating systems. The Android Security head mentioned that Android OS is designed in such a manner that the antivirus and protection applications can’t give you any protection, no matter how sophisticated the Antivirus is, it will be useless n majority of Android devices. He warned that instead of wasting your money on buying anti viruses, you should spend it on something else because here it’s getting wasted. He carried on his statement and added that Android applications are highly purified and refined before being posting on Google Play Store. Also the misbehaviour of Android application during installation is considerably low.

Android Virus Antivirus


There’s a lot of difference between Android operating Systems and desktop operating system, and he assured that you will never see a malicious application from Android. He also highlighted the upcoming projects of Google while he was having a conversation with journalists at Mountain View Headquarters a day before the commencement of Android I/O 2014. He laid focus on advancing Android operating system from Smartphone’s to TVs, cars and other gadgets. He also slammed Tim Cook by saying that the other operating Systems produce the number of malicious programs ever present in store but they never say how many persons were affected by those applications. The users of Android have themselves chosen to use different Anti viruses otherwise Google doesn’t need them. Our focus is always paid towards promoting bug free and safe application in our Store. It’s just a confusion created in the minds of people that Android is a very malicious operating system otherwise there’s nothing like this.

The 99 percent of Antivirus users on Android phones will get zero benefit from them he assured. People should understand that they don’t need anything to protect, Android super vision is always safeguarding their Store. The only benefits you can get from those anti viruses is the warnings they give you sometimes on showing threat, this will maintain a consciousness in people. He also said that Android is staying this thing since a long period of time. After the launch of “charlants and Scammers” by an Android engineer in 2011 he criticised Android for being the most malicious operating system. This was not any virus but a bug which was filtered then and these developers are just tricking people for buying their Anti viruses. They are causing threat to the people and people start giving them loads of money and start using those anti viruses. This is what they want, otherwise there’s no need of Antivirus in our platform. People should get out of this night mare of virus when it comes to Android. He also make it clear that latest version of Android is the safest version of Android so it’s better to stay updated to the latest version of Android.