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Android 5.0.2

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Motorola has recently upgraded the operating system to Lollipop, the process of launching the new OS and bringing all Motorola devices to Lollipop was not smooth. Users of various models of Motorola had tough time and there were complaints pouring from different users. The innovative Moto E & Moto Maxx were the devices which were recently upgraded to Lollipop along with few devices of Moto X of 2014 make handsets. The situation is not at all rosy, the company is still making tests on different models with Android 5.0.1, 5.0, 5.0.2 and also the 5.1.

Motorola Moto G

Now the latest report from the readers claims that original model Moto G of 2013 make, also known as X 1032 model is being upgraded to Lollipop in UK. While the notification from the company Motorola has announced that bundle will be spelled shortly, and the update has come to reality.
It is also anticipated that the company has got sufficient time to patch up all the problems, due to this delay in upgrade. Hopefully with this delay the company will rectify the issues posed by Android 5 and 5.0.2 and thus The Moto devices will offer constancy and quality performance the Moto devices are expected to deliver.

This only shows that the owners of 1st Generation Moto G will indeed be lucky as they have the golden opportunity to grab OTA. The company is hopeful of this latest build to be good for the update and the rollout will gain rapid strides.

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Motorola introduced Moto E, Moto X and Moto G, they received huge overwhelming response from its users. Few days ago we heard about, Moto G getting update with latest Lollipop Android version. While, those possessing Moto X-2nd Generation with US Cellular must be searching for upgrade.

motorola moto x

Android 5.0.2 You cannot downgrade to previous version

The recent version of Lollipop version comes with advance features in very pure form. The output of this latest version is very brilliant. With this recent update, a new notification experience can be viewed. User with new update are allowed to check lock screen and rank them, material design goodness and also new app interface with built-in DND (Do-not-disturb) control. If you are not follower of lover of Moto Display you can switch to Lollipop Ambient Display. User can also work on latest downtime setting with Motorola Assist.

If you want to check with new updates, you can head to Setting – About Phone – System Updates. If you have not yet received a notification from Moto, don’t disappoint you will receive an update very soon!