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People using Google’s Android operating system was recently caught with a bug called Fake ID. While Android is considered pretty stable and safe operating system there are some vulnerabilities that come time to time. some of them needs Google to release a minor revision to their operating system.
It allows the attackers to steal data and essentially take over a phone. Fake ID a vulnerability that allows malicious apps to impersonate trusted services without user notification. Fake ID also allows the hackers to take control of a device through change in its settings. It does not require any action or approval from the device owner and every action taken are hidden. The security hole which allows malware to impersonate apps, is said to have the capability to steal sensitive information such as credit card number. The malware does not need the permission of the user to take control of the device.

Android Virus Antivirus

Every Android application has its own unique identity inherited by the corporate developers. The bug will copy the identifies and use them for criminal purpose. Using this vulnerability hackers could pose as Google Wallet to access financial and payment data and take control of an entire device by imitating enterprise security service. Fake ID works by exploiting Android’s method of handling certificates which verifies that an app. If an attacker can create a new digital identity certificate and claims that identity certificate was issued by the Adobe systems and sign an application with a certificate chain that contains a malicious identity certificate and the Adobe System certificate. After installation the Android package installer will not verify the claim of the malicious identity certificate and create a package signature that contains both certificates. This allows the application to be granted the special web view plugin by adobe system. Thus insertion of malicious code in other application.

In short hackers fabricate a set of identities for a malware app and the set of permissions will be kept minimal when the malicious app is installed. A malware application can exploit multiple identities. Fake ID is especially dangerous because unlike other malware which is general.

This is presents serious threat to security as the bug is not limited to one app. A payment app such as PayPal or Google Wallet could be taken advantage of. Even the device management software could be fooled by this hackers can get full control of device.

This bug was fixed by development team and sent it to manufacturers.

Android users need to understand and develop security awareness among them in order to keep their device secure.

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When it comes to installation of custom ROM for Android 4.4 Sony Xperia E1 there are few important points that required to be followed. Though there are many online portals and tutorials on the internet that can be followed but the real deal is to opt for the best custom ROM. Here are some important and useful points on how to install custom ROM Android 4.4 Sony Xperia E1.

Sony Xperia E1

Basic requirements for the ROM installation

There are few basic things that are required for Custom ROM installation and those are Sony Xperia E1 smart phone or any of the Sony smart phones on which you wish to install the custom ROM.

You also need to root the device and make sure that the boot-loader is unlocked. You can easily follow any of the available online tutorials for rooting the device from the internet. There are even tutorials available for boot-loader unlocking.

Another important step is to enable the USB debugging on your device and get the ClockWorkMod recovery installed. If you are not able to install this recovery by yourself, then you can easily search for tutorials over the internet.

There are many online technical forums which are inhibited by professional and technical experts. You can seek guidance from them on all these steps.

One more important point that you need to keep into your mind is that installation of custom ROM on your smart phone voids your device warranty and moreover you need to backup all of the data. If accidently the data gets erased you can retrieve it from the back up you have created.

Always make sure that after proper knowledge and information the ROM installation procedure should start. In-complete information can lead to loss of data and sometimes it poses a serious threat to the mobile operating system. In that case you might need to contact your mobile dealer or Sony Xperia expert.

ROM Installation procedure

The custom ROM installation procedure involves placing of the downloaded ROM and Google Apps package into the SD Card’s root. You can easily get the ROM manager from the Google playstore and then install the clockwork.

After this first step you need to boot into the recovery mode and create back up.

Once all this is done you can wipe the data as well as cache and dalvik cache. In order to wipe the dalvik cache you need to go to the advanced option and then tap on to wipe dalvik cache. Click on yes option.

After performing these functions you need to install the Zip from the SD card and then select the ROM file. You need to select yes so that you can flash it.

The same procedure needs to be followed for Google Apps and then reboot the device.

After following all these steps you will be able to successfully install the custom ROM on your Sony Xperia E1 in an easy and simple manner. The updated ROM will allow you to enjoy the latest version of Kitkat Android mobile operating system.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is presently the hottest product of Samsung running in markets right now. It has occupied top most spot in Samsung’s most selling Smartphone’s. It’s an indigestible fact for Samsung that other tough competitors of Samsung are providing Android 4.4.2 KitKat running Smartphones under the same price range. People have got an easy option to kart Kit Kat running Smartphone’s instead of choosing old school Jelly Beans phones. It is obvious that Samsung needs to concentrate on it. But thanks to the efforts of elegant developers who have developed a custom ROM so called slimKat ROM. This ROM updates your Samsung Grand 2 into Android Kit Kat 4.4.2. After various experimentation on this ROM it has been found 100% compatible with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Let’s Get Started:

Read the steps given below carefully and follow each step strictly. If failed to do so, your phone might encounter some problems and we are not responsible for that:

We need to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 before installing KitKat 4.4.2 on it:


  1. Install USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Download software ODIN and unzip it.
  3. Turn on Developer Option in the Settings of your phone.
  4. Keep your phone charged above 80%.
  5. While rooting your phone all your personal data will be erased so it’s recommended to backup your phone before rooting.
  6. Now download ADB driver and install it.
  7. Also download Clock Work Mod Recovery
  8. Now turn off your phone and press power off button/screen lock button, Volume up and home button and this will make you enter into boot loader menu.
  9. A warning will flash on your phone screen and you just need to press volume up button to confirm.
  10. Now plug in your phone with original USB cable into your PC and start Odin Software already downloaded.
  11. As you connect your phone your port number will appear” COM-XX” where XX is your port number .Choose it now.
  12. Run ODIN and choose PDA and search for .Select it and start installation process. Just be patient it’s going to take your little bit of time.
  13. Download and transfer Super SU into root folder of your sd card.
  14. Again perform Step 8 once again to enter boot mode.
  15. Once you enter in boot mode, with the help of your power button search and install zip from your sd card.
  16. At the last, choose Super SU 1.2 from your card and press power off b/lock screen button .Now let the process begin.
  17. Now restart your phone by selecting Reboot System option.

Your Phone Is Rooted Successfully

After rooting your phone now you will be able to install KitKat on your phone.

Let’s get started:

  1. Install necessary USB drivers of Samsung.
  2. Before moving on make sure that your battery is charged above 80%
  3. Don’t risk your personal data; create a back up of you contacts and other essential stuff. It might wipe out during the process so it’s better to take precautions.
  4. Go to settings>Developer option>USB debugging and enable it.
  5. Download these 2 ROM files: G apps and 4.4.2 Rom.
  6. After downloading these two files transfer them from your PC into the root folder of your sd card.
  7.  Now pull out the USB cable from your phone and switch off.
  8. To enter in boot menu as already shown while rooting, simultaneously press volume down button, home button and screen lock/power off button.
  9. Your screen will flash a warning message, just press volume up button and carry on.
  10. Choose Recovery options and you will land into CWM recovery mode. There will be Data Wipe out/Factory Reset option available for clearing data.
  11.  Go to advanced Option>Wipe out cache>Dalvik cache and clear it.
  12. Jump back to CMW recovery mode home and click on option install zip from sd card and you navigate the 4.4.2 ROM zip and install.
  13. Repeat the same steps for G apps and launch it also.
  14. Click on Go back and choose reboot system now.

Congrats! Your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is now powered with Android 4.4.2 kitkat instead of jellybean.

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HTC One users, who are with Verizon and the Sprint models have already received latest Android 4.4 KitKat update a few days ago. HTC One users who are on T-Mobile US were waiting for kitkat update for their device. Finally their wait comes to an end. HTC is now rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat update for their HTC One users who are on T-Mobile US. So you can go to to settings > about from your smartphone and check for update. There are a very sew on screen instructions that you need to follow and it will be updated.

Android kitkat Logo

The newest firmware also has Sense 5.5 user interface which is same as update for Verizon and Sprint. With the help of Sense 5.5 user interface, you can customize Blinkfeed homescreen pane. Sense 5.5 user interface is one of the highlight features of update. Other than sense UI, there are many tweaks and improvements which helps to boost overall performance of your device.

HTC’s executive director of product management said that update will be also available for AT&T HTC One consumers soon. So all T-Mobile HTC One users are requested to do update and comment with your experience with kitkat update. We wish that update will be available for rest of the users soon.

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Sony has released Android 4.4 KitKat officially on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play edition but the consumers were really pissed off due to lots of bugs and issues with the OS which had locked many features else also some features were not available for usage. Sony later came up with the 4.4.2 update which brought the solution to all the issues present before and this has been made available through an OTA update. The developers at xda forums need to be credited for their hard work of getting the zip file which is a complete healthy 534 MB zip file for the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Though Sony themselves have provided us with the version of 4.4.2 KitKat on their developers forum, but still it has been very properly compiled for us and available as a single download right here. (

So after you download the install zip file, then the actual process of booting up your device and installing the 4.4.2 KitKat version even on your non-Google Play edition phone is pretty simple. All you need to do is side load the OS after rooting your device which can be done by unlocking the bootloader. For that you can check out Sony’s website where you can check whether phone is capable of boot-loading i.e. if it has an unlocked bootloader.

Now for the steps of the actual process are given below, but before that some words of caution. Make sure that you get a complete backup of your system including your ROM, contacts, your apps, entertainment stuff, etc. times like this it is always better if you have everything on the cloud. So after you have got everything done and backed up, finally we can get to the actual installation of the file.

Android kitkat Logo

Note: Do note that all the steps mentioned below are verified and the Android version is optimized for Sony Xperia Z Ultra, but still if by reason your phone gets bricked or some other complication occurs, which we are sure won’t happen; we are absolutely not responsible for any of it. It is all at your own risk. Also secondly you doing this update on your device will end up voiding the warranty of your device. So also do take due note of that.


  1. Acquire the file that your want from right here. (
  2. Connect your phone to your computer and move the zip file to your phone.
  3. Boot your Phone in Download mode by pressing the power and the volume button.
  4. After opening in download mode, a command prompt will open on your system. In there type the simple command, “adb sideload ” while your device is in recovery.
  5. Now the OS will be installed and loaded on your phone. In short it will be flashed on your phone.
  6. After the entire thing, your phone will boot for the first time. The phone will take a bit extra time to boot up which might range even upto 30 minutes sometimes which happens while booting the device for the first time. But once it is done, then it’s over.

So this is how finally the Android 4.4.2 KitKat can be loaded in any Sony Xperia Z Ultra if you don’t have the patience for until Sony comes up with OTA update for your non-Google Play edition device. The only difference is that with this you will get the stock Android version in the Google Play edition phone so it will be some time until you can get the OTA with the custom Sony UI over Android 4.4 KitKat. But till then or rather even with that present, this is not at all a bad choice now, is it?

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Google recently unveiled its latest Android update, the Android 4.4 KitKat. This new release does not have much new in terms of looks and graphics and looks almost similar to the previous 4.3 JellyBean version. But what Google has introduced new here is the new software tweaks to the OS making it more refined and awesome by adding more features to it. This not only saves a lot of memory, but also the hassles to download individual apps for those features. So here we have compiled a list of 20 features which are new to the Android 4.4 KitKat.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat

1. Phone App:
This is the default app used for making calls and has been present in all the version of Android. But this time it is better than before because now it has a much better phonebook interconnection which means it sorts contacts out based on which ones we contact and the most and hence keeps them on top so that you don’t have to spend more time fiddling with the contacts to get to the person you want to contact. Also it can tell you where the person is if keep your GPS on.

2. Email App:
Android always had email apps and specific apps like Gmail as well. So if you have only a Gmail account or multiple Gmail accounts, then this app will be perfect for you, but if you have multiple accounts, then in that case this app is perfect for you as you can interlink all your accounts in one app and hence don’t have to jump from app to app for multiple accounts. Just switch into in app folders of different accounts and you are done.

3. Hangouts Message Center:
Google had told that it was going to integrate SMS app into its hangout app and it has done exactly that. Now earlier you needed to go into your message app to check out your SMS and again go into hangouts to manage your Google contacts. But now Google has integrated it all and made it into an all in one app where even your SMS will now show in your Hangouts. So that’s cool.

4. Phone App Caller ID:
We all use Truecaller which is a popular called ID app and tells us who is calling and also the location so that we can filter out the unwanted calls and block them up. This app actually comes inbuilt in the Lumia devices but now it has been introduced in Android as well which means no more going through the trouble of getting a separate app for this. You will know exactly who is calling and you and also from where. So no more going through the troubles of the spam calls.

5. Pre-installed Quick office:
Editing documents and Excel sheets and presentations can be a huge tussle, but now it is no more. Now with the pre-installed Quick Office that comes with the new Android version, you can easily work on your office documents on the go with the full-fledged version just like on your computer.

6. Music Art on Lock Screen:
Now this is one cool feature where earlier your locked screen would be all boring with nothing but simple wallpapers, but now with the latest Android, you can even control your music directly from the lockscreen. And best of all your lockscreen wallpaper will be the Music Art. Now isn’t that cool?

7. Device Manager:
This is an amazing new app and is the same with used to run on previous versions where it showed the apps and battery and phone performance and battery consumption, etc. but now this is even better. In this version the new Device manager helps you manage your apps and kill the unwanted ones and also best of all can also do a remote wipe in case you lose your phone; so no more the fear of your data falling into wrong hands.

8. Control device by saying OK Google:
Google’s voice command, the Google Now is always on in the new version of Android. In this all you have to do is say “OK GOOGLE” and it will be up and live and you can ask it to do whatever you want and it will do it to the best of its ability. Also now with improved services the experience is much better than before.

9. Pedometer:
This earlier was an exclusive app introduced by Samsung in its flagship models, but now Google has integrated it into Android 4.4 so that there is no requirement for a new special app for this. Now you can easily track how much you have travelled, walked, ran and calories burned. For all those health conscious people out there, you got your perfect companion now.

10. Web Components Support:
Some websites which are new are not quite managed properly and hence they are all jumbled up when you see then on mobiles. But with this new feature it manages the website well for a cleaner web experience. Its absence in previous versions could easily be felt with the loading time in previous phones.

11. OTG Print:
This is a great option if you want a quick print and don’t want to go to the hassles of connecting via a cable and then printing your documents. So now in this you connect to your printers wirelessly and send the print commands and get your printouts. The problem is that it is only supported in some HP printers for now, but further compatibility for all printers will be coming very soon.

12. IR Blaster:
This has not become quite dated and is largely dependent on the hardware of it supports it, but nevertheless you still get a remote control on your phone. You should not be complaining about it at all. So now no need carrying different remotes for different devices.

13. Improved Download Manager:
It is very frustrating when you lose a link and suddenly your 98% download has to start from the very beginning. For this now Google has improved the download manager in the Android 4.4 KitKat so that there are no more download crashes or incomplete downloads and you can always download your files by pausing them later on if you do not have internet access or lose it.

14. Chromecast:
This is like a projector where you can project whatever you have on your phone on another display like a TV. Also you can play audio and video content on your HDTV or any other display present there from your phone. It is really simple to use and you don’t even need a third party app for this.

15. HDR+ photography:
This is only present in the current Nexus 5 and no other phone as of yet but they will have it once they get the new Android 4.4 KitKat update. In this the device captures many pictures in a burst and then you can select whichever picture you liked the most. Also you can get some amazing clicks even in low light with this.

16. Emoji:
If you thought only Whatsapp had Emoji then think again. Now Google has introduced more Emoji in their messaging app which is Hangouts. And now since the SMS are also integrated into one, you get the Emoji support even in SMSs. Now that’s cool. One issue though that to send and receive these Emoji, the person on the other side also needs to have support for all these Emoji.

18. App Switch:
This is an amazing feature from Google. Not only does it save a lot of time but is also very simple now. What this app does is that you earlier needed to go into settings and search for the entire menu, but not anymore, now changing the default apps is very simple and you can do that from the Homescreen itself. Just go on the app switch app, and then select which app you want to select as the default app to run for specific conditions.

19. Location Mode:
Google has made some changes in the GPS settings of the new Android where earlier when the GPS used to constantly keep checking for location and used to use up a lot of the battery, now it smartly check between Wi-Fi, Mobile networks and GPS so that it gets better location accuracy and also saves lots of battery.

20. NFC:
This was something that was long missing from Android and Windows Phone made good use of it. Now it has come to Android finally and with the Android 4.4, NFC will be supported in Android devices as well. Now we can use the Google Wallet app and many more finally for making payments and connecting devices and transferring data.

We checked out the 20 great, amazing and cool features introduced by Google in the Android 4.4 KitKat update and we are excited about it completely. So comment down below what you feel about it and if you are waiting and highly anticipating for the 4.4 update to come soon to your Android device.

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Nexus 5 is already in news from many days. There are many images leaked of this phone with the latest Android Operating system version 4.4. This version has got the KitKat as its nickname after a list of predictions about it. Some rumors are spreading the News that the Nexus 5 will be released on 30th October 2013 and it is also predicted that the Android 4.4 kitkat will debut with this smartphone. There are many eyes on this phone and specially the new operating system with many new features included into it.

android kitkat

It is also expected that the Nexus 5 will be released along side with the Nexus 10 tablet. We would like to tell you that there is no official confirmation about this news and date. All these are just leaked information by rumors. We are still waiting for some official confirmation about the release date and actual specification for the same. Until now, the information available for this device is that, it will come with the 1080p screen and Snapdragon 800 chipset that will be supported by 2 GB of RAM. If there is any update on this news then we will update this article with the same. By the time, we would be happy to have your opinion and comment on this news

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The new android operating system version 4.4 is already in news from last few days with the name ‘KitKat’. There is no official information about the release date of this new operating system version from Google but it is expected that the new version will be released this month only with the Nexus 5. There were many predictions earlier about the nickname for this new version of operating system but finally it ends with the ‘KitKat’. There are many  things updated with the latest versions and some of the new features are also added into it. One of the highlighted thing of this update is the updated camera user interface. There is Instagram-like previews and also a print menu. With the help of his menu, you can save your image as PDF or else print the image to your local printer. With this new improved camera UI, it will gives better experience of clicking photos from your smartphone.

android kitkat

There is Printing and Payments system available from the settings menu. With this system, you can make the wireless NFC payment to main Android architecture. There is no need to depend on any third party application for this. The Drive and Keep app will allow you to have access on your documents from the google cloud. It also has the very important application Quickoffice and with the help of this, you will be able to make text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. So, this new update is having many new features along with some very important Google’s productivity applications.