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HTC 10 has generated considerable buzz among the smartphone enthusiast due to its specification with Superb 24-bit Hi-Res sound. A first Optical Image Stabilization smartphone for both rear as well as front. All in a beautifully crafted metal uni-body. With best scores on most benchmarks software. To accompany this smartphone we list out Top 5 must have HTC 10 accessories

htc 10

HTC 10 accessories

HTC 10 Cases and Covers

The first point is to keep your phone safe from every day rushes, tear, scratch, and other oily rushes. HTC 10 cases and covers offering stylish protection, and perfect for protecting your smartphone’s beautifully crafted all-metal unibody against everyday wear and tear. HTC 10 Cases and Covers have been specifically designed to fit the HTC 10 handset, making the most of its chamfered contour and quality construction.

HTC 10 VR Headsets

This is the smart age and virtual reality taken over the whole world. HTC 10 VR Headset allows us to realize this advantage more widely. HTC 10 virtual Reality Headset enhance its popularity beyond limitation. 360 degree view, realizing virtual reality, 3d view gives its specialty much more. Now it is available in almost anywhere if you want to buy.Total immersion is what everyone making a VR headset, game or app is aiming towards – making the virtual reality experience so real that we forget the computer, headgear and accessories and act exactly as we would in the real world. HTC 10 create its own VR to realize the virtual world.

HTC 10 Bluetooth Headsets

Experience music, with the incredibly stylish Bluetooth headphones. With crystal clear sound and noise canceling technology, these comfortable earphones allowing you to truly enjoy your favourite tunes. It add an extra digital advantage into your life. Need not wire to listen music from your HTC phone.That’s why it is popular day by day.

HTC 10 Smartwatches

Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and email as well as play music using the smart watch. HTC produce smart watches running by its own HTC 10 smartphone. HTC smart watches are most popular to young generation. It is more convenient to use than a general watch. HTC 10 smart watches brings the different from its old version.

HTC 10 Photography Accessories

HTC 10 Photography Accessories like Bluetooth Tracker Device, Bluetooth Key Finder, Camera Lens Kit, Selfie Stick with Mirror, Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder, Interactive Wi-Fi Streaming Pet Camera, Tripod Mount for Smartphones, etc. are popular for HTC 10 smartphone.

All data collected from best-selling accessories from the market for HTC 10 smartphone. The demand of an individual parts or accessories may vary in different country. But the average selling result and price are considerable.
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The tremendous rise in the technological level all over the world have seen most of the technological companies really going a notch higher in unveiling top phones that are still trending up to the moment. For instance the Samsung Corp unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. This is one of the powerful phones in the telecommunication industry that has really elevated the performance of the Samsung Company in the telecommunication industry.Samsung Galaxy S7 Active accessories are a must have to accompany this fantastic phone. That is why we came up with an awesome piece of the top 5 must have Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Accessories that you won’t miss out on.

samsung s7 active

Samsung Galaxy S7 active chargers

There are various chargers on the online stores that are compatible with this phone. At first we have got the original adaptive charger which charges the Samsung Galaxy s7 active in the fastest way possible. The wireless fast charging pad which allows you to charge your smart-phone in the fastest way possible and also on the wireless mode. The universal in car charger which allows you to charge your phone inside a car.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases and covers

Covers and Cases for your phone are very vital. They actually protect your phone from damages due to falling down and also damage due spillage on your phone. The covers and cases also protects the screen of your phone device from scratches. Here are the top cases and covers that are found on the online store for you to acquire. FlexiShield Case, Premium cover officially from Samsung, LED Flip wallet cover, Gostek Cloak cover case, Obliq Slim Meta Cover case etc.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors

If you really want your phone to last for a long time then you really need to have a perfect screen protector or screen guard. The screen guards protects your phone from spillage and damage due to physical causes. Here are the top screen protectors for you to own: Rearth Invisible Defender screen guard, Otterbox Alpha Screen Protector, Olixar Samsung Screen Protector, Invincible shield screen Protector.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Headsets

Having a compatible Bluetooth for your Samsung Galaxy s7 is one of the coolest stuffs to own. Most of the Bluetooth headsets are of a high quality and they render a high quality music sound. Here are the top Bluetooth headsets that you should not miss out on acquiring for your Samsung Galaxy s7 smartphone: Ghostek soDrop Premium wireless Bluetooth headphones, Tiny Talk Nano Bluetooth headset, Olixar X1 Bluetooth stereo headset, SuperTooth Talk N Go Bluetooth Mono Headset.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Accessories Cables

This is one of the must have accessories that your phone can’t function in the normal way if you don’t have them. There are various types of the Cables for to own. This include the 3x Universal Power Data and Sync Cable, Olixar Non-Tangle Micro USB, Universal Qualcomm quick Charge 2.0 cable that allows you to charge your phone in the fastest way possible and the Samsung Micro USB Sync and Charge cable.

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Asus ZenFone Max is popular among youths in many parts of the world. With mid range specifications and various models available,punching above the price to performance ratio its a trendy phone for youths of today. That been said mobile phone, especially, a smartphone either be it an iPhone or an Android phone, it is good as it is. But isn’t it better if we got accessories that would suit our smartphones? Then why not get one. Now here’s our 5 Must Have Asus ZenFone Max Accessories.

5 Must Have Asus ZenFone Max Accessories

Asus ZenFone Max Accessories

1. Shock Proof Case

Let’s starts about protection. We all know that while we are using our smartphones, either it would be at home or outside, there are unfortunate times that it falls off our hands. It might have slipped out of your hand or fell by accident. Doesn’t it bring you sudden shock even for a few seconds? That is why we suggest something that could lessen your worries even if your phone falls off from your hand to the rough concrete floor.

Chevron Tough Hybrid Armor Back Cover Case with Kickstand for Asus ZenFone Max
Buy – Amazon | Flipkart

2. Muku Shutter Remote = Which accessories to put instead of this

Get your selfies to the next level. It might not be a must have for some but it is a must have for many. In the modern age, there is just little portion of the population don’t do selfies, and the rest seemed they don’t get tired with it. Now Muku Labs made it. Using the Muku Shutter Remote, take selfies in much further distances and make selfies not just an arm’s distance away.

Muku Shuttr Selfie Remote Camera Shutter

Buy – Amazon


3. Solar Charging Power Bank

We all use our phones and most of the time, the batteries don’t even last a whole day’s time. Sometimes you already drained your power bank but your phone would be dead soon and you don’t have time to charge anyone them. Then, why not have a power back that charges itself with solar energy? Get your power bank and phone charged as you go anywhere and anytime.

Exilient 10000 mAh Solar Power Bank
Buy – Amazon | Flipkart

4. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Everyone loves music, or maybe not everyone but most of us still do. We play music at home, while going to school or to work, walking at the park and we could say most of the time. But there is a common issue all of us experienced. That is tangled Earphones or headphone cables. Of course, there are times we need to stop listening to music, it could be while at school or work so we put our headphones back to their cases, inside our bag or lockers. But when we them out, the wires are tangled. They are even better at making knots than you. That is where Wireless Headphones comes in. No cables, no tangles, only music.

Samsung BHM1950NWECINU In The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Mic

Buy – Snapdeal

5. Attachable Lenses

What do your Zenfone and most smartphones have that most people use? That is the camera. It could be selfies, taking photos of your memorable moments, landscapes or just ticking your phone randomly. You use your phone’s camera. Given the features of the camera of your Zenfone Max, why don’t we level it up some more with lenses you can attach? Every lens have their function to specialize so you can use the best lens for best moment.

EASY 12X Unversal Clip Zoom Lens

Buy – Amazon | Flipkart

Those are our 5 must have Asus Zenfone Max Accessories. You may want it or may not but to tell that many do wanted them along with their phone along with their usability, it is not a loss isn’t it? That is for now and maybe more in the future.

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Just last February 2016, Lenovo announced their new addition to their growing number of mobile phones and smart phones. It was Lenovo Vibe K5 and K5 Plus which was later on released last April 2016. With its various features new and old, we could say that it is a good phone indeed. But a phone is just a phone. Doesn’t it get better with good accessories?

5 Must have Accessories for Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Now here is our top 5 must have accessories for Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

1. Protectors

Noise Back Cover for Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Of course, we go first to accessories to protect your phone. Now for Lenovo Vive K5 Plus, it would be another shock proof back cover. It should be able to withstand a part of shock received by the phone whenever if accidentally falls to the ground.

2. Wireless Headsets

Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Headset

All mobile phones come with their own respective earpieces when they are bought but surely, they are wired. We could say that these earpieces such as earphones and headsets, even with cable attached to them, they would last long if we are careful with it. But accidents happen and mostly on the wires. So if you can get a wireless one, why not?

3. Solar Power Banks

Wizo SPB100096 Solar 12000 MAH Power Bank 12000 mAh

Power banks are in common use these days. It is made as counter measure since smartphones tend to drain their batteries earlier that the old phones we had back in the old days. As power banks are in circulation, they are power banks that needed to be charged whenever you had time but what if there isn’t? Then Solar Power Banks come in. Charge anywhere, everywhere under the sun.

4. Bluetooth Gaming Controllers

MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+

Now, this would be a must have for mobile gamers. Everyone loves playing games on their smartphones. Well, maybe not everyone but many right? As for those who love it, isn’t nice to control most of your games easier, especially for hard to maneuver racing games. Mobile Gaming controllers is a must buy.

5. ANT VR Headset

ANT VR Headset

And this one would be for people who want to have a VR Experience with their Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus. More than that, Lenovo K5 and K5 Plus had Theatermax VR support and thus, it is just taking advantage of this feature. And also to tell that ANT VR is released for this purpose, to aid and give virtual reality experience to Lenovo smartphone users as ANT VR Headset is released by Lenovo itself. SO why not take one and try out and experience virtual reality with your phone.


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Redmi 2 is the hottest Smartphone from Xiaomi designed to provide all the premium features in a cost effective way. This Smartphone is a greatly challenging hurdle for the mid range Smartphone’s with 4G LTE compatibility present in the market because of its low price point. Xiaomi is thus all set to repeat the last year’s historic sales with their efficient and innovative strategies.  It’s about to break the records with its HD display and great processing chipset along with 4G compatibility being the foremost attractions.

Xiaomi Redmi 2

Thus overall it is a power packed Smartphone with all most of the premium feature and thus will be appreciated by mid range users all over the globe just like its older variants like Redmi 1 and Redmi 1S. If you are looking for some great accessories you can use with this Smartphone, we have hovered around the web for you and bring to you these productive accessories handy to use with Redmi 2.

1. MOTOMO 2 INO Metal back case Cover: This premium aluminium case is especially designed to give high scope protection to your Smartphone along with a stylish metallic look. Its polycarbonate interior layering provides great protection against accidental drops, scratches, stains etc. It houses precisely operated cut outs which let you operate any kind of accessories as well as press the buttons with ease.

MOTOMO 2 INO Metal back case Cover

2. Olixar Baby Boom Wireless Mini Speaker: It is a Redmi 2 compatible wireless Bluetooth speaker specially designed for handy and portable use. They are very little in structure but the sound is remarkably loud and clear. It comes with with built in microphone for calling purposes, slots for non Bluetooth use and provides 6 hours battery backup via it’s rechargeable Li-ion battery. You will also find basic controls built in this mini-speaker.

Olixar Baby Boom Wireless Mini Speaker

3. PowerCard Ultra Slim: Unlike most of the bulky power banks available in the market, it is a light weight, credit card sized 1500 mAh power bank for the people who are usually on the move. Its package includes a micro USB cable in it and there is a tiny indicator bulb housed on the power bank to twinkle when charging completes. It’s really a great deal, being budget friendly, it is highly recommended.

PowerCard Ultra Slim

4. Universal Gooseneck Long Arm Clip-on: It is a best suited Arm clip from Redmi 2; it can be used at office as well as home. It allows you to mount your Smartphone easily and rotate via long arm neck in different angles. It can be used to watch movies or even operate in hands free manner. Its full metallic skeleton along with rubber coated grips provides reliability as well as safety for your device.

Universal Gooseneck Long Arm Clip-on

5. Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protector: This screen protector is designed from liquid nanotechnology providing protection to your Smartphone display from scratches, fingerprints, stains and bacteria for a year. It’s very easy to mount and doesn’t leave any prints on removal. There’s no effect in the luminosity of your display because of its high clarity.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protector