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The Electronic giant is on fire. According to recent reports, Samsung is about to launch 64-bit chip plans. The reports are out of Asia claiming that 64-bit High-end Smartphone’s are outstanding from the company next year. The Electronic giant is all set to launch Smartphone’s with 64-bit CPU (Central processing units) by 2014. The Smartphone’s will sport WQHD – 2560 X 1440 resolution display. This Smartphone will offer 16-Megapixel camera limit that none of other Smartphone manufactures offer.

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Digitimes have claimed that “both Samsung Display and Japan display will –begin its volume production of WQHD soon”. Till then have to wait, as Stephen Woo, President of System LSI at Samsung Electronics said “Samsung will be following Apple’s footsteps but with its own flavor of 64-bit chip for mobile devices”.

They have stated this as “2-step approach”, working on 64-bit processor designed from ARM, then developing its own “optimized” 64-bit design.