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Recent Reports speak; Samsung’s team is working hard to get 560 ppi displays on Smartphone’s. One must say by 2014-2015 there will be increase in display pixel densities.
At recent conference in Korea, Samsung Company revealed new plans for coming years. They are also set to launch Smartphone’s with higher pixel density and resolution.
The Samsung manufacturer or popularly known as ‘Korean Giant’ are on plan to launch Smartphone with 4K display, by coming year 2015. It is also believed that they are working on custom ARM CPU, which will be very much identical to Qualcomm and Apple.

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With this it’s clear that they are all set to launch custom CPU architecture by approving from ARM, which will be compatible with ARM instructions also. With such upgrade Samsung sales are expected to double the sales of their tablets. A report suggests their sales will take on Apple, and also their sales will cross 40 million units by 2013.
Samsung also announced their new plans for foldable device which will be expected to hit in market by 2015. With such strong plans, Samsung will surely create buzz in market on launch of such products.