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Mi Series are in full swing, scoring all high grades and points. When it comes to Xiaomi the first series that clicks on your mind is ‘Mi’, not because it’s the only series they have launched but its due to the outstanding result and not disappointing outputs. The first leak about the ‘Mi 5’ was reported 5-months ago. The leaks revealed that the Smartphone will support 3D Touch and curved display. Today the leak news will take you to the depth of the features and specifications. The specification sheet which was posted on Weibo says that there will be other variants too.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5s has some serious power underneath

Xiaomi Mi 5s will sport 5.15-inch of screen with 3D touch. The Smartphone will be equipped with 821 Snapdragon with 2.4GHz of clock speed and Adreno 530 GPU with 650MHz of clock speed and RAM of LPDDR4 6GB. Need to say, Mi 5 will be giving a tough competition to iPhone 7. Yes, Mi 5 seems to be taking iPhone 7 route by offering 256GB of storage with 2.0UFS. The camera specification is no less with 16MP of the rear camera with PDAF 4-axis OIS.

Turning over connectivity options, it supports NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS, A-GPS, USB C-type and nano SIM slot. It is powered by 3490mAh battery, while the Smartphone measures 7.25mm thickness with a weight of 147 grams. No piece of info is disclosed about its official release date or about its price.

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Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus came with a feature called 3D Touch which allows you to use shortcuts depending on the pressure of your tap on the screen of your iPhone. However, many users might not know how it 3d touch shortcuts works.

iPhone 6S 3D touch

So, here are the 3D touch shortcuts every iPhone owner should know.

1. Peek and Pop Your Emails
3D Touch lets you get a preview of the emails you received. On the list of your emails, do a light tap to see a quick preview. Do a heavier tap on the preview and you will go from peek to pop popping up the contents of your email and view it entirely.

2. Peek and Pop Websites
Someone set you a link to a website? Then preview it without leaving the current screen. Do a light tap on the link sent to you and get a quick preview. To open it, tap once more to the preview and the website will directly open in your default browser.

3. Peek and Pop Photos
Do a quick preview of photos you’ve already taken without leaving the current camera screen. Press lightly on the thumbnail image and a preview will open. Press a little deeper to the preview and open the image you are looking at.

4. Peek and Pop Addresses
Someone sent you an address? Then view it in the maps without leaving your current screen. A light tap to the address link and a preview of the map will open. Do a deeper tap on the preview to open it if you decided to explore the map.

5. Call Your Favorite Contacts
Press down you contacts icon and a small window will open containing three names from your contacts. These names were the contacts on top of your favorite list.

6. Use Your Camera with a Shortcut
Press down your camera app icon to make a small window appear. Now it’s up to you to do a quick selfie, quick video and Slo-mo recording or quickly take a normal photo.

7. Find Directions to Your Home
Press down your Apple Maps or Google Maps app icon and select Directions home or Directions to home and quickly find your way.

8. Who is on the Group Text?
See participants on your group text quickly by pressing down the icons on the left of the message and see who is in.

9. Keyboard to a Trackpad
Sometimes, it is hard to move the cursor through the texts when you are typing. Worry that no more as you can press down unto the keyboard and turn it into a trackpad to guide your cursors.

10. Use Your App Store in a Jiffy
Press down your App Store app icon and do a quick app search or update all your apps in one touch.

11. Play Your Live Photos
With 3D Touch, play a few seconds of your live photo by pressing down on it.

12. Do a Flash Tweet
Press down on the Twitter App icon and tap “New Tweet” to instantly create a tweet without waiting for the app to open.

There is a lot to do with iPhone 6S 3D Touch. We listed what 3D touch shortcuts iPhone owners should know about it. It may be more in the future but that’s it for now.

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3d Touch for iPhone 4-inch missing

Floating rumours are about to come live! Some reports claim that Apple’s recent 4-inch Next-Gen Smartphone will offer 12-MP of rear camera and 8MP of front camera. The new 4-inch Smartphone will offer hardware specifications similar to iPhone 6S. While, its form factor will be like iPhone 5S, which will have 2.5D glass as a display screen. The latest 4-inch Apple Smartphone will come in two variant, one with 16GB of storage capacity and other with 64GB. It will also include A9-chip with NFC Apple Pay. It will be powered by 1642mAh battery with great connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, Photo Support Live. It wont come with 3D Touch features which is exclusive to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The price of the Smartphone will range between $400 -$500 and will be available initially in the US. According to KGI securities, low-price of the iPhone might help Apple to establish market in China and India.

iPhone 5s front

iPhone 4-inch wont have 3d Touch

As per KGI Securities analyst, the 4-inch Smartphone will raise its sale to 131% to approximate 37-million in the year 2016. As the 4-inch Smartphone will be available half the price. Apple will be selling iPhone 5S for a price of $450 and with a discount of $225. The shipment of this 4-inch iPhone units will be lowered to 12-millions of units which was initially believed to 18-20 million units.Kuo claimed that the upcoming 4-inch Apple Smartphone will be similar to iPhone 5S and will be called as iPhone 5SE. The officials have given several names internally like iPhone 5S Mark II, iPhone 5E and so. The Apple officials will be soon announcing this 4-inch iPhone with 9.7-inch of iPad Pro & Apple Watch. The launching date is not confirmed, but rumoured to be on March 15th.