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The Chinese manufacturers are aiming high and high. After Xiaomi, Gionee now it’s Coolpad stepping in to tech market with its set of brilliant handsets. Coolpad Group Limited is a Chinese telecommunication company with its headquarters based in Shenzhen, China. With Several handsets soon to release, it is one of the largest Smartphone companies from China. They have recently entered Indian market and also targeting other parts of Asia. They have exclusively partnered with few ecommerce sites to attract the majority of Indian customers. Coolpad Note 3+ is one of the buzzing Smartphone which was launched in May 2016. To get in to the detail history of Coolpad, it was originally the brand of Yulong Computer Telecommunication with a subsidiary of China Wireless Technologies Limited. It was then renamed as ‘Coolpad Group Limited’ by the end of 2013. Coolpad has marked its global presence and gradually giving tough fight to other biggies. It was also listed under ‘Top 50 Frobes of Asia’ and also rated as ‘Top 10 Global Smartphone Brand’. By 2015, it started spreading its wing and entered 10 countries in Eastern Europe.

Coolpad Logo

Every Smartphone needs PC Suite and USB driver to make better use of a Smartphone. PC Suite is a Windows based client application which helps to work flawlessly. One can sync it’s all files and folder with cloud services like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and so. PC Suite is not just convenient, but also quite effective. Transferring data from PC to Smartphone or vice versa is quite easy and safe. Updating firmware, security features, or application is all easy and possible with PC Suite.

Download Coolpad PC Suite which is compatible with given below phones:

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Coolpad Porto S Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Coolpad Torino S Pc Suite download – Buy Phone

Coolpad PC Suite downloads for all devices 2016

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There are too many games out there made for smartphones. Now, for Asus ZenFone Max, we a picking few of the best games we can find. What are categories for judging?  One is to take advantage of the processing speed and graphics capability of the phone but that all as we also consider the plot and game play. So here are our top 5 games for Asus ZenFone Max.

Top 5 games download for Asus Zenfone Max

1. This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Let’s start with a thrilling survival game. This War of Mine is an android game based on the same award winning game on PC. Play as a group of survivors living in a war driven country. Rebuild your base that was destroyed before as you manage your supplies and the physical and mental state of your group. Lead one survivor to scavenge at night as the others stay home to rest and guard it from looters. Gather food, water and materials and avoid getting detected by enemies and get home safely before dawn.

2. Unkilled


Now, let’s go with a zombie shooter. Also from MADFINGER Games which is the developers of the well-known Dead Trigger 1 and 2 comes the latest and best zombie shooter right now on android. Fight off hordes of zombies in over 300 missions in the game. Fight terrifying bosses as you unlock various weapons.  Also get into online PVP mode and compete with other players worldwide.

3. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

Next is console-level platforming. Play as Barbara or Rayman in the quest to save all the tweenies in various difficult levels of speed running and jumping. Find secrets with your pets and fight enemies that block your way. Jump over platforms and try not to fall to the unseen depths and lava pools. Run over walls and solve various puzzles. It is a truly fun game to play.

4. Prune


Jumping into puzzle games, Prune makes it to our list. This award-winning puzzle game described as “Love Letter to trees” in the Play Store is about tree cultivation. Grow a tree and to let it grow to its full height, you need to trim the branches out. Let the tree received as much sunlight and let flowers grow on them. After reaching a certain number of flowers, that is where you defeat the level. Various obstacles get in your way as you progress in this meditative puzzle game.

5. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits

Let’s head to racing.  Show your hunger for speed in this world wide known game franchise. Race across the city and beat your opponents while shaking the police off your tail. Forge your driving and drifting skills. Trash you opponents and emerge as the winner. Speed? There are no limits.

Now that is our list of Games for Asus ZenFone Max . They might or might not be to your liking but who knows? After all, they are all fun to play so why not try them out yourself?

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Gionee is newbie approx one year old or so! Gionee is also considered as one of the best Smartphone and tablet manufacturer, not just in China, its home town but also around the world. It created huge buzz with its E-series. Several people don’t trust with Chinese brand due to its non durable feature. Chinese product carries a not so good remark about its quality or durability. But let’s not compare rest brand with Gionee! Genuinely has created a good reputation in international market. Its first Smartphone earned quality of name and gained great attention. Today, the brand is giving a tough competition to other established Smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Sony, Nokia and many more. With a rise in production of new and new model of Gionee, Gionee has come up with several brilliant Smartphone’s. They also launched world’s slimmest Smartphone called ‘Gionee Elife E7’ with a price tag of 22,000 INR.


Over time, Gionee has not just improved with the quality and sales service, but also have built good public relations. Coming with their official PC Suite and USB driver was need of time! Now-a-days, having these applications is essential.  With PC Suite user can take backup, restore content or transfer data from PC or laptop to Smartphone or vice versa. Installation of PC Suite too is easy! Hence, handling and managing your data is not a difficult task.

Download Gionee phone PC Suite which is compatible with given below phones:

Gionee P5 Mini Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Gionee S8 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Gionee Marathon M5 mini Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Gionee W909 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone

Gionee PC Suite downloads for all devices 2016

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BLU is an American Smartphone manufacturer Company, which was founded in the year 2009 with headquarters in Doral, Florida. The Company stepped in Smartphone manufacturing with Android Operating system with a semi-budget range of mobiles. The Company is planning to spread its wing in developing countries, with its base in the USA. To get on statistics of BLU Smartphone’s, the handsets are sold in more than 40-countries. BLU are concentrating with no-contract revolution which will provide vast options for users. Also unlocking mobile can be done at incredible price. Well, even though all BLU Smartphone’s are designed in the USA, they are manufactured in China. Tank 2, was one of its popular products recently launched.

BLU Logo

Finding PC Suite for BLU might not be very easy, as very few sites offers it’s PC Suite. Having PC Suite has become essential over time.  PC Suite is a Windows based client application which helps you with several tasks. Taking backup of entire data, restoring it back without losing a single file is all simply possible with PC Suite. Syncing all important data with cloud service like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are quite easy. Updating firmware, latest security patches, application updates are done quite easily with PC Suite. Through this user can also share internet with other devices making your device as modem.

Download Blu PC Suite which is compatible with given below phones:

BLU Vivo 5 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Vivo XL Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio One Plus Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio Selfie 2 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Life Mark Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Energy X 2 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Neo XL Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Life XL Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Energy X LTE Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Dash X2 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Advance 4.0 L2 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio C HD Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio One Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio X8 HD Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Neo X Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio M HD Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Dash M2 Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Energy JR Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Neo X Plus Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio X Mini Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio G HD Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Dash X Plus LTE Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
BLU Studio 5.5 HD Pc Suite download – Buy Phone

Blu PC Suite downloads for all devices 2016

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Android technology along with other features is also one of the biggest source of entertainment for its users. Android games are very common and there are millions of people playing Android games regularly. The 5 latest Android games of this week are:

Top 5 games download for Android May 4th week 2016

1. Angry Bird Action
Angry bird action is the thirteenth game of angry bird series. This game is made integrated with angry bird movies released this week and available on theaters. The angry bird action game has one of the special level called “Piggy Island” which can be unlocked by watching angry bird movie because the movie(Company) said that the film contain about two dozens of secrets codes which can be used to unlock the level and once the level is unlocked then you will be able to play as much game as you want because there are also a lot of other mini-games in this level and these mini-games can be unlocked with the help of secret bird codes.

Angry Bird Action

Download Here

2. The LEGO Movie Video Game
Lego name inspires creativity and reminds one of good old times. With launch of Lego Movie video Game the beauty of Lego comes to smartphones. One can play with several famous characters like Batman, Superman, Gandalf more than 90 characters to play around. Even the environment has a various mix of places and offers over 45 exciting levels to keep you engaged for long Game builder have done a great job making sure the animation is as real as LEGO toy sets.

The LEGO Movie Video Game

Download Here

3. Vector 2
Vector 2 is another amazing game released by Nekki. Vector 2 is the second part of the Nekki game vector which has excellent graphics, perfect control and many different levels. In this game, you are still running from clutches who are trying to catch you and take control of you and you are allowed to run over a well-designed 2D world that is full of traps, lasers and places to use your parkour skills.

Vector 2

Download Here

4. Cattch
A new colourful and amazing puzzle game Cattch is available in Google play store. The game is produced in collaboration with infected Pixels studio and MildMania. MildMania is the well-known developers placed in Ankara, Turkey. They have produced different games like Rope, a well-known and amazing game in which you have to cut the elastic rope to fit in the different configuration. Cattch is a puzzle game in which a cool and stylish cat rescue its friend through running, jumping, clamping, sliding and punching its way through different environments. The main character will meet plenty of rivals and puzzles.


Download Here

5. Sparkwave
Another game that is released in last few days is Sparkwave from Crescent Moon games. In this game, the hexagon world is rapidly changing and you have directed a line with detailed end point through treacherous territories. The goal of the game is to get as long as you can go without meeting to an untimely end. The environment of the game is filled with different obstacles and power-ups. You can move left or right by tapping left or right. In order to stay alive for a long time in the game, you have to take rapid decisions.


Download Here