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20 inch tablet

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Panasonic’s massive tablet is out. The tablet is seriously huge with 20-inch of display screen. This Panasonic’s huge 4k tablet is said to arrive in United States by January. The 20-inch 4k tablet, will sport 3840 X 2560 –pixel resolution. This tablet will be world’s first 20-inch tablet with massive IPS Alpha LCD. Along with its display, another greatest point is, it will feature an Intel Core i5-3437U vPro processor and graphics of an NVIDIA Geforce 745M GPU. The 4K tablet will have Windows 8.1 pro operating system.

Panasonic 4k tablet

This tablet will offer 8GB of memory, with VRAM as 2GB and storage is on substantial 256 GB SSD. The camera too provides great lens feature supporting 1280 X 720 resolutions on front device.

On getting these valuable features connectivity adds cherry on cake. Connectivity includes Bluetooth 4.0 Class, Wi-Fi a/b/g/b, USB 3.0, a smart card reader, docking reader and also SDXC card slot. Also the most interesting part is, this tablet provides durability, a protection against drop from 12-inches and 26 different angles when not in use (or operating) and 30-inch drop when in use.

On all this good tempting point, battery is a bit disappointing point. The battery can be considered as a negative point. The battery offers 2 hours on a charge. This tablet will be available by January 2014 with enormous $5,999 USD.