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After launching last year’s Axon, which had been their attempt to create an affordable flagship at the smartphone industry. Even though it was a good attempt, issues had existed especially with small storage it had. Now, ZTE announced their new handset following Axon, the ZTE Axon 7. Even though they released another phone, why should we try to buy it?

ZTE Axon 7
Now, here are our 10 Reasons to buy ZTE Axon 7

1. World’s Smallest Concert
Being called as World’s Smallest Concert, ZTE Axon 7 is America’s first Smartphone to have HiFi Audio. Along with having dual speakers both with HiFi Audio output, Dual Microphones along HiFi Recording. Together with Dolby Atmos with Dolby Digital Surround, it really is kept up to its title.

2. Camera
Would you believe that it has 20MP Camera? Well, it does have one, capable of Optical Image Stabilization, capturing 4K Videos in 60FPS and 1080 Resolution. Also it is able to capture 240 FPS of HD Slow motion capture.

3. Touch to Unlock
Say goodbye to screen sliding to unlock your phone as Axon 7 has an intuitively placed finger scanner.

4. The Body
No worries about fragile plastic cases as Axon 7 is enveloped full aluminum metal unibody.

5. Dual Sim
ZTE Axon 7 had two slots for Micro Sim Cards while having the second slot can be interchanged with a Micro SD depending on your need.

6. Battery
Ensure a long, long life for your battery as you can experience 16 hours of talk time or leave at standby for 360 hours. And the battery can be fully charged in just 100 minutes!

7. Protection
No worries about unforeseen accidents on your phone as they give you Passport 2.0. A very comprehensive insurance for your phone! The insurance include 30-day risk-free trial, a full two years of product warranty, free premium protection that covers repairs out of warranty and more!

8. Performance
Equipped with 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Quallcomm Snapdragon which grant you fast processing speed right at your fingertips along with Integrated Qualcomm Adreno 530 as GPU, it won’t be any better.

9. Memory
Well, as you know, most android phone in the market might have low internal storage but also support up to 64GB of expandable memory or even lower. As for Axon 7, you won’t worry with space as it support up to 128GB of expandable memory!

10. Price
Well, with these heavy duty specs, it sure is expensive right? Well that is where it is wrong. In contrast to this high resolution camera, high class audio and full metal casing that made it look expensive, it actual price is just $450! Just look at that, a $450 alternative against more expensive android phones in the market which some specs of Axon 7 are even higher.

Now, here are our 10 reasons to buy ZTE Axon 7. It is truly an android flagship at a low price. These might be the chance the ZTE succeeded in their challenge. And this may become the start of inexpensive high-end android phones being released into the market.

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After almost a year after the Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) also known as Motorola Moto G (Gen 3) and Motorola Moto G3 that was released in July 2015, the fourth generation models was released which are Motorola Moto G4 and Motorola G4 Plus. There isn’t much difference from aforementioned Motorola Moto G4, our topic this time will be Motorola Moto G4 Plus and the reasons to buy it.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus

Motorola Moto G4 Plus Why you should buy it

1. Performance

Motorola Moto G4 Plus is has a Snapdragon 617 Processor equipped with Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 which gives the capability to run multiple heavy tasks with no hanging or lag at all. And with Adreno 405 as GPU making flawless graphics display for all needs.

2. Unlocked and Software Pureness

Motorola Moto G4 Plus is unlocked and works on all major mobile carriers. More than that, unlike most mobile devices especially with Android Operating Systems, it has the Moto Pure version of Moto G and has a bloatware-free version of android. There won’t be unnecessary software pre-installed that will slow you down or needed to be uninstalled.

3. Battery Charging Power

Get quickly powered up and going along with the Turbo Power™ charger that could give a 6 hours of power in just 15 minutes of charging.

4. Security

Unlike most Android mobile devices today that gives much hassle just to secure the contents of your phone. Passwords and Security Patterns are now little to no more. With Moto G4 Plus’ built in fingerprint reader, highly secure your phone and unlock instantly with ease with a passcode that is as unique as you. More than that, its fingerprint reader can recognize your fingerprint no matter how you hold your phone.

5. Capture Your Memories

With Motorola Moto G4 Plus’ most advanced 16 MP Camera, say hello to blur free photos thanks to two additional auto-focus technologies. These laser focus and phase detect auto-focus will work together for you to take your best shots. And with the added 5 MP wide-angle front camera that could help fit everyone into group shots.

6. Expandable Memory

Say goodbye to insufficient storage messages as Moto G4 offers models with 16 GB and 64 GB internal storage and supports up to 128 GB microSD Cards.

7. Protection

Moto G4’s Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Screen ensures strong resilience in most cases along with water repellent nano-coating which ensures protection from water and prevents water from damaging your device.

8. Free Storage with Google Photos

Get directly connected with and become automatically backed-up and organized with two years of storage at original quality.

9. Moto Maker

Build, choose your design and be as unique as you can. Moto Maker totally lets you be fully customized. Choose your own front, back and colors. You can even let them engrave your name or a phrase you want on the back of your phone.

10. Stay Updated

Motorola always provides the latest Android updates available for their phones and ensure that their users won’t become outdated.

There might be cons but here are the pros, the reasons to but Motorola Moto G4 Plus.

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Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 follows the cyclic launch cycle that Samsung has maintained for its Galaxy Series of smart-phones.As always Samsung has ensured top notch specifications and best hardware made available for it.Smartphone arena has always been competitive with brands trying to outdo each other, but Samsung Galaxy Series are the benchmark against which other phones are compared to.Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in all over the world. There are plethora of reasons to opt for a Samsung Galaxy S7. Here are 10 reasons for you to buy this Samsung Galaxy S7 Device.

Samsung Galaxy S7

10 Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Its sleek glass and aluminum design gives this device the ultra look. This device has smooth curves and shiny metallic finishes that looks very beauty and shines like a diamond. When you wipe it free from all your fingers it looks fabulous in your hand and feels great. It looks great and comfortable fitting into your front jeans pocket.

2. It has best camera as considered to other smart phones. Today cameras are better on Android smart phones but considering Galaxy S7 no one can beat it. Its focusing is fast and captures excellent photos in various ranges. It can replace a point and shoot camera. It supports multitude of modes.

3. It is water resistant. A great advantage to make you buy this device. It is also very useful because you can swim with it and can play in rain showers. You will not worry enjoying rain or scaring of water. When dirt comes into it you can clean it with water.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water resistance

4. It has got brilliant super AMOLED Display Screen. After testing this device they have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best display ever. If you love bright colorful displays then you will like to have this device. It supports something like apple night shift which will be in future when its upgrade come you will know.

5. Long lasting battery backup. The Galaxy S7 has 3000mAh battery it’s quite large. You can easily spent whole day with heavy usage on Internet, listening songs, watching videos and calling. It’s a great you don’t to focus on battery status on your device.

6. It has physical home button. Its fingerprint scanner is quiet fast, sensible and accurate. In this device you will launch the camera app quickly in seconds and you will get access to Google now quickly and easily to access.

7. Last year Samsung took a hiatus from microSD cards but being thankful to Samsung that this support returned on this device. You cannot use it as adoptable storage. With this device you will be able to store photos, Music, Videos and Movies in large amount of memory. It gives you large quantity of storage to store your data.

8. New feature wireless fast charging. You have no need of charger bringing with you while travel. it has got quick charge 2.0 technology. This one is advanced feature of this device.

9. Have you read the concept of virtual reality we will know while using this device. It has got this feature. you will be familiar with the virtual world while watching the reality which is not real.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage

10. It supports Samsung pay which means you can easily access to banks in your homes and pay bills and other stuff like transaction or any other activity related to bank and Samsung services. It has got a magnetic security technology you can use it in any place.

According to everyone’s opinion we all have different need when you are ready to buy some android phones. Which is common to us but if you want really a great phone go with Galaxy S7 totally bomb and smooth surface.

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